Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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Top 10 Tropical Locations On Earth

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13 Exotic Getaways You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

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13 exotic getaways you need to add to your bucket list today number 13 Goa India go as a state in western India whose coastline stretch along the Arabian Sea this site has been popular for decades among hippies and the young people of Great Britain whose main goal was to party hard on the cheap in the recent years the area has added some more grown-up features like a broader nightlife scene better restaurants as well as more diverse tourist attractions you can do almost anything you could imagine from kayaking in the Arabian Sea the gambling at a local casino from sunbathing on one of many white sand beaches to hiking amid ancient temples into lush countryside melmer 12 Siem Reap Cambodia there are dozens of reasons to add Siem Reap to your bucket list but the most important features deserves to be mentioned first this city which is located in northern Cambodia is very close in proximity to Angkor Wat the largest religious monument in the world with a giant complex of ancient temples built back in the 11th century that alone is reason enough to visit this place but if you still aren't convinced you can always come to check out the numerous croc breeding farms the Chinese style architecture for the last remaining claims that the area was once an outpost of the French Empire long long ago number 11 pinnacle Tarnovo Bulgaria Bulgaria is one of the least expensive countries in all of Europe that is probably why we are surprised that more people don't decide to travel to this beautiful country even though it is the least expensive country to visit it doesn't fall short when it comes to cobblestone roads and dreamy castles the town Veliko Tarnovo is situated in the spectacularly hilly terrain that provides visitors with the perfect spot to go on a hike if hiking isn't your thing you can always explore downtown with section of the ruins jam-packed with adventures if food and drink are the reasons you travel know that the uber cheap Kazim found here you sure to keep you satisfied there's a reason this area has been populated for over 5000 years number 10 the colca canyon through this south american rift is nearly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona unfortunately because of its location the colca canyon is mostly overlooked by tourists who quickly pass it by on their way to the nearby Machu Picchu if you are an adventure traveler this is a must-see spot you must add to your bucket list today between world-class hiking canoeing rafting and mountain biking you'll never be bored as long as you love the outdoors one thing you don't want to miss is the legendary Condor a local bird that is renowned for having one of the largest wing spans in the world number nine Darla kihavah Vilas Jeeva who Revati Island you can only access this resort by plane from the Maldives capital Mali from there you can spend your days splashing about into crystal-clear water if lounging about in a super luxurious resort is your cup of tea we found your next great getaway each of the gorgeous villas at this resort come with their own private infinity edge pool luxurious his and her walk-in wardrobe and glass-bottom bathtubs built for two so you and your loved one can bathe while watching tiny fish swim beneath you if those amenities weren't enough to sway you just know that a wine chiller hammock both rain and outdoor showers and a 24 hour on call personal below host you won't be going home stressed or tired number a mono crystalline Columbia if you're headed to South America or you're an avid lover of all things nature then you need to visit the most beautiful river in the world this beautiful river dubbed liquid rainbow is filled with every color of the rainbow and probably a few others you've never seen the river looks its best anytime between the months of July to November due to the great quantities of the plant species not coronial a vegara in the water while you're there make sure to keep an eye out for some of the 420 species of bird 69 species of primate ten species of amphibians and forty-three species of reptiles that all call the cane oakley stylist and the surrounding areas home number seven ahaha French Polynesia when you hear French Polynesia you might conjure up visions of the sparkling waters of Tahiti or the magical Bora Bora whoever in this day and age everyone goes there so it's packed with tourists which means that the relaxation you were supposed to be enjoying now gets shared with the rest of the world that may be the number one way to ruin a vacation but we're here to save the day what would you say if you could harness all that tropical beauty and relax in peace on an island all your own introducing the island of Taha this intimate and exquisite Island in French Polynesia will have you sing in no time and since it's not a place well known you shouldn't have to share number six the bay of kotor montenegro the bay of kotor better known to the locals as simply boca is a small bay of the adriatic sea in southwestern montenegro the area is not only known for having pristine beaches peacock blue waters and an abundance of tourist attractions but it has not one with six medieval towns in the immediate surroundings since these medieval towns saw rulers from the Catholic Church than a magic dynasty the Ottoman Empire the venetian republic and several others this is definitely a place for those who revel in history and adventure number five headed assorted you may recognize pieces and sections of Petra Jordan even if you've never heard of the place in your life the reason you might recognize the scenery is because scenes from the Hollywood hit Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were filmed at this location if you aren't a movie buff or aren't at all interested in the movie aspect you can still appreciate the off striking beauty of the lost city of Petra rising out of a cliff between the red and dead fees number four or cook island the cook islands are a series of fifteen islands that many would argue are one of the best-kept secrets of the Pacific Ocean the landscape varies between the rugged mountain ranges found on the largest island of Rarotonga to the lagoon coral reefs and sadly its lips found on the northern island of aitutaki the unique Polynesians that live here operate with their own language in government which is sure to make an interesting gradation the islands here claim to be largely unspoiled by tourism despite welcoming an average of 100,000 visitors a year we suppose there are enough white sand beaches to go around number three long stopped private island when and called wong cambodia this private island resort is the first ever built on the untouched Cambodian islands in the caldron archipelago strong saucepans across two islands and is connected by a dairy footbridge over a marine reserve since the animals living in the water surrounding the two islands are protected it's very likely that you will have the chance to see a turtle or a group of sea horses the ultra-modern floating villas are extremely authentic since we are created with reclaimed wood from retired fishing boats with the help of local driftwood even though it is an amazing floating villa they don't skip on the luxuries and have infinity edge pools outdoor showers and twin bathtubs to shoot all of your needs while you're there make sure to get a traditional blessing from one of the residential Buddhist monks and if you're into that number two or least go ahead keep chilly stargazing is perhaps one of the most mystical and romantic things you can do on this planet there is little else cooler than seeing a glimpse of our magical galaxy nowadays it can be difficult to see even a patch of dark sky enough to show the Stars with all the reflected light these big cities if you're lucky enough to live in a place where you can just hop in the car and drive to local place to lay back and gaze above then enjoy it as often as you can since the rest of us cannot if you like me aren't lucky enough to live in such a place consider taking the trip to be school esky Chile here you can find some of the clearest skies all year round since they have near-perfect weather the entire year this would be an exquisite place to stare up heavens number one rice on raft house khao sok national park located in shou labs westernmost tributaries at the entrance to the Kuang Yi is the Christ's own raft house your one-stop shop for all of your exotic vacation needs the charming bamboo bungalows make the authentic fishing village turned exotic getaway the perfect spot for those of you trying to unplug from the world there may not be private bathrooms hot showers or mosquito nets but with these floating bungalows lacking amenities they more than make up for with the gorgeous views that surround you

