Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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The Grey Knight – Deluge (Exotic vacation – ASMR Boyfriend Experience)

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hey good-looking mind if I buy you a drink you know I have to admit when you said you want to spend this much on a vacation I've never ever thought it would be worth it but even in the rain this is this is pretty magical I I kind of think it's wild how on the other side of the world it's the opposite season so even though it's the last days of warm weather here we're just chilling out and avoiding the last bits of winter yeah but my big old brain did pay for this vacation and that makes me pretty goddamn sexy don't you think hmm I thought you might see it that way it's so strange just looking around and not seeing anybody for miles and miles and miles you know we can head right back to civilization or we can just stay in the bungalow and just not see anyone maybe ever again like seriously if we barricaded the doors and we stayed like entrenched in paradise how long do you think it would take for them to remove us but seriously we have got to find a way to live off of Wi-Fi like to earn an income or get rich or win the lottery because I know that I've said no matter where I am with you that's paradise but this is actually paradise like this is actually paradise I swear to God if you offered me an apple I wouldn't eat it because I'm afraid we might get kicked out of here no no I'm just I can't believe that if I hadn't met you if I hadn't met you right when I did I never I've never had done this I never have taken a vacation like this and I know I groused and I know I moaned and I know I complained and I'm just so glad that you put up with it all because now that we've actually done it now that we've actually made it some place that's just beautiful and immaculate yeah yeah I can absolutely see why you wanted to push for it so hard it's life-changing breathtaking I never thought I never thought I enjoy the rain so much but here I am just ready to let it pound on me just flow all over me in fact I think it feels really nice oh yeah I wish we had found out how nice it felt at the start of the vacation you know before I had all those pina coladas and my midsection expanded a little but I'm gonna count on the fact that my big old brain still keeps me sexy and and if I'm laying back and flex my arms and suck in my stomach a little bit that the water running down me looks really really good any chance of that mmm well I got the idea from looking at you mm-hmm just the way the water runs down you in the outdoor shower when you walk in the rain the way you shake your hair like you're in a movie or you know like you're a dog check it all the excess water out mm-hmm well if you're gonna swap me I think you should get a whole lot closer