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welcome to music everybody welcome to the Pyramids of Giza the land of the fairies my name is Alan I'm from on the go to three different Kings they build the pyramids here at this location Herman's dating back to the ancient Egyptian time more than 2500 BC yeah you

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yes sir Ganga muhahaha seditious tatra paavana me citric shiftry – Taj Geumgang God irra soma shittim India is incredible India full of colours different approaches country of contrasts country of contradictions country of organized chaos country of spirituality diversity came here in a stream of unity everyone is invited without any invitation where the guest is treat as a God our own ASEAN para miss Donna nobuta monopoly Shetty so this is the precious moment God has given us a chance to see this beautiful word Bunner hey Banaras it's always enchanting it's always fulfilling so it is why that country is known as incredible interior

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