Going To the Forest (SINGLE) | Wild Animals for Kids | Original Nursery Rhymes & Songs by ChuChu TV

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Going To the Forest (SINGLE) | Wild Animals for Kids | Original Nursery Rhymes & Songs by ChuChu TV

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Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2017 ChuChu TV® Studios
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Havasu Falls Relaxing Waterfall Relax Nature Sounds Study Focus Meditation Sound of Water Calm Study

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Havasu Falls Relaxing Waterfall Relax Nature Sounds Study Focus Meditation Sound of Water Calm Study Relaxation for studying, reading, working, meditating, sleeping etc… great white noise to fall asleep fast into deep sleep… soothing calming and peaceful. 4 hours relax.
NEWS – “Natural Healing – NATURE SOUNDS aid Humans.”
– R. Hotz, Wall Street Journal 5.5.17
“Psychologists are discovering that nature sounds have benefits for humans, and can lower stress, elevate mood, boost cognitive abilities and perhaps enhance healing.
Jonas Braasch, a musicologist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, found that office workers listening to a mountain stream while taking tests not only performed better but reported feeling more positive about their surroundings, compared to those listening to office noises. ‘They were more patient and avoided more errors,’ he said. ‘Nature Sounds can have a restorative effect on our cognitive abilities.’
Listening to nature may help people recover more quickly from stress or trauma from a study by Pennsylvania State University psychologists. They tested how people reacted to disturbing video of surgery. Those who listened to nature sounds recovered their good mood more quickly than those who listened to office or city noises.”
WAVES’ relaxing nature sounds can help people relax, meditate, sleep, focus, concentrate, study, work and reading. Relaxation sounds of nature: water sounds, ocean waves, waterfalls, light rain sound, thunderstorms plus bird sounds, birds singing, bird songs, crickets, & frogs can create a soothing and calming white noise environment for hours by overcoming distracting stress full noises. It can be used to promote a calm deep sleep or help a peaceful zen reiki massage, yoga space, studying, plus stress relief and tinnitus relief. Creating a soundscape of natural sounds like camping in a rain forest, sleeping on the beach with lapping ocean waves, can help with insomnia providing night time sounds and nighttime ambience to fall asleep fast like a baby. Nature’s lullaby naturally helps babies, mom & dad sleep well and help your memory from daytime studying.
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VIDEO TITLE: Havasu Falls Relaxing Nature Sounds Waterfall Water Relaxation Meditation Study Sleep Sound of Water playlist 4 hours
• VIDEO: Shot by Dave Porter – DavePorter.com / Edited & Posted by Greg Voevodsky / WavesDVDcom
• MUSIC: See Playlist Below:
• PLAYLIST 1: Nature Sounds
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Solid Surf House Marokko – Impression with the manager of the surfcamp in Taghazout

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Solid Surf House Marokko – Impression of the surfcamp in Taghazout – Ayoub, the manager, explains what you can expect at the surf house in Marokko.

FIRST SURF LESSON | Solid Surf House Bali (2018)

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“What will your first surf lesson look like?“

In this video we follow our new intern Milan on his first surf lesson to give you a better idea on how we teach surfing at the Solid Surf & Yoga House in Bali.

The surf lessons as well as the equipment are included in our “One Package Fits All“, so you really get what you see during your stay with us without worrying about hidden costs.

All our surf guides are certified by the ISA (International Surfing Association) to ensure that you get the best out of your lesson and stay safe in the water.

Book your holiday now at


Solid Surf House Bali – Newly Renovated House 2018

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Take your friends on an amazing journey to discover the magical land of Bali and experience the surf package (one package fits all) in our newly renovated house.

Our newly renovated tropical house offers 9 air-conditioned rooms, yoga shala on a rooftop, swimming pool with jacuzzi, a bar, pool table and many more. 

Located in Canggu, a laid-back yet lively coastal town in the South of Bali, best known for its great restaurants & beach parties, world-class surf breaks, panoramic views and legendary sunsets. The surf camp is just a short stroll away from the surf spots Berawa, Batu Bolong, Oldmans & Echo beach. From our house, you can easily reach Seminyak, Legian & Kuta, where you can go shopping and find the best nightclubs and bars.

With our “one package fits all” and very competing prices we offer an unbeatable price-quality package in Bali. Arrival in our surf camp is possible on any day!

Check out our website for more information

Video by Basic Home Production

4×4 Eco Trail Safaris now available @ Bush & Beach Vacations

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4×4 4×4 #EcoTrail #Safaris
Now available @ Bush & Beach Vacations
Departing every #Friday
Various Paclages on offer.
for package options
Inbox us for details and reservations
#SouthAfrica #BushBreaks #AdventureTravel

P&O Experiences: Round Island Safari & Adventure Tour, Port Vila, Vanuatu

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From learning how to close a wound with a spider web, to swimming in a fresh water stream, intrepid travelling friends Christina, Nat and Jas make the most of their Round Island adventure tour in Vanuatu. “We just love adventure holidays; being out there…it’s good”.

Make Vanuatu your next tropical holiday and experience the unique culture and adventures its many islands have to offer. For more visit P&O Cruises.