“A Carp Fishing Holiday” Furzebray Lakes

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Fishing Holidays at White Acres Holiday Park

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white acres is a perfect place for anglers and families who enjoy a spot of fishing there are great facilities here and a choice of stunning beaches nearby let's go take a look around this is Jenny's Lake and it's one of 13 fishing lakes at white acres here you can catch all types of fish carp bream tench and more the lakes are a great place to cast your line but they also make this part really relaxing and tranquil and you don't have to be an angler to appreciate a view like that this park is one of the UK's premier fishing destinations and white acres host festivals all year round including the famous part Dean masters part Dean also organized smaller weekly resident matches for all you keen amateurs and they offer junior angling tuition these lakes offer a challenging angling experience whatever your level and there are experts on site to offer handy hints and tips a well stocked tackle shop for all your needs plus there's the first bite lakeside cafe where you can pick up a full English breakfast or if you're just a little bit peckish a drinking a snack you

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 2 – Part 1 – French Holiday Carp Fishing

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this episode of thinking tackle is in association with dire infinity rods welcome to the first shown in you series are thinking tackle my name is Danny Fairbrass as you can probably tell I've been driving all the way through the night but it's been worth it we're now in central France with a holiday complex called Maison de lek blur and it's really unique because all the fish who have been grown on site and they're absolutely huge this is our annual jolly up and we're fishing for what our average fish of 40 pounds that's the average carp in these lakes there are four different lakes we're going to have a walk around and just see what swims really choose for a draw then we're going to show you the draw as well all the guys are obviously really came to see what the lakes have been fishing like and what swims we're going to pick and we're going to give you an account of the week away fishing so we're going to show you all the massive fish that I'm sure are going to get cold but we're also going to show you loads of tips and tactics about how to catch the fish out of these really pressured waters because you've got twenty guys on these lakes from April right through to October so the fish are pressured they're not climbing up the line so we're going to show you location skills we're going to show you rigs bait loads of different tips and tactics of getting these huge fish out so that further ado I'm going to go and say my hellos to the family as well and then we going to have a walk around the lakes and show you a bit more of the complex Oh Oh the tension is really building now we've all walked round looked at all the different swims decided on what ones we're going to peg on what ones we're not it's a great big complex and you could get 50 angers on here but the islands only have 20 there's only 16 of us on this trip so there's loads of room and the fish are enormous the complex record 64 pound we've believed at last couple of years and a fish up to 58 which are huge really really difficult to pick up and to think they've grown on from that big it makes this complex really special so we're going to go in and do the draw now we've decided how many swims on each Lake so we've all got loads of room everybody wants to know where they're going to go so do I so let's get on with it okay gentlemen will it go brightness of it you got me you know jolly good right right one birthday oh nice Assam good luck jack Monica let's uh mobilize the army there we have it opening the account at Maison at Big Mike 53 for a bad start to the session first by 50-pound and that's why we come in just awesome fish like this very one I've been growing on from that big just superb superb fish fight well or not not really not really um and the rod tip started put up a bit of a fight and turned into a what I thought was a bit fish but yeah typical big fish for this like here looking at serving wicked really good condition what driving on snowman set up yeah little plan boilie with a secret I be on top of it there are a few hundred boilies and all three words very close together and we had loads of fish out there last night yeah there's been some proper kippers jumping out I'll be to wait for a last couple of hours and it's been like this a lot someone's pushing a pig off a bug into the wall you know they're huge absolutely huge so we'll get this one back and yeah hopefully get some more mr. the mornings finally cleared it's extremely high pressure at the moment which isn't good for the angling but as you've seen mr. Clark's already managed to bag one so they might is going to talk us through where he's put these three rods now because I'm getting off the mark quickly one of these sessions does help you build a really good session you know and you'll end up catching more fish if you get on some quickly so first of all make the left down rod where's that gone left down rod we've got off this big Bush it's just overhang here it's about three foot to the right of it I've put all the rods at the same range it's really easy for me to sort of mix the rods up before after viewing the night right okay so they're all marked out to the same distance right I'm using the trees on the far far side as markers I started off with them the middle rod is on this third tree if you light and the right end rod is on the big tree and that's important that's something that you just do as a matter of cold but when it gets dark the only stuff you can see is on the actually on the horizon if you pick something down by the waters age in the dark oh there's another one out there that's not far away from the right and what is it no yeah if you pick something on the always age somebody's busy or whatever when it gets start you can see it's really important if you catch one get bite back out and truncating our line exactly what you did still with the fish in the net in the last night as well yes it's doing that rod back again that's most important thing get right back out loads of times a call big fish you know we've won in the net get another one as a denied but when we fish there and I had a fifty pound in the net and and lost another fifty you know really quickly yeah we'll end up with two thirties in the net mm-hmm so why haven't you got two rods down the tree line in well as one of my friends has been fishing in last couple of weeks and it just told me that the tree line hasn't been producing the bikes right Nick the guy the owner he said that he'd been fishing the swim and he hadn't caught anything for the tree line but there was fish out there last night and I'll give it a couple of days out there you know close the tree line but if we get any more bites out in like water then I'll I'll move the other sort of late frogs yeah the left down rod will become the right amralimé or round towards my bike I mean yeah we're officially showing your swim and you know I've this morning moved of let program over to the next tree bottom because there's a lot of activity out there and fish just rolled out there as well so I'll give it and I cut the dyes and see what happens really it's 20 bite in a big long line yeah that's the other thing that you've gone down to the adjacent bank and you're biting out of the cap blow very easy you know so it's all going out and straight off the bank straight in one line and in all three rods are staggered along that fryer you know and because we've at the Miss Turner within the fog it's very easy I can work it out in the general direction and know this bite out there they've got a chance of getting one if I can't see the treeline try making it easy for you sir yeah actually as easy as possible I'm sure you have more hope sir so join us after the break we go over to my swim and I'm going to talk you through the different rods that I've placed out there and after that we're going to look at the all-important bait unfortunately I came out quite late in the draw 13th of 15 and a lot of the top swims are one they were already gone to be honest diamonds was one of my top choices but you know I would say that because he's already caught one I taught you through my swim I've got quite a lot of water in front of me and that's why I've chosen here a week's a long