Backpacking Tips // Girl Traveling Alone

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hi guys I want to talk about backpacking and traveling alone and tips and tricks you can do to improve your travels especially as a girl alone because that can be pretty um I don't think it's scary but I think it can be pretty and scared for parents probably so it's good to have to follow some rules and guidelines to make sure that you will be safe when I finished high school I started backpacking right away I went to New Zealand by myself travel around there for a couple of months and I went to Australia and later Philippines to be honest I didn't plan at all I did not watch this kind of YouTube video didn't read any articles about tips for a girl traveling alone which I probably should have done and so I'm going to tell you my tips and you can learn from my mistakes you're tired of school and I just wanted to get out that book the trip to New Zealand all by myself three days later I just went away I didn't know where I was going what I was going to do there I didn't book any places to stay any buses or flights or anything except that one-way ticket to New Zealand which i think is a great way of travelling I wouldn't have experienced everything I have experienced if I didn't do it that way and it's a great way of just go with the flow and letting great things happen but you should take care and here are some of my tips so a lot of different hostels around the world has rooms only for girls so you can actually and book you can choose if you want to stay with five people or two people or something like that and you can choose if you want to to have mixed male and female or just girls I didn't I don't know I just always took the mixed thing and which I learned later not such a good idea another tips is also to ask when you go to the hostel to book your nights to ask if you can go and see the room if you want to stay with guys and girls just to see what kind of people you're gonna stay with for a few days because you don't know these people they are from all over some of them pretty weird people I was in Australia and I stayed at this horrible hostel I didn't check it beforehand I just booked like four five nights or something and I figured out I was sharing it was a five-person rooms I thought I was gonna live it a lot of people I don't I think that's better than just staying with one person turns out it was only one guy in there he was like forty late in the late 30s he has stayed there for like one year really freaky guy and so that was very uncomfortable I just spent my entire day out and only got back at night where I went to sleep one night when I stay there can you woke me up in the middle of the night and said he wanted a cuddle so it ended up with me sleeping on the beach by myself not such a good idea so I recommend staying in an all-girls room or at least checking out what kind of room you're getting before you actually pay for it I was insanely lucky on my travels it seems like I'm pretty naive I'm actually not it's just I'm always alert but I choose to think the best of people I don't know what I was thinking but I always I didn't I just I want to believe in the best in strangers so I left like my MacBook on my bed when I went out I didn't have a locker for my backpack I sometimes even I've left my passport just in the bed and headed out when I was shearing boom with five other people everyone else I was staying with and met along my travels have either lost like passport phone their MacBook just jewelry and a lot of stuff I didn't lose one thing not one thing I've sold for me so I would recommend to have like a locker for your backpack or suitcase it's a good idea to bring your passport with you you never know when you're going to need it but I would also have copies of it in your purse and wallet and in your suitcase or backpack just because that's the most important thing you got with you on your travels maybe when you are out backpacking you want to go to bars and clubs and all of that I wasn't so into that but maybe you are and then I want you to take care if you know you're gonna have to find a way home by yourself if you have to walk or take a cab don't get drunk this is just VD idiotic people take advantage of young pretty girls traveling by themselves that are drunk at night home alone walking no just don't put yourself in that situation it can turn out really bad and you're gonna regret it forever and really lucky nothing like that had ever happened to me but just take care and get friends with someone in your hostel or something that you can walk with home get some girlfriends that you can sleep over at their place or something like that another thing that I would recommend if you're traveling alone is to tell people where you're heading next I didn't know one single person on an entire continent when I first got there and I knew it would be hard to update everyone at home all the time I could tell the same stories over and over again and all of that so what I did I started a blog and always told him where I was going on what I was doing what if something were to happen people would know where I was at least another important thing that you should do is to have all your important documents on your mail so you can access it from any computer if you get lost or if you lose your computer or whatever so you got your travel documents in your passport and insurance and all of those things that you may need the little tip is to wear a fake wedding ring it sounds weird but if you don't want that much attention now it out to travel it was actually for myself I wanted to find myself and explore the world and I wanted to see beautiful places and I read books into photography and focused more on myself than to meet other people of course I met people that I am so happy that I met but that wasn't the main focus when I traveled so to have a fake wedding ring or an engagement ring is actually a good tip because you don't get unwanted attention unless you go out to find a partner they don't tip for girls or guys if you like yeah shaving and stuff and the showers at hostels not so nice pretty disgusting so if you want to spend less time in those showers I would recommend to wax everything you want to wax before you leave at least the first month you don't have to spend a lot of time in the shower shaving you don't need to worry about that so just a little tip oh so you probably want to listen to music when you go out please have one of the air plugs out or have the music low so you can actually pay attention to what's happening around you if you're in a country or a neighborhoods that is pretty like dangerous sketchy you should be like alert what's happening around you tip if you're going home from somewhere when it's late is to take a photo of the cab number before you get in the cab to track the cab on Google Maps to see if you're heading in the right direction and third to pretend like you're calling someone and tell them I'm gonna be there to see unit bits or actually do that just to let taxi driver know that someone's gonna meet you there and guys say no if you don't want something if someone offers to carry your bags or and they have a room for you or whatever and you feel it's kind of something is off about it don't say yes because you're shy or and you don't know how to say no just say no it's totally fine and don't care about you're never going to see that person again I believe you should always try to see the nice sides of people when you're out especially when traveling so you get new friends they can actually you can actually meet people that can take a different places and teach your stuff that you didn't know about the country that's the most amazing thing about traveling but always be alert every last tip is to have fun and enjoy and look around and just appreciate the fact that you are able to travel that you have the opportunity to go and travel very few people actually have that opportunity so if you can travel the world be grateful for that and take that opportunity and do it see different countries and Chinese food and meet people and find yourself on the way always sounds cheesy and I know you probably have one of those friends that was out traveling and come back and are completely spiritual or chain-store but there's something to it you you learn new stuff and you figure out that every every single person on earth aren't like the people in your city and in your town that's amazing you can bring some of those stuff with you home and then reach your life and make it better so I hope you can share with me your experiences or that you want to travel in the comments below please tell me where you have been or where you want to go and if you have any questions about my travels that will make me very happy thank you for watching and I see you soon bye

