Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in The World | 2017

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top ten most beautiful islands in the world the Oxford Dictionary offers a drab definition of the word Island a piece of land surrounded by water however we know islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth if Heaven exists it must be an island it offers a perfect escape from the busy life in the 21st century a perfect patch of land where you can rest and rejuvenate your body and a beautiful surrounding to refresh your mind is what everyone wants on their ideal holiday some islands that go a level or two above all and stand out for their enchanting beauty today we present our list of the most beautiful places in the world 10 st. Lucia st. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is famous not only for its golden beaches but also for its interesting geography it has two volcanic mountains that drive 700 metres from the sea and produce a stunning scenery that leaves a mark on the memory it has natural Hot Springs where you can heal and small fishing villages where you can explore the island that remained largely unspoiled it's becoming popular among all from adrenaline junkies to honeymooners st. Lucia is also not as expensive as some of its neighboring islands ix Kauai Hawaii the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain is also regarded as the Garden Isle because of its lush green forest cover the island also has stunning waterfalls and an equally impressive coastline dotted with beautiful beaches the blue seeds around the island are populated by exotic tropical fishes as well as turtles and coral reefs Kauai is more laid-back the nearby islands and as a more rural look than resplendent in fact some regions can only be explored by foot eight Seychelle located east of Africa in the Indian Ocean Seychelle is a tropical wonderland worth visiting the remote island is almost unspoiled with cloud three beaches beautiful coral reefs and bright blue waters it features white beaches having giant boulders and UNESCO protected jungles the island also has a diverse population of colorful birds and other exotic animals including giant tortoises 7cg a favorite for many Australian tourists Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific its tropical white sand beaches with turquoise waters attract many people all over the world who can enjoy their perfect holiday at one of Fiji's many luxury resorts or hotels whether you love snorkeling diving or surfing the locals will welcome you with happy smiles and make your stay one to remember if the cliche Caribbean getaway is not for you be sure to explore Fiji and six Maui Hawaii Maui is part of the Hawaiian Islands and has everything great wildlife a rich heritage of interesting culture and traditions you can spend your time relaxing on the fine beaches of Maui enjoy a game with a friend on one of its golf courses and stay at one of their world-class beach resorts Maui has an interesting trip ography that includes a 10,000 foot of volcano waterfalls and deep craters and multicolored beaches now he attracts surfers and wind surfers from all over the globe it is also a popular scuba and snorkelling location sighs Maldives located in the Indian Ocean it is widely accepted that Maldives as some of the best islands in the world ravishing white beaches and aqua marine waters gives this place a sublime nature breathtaking coral reefs and underwater creatures will force you to go scuba diving and surfers from around the world come here to ride the blue waves for Bali Indonesia Bali is an island province in Indonesia that has mesmerizing culture and a rich heritage of art music and dance the island has tall volcanoes covered in lush green canopy and crystal-clear waters this island attracts all types of visitors from ordinary people holiday and sunbathing on the beaches to historians exploring the rich traditions of the locals to religious tourists exploring the lovely incense filled Hindu temples three Santorini Greece Santorini and the southern Aegean Sea was created when a volcanic explosion destroyed a lot of the settlements on what was once a single island the island is beautiful white villas and blue domed churches that seem to hang off all cata cliffs that plunge into the deep blue sea the beaches in some places have blackened red fans and our locations of magnificent sunsets it is one of the most expensive and picturesque locations in the world to bora-bora french polynesia the small volcanic island of Bora Bora is more beautiful than what even famous artists could have designed clear turquoise waters with extraordinary marine life will leave you begging for more in this South Pacific fantasy tourist friendly locals who have a delicious cuisine will rejuvenate your tastebuds fall asleep to the sound of waves inside bungalows that stand over the water on this blissful location the one penguin Philippines palawan is an island province situated in the Philippines surrounded by beautiful sea water as blue as some jewel blessed with a large variety of unique wildlife both terrestrial and aquatic this sparsely populated region is one of the most beautiful places on earth bright white beaches beautiful coral reefs and lush green jungles on the island we'll welcome you and make you wish your holiday never ended

LEGO Juniors Andrea & Stephanie’s Beach Holiday Review Build Silly Play Kids Toys