10 Secret Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About

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it's ten secret places most tourists don't know about don't stay here if you're afraid of heights this unique resort is made up of a cluster of treehouses that are most famous for their great location for weddings located just outside of Seattle Washington there are nine tree houses to choose from and the company's website says they're woodsy area is a perfect place to get away from the technology and hectic world that you live in throughout your life the cost of a tour of the treehouses is $20 per person by advance appointment only no walk-ins to preserve the peace of the tours that are currently staying in the trees they're offered activities include yoga massages Tai Chi and even hypnotherapy treehouse point is the perfect getaway for the nature lover that has a healthy sense of adventure although these picturesque gardens are a local staple in a door dog nerve region of France they are mostly ignored by tourists because tours commit the sin of thinking that all there is in France is Paris the gardens are meticulously maintained and they have been for over 300 years the focal point of the gardens is a 17th century ch√Ęteau that was owned by the founder of the gardens the garden was officially opened to the public in 1996 and they now offer educational events Tours walking trails and yearly egg hunts for Easter this is also a great stop for anyone who is enjoying a wine tour because it is situated between the Bordeaux and Rhone wine regions so it would be a nice little pit stop between the two while you're there in the gardens make sure to stop by the restaurant on the grounds for some authentic French cuisine to complete your visit New Zealand is pretty famous for their beautiful natural attractions and this cave looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel the main feature of the cave is the glow worms that glow from a form of bioluminescence this particular species of glow worm can only be found in New Zealand so this is an even more unique attraction the caves are part of an extensive system that contains more than just the glowworm section the cave is closely guarded by environmental groups but you can schedule a guided tour that will make you feel like you're gliding directly under the stars there is also a visitor center at the entrance that will greet you when you enter the cave this may not seem that exciting but for anyone interested in history or medieval times this is a gold mine it's on the island of Gotland in Scandinavia and it is one of the most well preserved and extensive remaining medieval cities in the world it was built during the 13th and 14th century and the original city was around 2.2 miles or 3.6 kilometers and 2.14 miles or 3.4 4 kilometers still stands the city also originally had 29 massive towers and 22 smaller towers but today only 27 of the giant towers remain and only nine of the small towers this site may not have very much modern influence but if you ever wanted to see what medieval cities look like this is an excellent chance to see it there are modern conveniences outside of the city but anyone who intends to see this great ruin probably won't be too upset about the walk Prague has some pretty incredible tourist attractions as it is you can add this synagogue on to that list that temple stands in Jewish town and it is not as ancient as it looks it was build on what was once the oldest temple old school or actual the original Church was torn down in 1867 when it was decided that the small size was just not functionally sufficient anymore the new building went up just a year later the temple is built in a moorish Revival style which makes it a breathtaking tribute to the ancient style of architecture the church saw declined during World War two and 10 years after the war it was given to a museum to be restored but the building was again neglected in the 1970s before being closed in 1982 the church was revived after the Velvet Revolution which was a revolution that took place in Czechoslovakia during 1989 the synagogue has now been open to the public since 1998 and the beauty of the building is not going to disappoint you can probably guess where this monastery is located just by looking at it did you guess Russia Congrats you are right this iconic looking church was first built in 1337 and it has since become an essential Russian cultural landmark and the center of the Russian Orthodox Church 300 monks still live in this new monastery and it is even a Russian UN World Heritage Site the church got its name from the man that founded it sergius of Redden's who was a famous russian saint that reformed medieval russia the inside is just as beautiful as the outside if not even more so it's been through a lot through the years but the church is well cared for and loved and it is still in excellent condition while it may look weird that this resort has igloo looking structures with a massive skylight the reason why is sure to make you want to go there these little Suites are built to let you view the Northern Lights in style and comfort the resort in Finland offers a breathtaking and cozy observational room with just the bare minimum