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Our adventure takes us Tamarindo Costa Rica where we experience a culture so different from ours. We stay at a beautiful house with a pool, explore the town, see Langosta Beach, and take a catamaran boat ride. What a great adventure!

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PSCC Resort – Gazipur | Beautiful Exotic Place For Vacation

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PSCC resort is your perfect, peaceful, relaxing, beautiful exotic place for vacation. A very nice place for green and day-night flavor for passing your best relax timing. A hidden gem nestled in the lush green scenic landscape of Pubail. Conveniently located only 16km from Shahajalal International Airport, Dhaka.

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The Super Lovely and Beautiful Summer Vacation Style Ideas for Women.

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Would you like to create trendy and stylish summer look? Don’t forget, than vacation look is always in trend with denim, white shirt or striped top and hat. This summer maxi floral printed dresses and wide pants also in trend. What else? The large suitcase of course.

#annasakhno, #summervacationstyle, #summerfashionideas

Would you like to create trendy and stylish summer look? Don’t forget, than vacation look is always in trend with denim, white shirt or striped top and hat. This summer maxi floral printed dresses and wide pants also in trend. What else? The large suitcase of course.

In this video there are some interesting ideas of Vacation style. This summer vacation style impossible without denim, maxi dress, floral printed dress, wide pants, white shirts, top in strips, red or blue, navy style or ship’s boy style, and of course comfortable shoes and sexy straw hat.

Other interesting summer outfits ideas:

The Most Fashionable Summer Outfit

Pink Yarrow Color is Spring-Summer Trend 2017

Greenery Pantone Color is main Color of Spring-Summer 2017

Blue Pantone Color is the Basic Color of Spring 2017

The Brightest Color Mix Looks for Women

The Best of Wide Leg Pants Outfit

The Most Elegant Jumpsuits for Women

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Beautiful, 8 Best Kid Themed Hotel Suites Around The World (Part 1)

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Beautiful, 8 Best Kid Themed Hotel Suites Around The World (Part 1). Travel with the tots can be a tiresome endeavor (see our top tips on how to fly with them without making everyone else on the plane hate you). Just packing for the trip is exhausting, and traveling with all the kiddie paraphernelia can take a toll on your back and your temper. kid themed hotel, kid friendly vacations, themed hotels children, kid themed parties, romantic themed hotels, themed hotels game, disney themed hotels, themed hotels in england, themed hotel rooms, best places to visit in the world, beautiful place in the word, travel, travel guide, traveler guide,

At these kid-themed suites (and one safari tent), the sleeping quarters themselves can entertain the little people, leaving the parents with some much-needed downtime.
1. The Pirates Lego Suite, Legoland, Denmark
Generations of kids have been inspired by those little primary-colored bricks, and depending on whether you built Lego machine guns or little brick houses as a kid, a psychologist would be able to tell a lot about you. A stay in a Lego-themed hotel might send any budding engineer into construction overdrive; but add in the treasure hunts, building contests, play rooms, Lego games consoles and all the other themes in the hotel (Lego princess suites, Lego knight suites plus adventure and pirate suites) and it’s a wonder anyone ever gets any sleep in this place.
2. Barbie Suite, Grand Hotel Savoia, Italy
While dressing exclusively in pink and donning tiaras shouldn’t necessarily be encouraged in young children (princess syndrome is terribly difficult to cure), there is, however, something to be said for a hotel suite dedicated so entirely to the president of pink.
Grand Hotel Savoia, in the super-chic, northern-Italian ski resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo, has teamed up with Mattel to create an overwhelmingly pink suite customized for Barbie fans.
3. The Treehouse Suite, Adventure Suites, New Hampshire
At the giant Treehouse suite at this unique New Hampshire hotel, there’s lots of scope for family fun.
Mr. Tree Trunk is a great picnic site, while Mr. Squirrels Nuts House is another play area with a television and a Playstation II.
4. The Hello Kitty Suite, Grand Hi-Lai Hotel, Taiwan
What is it about Taiwan and Hello Kitty? Taiwan’s Eva Air recently launched three Hello Kitty jets, while the Hello Kitty rooms at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Taiwan are “very popular with foreign guests,” says the Hi-Lai’s sales manager Pam Chen.
5. African Adventure Suites, Chessington World of Adventures, England
Chessington World of Adventure has gone all out to make families feel fully immersed in the animal themes of its adventure park. The new African Adventure suites feature animal prints on the soft-furnishings and bed covers, animals on the walls and a tented sleeping areas for the kids.
6. SpongeBob SquarePants Suite, Nickelodeon Suites Resort, Florida, United States
This hotel chain’s proud claim is to subject its guests to 560,000 liters of green slime and 10,000 custard pies a year at its water parks and other poolside features.