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hello welcome to le ve toys we are building a Lego jr. set today I love the Lego jr. sets because they're nice and quick and easy to build and there are lots and lots of play elements oh the boat Floyds we are going to have to put that in water and try it out this is awesome alright let go genius set this is Lego genius Andre and Stephanie's beach holiday and look at that we got three bags so that's cool we've also got a couple of mini dolls so of course we're gonna have Andre and Stephanie and here we've got Stephanie first she's dressed for the beach oh she's got one of those she's got a life vest who most lost the name for that to know what I was gonna call it one of those floaty thingies that they wear you wear on your body to keep you upright and safe and floaty in the water so we've got Stephanie and we've got Andre uh-huh she's wearing my favorite outfit to date for Andrea I really loved the pink and the orange the Chevron's on her I think it just suits us a beautifully and we almost forgot her orange floaty thing her life vests so we'll put that on safety first so important and she might like some hair good she's got hair she's got her floaty thingy and she's got Stephanie what else do you need girls it's very exciting well you need a dolphin of course you need a dolphin the dolphin is very curious and they're sniffing both of you the dolphin we've seen the Dolphins before but the dolphin does not need the spare life vest because the dolphin can swim so I'll put the spare life vest away and I'm sure we will find a use for it later all right first part of the build nice big baseplate with lots of little printed patterns with a splash and some shells on it so this is sand this is what I am ascertaining here that this pale yellow is sand because we're at the beach obviously and it's just looking down here onto the water that'll be the blue bit now what is this pink bit it's got some small it's gonna be a seat it's gonna be something too soutane it is it's a deckchair andrea would you like to try this out ah that's awesome you're gonna have a great time lounging around on the beach with Stephanie cuz she gets a matching deck chair there you are girls oh the dolphin would like a deck chair that's a bit unfair there you are you can show Stephanie's let's install these deck chairs so this one goes on the end and we'll put Stephanie back in because really dolphins don't feed on deck chairs and this one goes no that one doesn't go quite there we actually need another one over because we need to have spaces on either side of this green block so that they can be sitting under a nice big pink beach umbrella oh that's so nice relaxing on the beach and very important you need sunscreen Sun lotion and a drink you need to stay hydrated when you are at the beach good while the girls can relax while we continue building so here we've got a shower block it is literally a block with a shower on it printed on it this is another one of the reasons why I love the jr. LEGO sets there's a little showerhead Stephanie's gonna try that out is because there's no stickers to apply so all of the pieces are printed for the nice and easy to put on so we can get to playing with it so much quicker so the showers over here the Dolphins gonna stand under the shell look with a little splash actually on the base plate underneath that's really cute and a spot over here for the brush we'll just brush the dolphin and now that that's done we can put the brush away there we are good the beach looks lovely and we're up to bag number two this is going swimmingly get it well there's no swimming yet because we've got no water but next to the beach we've got a little built-up area so this is brown I don't know wonder what this is going to be might be a building of some sort if it's gonna be brown this yellow piece connects those two together yes good and we need some white uprights definitely going to be a building the dolphin is so curious so interest in everything that's going on here okay here we are here is a building it is a smoothie bar a juice bar in this little transparent window can either be a window or it can be a little tabletop look at that a little table out on the front of the building so that's where the customers could see it will stand and that's where you can put your drinks when you order them so there is a pink and a green alternating awning over the top very nice and a spot up here to put the sign there we are smoothie bar come here to get your smoothies that's some really great now we need to put some little steps up into the smoothie bar look at that hi hi Stephanie I'm loving this is great fun okay and inside the smoothie bar we need I think maybe something to make the smoothies that would be since this is a little tap there a little spout will put Stephanie on the outside because there's not much room while we're putting everything we need inside the smoothie bar so if you wait out here we can pull it we need a little was a little drawer and in the drawer goes to money perfect so that's where we're gonna keep all the money that the customers gonna pay us for all of our delicious smoothies that we're going to make yay and a table top across the top this is looking good and a cash register of course and underneath is the drawer where the cash goes now our smoothie maker thing um needs a top so we need something to actually make this movies in so we got cherries and a cup are there we are there we go so we can put the fruit in there cherry smooth as it is today excellent that's nice and easy okay on the outside a little stool for the customers to sit up where they can drink their smoothies a pineapple and a random banana here for delicious snacking and a random green apple for delicious snacking too and the juice bar is ready it's also fruit bar and we're up number three so fruit and juice bar next to the beach that's perfect so bag number three must yes we've got our boat now our boat has got one big single hull under the bottom so it's obviously going to be able to hold the water out because it's one big single piece but on the inside we need to build