Fishing holiday lodges in Norfolk – Langmere Lakes Lodges

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lemmya lakes are beautifully positioned in the heart of Norfolk stunning countryside complementing a tranquil setting with fantastic contemporary design creating a perfect retreat for couples and families seeking to escape and relax in rural little just a short drive away is bustling Norwich home to fabulous shops an ancient cathedral and vibrant nightlife land mere lakes are a perfect base for exploring the coast and the Norfolk Broads there are also five well stocked fishing lakes covering seven acres to be found at Langley lakes land may Lakes offers a fantastic selection of lodges all with contemporary design features and in a peaceful rural setting why not visit Langmuir Lakes for your holiday break to book now visit

Sinead Desmond visits a Surf Board Factory with in Ericeira, Portugal

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I've come to sunny Portugal and I'm in the beautiful town of ericeira and I'm here to surf but I can't surf for that a surfboard this is how they start out but this is how they finish up and that's why I'm here today at the bud last surfboard factory in ericeira to find out how they make surfboards now we are here in the bud of the last factory in ericeira and I'm here with Cyril but good morning to Cyril morning now Sarah you're gonna explain to me how a surfboard is made because I'm here to learn how to surf but I can't surf for that a surfboard so what's the first stage of making a surfboard the way it starts is as we import all the foam from from South Africa the customer will come to us and want to order a board from a selected shaper that 'likes and then the shaper will decide what he thinks is the correct board for the particular customer we then go to the computer and we use the DSD machine and the board is cut to those specific specification how he serves his weight his heart or where he serves all that information so each each surfer wants his own board made specifically for him and that's where shaping comes in a you mentioned Xanadu and Xanadu is one of the best shapers in the world is one of the leading guys in the world if not the top what does shaping do what's so important about shaping there's a lot of little things and the exact thickness it was to thin that God's gonna complain if it's too thick he's gonna complain that's a bit of an art form it is an art form and it has to be done as close as possible to what the customer wants and what's on top of that good surfers are very particular about what they serve so us as manufacturers we have to be very particular about what we're making for them as well otherwise it ends up that the customer is not happy and that's not good for us and it's no good for the customer so after Xanadu has worked his magic they spray whatever whatever pattern they need to put on it it's great then it comes to glossing the board gets glossed and hot coated now you mentioned glassing but and I know you know what it is because you've been doing it for all of your life but we don't know what lasting is and it's your special you have a trade secret explain what lasting is to us basically you want to make the board as strong as possible and as light as possible so was it resin you put on it it's risen polyester resin and gloss fiber and you have is it true you didn't tell us everything there because you have a secret recipe you don't want anyone else to know I have little secrets yes yes and yeah I just managed to make the boards as white as anything in the old days the board was used to discolor and I found a product that actually makes some super whitener and my boards have always been what you I can see you are really proud of your boards do you love making surfboards I love making super what do you love about it I just love the internet I've been doing it since I was 12 years of age I'm Nate I'm 58 nuts I've been doing it out of a long time and if people want to know if people want to know let's have a look at this because we can show people if you want to know is your board a bud last board this is how you can tell but has it he has his own little insignia right here and it's not a bad yeah Cyril thank you so much for explaining to us today our surfboard is made we really appreciate it thank you very much and after getting some behind-the-scenes info from Ciro I was ready to take to the waves again so I hit the beach to catch up on the basics with my instructor Toby perfect we stayed with Irish company surf holidays calm in their eco lodges in the Portuguese village of ericeira star for today's comm provide accommodation lessons and transfers throughout the best surf locations in Europe flights were with our Lingus from the new terminal to you