Beautiful, 8 Kid Themed Hotel Suites Around The World (Part 1). kid themed hotel, kid friendly vacations, themed hotels children, kid themed parties, romantic themed hotels, themed hotels game, disney themed hotels, themed hotels in england, themed hotel rooms, best places to visit in the world, beautiful place in the word, travel, travel guide, traveler guide,

The Office on a BEAUTIFUL beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico??

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Cabo Chapter 4 – FishinandJunk Goes to The Office in Cabo??

We take a water taxi ride to check in for brunch at a beach bar and restaurant called The Office – and the travel home.

My wife and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for our 9th wedding anniversary and a much needed vacation. We met up at the Playa Grande Resort with my sister in-law and brother in-law.

Thanks so much to my sister in-law and brother in-law for inviting and sharing with us the place they love so much. We enjoyed their company and the vacation went so much more smoothly being with someone who already knew the ropes on navigating around Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Playlist:

Until next time…. get out there and cast your cares away!

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ANNE CURTIS & Husband ERWAN HEUSSAFF | Beautiful Video of Vacation in Africa

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ANNE CURTIS & husband ERWAN HEUSAFF | Beautiful Video of Vacation in Africa

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Explore With Me –
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Erik Conover Video Blog episode 440: Woke up at 3am to catch the meteor shower, ran up a hill to catch the sunrise. Boat tour through Higashimatsushima, swam in the warmest terquoise water and caught the bullet train back to Tokyo!



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10 Most Amazing & Beautiful Beaches in Mexico

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From beach resorts, to beaches, we’re counting down the 10 Most Amazing & Beautiful Beaches in Mexico! Awww yeahhhh, time for some fun in the sun!

Our list:

10: Cancun
9: Tulum
8: Cozumel
7: Puerto Vallarta
6: Playa Norta
5: Playa Zipolite
4: Playa del Carmen
3: Acapulco
2: Mazatlan
1: Cabo San Lucas


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“Salgre” by: Jimmy Fontanez

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Phuket 2016 – Backpacking through Thailand’s most beautiful islands & beaches

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Phuket 2016 – One of my favorite places in Thailand. Here are a list of other islands to visit

1. Koh Tao – Small island on Thailand’s east coast. The vibe here is very relaxed and everything is backpacker friendly. You can get Scuba certified for under $250us and the diving is some of the best in the world. There are some excellent bars serving magic mushroom shakes and space cakes which I would highly recommend if you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day. Make sure you rent a scooter and explore all of the island, especially Freedom Beach. Another nice benefit of staying in Koh Tao You won’t find any grimy old white guys trying to pick up prostitutes. They seem to stick to Koh Samui (an island that I would try and avoid all together)

850 Sq. Ft. Modern Vacation Home | Beautiful Small House Design Ideas

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This modern vacation home was designed for a smaller second home purpose, making the most of a small house footprint. House character is expressed in continuing connection of interior and exterior spaces. Spacious kitchen and great room were designed as one continuing space in an open floor plan. Main living area has a higher ceiling which increases the volume of the space. Window positioning allows to capture views in a different direction bringing continuing sun light in the house. The master bedroom is located separately from the living area allowing privacy and comfort. The master suite is also opens to the porch giving opportunities for outside activities. Second bedroom could be used as Dan, Hobby Room, etc. allowing guests to stay overnight. One of the main tasks of this tiny house was to have as much storage as possible which brings the ideas of pushed in closet and the living room shelf-wall. House layout has a great flexibility options and room areas could be extended to have more space if necessary. Variation of exterior cladding gives you a choice of house’s exterior appearance according to your own taste. Few exterior options are showcased using Natural Wood, Vinyl and Brick Veneer Siding. Interior design in this case show what possibilities home has from inside. This is only suggestion of how house could look from inside and we believe that everyone will design their own interior space according to their specific living taste.


More Videos: #tinyhouse #smallhouse #cottage #cabin

#GoTinyHouseHunting is a channel sharing #homes under 500 sq ft and #tinyhouse. In the past few years, tiny homes have surged in popularity. They’re economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.
Look around and have a look at some of the beautiful homes and spaces people have created. Enjoy!

Beautiful vacations in Oaxaca, Mexico

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A short video of my vacations in Oaxaca. I had a blast, this is hands down one of the best trips I’ve ever made. I also had a lot of fun making this video, I hope you enjoy it as well. These bays and beaches are forever embedded in my heart.

Oaxaca, I love you 🙂