# Avalon Beach – Sydney Beach Vacations

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Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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“A Carp Fishing Holiday” Furzebray Lakes

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Europe Family Vacation Ideas & Planning

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and I'm introducing my family vacation ideas guide to Europe then in this series of videos we'll run through all the best places to stay in Europe then we'll compare some of the vacation rentals with hotels B&BS to some of the different locations all around Europe and find the best family activities and give some helpful tips on how to make the most of your family vacation to Europe then stay tuned and enjoy the series

Serena Mountain Lodge | Kenya Safari Holidays | Kuoni Travel

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dream Kenya think coo Oni the only tree hotel to grace the slopes of legendary Mount Kenya the Serena Mountain Lodge presents a matchless gain viewing opportunity combined with a glorious panorama of mountain vistas two hours from Nairobi with your crew Oni guide and over two thousand meters above sea level lies one of kiwannis most exceptional destinations for an unforgettable wildlife experience in this magnificent setting enjoy the champagne clarity of the mountain air and the fascinating interplay as a colorful cavalcade of animals gather to drink bathe spa and forage around the adjacent waterhole and Salt Lick more energetic guests can enjoy a guided walk or even scale the peak of Africa's second highest mountain be spectacularly close to the animals and venture down to the secret viewing hide by the water's edge or enjoy gentle pastimes in happy contemplation whilst trout fishing or surrender to a herbal massage to ease weary limbs enjoy a sundowner from the veranda as the African bush comes alive with nocturnal sounds later the setting of the timbered dining room set on stilts and serving an array of delicious local and international dishes at the end of a memorable day retire to a cabin style room which are uncluttered but attractively furnished with indigenous wood and African art and private bathrooms with an incomparable location and high levels of service serena mountain lodge is highly recommended by kuromi for those wanting to experience the real kenya no one knows the planet like us visit soon

Quiet Beach Holidays in Tyros Peloponnese

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