Rafiki Safari Lodge by Costa Rican Vacations

Rafiki Safari Lodge by Costa Rican Vacations

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This video highlights the best parts of the Rafiki Safari Lodge in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific zone. Stunning tours and lush Rainforest awaits everyone! For more info click here:



Costa Rica Vacations
Calle 70 San Jose 10109
Costa Rica

Tel: + 1 800 606 1860

Music by Lebo M

5 thoughts on “Rafiki Safari Lodge by Costa Rican Vacations”

  1. Went here in 2004 when we found out I was pregnant (get our last good trip in before life changed) and it was absolutely fabulous! Woke up to howler monkeys in the trees, exotic birds all around and it was one of our favorite places.

  2. This is the best place on Earth, The owners are SUPER nice and VERY educated. Loved every minute of this place and cannot wait to hopefully go back!

  3. Do this trip from your hotel or stay here it is totally worth it. The staff is so great and the river is absolutely breathtaking a real relaxing time

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