time to do a session in one swim so if you pick a swim we have a lot of different options there's a good chance you're going to pick up fish somewhere during the week so to start off with I've basically put two rods as far out into the middle as I can but with by over the top of them spotting the bite is obviously limited the distance that I can fish I'm comfortably fishing at about 120 yards so I'm just shy of the middle now on all these kinds of places you get 20 anglers turning up at exactly the same time 20 marker floats go out at the same time and the fish just move away from the pressure and that's exactly what's happened because there's nobody fishing over in that far corner the fish have moved over there fortunately they're on my side of the lake so I'm going to carry on biting up and hopefully I'll pick them off as they come back I'm going to put this right now it's already clipped up at the range I've got a little tiny Pavey ice pick on as well it's just wet they're the eyes of the rod so the mono goes through nice and smooth and this must hit the clip I'm aiming at some trees on the far bank Bing hits the clip fear hit the bottom lovely that's the right hamrod just let the flying back lid sink and because I've got a crosswind get the line as tight as I can as quickly as I can because you don't want it bowing out to swim so I'll get that one on the wrists but the second rod is going literally a rod link to the left of the first they're both fished tightly together on the bite so get this one out just wet the Rings just to reduce the friction on the line we just hit the clip that's it lovely now at my 3 rods that you sink the lime I'm doing it out the three words I've got to UM bite and one a lot further than that just on a single hook bite and the reason for that is the fish have moved away from the angling pressure and they're in front of the Omni swim that's actually not being fished at the moment so the third rod is like a rover that I can move around the swim what mall so going to do during the week is I'm going to bite another spot that I'm not going to fish for maybe two or three days probably out towards the island over there because I reckon that's a path where the fish coming down towards this end of the lake so I'll just spot out there maybe put 20 spod falls out the next I'll put 20 more out and I won't fish over the top of it until the third day or when I say some fish action so we'll get that one sunk down it's a mistake a lot of people make is they fish seven one night sessions rather than thinking they're fishing for a week and that doesn't mean snogging in a loaded bite right at the outset because I've put about 20 spud falls a bite in are supposed to start off the session just enough to get the fish interested I'll get a bite I'll put more bite in if I don't get anything I won't put any more bite in to start off with rather than putting like 10 kilos of boilies out on the first day I'm here and then sitting on it for the whole week it might produce a bumper session but I might also blank so it's worth remembering that when you go into these things just because they're big fish doesn't make them stupid right well that's my cast out and ready for the night I'm going to put another tents pod falls out over the baited spot because there are a lot of small fish in this lake and I can pick out all the bits of hemp in the meantime we're going to go around the complex and see what the other fellows have cool well mate Stan just asked me to come over and talk to you and woody about how the sessions going so far well I think we could safely say it's not going too bad okay just some of you though Andy's already managed to sneak one out this morning which is quite rare to have day bites on it 33 and 3/4 and the master the tactical magician and is into another fish the two bites on it there there ain't bad mate well got a big chunk first first full bag and I've only just got that back to my marker now a line is it the same spot then is it exactly the same spot just be fishing off to the right of those two posts out there and it's just ever so slightly deeper there it's in about five foot of water and it goes up to about three and right next to the pipes but to start heading about five foot water I've not put loads of biting just been liberal as you are this home setter well this is it yeah that surface oh yeah I mean it's quite a shallow lake isn't it yeah I mean I've not found any areas of bigger than 6 foot all round the front of that Island it's all around 5 foot so all my baits are sitting in 5 foot of water in the three different positions or flicked off a fish cross the dorsal don't do that to me waiter always a heart-stopping moment and I know our beloved class givings were saying that 6 foot seems to be the magical depth so it seems to be fewer moment 5 foots doing it yeah does seem to be the deeper water from yeah from what Clive was saying a lot of the fish were coming out the deeper water before so so we did actually consciously look for the slightly deeper water to fish into and so far it seems to be plan obviously yeah let me see have you actually seen any fish over you spot so there are a couple of fish crushing about an hour hour and a half ago at the back of the etching that the main gap between the islands so it's not right on the spot but but not far from it so you got a back lids on mate yeah our firm I've been trying off I've got flying back later on and back blades half ounce back lens and I bet lids on under the rod tip and couple of reasons first of all what since the underwater filming I'm paranoid about cleaning every the ground yeah and also they didn't work on the last fish I like to have the lines quite deep in the ends of rod tube so you have each other's way you can play the fish over the top of the other lines and normally it won't actually snag them up but it's quite steep here and it might say face in the edge so if I start borrowing info she's got yeah and that is come on we are praying for a liquid here away monster this one is called a lot harder than the last it's um it feels a much bigger stronger fish I'm just hoping it is glorious sunshine otherwise next few days it sit on it typical November morning or November afternoon one tell you one may you remain in remarkably calm what just be hanging on the end of a fish and I will be a talk in front of cameras on its own private car that's copy we've been spotting that they outline yeah been spun me out but as a sign not a huge amount but I've actually consciously been trying to oh that's a good fish that is a good for now I've been consciously trying to put as a little solid real food out there as possible so that first of all the crayfish aren't going our own a real guy come on possible doesn't want to know that it might I think you've got yourself a mighty loves copperhead what's that line and they what's that line like they've Adama talk about it night no that's right this is a good good fish so yeah like I'm saying just to be smelling yes so it's more more the smell than anything it's I think it's helped with the cry fish because they're not they're not actually you've been out to target the bites as well yeah if there was solid bass going out there hole boilie or whatever or more hole boiling and also the fish I'm hoping they're going to hone in on my hook by quicker than if there was a lot of other bite out there yeah got you here mate seems like a good plan and then as I say one day in and a really tricky life like this and we've had two bites we've been a few hours really yeah yeah you want after breakfast and Yanis or dinner yeah sit over there yeah come on girl it's just do you know what my tonight they're not even doing anything to show you one body you're thinking is that movement some saying I can't do anything Kenya here we go in my edit this time come on so long is he now channel was going I could see the side of its head late you see it was so BQ could only get off of it in this one is a 50-pounder my Cal done cheers Ellie Cheers okay what's your PB 46 oh that's so near but yet so far 44 1244 ah excellent a 44 12 consolation Cheers thanks very much Oh coach wanted to lift this out down lift the the sling out well done matey not bad give me some few tips I'll come round later we have it 49 and a half pounds of mirror car trained on Janet relate with mr. Harris Kimmy came around second one of I might in it yeah 42 but Linda clock right anything this one was a play on the drop yeah to a rolling fish that virtually took it as soon as it hit the bottom come out twice before when Carson I said in this