Indian Girl Backpacking in Europe: Prague | Sejal Kumar

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hi my name is Al and after New Delhi India since I was fifteen it's been on my bucket list before the solo trip to Europe a Bollywood in part is to blame for this these movies will mean a euro check every Union screams so this year I finally saved up the money and took off live my dream so here is Ingo backpacking in Europe hey guys it's CJ so welcome to episode 3 of my backpacking cerium and this is so I am at the airport now and have a flight to catch to Prague this Airport has very very it's very different so a little bit strange actually they weren't letting me check in for about an hour everybody at the counter was missing like I've never seen that at an airport ever Metro station your guys and nothing is in English I'm freaking out what to do this is really confusing this place is like a fairy tale guys I cannot believe it oh my god guys this place I can't get over how pretty this is and also how pretty the hostility I think I've realized this after like this being my third city that the best thing to do on your first day is to just do a free walking tour the walking tour starts from the other side of the river that's in the old town now I figured that all the good things in brown are in the old town it sucks that I'm not seeing that side but it's a very touristy area and this place is so nice even prettier in the morning oh my god holy that's a real sneak I spilled this on my dress oh so this thing that I bought it is sort of like a rule in which they put ice cream in it I liked it till I didn't spill it on my dress I hate this now but I need to be fair as okay on the odd creation it's so hot sure guys so study so much deeper than Amsterdam and burden just come out to this cute little cafe in the middle of the street I order a glass of chardonnay wine – my favorite drink and I also ordered lasagna having high drop of oil feels like since forever so I'm starving head back to my hostel I'd set navigation and everything that I saw this church while walking Marisol huge line outside it and I thought like what are they buying tickets for then I looked and saw that the mannequins were like an orchestra concert so spontaneously I bought tickets for it and it starts in like half an hour and that's I mean it's so random I'm quite excited for it hey guys so it's day three in fog I've not seen you with me so plan today is to do lots of sightseeing we're cuddling like climbing lots of steps to go up to a castle so we made it inside the castle don't know where we are we have good part about traveling you don't really know what you're doing and then you end up finding out what it is later so you just outside the step ever like you are like only saying very Sangiovese how to make picture with it yeah we climbed up to there so we've reached these really beautiful gardens which are called the gardens below the cloud Castle I'm guessing I was a little skeptical of coming here though because their thought is really hard but I'm so glad it's so pretty all aboard which is a Georgian asteroid and you don't know what Georgian food is so I just got this like being excited because I my head speak and look at sad do with the garden we came to in the morning and they have the second kind of thing today so I'm really excited we have behind which were sneaking into the past we're gonna have a catcher time eat food and a fine so there's apparently a huge annoying storm that's coming up and then adding us we were so prepared of days so we found a really nice spot to chill and collapse turning these random places let me show you guys our view look at that hey guys so today is the last day in the Czech Republic and you guys will not believe what my day has been like till now so right now I'm in this place called cesky krumlov I had planned on making a day trip here and has finally reached after the craziest day let's rewind a little bit [Applause] like Emilio Lee it's not even 7:00 my bus is at 8:30 and because I'm a paranoid Sheikh I want to get there they gave me really early because I don't know if I might use my way and being me the punctual me I got up earlier and time to leave my hostel we earlier than required to like spoil everything for me today all my time coordinated on my buses got delayed so I reached the bus station in just the nick of time okay so I've got to the bus station make like a 20 and I have no idea how my bus is I really don't wanna miss it there was literally like nobody you could ask about where you could go even though I reach like 15 minutes before my bus had to leave I was just running around asking people where I should go and where the freaking bus leaves from and in all that confusion the bus left so I couldn't believe it was the first time something like this has happened to me and then I quickly thought I should go buy train tickets so finally I'm in my tree and I feel like nothing's gonna go wrong I'm just gonna take this and I have to change my train then I'll be a cesky krumlov turns out the train gets delayed by 40 minutes and even then I think it's alright it's okay I'm just gonna get an hour late not a problem but when I get off the bus I realize that the next Street has already left that's when I felt like oh my god somebody kill me but fortunately I found this Indian couple who also was coming to cesky krumlov so I just like it was like a cheapo acquaint behind that bought myself bus tickets and I finally reached this is probably the cutest place I have ever been to so we'll let us explore shots makes me dude w mountain-climbing so some amount of contact where I am is this place called cesky krumlov everybody recommended me to come sure and this is basically like a fairytale town even more than Prague it also has a river in the middle so my plan for today is to go boating in the river or grab some lunch and then head back this place was a pain in the ass but it's so worth it where the heck am i I asked a bunch of people where the rafting and the boating thing begins and finally I found my way there that's the boat I was told leaves at 3:30 it's still here let's find out if I can do this can a bee sting them can I please just and I am come on factor of two bags suitcase and I've chained cash at 12 so I'm leaving two hours early not being late and I guess this is the end of the vlog episode I can't believe these it is already done and just have one more left which is good about the hope you guys enjoyed this one subscribe to my channel if you need and as you interested but none of my cards were working and this is actually

