Carp in France – A family holiday fishing adventure

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Carp fishing is very popular in France and many lakes are stocked with deep bodied mirrors and enormous commons, but on a weeklong holiday with our parents we found this little pool and tried to find out what was in it!
From Carl and Alex
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Morocco Surf Trip

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Zaczynając oglądać ten film nie spodziewajcie się zobaczyć w nim zbyt dużo surfingu! Dla większości z nas był to pierwszy raz, a filmowanie było daleko na liście priorytetów. Aaale, w niedalekiej przyszłości powstanie kolejny film, tym razem bardziej surferski.

Ten wyjazd powstał spontanicznie. W czerwcu (nie mogłem się coś zabrać za ten film 🙂 stała się rzecz niesłychana. Kilka koleżanek postanowiło pojechać do maroka na surfing, a wieść rozniosła się tak skutecznie, że w końcu pojechała grupa silna w 14 osób. Miejsce docelowe – wioska Taghazout, koło Agadiru, słynąca z fantastycznego surfu. I mimo że nie był to sezon na dobre fale, udało nam się spędzić większość wyjazdu w wodzie, i zajarać tym sportem do końca. Do tego stopnia że w październiku jadę tam znów, tym razem na 20 dni 😉

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This is how I find cheap airfares, plane tickets and plane flights! I have no idea if this is the best way, this is just what I do!



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Let me know if you found “How to find cheap airline tickets, flights, plane tickets” useful 🙂


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Robin Pope Safaris | Robins House | Safari Zambia | South Luangwa

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Robins House…the perfect place for a family safari or a honeymoon getaway.

The house set apart from the main camp, Nkwali, on the banks of the Luangwa River with great views of the river and the animals and birds that come to drink and feed. Set under a grove of shady trees, the meals are served outside. There are two luxury bedrooms (a double and a triple), each with its own large bathroom (both shower and bath), and a central sitting room and dining area. There is a private kitchen and chef, along with a valet, so meals can be served where and when you like. This is particularly important for families with children. There is also a private guide and safari vehicle for the gameviewing activities so the pace of the safari can be totally flexible.

Evening on Beach Road – Pattaya Thailand

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Evening on Beach Road – Pattaya Thailand

Providing HD videos of Thailand and other interesting places and tourist attraction which draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for its night life. With many entertainment districts in Thailand.

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Brutal Cheetah attack! at Dutch Safari park

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A brutal attack by a group Cheetah’s is happening to a French family in a Dutch Safari park, they try to escape the attackers in order to save their lifes!

Frans gezin wordt aangevallen door een groep Cheeta’s, vervolgens vluchten ze voor hun levens!

Why Dead Whales Are So Dangerous?

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Why is it dangerous to stand near a dead whale? Whales are truly fascinating creatures. They are so big, that you could easily walk through a blue whale’s arteries. That’s why a beached whale so easily gathers crowds of onlookers. But you shouldn’t come too close…

Why dead whales tend to explode 1:10
How to avoid this 4:19
The most terrifying whale explosion ever 5:30
What happens to a whale when it dies at sea 7:24

Music: Cold Funk – Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

– The hazardous thing about dead whales is that they tend to… explode. It happens, because after a whale dies, its insides start to rot, giving off methane, a highly explosive gas, as a byproduct. That means innocent bystanders risk not only getting covered with disgusting vile-smelling goo but also getting injured by a whale’s enormous heavy guts flying out of its body at high speeds.
– This process of decomposition happens in the body of pretty much any dead creature. It’s just that whales explode like a volcano due to the sheer size of these mammals. The bigger an animal is (especially one with tough skin and a thick layer of fat), the more gas and pressure build up in its body.
– But so far the most spectacular and terrifying whale explosion happened in Oregon in 1970. A large sperm whale washed ashore in Florence and soon turned into a huge smelly disaster. The blast was so powerful that it rocked the beach! Chunks of rotting flesh and internal organs flew into the air and started to fall on the horrified crowd.
– When a whale dies at sea, its carcass eventually sinks to the seafloor. It’s too massive for predators to tear it apart, so the dead animal typically arrives at the bottom in one piece.

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Zagreb – Croatia, English Version

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Tourist film production company. We produce for you a wide range of video presentations in world wide. For a customized offer, please contact us: NELSTILL VIDEO PRODUCTION, mail: [email protected]

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2018 was an amazing year for us. We made a difficult decision which changed our lives and filled it with adventure, beauty and unexpected challenges. Everyone has choices in their life which will either lead them closer to a life of happiness or further away leaving them only with dreams of what might have been. In 2018 we chose to get closer to our dreams, what do you choose?

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