happened nice but I own time for people and that will get him back it's important if there's a cup of you around one person else the other person Joe's gonna dive in and do some pictures in a second so let's just have a look at him before child gets in the way loads of growing left in this fish pop a proper old scrap and ordinate did probably tell his weight six days to go right and every day you never know what's going to work on these kind of places it's worth taking two different approaches I've got a particle approach and a boilie approach so the basis of the particle approach for me is always hemp every fish eat Рabsolutely love it I've soaked it for 24 hours and brought it to the ball simmered it for about half an hour it's got lots of salt in with it to bring the taste out and it's got some chili flakes as well to spice it up and believe it or not this stuff is exactly the same as the other one that's hemp as well but that's gone into a liquidiser to turn it into hemp milk shake and that clouds the water up and puts lots of smell into the water so that's a really good tip wherever you're fishing that is a really really good attractor next one down sounds painful but it's not really crush nuts it's loads of different types and that's there all you have to do is soak this stuff for 48 hours before you're going to use it so you can take it dry with you fishing as well during a session in the hot weather and just put a little bit in water and make it up as you go so it doesn't go off during the session and if you're going to put crushed nuts in you want to have whole nuts as well the Old Faithful Tigers now you can see there I've got lot less Tigers and I'll have the other ones and that's because Tigers fill the fish up really quickly and if you use lots of Tigers the fish can actually spoke off them because they've been used a lot in the past so you're only just using a hand for the Tigers Рa bucket of hemp I'll show you my my finished spod mix if you like or the mix you're going to drop over the side of the boat or out of your remote-control boat so it's mainly hemp I've got some of the liquid ice hemp as well just to study it up so you don't lose you out the back of the spot and you can see they're just the odd tiger here and there and if the fish are picking those out and you've got one of those on the hair you're going to get bites quicker before all this has been eaten and that's exactly what you want so that's the particle approach moving on to the boilies both the bodies are in air dry bags that's really really important because during the session if you just keep them in plastic bags they'll go off so the air dry bags will let the air get to them move them around underneath your bed chair every day and they won't go off the first ones pulse that's a boilie that I've caught loads on this year so I'm bringing it with me because I'm really confident in it and the next one is proactive pineapple and I've brought that because I'm a really big fish from here on that a couple of years ago I had a 58 pounder on this so I always take something that you know is going to work and if the place they're owned by I'll take some of that as well because it goes in all the time and the fish are used to seeing it and this is exactly the same this product.if pineapple bert is chopped up and i think because they're not round they treat you with less caution by the fish and they come out the spot a lot easier now in this particular place you're not allowed to use pellets because of the high oil content the islands are worried about the fish getting too much oil in them so to stop the whole lot coming out the back of the spod I'm using that stuff which is also proactive pineapple but again it's gone into the food processor and I've really really chopped you up with a chopping blade and it's gone down to a fine crumb and what that does is put lots of smell in the water it's not going to last out there very long because the small fish can eat you as well but it helps you to pack the spod down so you don't lose anything out the back of the spod so they show you the final spot mix that's it there so I've got a mixture of everything in there I've got the hemp in there I've got some large chopped boilie I've got some some of the fine crumb as well I've got a few chopped nuts and a few whole Tigers because I'm fishing different hook baits over the same baited spot so I've gone in with that I'll keep feeding that for the first couple of days if it doesn't work I might change my approach just over to boy Lee's but for now that's the bait that I'm using welcome back to thinking tackle good morning it's the morning of day 3 we've done so nights now and it's been very uneventful last night they know just down the way there from these out of 39 it wasn't big enough to get the camera crew out by by most standards but that's the only thing that's been out of this like we've got the old walkie-talkies which are really really good for these sort of things because you can find out where else is catching doesn't sound like it's been anything else out at all which is not unusual because last week there are only four we fish out for the whole complex which was a quiet week so for some reason the fish are not having it that much at the moment and this is the sort of time when people can start to panic and start doing silly things and you know starting a whole new buy each spot and everything else at times like this when no one's having it the best thing to do is just stick with what you're doing I've had fish crashing over top of me last night it sounded like it was going to happen but it didn't so I'm just going to carry on sticking it out I'll put a tiny bit more bite in just to get some more smell in that area but not a lot of toll because I put out about half a bucket a bite last night and obviously because I haven't had any bites some of it's still going to be out there so we're going to go and have some breakfast in a minute regroup that always recharges the batteries and when we come back from breakfast we're going to sort you through different rigs that we're using because every Lakes got its own little features on it and the rigs are different from like to like so join us after breakfast more eggs oh right shallow why from in there good while suits you better run I suppose yeah of them when the text man last came down the yard I thought yes cigarette behind your ear there but what's going on here he's been corrupted by woody same rod again then same road again same area just off the off to the right of those pipes out there Tigers again single tiger yeah again just been feeding it with real small food stuff just then mainly boilie krumin and broken boiler and but it's same bottle broken boiling that I blended up before we came out here that broken boiler the stuff that you've toiled for hours on chocolate I'm just trying to make any reference to maybe the associated with a car because they're um I'm representing team failure at the moment we've a smoothly well I shall net this for you then well what does it feel like it's been feeling really good actually this is what it's all about that it is that's my that's my sign you must think that from me probably yeah it's not far keep an army might yet they're all welcome like Oh consistent as well might that's the other thing I've been just as consistent as you by having absolutely nothing but I'm doing it in style oh my think is a bit bigger thirty pound there's a nice fish come on come on baby get in well there might good skills I think we have another for our in the net moment of truth Oh baby is 56 Рthere are no words are there like there are no words um made up absolutely made up top is out top is over I'm gonna get at the white and you were you get some pictures done it's heavy it's heavy Norma Don Chan on the stressed photos that grimace that's cuz you had a fifty my son let choice is really important no matter what like you fish no matter what country you fish if you get it wrong it can definitely work against you so first of all I'm going to show you what you shouldn't be doing in this situation and I'm fishing 120 yards out the bottom is quite soft out there so the thing I shouldn't be using is an inline and the reason for that is the hook link is attached to the nose of the lid so where the lead goes into the soft bottom it's going to take the hook link in with it and you can end up with the hook link sticking bolt up right off the bottom because the leads plug so far into the silt and I know that because I've done some underwater films and what we were doing was casting a rig