Frugal Vacation Ideas

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so here I am we didn't remember this about being up in on vacation sweet I thought what better way to teach you a vacation frugally than just show you what we did for our vacation this week so as you can see I am on the beach my view for the week been phenomenal and so I've been here on the beach for a few days and this is I'll turn you around so you can see if I can figure out how to do that so pretty much I can't figure out to do it oh wow just an impromptu video this is my house that I'm staying in this week so what we did to go through Billy on vacation is we are splitting a beach house rental with my sister and her husband and two kids and we are right on the beach as you can see this is our house this is our view we have stairs that go right down to the beach and so what we did is our the place where we're seeing is Topsail North Carolina is our favorite place it's very non commercialized so it's a lot cheaper than your typical like Myrtle Beach or Charleston so that's another tip like you know try and look for the places where there's not a ton of traffic I guess or commercialize or heights so this is our favorite place to come it's very private the beach doesn't really look much busier than this throughout the day so we're down there with our kids and you know there's all our beach stuff we can keep it all right here suitum it's like a log it back and forth which is perfect for a little kids because we have five kids here under the age of seven so what else did we do so we rent the beach house and no chip that we do is we rent the beach house during the offseason so this is the first weekend of the offseason and it actually links up with the first week that all of the kids in like North Carolina South Carolina go back to school so that's why we we do it in this month this this week so that we get the off season prices but it's a week before you know New York goes to school and so we can save actually around 50% off the price so it's kind of like our last hurrah the beach house I think for this one we spent about two thousand dollars for the whole week and that included the whole house so there's five bedrooms three bathrooms we want the kids we have nine people staying in the house let it two ways so that equals that one hundred and fifty and night but the coolest thing is this is totally free pretty pretty pretty here that free so our goal is to be at the beach the entire day and it's free entertainment so we also I'll take you inside real quick we also buy our own groceries like coupon before we go we buy our own groceries we split the food bill between all of us and we spend like $100 a week on groceries I just have to show you this view again fabulous and it's great best part okay so I'm going to show you real quick inside the house well first of all we have this fabulous porch so we get to wake up and have my coffee and read my Bible first thing in the morning which is wonderful okay so now we have some crying kids so just forgive me say hi okay so there was my sister so we have a beautiful five bedroom house and we get to wake up to this and we also spend very little on groceries and we stay at the beach the whole time so it causes like gas money splitting the rental house splitting groceries and that's that's pretty much it I mean I think probably for this vacation for a whole week long to have a private beach house and a private beach we might might spend $1,500 on groceries gas and lodging so I mean for us with a family of five like going out to the restaurants all the time and you say hi making a video what daddy's made them to who's in the washing machine – I don't know where he's being taken okay sorry we're doing impromptu videos that Simmons and so so yeah maybe $1,500 maybe on the whole vacation I don't know for us like if we went on a beach house we have to get a condo we'd have to get to littell rooms you should be like 300 night probably and then eating out and like an extra $50 a day so we're talking like maybe double what we are spending on this beach vacation we spun it and we split the trip up into two days driving and stayed with family on the way up here or down here and we're staying with the same family members on the way back so just cost us gas let me think what else except if you want to get an awesome topsail t-shirt that cost me five dollars I saved I had money so provably on a vacation that's we go to this if you go to item at lady calm I will point you directly to the website that we use to regret this cottage and I highly recommend it going to that website and seeing and visiting top dealer Canada like I said if I did this house in like Myrtle Beach it would be double the amount of price and also if I did it in the house during the off during the on season like during the summer it would be double in price – so it's like a huge plus to go in the last week of a summer so I hope you helped as you can see no makeup blue nails awesome vacation and tan so we're having a great week and I'm having a great week off which is rare so I will leave you with a beautiful vacation view and let me know go to I'll leave you I'd love to see your comments under this video or under my post and tell me how you save on vacations as well so there you are I hope you all have a fabulous evening and try not to be super dull see ya