Ultimate Safari Adventure!

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this is great ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to go on an African safari that maybe I see something up ahead this is a big one guys keep your hands inside the vehicles they do have a tendency to nip of all the places on our planet that are considered biodiverse one of the wildest to visit is South Africa's Eastern Cape throughout the 19th century and well into the 20th this province was heavily used for stock farming and as a result settlers began exterminating the surrounding African wildlife to protect their families and livestock this overly aggressive hunting resulted in many indigenous animals becoming greatly in danger and in some cases pushed to extinction over the last few decades there has been a radical change in attitude toward wildlife conservation and private game reserves have joined in the large-scale reintroduction of iconic species to this area today we are visiting the renowned tarika Game Reserve this family owned and operated establishment is the perfect South African safari destination spanning over 10,000 hectares Carrigg is landscape and topography is arguably the most beautiful of all the Eastern Cape reserves and is the perfect place to safely get up close with the menagerie species from the comfort of an open game Drive vehicle what's going on coyote pack right now we are on location in South Africa staying at the curriculum Reserve and what we're gonna do today is head out on a good old-fashioned south african safari to do this we're gonna gear up in this Land Cruiser and show our field guide is gonna drive us around Mark's gonna be behind the main camera mario is going to be on the b roll camera getting some epic shots and i'm gonna help identify the species using this trusty field gun so if you guys are ready let's head out there and see what sort of animals we can find this is actually really nice traversing the environment in a vehicle we're used to being on wet but to experience a classic African safari you really have to drive we're gonna be sticking to the park roads today guys while I'm trying to convince Joe for us to go off-roading these vehicles are specifically designed to stay on the trails but that's okay because she tells us we're going to see all kinds of animals for guys it's an ostrich it's how close we can get your guys it's a very slow roll here she goes look at that speed get that shot Mario I'm getting her running away and there's the mail I can see the mail in the background come right over to the vehicle that's what I thought it's a gala gala gala – actually it's an ostrich which is technically a modern-day avian dinosaur but it's amazing how much the ostrich looks like the famous dinosaur known as the Gallimimus that we saw in the first dress park movie you guys remember that scene when Dr Grant Tim and Lex were walking across the grasslands and all of a sudden they came flocking toward them unfortunately the ostrich are flocking in that direction and not toward us but still we got some pretty epic b-roll shots well the reality is the first animal of the day ends up being the ostrich all right let's move on oh yeah I think we have something other than ostrich there we go what's that alright guys this is one of two things either the blue wildebeest or the black wildebeest let me get out the field guy here and see if I'm going to identify which one it is and according to this those are blue wildebeest and you can kind of see in the right sunlight they almost have a bluish tinge to their skin you can see that they're just munching through some of that underbrush enjoying this beautiful sunset and none of them want to actually show their faces for the camera come on a buck shots must be protecting their young or just are a little camera-shy Mario how's your shot looking it's good I got the one that's looking at me and then the rest of them are showing me their buds talk about an epic set of horns hi guys thanks good you scared them away let's check it off the list why'd you pull the list out got it here we go okay there we go that brings a grand total to two animals we've only got a bad 31 to go here we go alright better fire it up keep going alright friends kind of bumpy yet everything here in South Africa is bumpy every time we've been in a vehicle just seems to be a bumpy road hey Eddie I see something up ahead it's a big one guys keep your hands inside the vehicles they do have a tendency to nip Wow look at that we have a little female Impala three of them and three zebra there's a really interesting fact that most people probably didn't know because it's often being asked what color is a zebra is