a out and then getting the diver to swim out and film how it was laying on the bottom and I cast an inline led into what I thought was a hard bottom but it was actually soft saying the lead had gone in about an inch and that hook link the stiffness of it was making it sit bolt upright like that off the bottom awful you're never going to get barb on it ever so good on really hard bottoms because you're picking the lid up from the heavy aim first so it's an instant bolt effect but on soft bottoms where I'm fishing no good at all if you're fishing hard bottoms with a slope then a flat lid like that the flat liner payer will be ideal for that because it won't roll down the slope so in lines are good on hard bottoms no good on soft so this is what I'm actually using select clip system three ounce distance LED on there just heavy enough to get out to where I'm casting to and then elect clip rubber and a safe sound leader as I normally use bait it's different from a normal lead clip and the reason it's different if you can see on the end there I've got a quick link rather than the swivel and the reason I've got that is this is a sort of a running reek if I pull that quick link into the leg clip it's semi fixed so you can see there it's not dropping off straightaway but it will pull away quite easily so basically when the fish picks up the rig they can't use the weight of the lead to try and get rid of the hook because I've seen it on the underwater films they pick up the rig they feel the weight of the live and they shake their head and try and get rid of the hook and sometimes they don't do it with this as they shake their head the lady's just going to travel down the leader so they can't use the led to it to their advantage so that's the lead clip system sort of adjusted a little bit and this is the system at bay means using to good effect round the corner that's a lick clip system as it was designed to be done so the size I swivel into the nose of the clip that pulls in really really tight you rubber on not so tight so if the lid gets snagged up when your plan of fish the lids going to come off Damien's not fishing out as far as me so he's got a flat pair lid on he's only fishing about 80 yards there and these communal cars they're easily and that won't go into the seal as far as one of the distance leads as well then if the fish unfortunately carts off to his left and goes in the trees if I hold the rig that's what's going to happen the legs actually going to come off the clip so the lid doesn't say snagged in the trees and Damien ends up losing the fish so that's the lid clip as it should be used in a snakey situation if any of the lakes you go to a we D or snaggy use leg Clips like that if the fishing out in open water you can try fishing and run in as well now we've used safe sound leaders all the way through this basically because they're allowed on this water but if they weren't that's what I'd use exactly the same system they clip rubber but a bit of retube and I've got let's put that back in there I've got a couple of bits of tungsten actually molded around just tungsten putty molded around that tubing just to get it to sink down on the bottom because I think it's important to get the color right and then add those bits to it to sink it down so there's loads of different colors in the safe some range there's the car key one and the clay one there there's a seal and a weed as well and what you want to be doing is dropping the rig in the edge seeing what it looks like in the edge and trying to blend it in to your actual swim because if the fish don't know they're being fished for they're going to be a lot easier to catch so that's the lead systems let's have a look at the hook links my hook links have evolved during the session I'll show you what I started off with basically based on the underwater filming and all the editing I've done recently a really really short hybrid hooklink only about three inches long I was using them two inches long on one of the rods and then coming up from that a bottom bait but different bottom baits all the stuff that I'm putting out it's actually like a protein mix with a load of fruity flavors in that we call an IB and illegal when I won't tell you the other word you'll have to get it yourself really really fruity really tangy gets loads of bites really quickly and the reefs it's different from all the ones that I'm putting in is I want that to stand out from all the other ones so hopefully it gets taken first and if it gets picked up and the fish get away I want them to come back to it again and again and again so I'm fishing with a size six wide gate B is barbless rules on here and the wide gate bees have got a nice curve point so when it goes in it curves in so it's much more difficult for it to come back out again I don't like using barbless hooks with straight points because they make a straight hole and a straight hole can come back out again quite easily so the curve points always better barbless I think so a size six wide gate B we've got a little rig ring micro rig ring there that moves around on the hook and what that's for is is the hook penetrates the ring will move back down the shank and just come out the way so the hook can go in further and further and it also gives the bait a bit of movement so as it goes in their mouth it allows the hook to turn and catch hold better down from that we've got a little tiny bit of shrink tube that's again something that I've learned from the underwater filming too much shrink tube can actually get in the way and this is no colored safe sound shrink tube to match to the lake bed as well just for a bit more camouflage so that's what I started with but after that first night was bringing the rods in and the bikes are smelling really silty and horrible and because it's so soft out there I think what was happening the whole lot was getting dragged into the silt and the fish probably couldn't find them so the second one I've moved over to is that one I've changed the hook link material from the hybrid so hook link called heavy skin which is a lot softer and I've actually done something completely different at this end of strips a bit away so I've got a bit of expose braid right by the lead system and what that allows the rig to do is when it goes into the mud rather than all sticking up right some of the braids going to be going through the seal and then hopefully this part the stiff part is going to be sitting on top so it acts like a hinge and then at the other end we've got another strip back section so the hook can go in easily and turn and catch hold and pretty much the same hooking arrangement a size six wide gate be your same bit of shrink tube the rig rig on there but you can see that I've got two baits rather than one that's a snowman setup which is basically a bottom bait and then a pop-up and that's going to be a bit lighter than just a bottom bait on it so it's going to sit up in the steel a little bit more and hopefully the fish are going to find it a bit easier and moving over to the next one that's exactly what Damien's been doing to great success he's got a snowman setup that's his own version of the IB very tangy Froyo pop-up and then a green lipped mussel bottom bait with plum flavoring in it pretty much the same setup as what I've got he's using the hybrid because the bottoms not a software he's fishing as where as it was where I'm fishing he's got a little bit tungsten on there as well just to hold everything flat down on the bottom that's something else we've learned from the underwater films and a hooklink er ever so shorter than mine just a little tiny bit shorter than mine I'm moving on to the next one that's completely different bait altogether that believe it or not he's a tiger nut what I've done is I've shaved all the outer skin off the tiger nut just to let the flavour flood out of it a little bit more and make it more visible and I've topped that off with a little bit of glow-in-the-dark calm one for buoyancy and also for a night time that actually glows so it's going to stand out amongst all the other feed so when the fish do eventually come into my area hopefully I'm going to pick a few up the same hook and arrangement size six white gate B same shrink tube and everything and the same hook nning I've moved over to this heavy skin on all my rods now we have a little bit broken at the end they're exposed braid as a hinge and then moving back up another bit of exposed braid at the other end so the Hutt can catch hold just looking onto the last one that's one of the bloodworm dumbbells that are really