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These are my best tips for backpacking in Australia. Whether to you Australia is a surfing paradise, golden beautiful beaches, or fancy an Australia hiking holiday, everything’s covered here.

I talk about budgeting for Australia hostels and accommodation, travelling around Australia, the popular hot spots like Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney and Perth, or more unusual locations like Fraser Island, Byron Bay, Noosa, the Whitsunday Islands and Magnetic Island. There’s lots of free things to do in Australia, like here and here Plus, Australia has a lot to offer, even in the interior, so consider the great Australian outback if you want a real backpacking adventure:

For more information on visas, check here: And if you want to consider extending your vacation time in Australia, then consider a working holiday and check out my video here for more specific tips and advice.

The popular travel vlogger Psycho Travellers also has a couple of great videos about working in Australia here and here

The links to everything mentioned in the video:

Gilligans Backpackers:
Uncle Brian’s Tour:
Magnetic Island:
Whitsunday Island & Airlie Beach:
Surfers Paradise:
Byron Bay:
Great Ocean Road:

This video’s not meant to be a definitive Australia travel guide, or even an exhaustive list of Australia activities, sights and destinations. It’s just my advice if you want to travel to Australia based on my own experience. (Which was part of my general backpacking adventure covering Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji – a lot of South East Asia too!)

If you’re backpacking or even just vacationing in Australia, let me know, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a pic or message. For more of my Australian adventure, check here:



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Big Mistake in DC! Funny Vacation Ideas Roadside Attraction Road Trip with Cherry Capri

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What do you do when YOU make a big mistake? Cherry just says, get a bigger eraser!
Miss Cherry Capri goes on another fun retro vacation travel roadside attraction road trip tour (a Funny Vacation Idea) and visits the National Gallery of Art on the Washington D.C. Mall to see the wonderful Modern sculpture there and finds, the giant eraser by Swedish American artist, Claes Oldenburg.

In the mid-1960s Claes Oldenburg began to make drawings of monuments based on common objects, such as a clothespin or a pair of scissors, challenging the notion that public monuments must commemorate historical figures or events. The artist’s selection of discredited or obsolete objects extends to those remembered from childhood. As a youngster he enjoyed playing in his father’s office with a typewriter eraser. In the late 1960s and 1970s he used the eraser as a source for drawings, prints, sculpture, and even a never-realized monument for New York City. This sculpture presents a giant falling eraser that has just alighted, the bristles of the brush turned upward in a graceful, dynamic gesture. (From Natl. Gallery website)

And what a perfect place for it to land… Washington DC. Where big mistakes have been known to happen… liberals, conservatives, democrats and republicans can all get on board this one!

Come on boys and girls… Go out on a Retro Road Trip and see the fun and funny vacation ideas that are kitschy Americana sights and those larger than life giant object roadside attraction landmarks of Vintage Vacation Roadside America! Go visit some cool architecture today!

P.S. Thanks to kireno on for the awesome pink eraser shaving stop frame stop motion animation title!

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Churchill Wild Polar Bear Safaris | Canada Wildlife Holidays 2018 / 2019

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Come join a Churchill Wild Polar Bear Safaris today:

Adventure and enjoy Churchill Wild Polar Bear Safaris. Watch the playful bears in their natural habitat as they live freely and content.
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TOP 10 TROPICAL ISLANDS for Vacations and Honeymoons! (Best Tropical Islands)

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Here’s my list of the 10 best Tropical Islands to visit! These islands all have stunningly beautiful beaches, awesome activities, great culture, and warm weathers! In this top 10 list of tropical islands, I try to narrow down my favorite islands in no particular order. I would definitely recommend you travel to these places for vacation or a honeymoon.


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Thanks for watching my Top 10 Best Tropical Islands video!

The list of the best islands to visit for vacations and honeymoons.