Splashin’ Safari Water Park at Holiday World Theme Park: Wave Pools, Water Slides, & Water Coasters

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Oh holiday world is really known for a couple of things that's their roller coasters top of the line also there Splashin Safari waterpark which is really great too we're headed that way it's gonna feel good on like about a 92 degree day that's where the lines probably are there were too many lines actually in the park we have to add to the list of free things what's that Donna free under tubes and more free Sierra Mist yeah Y or water but free free inner tubes for like the lazy river and all that stuff it's pretty cool a lot other parts so charge you for inner tubes yeah pretty cool we're about to go get pretty cool when you walk into Splashin Safari there's a freshman snow factory first aid and mother's nursing station there's lockers restrooms and changing rooms safari outpost gift shop so we're going to go over here and rent a locker I think the small Locker will be enough for us just for a little backpack where we go off into the water park we'll go see how big they are this is locker rental one-day rental with unlimited access regular sizes $10 largest 15 música sizes large and regular Fidelis to show you how these lockers work you know wristbands barcode on it you wear that and it's disposable if you want to find put up your scanner your locker automatically opens no matter where it's at over here forget which number it is you just Severus there opens it's awesome spelled a smartlock is the monsoon lagoon area kids area it's really cool a lot of fun this is big bucket on top fills up and then fits over and black is everybody down below so waiting for that waiting president bucket to fill up in the water to pour out think it's about this is the ocean go slides and there are dark tubes so you're in the dark the whole way down these are the cabanas that you could rent you have a refrigerator and a fan and just some nice shaded area for you to sit you can rent them by the day go online and rent them ahead of time and there's a lazy river this is the patchouli kind of a funnel ride where you know you go down the tubes and you end up going around and around in the puddle and out the bottom here's where we get mine for the lazy river it's called the Bihari River water feels good I just got a snag it's a tube coming in on ya flip it over and we'll be ready to go that feel good feel good of lazy rivers of the big slides too but this is good for a change just to cool off she's flashing that is flashing Safari so you look happy now not hot there's Donna living it up this is alive the Interpol those you're gonna get it he's gonna get it back there's done the Bakula was a very cool ride it's like a four-person raft that goes down into the bowl and then you're throughout the bottom if you don't have someone to go with you it takes at least two people but they'll match you up with somebody or a group of two or three so you can go down have a real nice wave pool area really big and then some water features that spray out along the edge jets that come out of the side so pretty awesome we'll try that in a minute going on the wildebeest right now like a water coaster so I like those that'll be fun zooom Bob way ride starts out really high – and it's a thing it's pretty dark all the way down and ends in the goes into the funnel I'm gonna go take a look at that that is awesome it's really a big nice waterpark lots to do this is one of the greatest things about holiday world I think the coasters are great you know not everybody likes roller coasters I do but this is something about everybody can have fun at especially on a hot day a waterpark can't beat it hey Donna are you baked yet are you baked okay this is a splash land at Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana it's really cool they've got like mushroom clouds that like have rain coming down they've got like a little bitty tiny waterslide and inflatable palm trees and looks like a shaded area over there that if you have a baby sleeping that you could take it over there then there's this splash pad here where they can stomp on it and water comes up out of the ground and walkway where they can walk under it very very cool very neat because you're having a great time I don't know for sure with the ages or but I did see a sign back there this bed if you have a child that is not potty-trained or even if they are to please put them in a swimmer diaper so I guess they don't have any flow being tipsy roll so that would be important rights and since we have a grandson we wouldn't have wanted I think free lemonade – I didn't know they have lemonade so besides of soda and water you can get a pink lemonade ready for this we just put some more sunscreen on I ready to try the wave pool finally got Donna out of the lazy river I had to promise to feed her to do that so that's all that would get her out of there we are nacho chips yeah we shared we shared I was getting hungry for a snack so we got that now we're in the way pool gonna go out and check it out relax Laidback literally having a good time this is another wave pool called appropriately the wave and I don't know what the difference is just smaller what to be wrong go where comes down we had a good time at Splashin Safari we're leaving now it's a little after 6:00 the water park closes at 7:00 today the regular park closes at 9:00 one thing we would recommend remember to bring your own towel if you're coming that's one thing they don't know even just one big one to share on a warm day you you dry off pretty quick but towel would be a nice thing to pack with you and if you leave in the locker so we're leaving Splashin Safari there's elephants and the gorillas now we're looking for wat Donna right now water it's more free water or hosts or that or something the drinks would be nice water water water they've had enough soda water somewhere so Dennis okay water it is so when you're coming back from the waterpark you gotta put a shirt back on and shoes this makeshift goods mixing family park yeah that's where it belongs in there they're always the wings again we're gonna do the swings again probably pretty windy right here where you get scared trying to dry out my swimsuit yeah this is another kids area there's Halle dog get your picture taken with him there's games y'all going Trail truck ride Tea Party is telling he cups a Disney and a play area for the kids last year take the little jeep vehicles that they get to ride it's pretty cool having fun there's a little our rollercoaster of youth the Haller rollercoaster fun for little kids you holiday world is a great amusement park it's very family friendly it's a great place to go with your kids your grandkids your friends and it has a lot of things to do and it's a great value for your money but one of the things that really sets it apart is the Splashin Safari waterpark it's a top-of-the-line waterpark it has some great rides it has a water coaster a lazy river two wave pools and even has a special kids area and you still get the free drinks and the sunscreen and free inner tubes and they have smart lockers which are really handy and easy to use so we would definitely recommend it thanks for watching go to Holiday World if you can and please subscribe to us if you haven't already have a great day bye