right but I'm fortunate because there's a lot of crayfish in here these are very soft and the cries love them and I've had them out for a few hours already today and I've been eating into already so I'm going to try them they're very very attractive to the fish hopefully some carp come along I'll pick up one quicker on there and exactly the same hook link again the heavy skin now I'm fishing all of these with little tiny PVA sticks more to stop the whole thing tangling when I cast than actual attraction so in the ones with the boilies a lot I've got a little bit of crushed up boilie the proactive pineapple a little bit of tiger nut method mix and a little bit of juice out the hemp and then the ones with the dumbbells I've got my Old Faithful tunas stick mix which is blood worm pellets a little bit of blood worm groundbait and then a tin of tuna as well to hopefully draw the fish in so that's my hook links join us after the break where I'm going to nip down to Andy's swim we have another beer dinner and say the rig's that he's using because they're completely different to what I'm doing and he's using them to very good effect so we'll see you after the break welcome back to thinking tackle I've taken the opportunity to come around to Andy screaming bask in this glorious Sun doesn't feel like November does it might not at all and we wanna have a look at your rigs because I've just done a section on rigs for fishing on jolly and that the bottom hat is very soft and the thing I've said not to use is an inline and you're using one and obviously you've had a few three bites now mm-hmm would you like to read back the weight 33 yeah 44 and then this morning 56 excellent good skills good skills so so tell us about the inline while using the inline well I normally wouldn't use an inline on my day to day fishing and I normally fish it to a greater range than we're fishing here right and but I felt because I don't actually have to throw it a hell of a long way yeah and I could get away with that and also where I'm actually fishing it's relatively hard bottom out there right okay and what I like about the inland inline LED particularly the square pair is that when the fish picks it up it's picking up the whole white of it yeah because it because it's so squat really ending and condense the fish as soon as it moves it's picking the whole lid up because done and that's and that's really why I chose it I mean in to do with this shocker rig as well yeah I think it works it's very effect right so shocker reef just in case people don't know is not it's not fixed is it you've got you've got the lines moving through that mm-hm yeah and you've got a bead on the back there that's right so that that's stopping the LED traveling down obviously that's once the fish is pick the buy up yeah the idea being that the fish what I like to and to think is that the fish is going to pick it up and pick up the bite start to perhaps move away or even move its head away yeah and and only once it's moved those few inches it hits that rubber bait well I mean that's the shark and off it goes and every one of the runs I've had they've charged off yeah it's worth saying as well that but it on these particular likes these really pressured aren't like you've got people fishing from the beginning of April up to this week the last week of October you know and there's there's four or five six people on it every single way so these fishing used to getting away with rigs you know and that's that's I'm probably different from what most other people will do and from my point of view I think the important thing about it is it is different from what the fish you used to having to deal with mm-hmm you know and it's obviously working now I talked about that the inline going into the bottom and and the hooklink sitting bolt upright and everything how how can you combat that if the bottom is a little bit soft we can be a bit of a problem and I mean what we've seen before and on the underwater if it's not actually positioned right it can kick the the hooklink up and so what I've deliberately done is I've trimmed down the little rubber sleeve so that that bit there that is silly then I've ironed it down a little bit shorter than I perhaps normally would right and and that's giving it sort of two points at which it can hinge right and it's actually going to prevent it from kicking up off the bottom right so if we pull it in there we'll just just to show people you've got you've got a double hinge there so you've got the hinge of the ring and you've got the hinge of the stick clip buts underneath that bit of silicone yes right so you shouldn't actually get that that point where it does just kick up straight on the back side even if the leg digs in there's there's two points where the hooklink can still lie flat okay call us and have a good little tip a bit of shrink tube yeah curved in quite aggressively a guess to make the hook flip over yep yep and the other bit there I'm using the ring on the hook but you've got a little tiny bit of silicone there right the way round there won't yet what's that for what's that doing what I like to do is I like to bring that silicon right the way round as far as it will possibly go and then often what I'll do and if it's not quite tight enough is I'll just tie off a little bit of PVA type just to make sure in flight that doesn't move that doesn't that doesn't move around the idea being that the full weight of the bite is right round on the tip of the hook right so that's are the weight of your tiger nut mm-hmm it essentially is making the point of the hook heavy yes that way so it turns quick so the idea being that as the fish picks it up the white being on the tip it should bring it quicker into the into the fish's mouth right so let's just put that on my hand so you're saying hooking is tight that's what you guys were trying to achieve as soon as as soon as I move my hand there yeah he's going she's going straight away with the weight of it with the bait round the back here and I mean I know I know people do fish with hair rigs off off of the back of the the shank here but I've never done it and I I do prefer to bring it right way round so the full weight of the bait is pulling that to you which is another good little tip because a lot of people they do they just fish the hair straight off the back of the knotless knot and there you're making the either look heavy rather than the point a little heavy you know and with these fish that are probably picking baits up and blind them out all the time the quicker that hook Dinks in ah yeah the better right okay so that she'd actually tigernut set up which is the one that has produced the bites hmm yeah that's been the one now you're fishing it with a stick let's just put that stick next to that so we can see it you're fishing it with a stick what yes in the stick first of all and there's not an actual head it's not a lot in there really and we've got some amino black ground by yep and there's a little bit of halibut ground bite in there as well right and I've actually crumbled up just a couple of the dumbbells the bloodworm dumbbells right dumbbells and they've gone in there and the final ingredient is just some some plain old tuna right okay that's broken up and it's all broken up into there Brian and that's about it that's your target out set up we've been catching the fish on the boys set up and it doesn't look like you've done that it's one tiny pair of claws is good you probably man 1 yeah so there's cry fishing in always likes and obviously that's what's done that you know why have you kept a boilie on when obviously the tiger that's not getting touched just to mix it up a bit right and I mean what I've been doing is around this one I've only been biting with boilie right that's how it's been boilie going in and I know why that is to try and attract the bigger one well yeah we're we're I mean on a six here right Oh so yeah bit of boilie going in around that but only a few handfuls when it's when I'm casting and then once in the morning when it's cast out three handfuls then in the evening three handfuls already but I am casting during the day as well because obviously the problem with the crisis I'm having to cast that one every every few hours right okay well I'll say that they'd make the hair stop as well I've got a little tip which we're going to tell everyone about in the next show about how to stop em nicking the hair stop and there's also some little tips for how to mask that set the Krays are really bad because they're not that bad in here the bikes are not gone in seconds like