it black with white stripes or is it white with black stripes and in fact the zebra skin is black so the zebra is black with white stripes pretty cool huh well we put that to rest oh whoa whoa whoa yeah it's best it's why keep your hands inside the vehicle all times look at that that is a young Impala in training right there duking it out with a larger male likely his daddy what he's doing is learning how to butt heads that oftentimes happens in the herd they do this for a territorial display of dominance as you can see the dads now liking his son spacing good job son okay we've got the Impala check and the zebra that makes four animals ladies and gentlemen we are on a roll this is great ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to go on an African safari oh I see some giraffes over there guys mr. giraffe I think it's one of everyone's favorites out there watching that's pretty cool look at that it's a calf milking from her mother now maybe you didn't know this but a female giraffe is called a cow a male is called a bull and of course that would mean that the juvenile is called a calf that's pretty good size calf to be still drinking from its mother there they go disappearing into the underbrush and there are many giraffe out here on the reserve so we may see some more while we're here but Mario did you get a close shot of those ones yeah I did nice as we travel deeper into the park and continued our course across the rolling grasslands it was apparent that our surroundings were alive with animals alright guys we've entered the next section of the park I do see some Impala you see those pretty frequently it looks like we have a skeleton or something up here you sure right through there look at that let's pull up a little bit we got another animal that is alive you know I know what it is Mario what is that it's an Ayala and they allah' mm-hmm it's an Ayala and now it's gone or in yalla shot oh yeah Lucky's up here probably coming out to us they're babies those are vervet monkeys right there the most common monkey species they will find in this area we've got a little group right there playing in the Setting Sun this is a great show well how about that guys now we can cross monkeys off list all right guys roll it up on the Rhino right now so we're super quiet okay guys just off the side of the vehicle here we have five rhinos these are white rhinos and they are absolutely incredible so huge these giant grazing animals out here in the grasslands now white rhinos specifically focus on eating grasses it's almost like a vacuum cleaner the way they mow across the grass and just Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp all day long just feasting on these grasses quite intimidating – from this distance we're about 50 feet away from them and they are huge you've got a big bowl some cows and a couple of calves you see rhinos like this you just sit back and absorb it all in it's incredible just wash them out there in the Setting Sun like grazing that is pretty cool well I would definitely say that this was a successful safari for me personally I would say that the white rhino is my favorite how about you mark well since you already picked the Rhino I will go with giraffe and Mario how about you I like the wildebeest now the wildebeests are pretty cool huh well guys if you get the chance come out here and visit cricket game reserve I promise you it is an adventure you will never forget I'm coyote Peterson be brave stay wild we'll see on the next location with the Sun sinking low in the sky our return to the lodge was inevitable and I came to the realization that it is impossible to cover Kerekes expanse of wilderness in a single Safari yet despite the fact that we needed to return home in just a matter of hours we saw an impressive collection of species throughout the eastern cape province there are multiple wildlife sanctuaries that aim to protect and preserve the indigenous animals and their environments the cricket gamers service without question one of the best and is renowned for being home to the iconic Big Five which includes lions elephants rhinos buffalo and leopards if you would like to go on a safari or get involved with one of their conservation initiatives make sure to visit their website to book your adventure today hey coyote pack I have some exciting news I am proud to announce that the crew and I are headed back on tour with brave wilderness live our next shows take place in the Midwest tickets can be purchased at the brave wilderness website and these shows are certain to sell out so make sure that you reserve your seats today and don't forget subscribe so you can join me in the crew on our next big adventure [Applause]