Full Thai Movie : The Safari [English Subtitle] Thai Comedy

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Beach Vacations on Cities: Skylines

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you you you this is the most satisfying thing ever we are God in some City for well that was loud oh you're gonna eat that huh you're gonna eat it classy all right nothing okay and now she is tossing that salad with her stop sticking your finger in your ear all right she's tossing the salad with her ear wax yeah it does it doesn't really well okay they're coming for you Bob well right just road trips and kill me anyway let me know whenever we are recording and welcome to another episode of extended play I'm your host this is Stuart and dad is a fancy fancy sign thank you for watching I'll see you next time

The top 5 beach holidays in Portugal for 2018

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1 Hour of Tropical, Caribbean, and Hawaiian Music

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Open Water Swimming Holiday Montenegro | SwimTrek Adventure Holidays

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offers so much and so much variety that is from Lake swimming rivers for me seas for me it's a total I think the last few days what I've realized swimming in a big group like this it really does encourage you to improve your stroke and really it's much easier actually swimming I'm Caitlin from Wollongong which is near Sydney Australia I'm in France where today it was beautiful lots of fish beautiful clear water can see right to the bottom most of the way amazing mountains coming straight up in churches that were swimming around there was a good group I was towards the back of my group that they kept on stopping for me which was nice and yeah it was just generally good fun my master denied in Germany and we are here in the sky lake today and there was some in the morning and afternoon and this one was clear border and no stuffiness around