they are some places but we've got those tips that we're going to put in the next show now one last thing and I just when you're applying that big in this morning you had to back lids on yes oh why did you have to back lids on paranoia no I again since the since the underwater filming its Brian it's just been in my head everything's got to be pinned to the bottom right so he's got a flying back lid yep and I'm back over as well and then a then a back the normal Ripper back lid under the rod tip belt but that does serve two purposes first of all yes you're pinning everything down but the other reason is normally if you've got a fish under the rod tip and you can actually play it through your lines over autopsy your lines and you're not gonna have any hassle right and and you've needed to do that whereas I haven't at least I've at this point and so yeah I've found it especially because I mean I mostly I was expecting most of the bites that becoming at night over here right and the lot of the waters I fish predominately at night that's when you're going to get the action well and I fish like this at home and because that way if you're not too sure exactly where the fish is it's not going to be a big deal because should just go straight over the top okay well that's all we go through on the rigs Vande I'm sure you'll be getting a few more which we'll probably see in the next episode but in the meantime mr. hamidi has managed to get off the mark so we're going to go and see him now and see how he's been getting on you can normally tell the way they just Bob around on the pot may be simply waiting for woody to break the line with his beaver bait going in on that spot now for two days I've kept the lines out the water yesterday hoping that that pick something up at night but didn't make any any difference mr. Clark just winkling another one but this is the first take possibly the last I'll sue the first a minute who knows the Bible's that they tend to go in a little bit deeper and a fish locked up which means there's a you know maximum resistance when you get a bite there's no free spool mechanism it's just hit the lid which is hopefully better eating 50 kilos of clay on the butt of which axes are quite good bowl REE but I can just keep seeing them I looks a beep fish just a small set so the weight of the fish can just take it down but it's not set light enough so every time I take my finger off it it fizzes off a load of line get your head up it's nice scaly right right woody something awful looking fish I loved him she goes just stare I sit forward them a bit Jim eight lovely woody was nearly in as well lovely looks like a nice thirty pounder so there we have it just weighed it forty a half pounds masterfully netted by mr. woody I'm just going to hold her up quickly before I get back so you can see see the fish forty a half pounds of maison de like blue jolly lake mirror carp look at that big fat across the shoulders loving it couldn't help having some of that GLM plum and the famous pineapple pop-up right Dave let's get you back well that's all we've got time for on this episode of thinking tackle so far in just two days we've had six 30s for 40s and three 50s and the lakes not even fishing very well so I'm gonna get these rods back out again and try and get one of these 60s seeing the next show for a chance to see more of the underwater footage shown in this series check out the state-of-the-art underwater carp fishing series available from all good tackle shops this episode of thinking tackle is in association with daya infinity rods

Carp fishing holidays at Cherry Lakes

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my name is Mike Kirsh along with my wife Judith we own and run Cherry lakes cherry lakes is a great venue to come for a for a holiday it's a great place to come to fish we have four lakes to choose from three of those you can have exclusively to yourself I'm sitting here this morning on Cherry Lane what a beautiful like this really really is it's full of fish it's got 250 cracking carp in it we've got some 150 or so twenties we've got at least 15 different thirties and we've got a fish stick regularly goes to over 40 pounds plenty took plenty to go for over the last three years out of this beautiful lake 50 different anglers have called a 30 and for many of them it was their UK and indeed their individual personal bests the lake is full of features there's always something to try we have bars we have we have channels you know we have marginal shelves we have weed beds everything a thinking angle could want that's because it's been designed by carp anglers for carp owners

Alan Blair’s Family Fishing Holiday – Carp Fishing

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Oh well here I am chillin in the caravan I think I can safely say I don't think I've ever stayed in the caravan before I've come away with the girls we're on a sort of annual summer family holiday so you've guessed it yes I'm away on a family holiday with the girls but of course I've managed to incorporate some fishing into it so right where were we so yeah come on holiday with the girls and we're staying at the amazing barely lights never even really had a place before and it wasn't until Colin Davison mentioned it to me and said look this place is perfect for you and family to come and have a breakaway beautiful countryside peaceful quiet and some cracking fish to be caught so I've a bittersweet talking to cloudy explaining yes I know it's a family holiday but if we could just did a little bit of fishing along the way it was agreed that we come down here to do with the circle widen our perspective on we can't be not what I thought I should just cut off a bond so let's do not meet each other this orders on spot here will not convert agents or align the engine together we can display the traditional gobos you who should be introduced of us so we arrived late on the sort of Saturday evening after quite a long drive down here cuz I saw all the holiday traffic and we were met by begging and Jules who look after and run the fishery and it's an absolute credit to them the Lightwave fishing is available on us all week weekly exclusive booking basis and it comes with amazing caravan so yet cleaned out myself got here got the girls to bed gave them a little bit a and crack straight over the fishing and immediately started to catch the nice fish off the surface ah laughs let's go last one probably 10 minutes ago really heavy scaled fish and they took disappeared but there was one here before orange carp just milling around in the edge and yeah man ii he's any little please absolutely stun it what a lovely way to start our first evening here oh really fisheries certainly no monster lost a much better fish to attend minutes earlier really scaling mirror but yeah made up with this one currently is only sort of six colorful ones this sort of size in here so nice to get one of these already what a beautiful cup and a lovely evening the night pass quite quietly didn't sort of fish that night but again got very very early in the morning for the girls awoken done a little bit more fishing catching a few more remaining carp and then we headed off that for the day ferry hum him the local would basically to fill you in as I said we're in Somerset two minutes up the road GI bill it's a really beautiful part of the British countryside and yet off we went to downtown ferries now for you guys watching out I know they don't exist but my one and two year old they meet everything for them so we went to this amazing words called wavered woods and there was no Ferris to be found sadly all the ferry doors have been removed because it's bringing too much traffic divert to the area but what did we find the most Dilek still it Clyde honestly if you could have pained get ignore currently looking like this this was it it was covered in lily pads covered in covered in ways and it just looked amazing so I've done a quick laugh of that couldn't find any cart but what we did find was lots of beautiful goldenrod quickly went back to the moat I didn't really have a gear for it found a life spinning rod a little float and some of all things panel shop collapse and gave my the rod and she went about catching our first ever fished all on a ride she died new Tomasso is a really special moment for me I they said goodbye to that page came back and did a bit more fishing basically this is a reoccurring female because as the days have gone on you've gone out for a family day a big long day first thing in the morning to lasting at night but soon as I get home I'll get