Monaco Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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Fabulously wealthy and gilded by history, the Principality of Monaco lies on the French
Riviera in Western Europe. Smaller than New York’s Central Park, this graceful destination is bordered by France and the sparkling Mediterranean sea. With ancient streets full of exotic cars, a natural harbour filled with super yachts and a glittering royal legacy, Monaco is a tiny relic of medieval Europe that has made itself at home in the 21st century. It draws the rich, the famous and those seeking the kind of lifestyle usually only found on the silver screen. There is no glamour quite like the old world style still to be found under the soaring chandeliers of Monaco’s magnificent Casino de Monte-Carlo. Although it is open for tours during the day, the real James Bond magic begins here as the sun goes down and the roulette wheels
start to spin. This architectural masterpiece, with its wickedly decadent Opera Hall was dreamed up by the wife of
Prince Florestan the first in the late 19th century, as the royal family teetered on the edge of
bankruptcy. With gambling illegal in Italy and France,
the Casino became a triumph. Known as a “health spa” to protect it
from church criticism, the cream of European society flocked to try their luck with lady fortune. Times may have changed but not the nature
of Monte Carlo. International visitors are still lured here by the balmy weather and a calendar packed
with star-studded events. Nearby streets in the Carré d’Or remain a magnet for lovers of high-end fashion, luxury jewellery and bespoke perfumes. Follow ancient footfalls further back in time down medieval alleyways into the old town. This is where, 700 years ago, Francois Grimaldi disguised himself as a monk, murdered the guard and captured the fortress. On that night, it became a Grimaldi stronghold
and a dynasty was born. Intimately connected to the Grimaldis, the fortress protected the family from foreign
powers for many generations before being transformed into the luxurious
Princely Palace in the 16th century. It remains the royal residence, with a ceremony still taking place every morning
at the changing of the guard. The Oceanography Museum, is a more recent
royal legacy. It was created in 1910 by Prince Albert the first, who was known as the “Prince of the Seas.” Built into the side of The Rock of Monaco
and almost 90 metres above sea level, this ground-breaking institute was set up
to share knowledge and protect the earth’s fragile oceans. It features many of the discoveries of Jaques Cousteau. Head downhill to the harbor that for centuries
provided a natural barrier that helped shore up Monaco’s uneasy alliances. Today, Hercules Port is the place to watch
mega yachts jostle for space, especially during the city’s most famous event, the Monaco Grand Prix. Although it is one of the most famous race
tracks in the world, it is also one of the world’s most accessible. When the formula one drivers aren’t in town, anyone can experience the tight corners of
the street circuit. But no legacy is quite as glamorous as that
of Grace Kelly, the Academy award winning hollywood actress who wrote her own story
when she married Prince Rainier III and became Princess of Monaco. Princess Grace’s influence lives on throughout
the principality, in the streets which were lined with crowds
on her wedding day in 1956 and in the neoclassical Monaco Cathedral where
the fairytale couple were married and where they now rest together, forever. For many visitors, Monaco’s magnetic attraction
lies in its chic reputation, its A-list residents, and its high-profile events but her magic
goes far deeper than that. Small in size, but expansive in its vision this is the perfect place to don your dark
sunglasses, slip on your driving gloves and step into the world of the powerful characters whose stories have kept Monaco at the forefront
of the world’s imagination for centuries.

Vacations at Pulpierre beach! Mario Odyssey

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[Applause] what's up guys contentless here and today I'm going to present a new series for the channel it's called in ten ways and to this episode you're gonna go around the seaside Kingdom in Super Mario to see let's go if you plan on going on vacations para destinations are ideal places to chill out but places are just July the beach or Paris Beach are really good places but the number of tourists that were attacked by the local creatures will force them to discarded but keep calm because poker beach in the seaside Kingdom is the solution that you were looking for between the luncheon Kingdom and the ice kingdom you'll find a tropical golf that covers the most crystalline water in the whole world there we find among its coast lready mentioned poker beach what stands out them up about the most in this place it's the piece come back with a peaceful sunset without a doubt it transforms any tourists paradise the Buble nians are very friendly though these pronunciations break the harmony of the place I'm sorry about the language but the seas mean that they have exaggerated pronunciations if we breathe while taking the Sun we'll probably get a delicious smell from the luncheon Kingdom there is no neat stick money and the local coins have a Cecil shape and can be found along the coast the temperature is around eighty 7.8 degrees so to social to take the correct outfit hopefully do don't get burned with the heat the seaside Kingdom is dedicated to tourism and sparkling water this industry will generate feel income as anyone can make bubbles in the water right this huge cup is always full in this beautiful crystal tower here the local drink is fabricated and consists of mixed soda with a touch of salt though it is really easy to elaborate but the hard problem is that to get the perfect harmony between both ingredients the visit at the beach house is obligatory there is nothing inside but the mystery steam emitted by the ground will make you chill out until the point that you'll feel like you're flying like this later that says that you should let go by the waves and pop your beach there's no time for getting bored the local sport is beach volley come near the beach house and let go your seaside get it but if that isn't studio you can play splash or you can watch yourself or your neighbor though no one has ever beaten but you can challenge the chip chip to see who holds the most time underwater you want to feel trooper gentlemen visit this really really weird on your ground cave here you're gonna visit this really weird creatures which can eat you and destroy you into thousands of pieces their names are more d more s which is a nice pun in weddin with the words bite and Burnett if you want to get a cool souvenir of seaside Kingdom you should visit these two kings which has the good March apart from pirate suits sailor suits and tourist suits you will get a beautiful postcard to place wherever you want but the reduce image of the crystal and abode would send well you could piece it anywhere you want well guys now you know what place to choose for travel it's like putting pants on an octopus but if you want to have a sparkling vacations don't doubt of choosing pure Beach by the way if you want more choice in Super Mario Odyssey don't forget to leave a like and subscribe until next time guys bye