Fishing holidays pescar en verano con Galaxy Kayaks

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[Música] [Música] bueno [Música] y [Música] bueno pues nada buenas de nuevo no amantes de la pesca muchos compañeros sobre todo interior me preguntáis en estos días de vacaciones que os vais a la playa con la familia y demás pues para echar unos lances pues eso que dónde ir qué hacer técnicas a utilizar señuelos etcétera etcétera intentaré hacer un vídeo muy resumido muy resumido pero bueno no os lo hago desde aquí desde el kayak disfrutando de un día fantástico de pesca y nada os comentaré la principal diferencia sobre todo zonas de playa zonas de espigón zonas de puerto que son escenarios realmente muy muy muy distintos tenéis que tener en cuenta sobre todas las zonas de playa el tema de los de los bañistas y el tema de puerto o zonas prohibidas y en espigones pues nada los que se pueda pescar pues a disfrutar de road fishing por ejemplo con equipos muy ligeros mil hitos chiquititos micro criaturas incluso minutos pequeñitos micro hicks y demás disfrutaréis y disfrutaréis mucho en la playa en función de las horas que nos dejen pescar y la gente que haya sobre todo la primera y la última hora pues por eso con un pequeño six con vinos muy chiquititos todos en la gama hardcore de duelo la verdad es que ya sabéis que soy un fanático un fanático de este señuelo hoy mismo por ejemplo ha marcado la diferencia pero con creces la verdad es que con creces es el compañero perfecto del equipo que ya sabéis que llegó después habló de los equipos y un caso que más que más que más zonas de entrada de puerto cerró cosas la primera y última hora no os cortéis minutos muy grandes rollo el hardcore 210 estos así grandes fluorescentes blancos a primera hora pueden dar desde espetón es alta jams alguna alguna lubina por ahí despistada con lo cual al ser generosos con los tamaños sobre todo la primera ya última hora después a lo largo del día pues yo iba bajando el tamaño y buscando libre as más naturales y nada poquita cosa más en cuanto equipos pues ya sabéis qué que siempre me acompaña y que conviven clases 2000 un equipo súper ligero que me ofrece me ofrece muchísimas garantías tiene una gran reserva de potencia hoy mismo ha estrenado con un talla que no es ninguna virguería pero bueno no está mal ya sabéis que esta especie lucha mucho en relación en relación peso tamaño y la verdad es que bueno ya os enseñaré el vídeo y además a ver que se ha grabado y qué no y una especie que me hacía muchísima ilusión sacar con la descarga y que lo ha disfrutado muchísimo y de carrete pues ya sabéis en clase con casi 4 kilos de freno la verdad es que más que suficiente para las especies que solemos pescar por aquí por la zona y nada deseamos mucha suerte si en cambio vais encalla como vais embarcados la ventaja será pues esa que podéis llegar las pajareras que es cuando se forman los pájaros o los peces suben y hacen hervir el agua conforme están cazando es lo más visual es lo más divertido y es más fructífero en caso contrario pues la utilización de una sonda o buscar zonas querencio sas pues entradas de río a fínales espigones puntas de las calas o zonas donde haya una marcada una marca un mercado cambio de profundidad y no se poquita cosa más si tenéis cualquier duda ya lo sabéis os podéis poner en contacto conmigo messenger facebook instagram youtube y desearos pues eso unas felices vacaciones que yo por fin ya me voy con la familia y con mis peques y con mi niña que la verdad es que tengo muchísimas ganas a ver si me dejan escapar un ratito para pescar y os puedo enseñar nuevas capturas así que os deseo unas muy felices vacaciones y una muy buena pesca responsable a todas y todos [Música] y no no no no [Música] no no y no [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] bueno [Música] a bueno [Música] i [Música] y nada [Música] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] muy bien i i no no no y nada [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] y [Música] aquí