the rods back out the next day we went to see pepper and a pig and also to the lost kingdom where we met lots dinosaurs again that was really really cool didn't really get to the only fishing during the day there but did find some pretty impressive craft in in Poland's sort of theme park including one amazing sort of orange and black big Linea yeah half dead let's go back out to my own grammar school is like flying a hooked I've refrained knowing full well I was going back again I could do a bit more fishing in the evening the next day where did we go we went out of each day and went down to Lyme Regis which is really beautiful part of the debenture countryside had a lovely down the beach building sandcastles and swim in and again got a little rod out to try and do a little bit about lrf in the harbor I managed to catch a crab and that was sort of just in ten minutes while we having fish and chips back here again for load more fish in clocking up more fish the next morning got up got the fly rod out because although I had caught lots and lots of fish from a sawn-off and on the sort of nine-foot scopes on basic flight efficient and over dead sleep tactics I felt I really wanted to push the bay and catch one on the different tactics I allowed more ride to tell it out and yeah managed to catch a nice 20-pound mirror off the top which might help me net that afternoon we went out to do a bit of horse riding with Colin Davison he lives locally went to his family brilliant brilliant time come back it's more fishing which took us up to today really we went out to Western Superman had had the morning in an amazing swimming pool went back down to the beach again and then headed back over here we're off him amazingly – owned by Karl and Alex to sit down and have a lovely Chinese so is never mind so it's never mind you can have to leave the room you get after leave the room you get in filmed now yourself like you're actually the comedy actress I get that camera on our lip leave the rope go take a nice brisk cold walk around the light and calm down right and so the reason I ended up reading Kyle and Alex is because I just didn't want to let this opportunity go by clarin I've documented it ourselves on a little video camera and a GoPro and stuff and you know we've taken some nice pictures but I really wanted to do to place justice I didn't know what it's going to be like when I turned up here I'll certainly and put these guys to come down and see me so the boys here we're going to get up bright and early and we're gonna go and attack this lake it's going to be my first full day on it and I'm not going to lie this to Orange koi I really want to catch I've seen them not every day but most days they are cute to the nth degree or they'll only take a mixer right next to the stages so just give myself a few hours tomorrow to try and catch these amazing fishery and I would really cap off what's been a remarkably brilliant weed well another excellent night's fishing caught some stunning fish including the company's just on first light this morning and then about five minutes ago I caught one of the amazing quarry that reside in it there's only a handful in it's only little bar it is a perfect zip linear and it's truly stunning can't wait to get it out and have a proper Lafitte and then get on my drop as a species out here wow what an incredible car proper busting when I see this one at the surface for sure it's not massive but they don't have to be anyway it's time to go and actually get on a day's fishing now I'm going to try and catch a bigger brother or sister no bye come look come here so what kind of me what kind of sad Oh eats or eat fry onions have you ever seen the carps at color or have you would you like to give me notice before you guys back coming me around here then she came back as a keychain such stunning stunning car all special and unique not monsters yet but for sure these fish you get massive in here well as well as a fantastic fishing leg and the awesome Caravan from even got my own little fishing den with a bait freezer yet proper cult well we were just that sit and run through my tactics of the way when enough arrived Cod just while I'm playing this fishing I'll just explain quickly a little bit about the lake itself it's a very young Lake doesn't look it but if I need to sort of three years old the fish are the same young fast-growing cart it's play line but there's quite a lot of silty areas out in the middle or at the bottom of the marginal shelves as you can see very red fringed decent depth to the margin which is quite unusual you've got about four foot just off the rushes big island which makes for lots of lovely bays nooks and crannies the odd better Lily a ship typical sort of young almost a ticket style lake with some stunning stunning fish inside it Wow sorry guys should we actually get on the moobus film it come on well as you can probably have gathered by now our court quite some amount of fish this league and Chloe and the girls it's been great so the sort of main tactics I've been using over the course of a stay I've chopped and changed and tried everything really but I've whittled it down to one basic simple approach and this is a sort of approach you could take anywhere like this it basically revolves around the use of a lead clip it's a really really simple way of fixing on the way onto your line I've been using two different types of led one is a tractor style lead which looks like this it's got lots of dimples around it and this I've been using almost like a method feeder I've been scolding up some pellet and some flake boilies and loads and loads of goodness and it allows me to bind that round there and create a method feeder with this particular LED cell but we used in a very short hooklink piece of armor linked down to a little size eight Fang twist a hook and a piece of faith sweet corn has been heavily cycling the sweet corn liquid extract that's done me an awful lot of ice I can then take this led off for example and put on a long Ranger lead for when I'm fishing in the silt I've been doing some my fishing at the bottom of the marginal shelf there's some quite deep silt there I'd say good 6 8 10 inches deep that hopefully will go down into the silt and plug and lock like so and the rig I've been using of that is probably twice the length of the method feeder rig and that's a little pop-up rig there with a size 8 Fang X hook fish basically this wiggling rig style or Ronnie rig style and a little 10 mil citrus pop-up again I've chopped and changed between different parts that this is done in more bites and everything again just sparsely feeding over the top of that some little 10 mil baits and the final rig I've been using with this LED setup is a fix-it grid I can just fix my light mono onto there fish it with a tiny little zig link just to prevent any tangles and I've been fishing those over depth on the surface or just underneath the surface and feeding the 11 little floaters over to top they absolutely love a floater in here and again about a number of fish like that so they're the three techniques I'm going to be covering today hopefully catch a few more fish I'm going to go and mix some bait up now going four-person floaters and basically head round there and a last and a dissection fishing at this amazing place we're going to make some babe get a good squeeze in here let's put some of these nice pellets in there and here we've got all different sizes and colors and types of pellet a sick fish really likely they are a little bit squishy burn again negative 600 do I make you baked always messy ice it's tear it all up that's it good me I'll be the admit have your hands are clean on the towel do you not see gone yeah you love sweet corn daily wish also love sweet corn there we go I smell that Wow you pour that on him pretty carefully in there good girl you pour that one in turn so this is a special ball maker and what you do imagine it's play-doh we'll try out run with play-doh you take some and you put it in here until it's filled right to the top like that then you take this part and you put it in here and you give it a big squeeze and you push this button watch what happens then it's got perfect bowl oh that is amazing isn't it would you like to have a go Meyer Wow hold us and show Alex what you made look well done fish food balls right that's it guys I've been a massive L couldn't have done it without reefer oh let's go fishing yeah my ID you want to get these fish quickly quickly come look at his look quickly remember the reeling from the other day our hold on to them between your