Krabi in 5 minutes | Travel Guide | Must-sees for your beach holiday

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today we are in cubby fabulous beaches emerald green water and tropical climate Ravi is especially nice in the winter month or personal tips and five minutes our man is in the province of crabby and the perfect starting point for many day tools we present you now the island highlights 19th of November 9 a.m. on Long Beach we are looking forward to also identify we are going by longtail boat directly to put island not going for beginners here you will explore many colorful fish Nemo and cool top island is smaller than a football field and still worth seeing crystal-clear water in fine 10 pitch what do one more when making a reservation for the tolls you never should accept the first price normally you will get a discount up to 50% peculiar rock formations tour in the water with this wonderful setting penang beaches of paradise on earth the strange cave is meant to encourage fertility you're really fast by the speedboat but sometimes it can also be very juddery and now we are on bamboo island a small stopover gives you time for some nice photos then you will see gorgeous space in one of the popular one is maya bay this is the famous Maya Bay the beach of Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here almost an everyday to a lunch is included in the morning railay beach is really empty and the Sun is not shining dextran railay beach is about ten minutes from all none and can be reached very easily by the small boat you will explore many freerunning animals fear the view point is awesome but the way is a little bit demanding you shouldn't go the way with flip-flop it's not the flip-flops time we do it their food you in the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner on the beach in our none buy that from Cali if you want to see more video ten subscribers on YouTube and like us on Facebook you

Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in The World | 2017

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top ten most beautiful islands in the world the Oxford Dictionary offers a drab definition of the word Island a piece of land surrounded by water however we know islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth if Heaven exists it must be an island it offers a perfect escape from the busy life in the 21st century a perfect patch of land where you can rest and rejuvenate your body and a beautiful surrounding to refresh your mind is what everyone wants on their ideal holiday some islands that go a level or two above all and stand out for their enchanting beauty today we present our list of the most beautiful places in the world 10 st. Lucia st. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is famous not only for its golden beaches but also for its interesting geography it has two volcanic mountains that drive 700 metres from the sea and produce a stunning scenery that leaves a mark on the memory it has natural Hot Springs where you can heal and small fishing villages where you can explore the island that remained largely unspoiled it's becoming popular among all from adrenaline junkies to honeymooners st. Lucia is also not as expensive as some of its neighboring islands ix Kauai Hawaii the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain is also regarded as the Garden Isle because of its lush green forest cover the island also has stunning waterfalls and an equally impressive coastline dotted with beautiful beaches the blue seeds around the island are populated by exotic tropical fishes as well as turtles and coral reefs Kauai is more laid-back the nearby islands and as a more rural look than resplendent in fact some regions can only be explored by foot eight Seychelle located east of Africa in the Indian Ocean Seychelle is a tropical wonderland worth visiting the remote island is almost unspoiled with cloud three beaches beautiful coral reefs and bright blue waters it features white beaches having giant boulders and UNESCO protected jungles the island also has a diverse population of colorful birds and other exotic animals including giant tortoises 7cg a favorite for many Australian tourists Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific its tropical white sand beaches with turquoise waters attract many people all over the world who can enjoy their perfect holiday at one of Fiji's many luxury resorts or hotels whether you love snorkeling diving or surfing the locals will welcome you with happy smiles and make your stay one to remember if the cliche Caribbean getaway is not for you be sure to explore Fiji and six Maui Hawaii Maui is part of the Hawaiian Islands and has everything great wildlife a rich heritage of interesting culture and traditions you can spend your time relaxing on the fine beaches of Maui enjoy a game with a friend on one of its golf courses and stay at one of their world-class beach resorts Maui has an interesting trip ography that includes a 10,000 foot of volcano waterfalls and deep craters and multicolored beaches now he attracts surfers and wind surfers from all over the globe it is also a popular scuba and snorkelling location sighs Maldives located in the Indian Ocean it is widely accepted that Maldives as some of the best islands in the world ravishing white beaches and aqua marine waters gives this place a sublime nature breathtaking coral reefs and underwater creatures will force you to go scuba diving and surfers from around the world come here to ride the blue waves for Bali Indonesia Bali is an island province in Indonesia that has mesmerizing culture and a rich heritage of art music and dance the island has tall volcanoes covered in lush green canopy and crystal-clear waters this island attracts all types of visitors from ordinary people holiday and sunbathing on the beaches to historians exploring the rich traditions of the locals to religious tourists exploring the lovely incense filled Hindu temples three Santorini Greece Santorini and the southern Aegean Sea was created when a volcanic explosion destroyed a lot of the settlements on what was once a single island the island is beautiful white villas and blue domed churches that seem to hang off all cata cliffs that plunge into the deep blue sea the beaches in some places have blackened red fans and our locations of magnificent sunsets it is one of the most expensive and picturesque locations in the world to bora-bora french polynesia the small volcanic island of Bora Bora is more beautiful than what even famous artists could have designed clear turquoise waters with extraordinary marine life will leave you begging for more in this South Pacific fantasy tourist friendly locals who have a delicious cuisine will rejuvenate your tastebuds fall asleep to the sound of waves inside bungalows that stand over the water on this blissful location the one penguin Philippines palawan is an island province situated in the Philippines surrounded by beautiful sea water as blue as some jewel blessed with a large variety of unique wildlife both terrestrial and aquatic this sparsely populated region is one of the most beautiful places on earth bright white beaches beautiful coral reefs and lush green jungles on the island we'll welcome you and make you wish your holiday never ended

Egypt | Adventure Travel, Tours & Holidays

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welcome to music everybody welcome to the Pyramids of Giza the land of the fairies my name is Alan I'm from on the go to three different Kings they build the pyramids here at this location Herman's dating back to the ancient Egyptian time more than 2500 BC yeah you

Surfinn Sopelana – surf camp in Spain

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Thailand : Wildest Street Party in KhaoSan Road

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[Applause] [Applause] Thank You Go Go Go little man third back right [Applause] yeah one of the best man the person worth has beautiful take in and everything take your peers hey beer time shot shot [Applause] that's how we do it at slumber party by bodega come back Bangkok baby we have a three vans here one two three how many because now we're too much we're at 68 right now oh my goodness that is 68 people it's loggia almost like it part you include emotional as a step can you see me make opening abandon then again Mike here is making me tonight okay so that's the pre-show my daddy's gonna fucking palette for us you're all babies the Buddha yeah Amory panty john valleca it started in the Batman theme so much as bat pocket August 7 and radiant with a clarity nudity Calgary Calgary by Charlie's monogatari I'm a goalless phenomena for joining my lambo Charlie who meets a I'm like out some rude America's military in vanity to mattaniah ionically cause Android beta do you copy fuckhead hey what's your name hi-yah Belgium hi [Applause] wash your hands all clean tonight you can meet me on the other side we're impatient like young God – the chefs in there and the light is what you cannot see keep on dreaming again sir have it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] gentlemen they come in language vans gotta get a happy life [Applause] Sergeevich panic Amelia could you be mean Amelia carbonate signal without is yep crazy Obama creamy Fupa I can get me but I see if I have simulator course Malaya she'll be there by taking me down really very much 7-eleven movie and rice we concentration Boitano variability paneer cheese kebab we're telling a Koharu it's nothing [Applause] [Applause] we out here cops are oh yeah you took that beer oh oh listen listen yeah everybody take this you take it to the beer we're chilling for chili [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] get it man out my it should be only 42 Oh I want to forgive for that

vacation ideas near NYC

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what if you could just wake up and have a whole world of fun right outside your front door well stay play and save at darien lake a whole world of fun and it's so affordable this summer thrilled to to new rides one wet 11 and stay where you play so when you want an awesome family getaway not too far away stay play safe only a very wake hurry get your fourth night free on select packages at darien lake calm