Backpacking Navigation #2 – Map, Compass & GPS –

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I'm Dave Collins with in this episode we're going to take a look at navigation with a map compass PS no matter how simple your route might be understanding how to use basic navigation equipment is critical for any backpacking adventure a map and compass will help keep you from getting lost or help you find your way again and they'll also allow you to explore rarely traveled areas in the backcountry safely any expert will tell you that map and compass are essential items for any backcountry trip becoming a navigation expert will take years of practice and experience in the field but learning the basics is very simple make sure to hone your skills before you attempts any backpacking trip that will require difficult navigation never put yourself in an unsafe position by being underprepared if you need to brush up on your skills or want to learn some advanced techniques consider signing up for an orienteering course in your area orienteering courses can be a lot of fun and they'll give you great practice in a safe environment the first navigation tool that you need to understand is your map maps come in all shapes and sizes and they'll give you detailed information about the land that you'll be traveling through guidebooks and online resources often have simple maps that show trails traveling over basic terrain they can be very helpful when your trip planning but they're not useful for on trail navigation a topographical map is the tool that you'll need to navigate in the wilderness topo maps are much more accurate detailed and they provide an elevation profile of the area the key to understanding topographical maps is understanding contour lines contour lines are the small squiggly lines that cover the entire map a single contour line marks a given elevation on a map for example this 12,000 foot contour line follows the inside of this valley touching every place where the elevation is at 12,000 feet if you travel up or down in elevation you'll hit a new contour line which will denote a different elevation for example if we traveled uphill from the 12,000 foot elevation line we would soon hit this new contour line representing 12 thousand two hundred feet because contour lines represent different elevation points they never intersect when they're very close together they represent steep changes like cliff and when they're far apart or spread out they represent very gradual elevation changes like a valley floor or a field topo maps help you to orient yourself by showing you the terrain features of the area when you look at the contour lines you'll see Peaks valleys rivers cliffs and other prominent landscape features you can see on this map when you look at the contour lines that there's a ridge here that circles around this valley which the trail comes up through and then to the top of this pass when the trail is down on the valley floor the contour lines are very spread out meaning that it will be a gradual easy walk and then when it hits the end of the valley the contour lines start to get much closer together they switch back up to the top of this pass so you can see when you're walking along this trail you're going to have some very high peaks on the side of you it's going to be really beautiful easy and gradual along these Lakes when you hit the side of this Canyon you're going to start going up in elevation switchback get some great views up at the top of this pass where you're going to be able to see in both directions for many miles when you understand the features in the landscape you'll be able to understand your trip much better and plot your route from one point to the next good topographical maps may also have colors and shades to help you orient yourself most of the time areas that are shaded in green are dense vegetation where clear areas are above treeline all topographical maps will also have a scale to help you understand the size of the terrain and a legend to help you understand the symbols on the map good backpacking Maps will also list hiking distances on well-defined trails but that isn't always the case so make sure you check your map for trail mileage declination is another measurement that will be listed on a topographical map maps are oriented with lines pointing to true north the North Pole but your compass needle will actually point to magnetic north which is slightly different than true north the degree to which magnetic north is different than true north depends on where you are on the earth declination is simply a correction for that difference between your map and your compass sometimes declination is so small especially over short distances that it won't really matter but for maximum accuracy especially when you're hiking over long distances it's important to correct for declination a simple saying that will help those of us in North America remember is declination east compass least declination west compass best that means that if the declination measurement on your map is to the east you'll subtract numbers from your overall bearing declination east compass least and if your declination is to the west you'll add degrees to your compass bearing your compass is the tool that you'll use with your topographical map to help you locate yourself or plan a route without needing trails in the wilderness even if you plan on staying on trail for your entire trip knowing how to use a compass can come in very handy for example you might lose your way on the trail and need to be able to locate yourself on the map or find the best direction to