legs you called it we're going together we're going to keep big strong arms how clever yay let me find mummy and daddy when Johnny and baby laughs you're one's bigger than mine is it you're probably right so you are giving me it then I knew you wanted to give me clear there's such fantastic car part they can put them back then back in their home say bye-bye car see you w well I've come around to this or part like the only area having fish since I've been in the lake can be described as a triangle I've fished these two banks but I haven't fished this Bank here out in the middle you've gone island and yeah I'm going to concentrate round there like a lot of these situations where people have got a caravan or luxury accommodation or the car parks with that's where they naturally fish they avoid these sorts of areas so although the lake small I do believe a lot of the best fish are hanging out around here where it's been quiet since we've been here so about further adue going to get some floaters out their primary margin areas political q-10 military and still hopefully get beautiful scrubbing around catch a few more fish before the holidays out well I've already put some riser pellet out there that's to draw the rudder onto the surface and create a bit of interesting activity and along with out some mixes and eleven mill crustacean floaters straightaway there's a couple of fish come up type in it's not going to be easy was quite a big crosswind coming down to this channel part of confident give them a little bit time get their confidence up I can catch some off the top in the meantime I'm going to get my message out there this is what me and the girls are knocked up earlier so taking just a little bit and squeezing it around the track the lead a little bind in there lovely and as you can see there's bits of sweet corn sand boilie sand six mill pellets and smaller pellet all of that will start to slowly break down obviously a lot quicker if the fish come in and start knocking the munching on it then I'm going to take my short hook link and just wrap it round it once like so pull it into it a little bit give it another squeeze and then just right at the base where my actual hook is I'm going to take some of the fine mix like that and just squeeze that on there just to finish it all off that'll break down a lot quicker than the main mix but most importantly ill protect my foot point always helps bounce Mahseer journey to the exact well I've got three rods out they've all gone out really really well I'm pretty confident that if I could just sit on my hands long enough I'd get a bike emissions a favorable spot and bait feeding it's dull it's overcast it's quite moody in fact but the temperatures are higher you know they should be down grabbing around looking for munch I've given it some really nice grab an appropriate rig for the situation but I can't out myself there's about four fish very sparking ly taking floaters as I said when I got here I've been drifting down that sort of slack area of wind close to the island and yeah they are gingerly coming up and taking the odd one and I can't refrain when I see him like that I've got to fish for him so I'm going to whip one of these rods in it's a bit of a Russian Roulette really because I all think they could potentially go so I'm just probably going to grab this one cause it's closest to me and I'm going to get out there and do a bit of flight fishing again the flight fishing I'm keeping it nice and simple you'll notice with all the fishing that I've been doing I'm using short rods six foot rods very uncommon I know quite laughable other thoughts a lot of people but when you're in situations like this fishing close to islands little overhangs nine foots too long you know let alone twelve so yeah I feel personally I'm using appropriate rods for the situation here's two little sawing offs I've got small controller on one not appropriate to fish with a bigger boat we've seen it's just too short car so a little diddy controller and the other one is just a simple free lining tactic and both of these over the course of the evenings when we've been coming back from our days out of caught me an awful lot of fish hook bait wise I'm actually using a pop-up I had been using the softball floats but the bites aren't coming quite quickly and you need to try and keep the bait out there for quite a long period of time or as long as you possibly can so I'm using pop ups they stay on that little bit better for long durations scope it's good ones quite similar in coloration to the freebies but both the cycling the sort of scope X slug and dusted off of it stick mix and again well this was a brand-new part and you can see how many I've got left they've really got thrown in the course of the we anyway I got to do a bit more feed-in witness rod in and try and catch one well I haven't actually reels that rod in yet there is a few fish coming up but the weather's definitely getting worse that is I mean more windy the rain started I'm not giving up yet I really want to catch them off the top yeah keep fishing I suppose in please don't have a stretch of downpour yeah so what another amazing car they really are so unique and different I know they're smaller I've so enjoyed catching these fish yeah a real character it's got almost a blue color to it and real yellow down here a bit of pink your engine it spins it spins like a little bit's small wizard and its tail what a tail woke up yeah tiny little pink citrus just at the bottom of the drop-off in the silt I probably put about 33 bees around it hello yeah well one of the guys fishing the lake next-door shout it across me we said you've got so really special I'm gonna check it out well done doing babe what a fantastic fish what a car we've got to find enough of it next year this I made to the sort of general public for it agree feels like I'm coming back for a go well done you what a special car well I've been pinging baits out now little pouch to riser pellet 11 mil floaters dog biscuits for a good hour and half the web is all over the place the wind keeps changing direction we've had a bit of rain and it's generally quite cold today bearing in mind is you know back in the July we're probably in the upper teens certainly not flight weather but I have persevered I don't want to give up because I have managed to get a few fish taken I said to the boys will get on off the top there like now the weather's too bad I said look I will so I really want to stick a now and try and make it at them I think the best thing for me to do is leave this area align there's been a couple of people come to see us the lads been up and down filming I'm using excuses now but I think we sort of pushed the fish out of the area and the ones that were a little bit confident that Matt disappeared so yeah real rods in and give it one last hour off it we do some really bad rain this afternoon the lads got a big Drive iron we need to get packed up and get the caravan all tidied up and the site looking tidy ready for the next or customers next week so yeah another hour and then I think we'll all things to a close I can't believe what just happened it's been a grueling hour-and-a-half the weather turn mega miserable I was lucky enough to catch one on a little table citrus but to be fair things are looking so grim came around here again a little bit of alley in the wind got the odd fish very very cautiously taken mixes in including this big orange core that I've tried for every day to catch he only takes the bait unless you get the cast a hundred percent bang on I've not been lucky enough to do that to now and yeah I've got him on the end I've got him on the end no really well what a way to end an awesome family holiday as I said at the start of the piece is never about the fish in it was about curving away of the girls and having lots of family time and that's exactly what we've done but to squeeze in an hour or two there the yard overnight it had to be fantastic and yeah thoroughly enjoyed it when I arrived this was my target fish Dave and Jules the owner said to me was a couple of particularly large coin here and immediately that's what I wanted to catch and it's tied to be the week to do it yeah proper made up little 12 mil scoping squid pop-up on a simple controller setup cost very very tight for the SETI's on the island and yeah result brilliant what an amazing way to earn fantastic family holiday you're going to come in and shape my art fern Seiji one awesome wait incredible place and banging car I love fishing and to be able to do it with my family best thing in the world