1. Maldives. Maldives is an island located in the Indian Ocean, and is a good way to kick off this list. Made up of more than 1000 coral islands, Maldives is known for blue lagoons and elegant reefs. Maldives is home to many tiki huts over clear waters, along with excellent resorts. So many beaches look completely natural and untouched, and the place itself looks like a potential heaven on earth. It’s a fantastic spot to relax while the sun sets.
2. Bora Bora. Bora bora is a tropical island located in South Pacific. Bora bora is a mountainous set of islands with wonderful blue waters. This is another island that has popularized tiki huts over the water. The shallow clear waters are great spots for kayaking and paddle boarding through. There are many opportunities to snorkel with fish and turtles, and this tropical location is a great life getaway.
3. Aruba. Aruba is an island located in the Caribbean, is great way to kick off this list. Home to baby blue waters, white sandy beaches, and pink flamingos. Here you can go snorkeling or rest on a beach beneath the palm trees. Walk through the soft white sand while drinking a nice refreshing beverage. A mix of Aruban culture, delicious food, and easy transportation gives Aruba a spot on this list as a tropical escape.
4. Turks and Caicos. A British overseas territory southeast of the Bahamas, these Islands are magnificent. Go on a wonderful snorkeling adventure or sightseeing tour through the warm Caribbean. Take a catamaran cruise or go parasailing hundreds of feet in the air. Take 4-wheelers through the sand! There’s so much to do here. If none of that sounds interesting to you, you won’t be disappointed relaxing on the soft beaches of Turks and Caicos.
5. Seychelles, An east African country located in the Indian Ocean, is a great island to visit. From beautiful ridged rock shores, to flat white sandy beaches, you will get mesmerized while watching the waves come in from the ocean. Honestly, the mix of boulders and gorgeous sand along the shores is something we haven’t seen much of in the previous islands. It gives the island an uninhabited feel, and makes you feel like you’ve escaped the real world. The vegetation and wildlife of the area will not disappoint you, and there’s so much you can do here similar to activities previously mentioned such as fishing, snorkeling, and hiking.
6. Fiji, famous for it’s overpriced water, is another island located in the South Pacific. A very popularized honeymoon spot, it’s gained popularity for good reason. There are several cruises you can go on around the area, along with a river rafting adventure! Take a dive in a mud pool, or zipline through the tropical trees. Snorkel in many areas around the islands, and experience Fiji’s rich culture! Fiji is a great adventure for all who visit, and is one more example of Heaven on Earth.
7. Curacao, an Island located off the coast of Venezuela, is a fantastic place visit in the Caribbean Sea. Curacao is a very colorful, festive, and cultural island and offers an experience like no other. Curacao has multiple beach coves, along with fantastic island views. If you can find access to these more secluded beaches, I really like Curacao. I would say this is one of the more commercialized islands on the list, but it still has plenty of natural beauty. There are plenty of activities to do outdoors, in the water, and in the city areas.
8. Martinique. A French based island located in the Caribbean, is a mountainous island with great natural beauty. Full of clean beaches, palm trees, and stunning cliffsides this place is a wonder. Explore gardens and venture on catamaran trips showing off the cliffsides of the island.
9. U.S. British Virgin Islands. I love these islands because there are so many parts of them that are relatively untouched. The beaches are clean and clear, and the water is stunning. There are many high-quality hotels and resorts along the beaches, and there are many places with cool mixes of boulders and water. Visit the baths, the bays, the coves, and Devil’s Bay National Park and you won’t regret it. The Bubbly pool and Dolphin Discovery Tortola are also amazing visits.
10. Boracay, located in the Philippians, is the only island featured on this list in Asia.


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Coming to Thailand? I made a FULL travel video guide and here is a FREE preview that will help you make the most of your upcoming trip:

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Medplaya Hotel Balmoral- Beach Holidays

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Stay at the Medplaya Hotel Balmoral located in Benalmádena Costa and enjoy the best value for money beach holiday in Costa del Sol.
Reserva Medplaya Hotel Balmoral en Benalmádena Costa y disfruta de tus vacaciones en la playa al mejor precio.

The Art Of Travel: The Exotic

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Here we look specifically at the Flaubert section of the Exotic section of Alain De Botton’s The Art of Travel. I look at the context, ideas and language of the section and hopefully make it clearer for you.
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FISHING HOLIDAYS Charter di pesca in Capo verde, Isola di Sal –
Santa Maria: 19 settembre 2016

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Non si smette di pescare quando si diventa vecchi,
Si diventa vecchi quando si smette di pescare.
by Violetto Violino

You don’t give up fishing when you get old,
Youn get old when you give up fishing.
by Violetto Violino

Surf Camp in Portugal | Tripaneer

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The Salty Pelican in Cascais, Portugal is the perfect place to just be happy and feel at home through sunrise beach yoga, stand up paddle boarding, SUP, climbing & hiking.

Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea breeze moving through the trees. Meditating at sunrise right by the seaside, practising yoga and hearing nothing but the sounds of crashing waves, sunset awareness hikes with meditation on a beautiful secluded national park beach.

During their retreats, you’ll be exploring Portugal’s beautiful nature, relax & sleep in a laid back beach retreat, eat well to restore, revive, and feel amazing.

It will be the perfect time for meditation, wellness, yoga, surf, good people, and good vibes.

About Cascais:

Cascais is a small beach town in Portugal, located in the greater Lisbon area. It is a charming village, home to a Citadela fort which is dominating the bay. The historical center is filled with architectural treasures and the museums are very interesting to check out, too.

Cascais is very easy to reach by car or train from Lisbon. There’s a directly link between Lisbon airport and Cascais, as well.

The Cascais coast line is one of the most spectacular in Portugal. The are has a mix of beach breaks, longboard breaks and point & reef breaks. Beginners will love the mellow breaks while more advanced surfers won’t be bored either. Guincho beach is a fantastic choice for a surfing experience in Cascais.

For other surf camps in Bali, Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco and many others, click here:

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Travel in Montana #throughglass Google Glass Vacation Ideas Rental Car

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Travel in Montana #throughglass Google Glass Vacation Ideas Rental Car just cruising thru the back roads in Montana going from Bannack State Park to Jack Hot Springs. Jackson is considered to be one of the finest outdoor recreation area in the Montana. Thank You for watching and please Share my Videos Comment on the Like them and Make sure you are Subscribed..;-)

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River Tubing Safari in Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Carnival Cruise Line

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Enjoy one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets during the River Tubing Safari. Travel a short distance into Jamaica’s mountains where you’ll begin your adventure at a 17th century landmark called the “Spanish Bridge”. Pass bamboo and coconut plantations while you drift down 3 miles of beautiful scenery along the White River.

Afterwards, stop at White River Valley to enjoy some local snacks such as Jamaican jerk. End your excursion with a visit to the gift shop or bar and grill.

Read more details on this excursion plus book your spot today at:

Interested in seeing what else you can do in Ocho Rios, Jamaica? Head over to:


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