up so let's say we've got the steering wheel and the control panel very important make sure they're not speeding and a seat a bench seat for the girls to sit on and the dolphin if it's so wishes that's great Andreea has got her life vest on so she can hop in the boat and she can hop out again because we haven't finished building inside of the boat she's gonna fall out so a little box to go in the back to hold are all sorts of spare things we'll see what goes in there in a moment up on the front there's a single stud and our printed piece and a windshield this is this this is a speedboat you'll see whether they take things safely or whether they speed around huh you have to look out for the dolphin when you're speeding around in the speedboat very dangerous a little ladder up the back so that they can get in and out while the dolphin can get in and hang out up the water and into the baggage with its flippers and no legs oh speaking of flippers so in the Box goes some green flippers perfect and something else ah some ice blocks ice blocks some icicles we call them here in Australia for the boat trip is very important very hot out there in the ocean so good that's got the boats done now we need another a watery bit with some sand and ah it's going to be a little jetty I think for the boat to come and be moored at there we go definitely a little wooden jetty and a slippery slide so that chickens go straight down into the water if you so wish look at that whoo that's so much fun there's so much play potential in these sets I love it oK we've got some more railings and we're gonna finish the railings off with little pink tops and of course a flag so that it's easy to find when you're at the boat just to aim for the green flag oh and a life ring very important and a telescope and that can just sit here on the railing oh and a chain oh so this is when they bring the boat in they can obviously connect it here to the jetty and knock on door huff and there we go the boat is connected it's all built up poor Andre keeps falling off and put it safely over here except we've got this extra piece so we've got a little hook and that's where the extra lifejacket goes the life vest that's so compact with there's so much play in here look at all this is fun we're gonna have so much fun with this set are you ready let's get the water out so I have got my set all set up here here's the boat it is in erosion and now it needs some water so let's see is it gonna float it's not flowing yet I need to not be impatient because there's not enough water for it to float yet obviously so more water more water more water I need to be careful not to actually pour it into the boat because then it won't float it long it's floating we've got lots of water no more water what I would have whatever what everywhere and the boat is floating around oh this is so cool alright here we go and the dolphin can swim along beside the boat Oh or jump over the boat this is cool I love the fact that the boat floats and on dragons flash into the water she's still wearing her life vests so that's ok she'll be safe here in the water she's going to swim over here kind of wait over to the boat go up the ladder hop in the boat and the dolphin no nope the dolphin swimming away again oh and Stephanie is over here waiting hello little dolphin oh how lovely to see a little dolphin in the ocean and the dolphins gone away again but here comes Andre ready to pick Stephanie up for a nice spin in the speedboat you Stephanie you need a light jacket put a lifejacket on put it on now good girl good work all right stephanie is all life jacketed up and they can go out on the open ocean are we ready here they go oh actually it's a very small ocean but that's ok it just means they can get into less trouble on a small little ocean there with the dolphin well this is cool don't worry going girls I don't think they know do you think I might be time for a swim I think I might be time for a swim so Stephanie's in wow she's got the flippers on and her low fest so she's super duper safe and she can even touch the bottom they're gonna be ok I think all right Andrea come on in it's lovely and cool Hey oh this is great fun what a great beach holiday oh look they look so little in the water look little little pig little pig little pig it's cause the water distorts out looks the dolphin doesn't what kind of looks little and big more little and biggy look that's so cute all right enough mucking about in the order it is time to head back to the dock and let's yep we've got that the boats kind of pulled up at the front but that's okay and Stephanie's helping out there we go yep safely over over the top of entrees it's shower time and Andre is organizing the smoothies before the girls have a lovely relax over on the beach chairs got your delicious smoothies oh did you get one for the dolphin did you did you forget oh they just kick the dolphin ooh let's try it again all right let's see the ball sad dolphin would like something maybe is there any fish no fish but you can have an apple do you like apples no all right it's not like apples all that's a bit sad all right okay so some sunscreen very important you imply sunscreen before you go out in the Sun at least 20 minutes before and the dolphin is not sad the dolphin doesn't mind the dolphin can catch its own fish the dolphin I think wants the attention yes splashing the girls definitely was the attention of the LEGO Friends so I think they might need to finish their smoothies and go back for another swim that's just perfect I mean if you are on a beach holiday what else do you want to do apart from swim with the dolphins and relax on the beach and drink smoothies all right off they swim they're off to enjoy the rest of their beach holiday and we have to go but please don't forget to subscribe so you get notified when new videos go up give me a thumbs up check out some of my other silly videos and I'll be back with another one very very soon you

Serena – Safari (N.O.A.H Remix) [Premiere]

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7 Tropical Vacation Outfit Ideas

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