travel in order to head out to a road or maybe you just want to explore an off trail area but you need to know which direction to travel and how to keep yourself from getting lost to learn how to use a compass let's start out by taking a look at the parts of a compass the needle always points towards magnetic north and the dial or bezel is the circular part on top of the compass that spins orienting lines are on the back of the dial and they spin when the dial spins degree or index lines are the marks around the dial and the direction of travel arrow is the way that you'll go after you've taken your bearing taking a compass bearing is pretty straightforward let's say for example that our trail has been covered in snow and we don't know which way to go here's what we do first we would locate where we are on the map and then we would line up the edge of our compass with the direction that we want to travel next we turn the dial until North on the bezel lines up with north on the map and the orienteering lines on the back of the dial are lined up with the north-south lines of our map once we've lined up our compass we double check our route to make sure we're going to be heading in the right direction then we take the compass away from the map and we correct for declination once we've corrected for declination we hold the compass away from our body and hold it flat and allow the needle to point towards magnetic north then we turn our body until North on the dial lines up with north on the bezel put the mouse in the house with the north needle in its housing we can look at the direction of travel arrow which will tell us the direction we need to walk if we're in an open area we can pick a defined point on a horizon and walk towards it or if we're in a heavily wooded area we could pick an object like a tree walk to that point then hold up our compass and take another reading and walk to another point to make sure that we stay on the right track if you're traveling by compass for long distances it's important to get very accurate readings and to use landmark clues to help you navigate the terrain clues like rivers mountains valleys and ridges will help you make sure that you hit your mark a one-degree mistake could put you off your mark by over a hundred feet after you've traveled one mile so choosing smart routes is very important when traveling by compass over long distances don't shoot for a small target that's many miles away because it will be very hard to hit it exactly instead use the terrain to your advantage and choose short goals to make sure that you stay on track another common use for a compass is to find your location on the map using only the terrain clues around you this is called line location or triangulation in order to use your compass for triangulation you'll need to find two or three prominent features in the landscape that are also on your map and it's best if they're spread out to triangulate your position you're going to use the same technique that we just used for taking a bearing except you're going to reverse the order take your compass and point it at the first prominent feature that's also on your map with a direction of travel arrow pointed at that feature turn the dial until the North needle lines up in its housing now take your compass and place it on the map line up the edge of your compass with that object that you just pointed at twist your compass until the orienteering lines on the back of the compass line up directly with the north-south lines on the map and double-check to make sure that the object you pointed at is lined up with the edge of the compass now use a pencil to draw a line on the map coming away from the object do point of that because of our calculation we know that we must be somewhere along that line if you repeat this process two or three times pointing at different objects in the area your exact location will be the point where all three lines meet another very helpful navigation tool is a GPS device if you're going on a trip with lots of off-trail navigation a GPS device can come in very handy if you get lost a GPS unit will give you your exact coordinates which you can use with your map to pinpoint exactly where you are GPS units can also be used to store waypoints which our previous locations that you've been to in the past like a trailhead or your vehicle you can input one or multiple coordinates into a GPS from a map or guidebook then you can use the GPS in the field to navigate you from one point to the next most GPS units only give you straight line navigation though so you'll still need a map to see if there are any large terrain features that will get in the way like steep valleys cliffs or large rivers a GPS unit can also track your hike as you go it'll take periodic readings and put together a loose route of where you've been it can also usually track mileage elevation gain and your speed GPS units do have their shortfalls though so always be careful when you take technology out on the trail GPS units are run by batteries and batteries wear out over time so don't put yourself in a situation where you're going to be in a lot of trouble if your GPS battery wears out also GPS units can lose their signal and dense brush or deep valleys you usually need a clearer view of the sky and for satellites to pinpoint your location even if you do carry a GPS unit always bring a map of the area and a compass to use as a backup make sure to practice your skills and consider taking an orienteering course to really master wilderness navigation I'm Dave Collins for clever hacker comm hike light hike smart and have fun