called a glass igloo but they also have a variety of suites that you can choose between there are 10 different accommodations that you can choose from igloos made from the traditional snow Santa's home that is decorated to look like the Christmas icon lives there a traditional house with all the fixings and even a wedding suite the glass igloos are only available from the 20th of August to the end of April because that's when the Northern Lights come out to play this little municipality and Portugal only has 828 inhabitants the city is known as the most Portuguese village in Portugal and it is one of 12 cities that have been classified to have a historical significance to the country the town has evidence of dating back to the early Stone Ages at the time of the Ice Ages you can find traces of the romans Visigothic and air presences but in the 12th century when the city was conquered by Alfonso the first of Portugal it hasn't traded cultures since the city is actually built on top of a mountain rock that is made of granite giving it the unique appearance there once stood a castle in a town but it was destroyed in the 19th century when some ammunition exploded this lake is the largest lake in Iceland that is mostly a favorite for die-hard scuba and diving fans the lake is approximately 84 square meters or 32 square miles and it reaches depths of 114 meters or 374 feet the main draw of the lake is that it partially lies on top of the meeting of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates so there is a small divide that you can dive into safely the rift is called Silfra and it is the division formed from the drifting of the plates the water is incredibly clear as well because the water in the fracture is fed from a nearby glacier the rift gets about two centimeters wider every year and there are earthquakes every 10 years which can expedite it's widening this isn't the only split in the world but it is the widest and definitely the coolest and now for number one the first be sure to subscribe for new videos every day this surreal landmark was actually built by Edward James who was a British poet who was one of the main influences during the surrealist art movement in the 20th century these giant artistic sculptures are 2,000 feet or 610 metres above sea level in the rainforest in Mexico the site stretches over 80 acres of land and in addition to the many sculptures there are also pools and waterfalls interlaced in the site that's how it got its name Las pasa means the pools in Spanish there are also paintings in entire beds of orchids there were supposedly 29,000 orchids at this location at one point James also included little homes and exotic animals the construction took place during 1949 to 1984 and it ended up being more than 5 million to build the location was bought in 2007 by a foundation that plans to restore and maintain the landmark for future generations this insane work of art may be a little out there but it is a must-see

10 Luxurious Vacations on Earth

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these are ten of the most luxurious vacations on earth ten Bongo Raya Island Resort is located in Malaysia there are a total of 47 private villas stretching the beautiful beach the villas are all timbered and are handcrafted by local tradesmen while visiting this rustic natural setting you'll have access to some amazing snorkelling unbelievable kayaking rides and jet skiing one of the most sought-after activities is the scuba diving the water visibility is amazing and you can catch a glimpse of schools of fish sea turtles stingray coral bamboo sharks and barracudas to name a few another activity for the adventurous is jungle trekking this involves a local guide leading you on a jungle hike through the green paths that ends with a breathtaking view of the island nine Kiowa spawn tow is an island located 3 miles off the coast of Belize guests of the island can rent any of the seven super luxurious beach houses in the private Enclave each house is all-inclusive and your booking covers airport transfer all food and drinks and of course butler service each house comes with panoramic views of the ocean its own white sandy beach and heated plunge pool activities include kayaking boating fishing scuba diving snorkeling golf spa treatments and many island excursions like the Blue Hole underwater limestone cave for divers the hotel restaurant chef will send you a questionnaire ahead of your stay to figure out your culinary tastes and prepare your food accordingly and there is no last call at the hotel bar it closes when the last guest leaves bookings will cost you fifteen hundred dollars per night eight the village coconut island is located off the east coast of Phuket in Thailand the tropical garden retreat boasts over 1500 feet of private beachfront on the Feng nabe guests can enjoy their stay in the peaceful natural island setting or take a short trip to Phuket to experience the city via a 24-hour water taxi service which is complimentary for all guests the hotel restaurant serves a combination of Thai West turn and asian-style cuisines the village spa combines traditional Thai healing rituals with state-of-the-art modern spa facilities activities include tennis mountain biking sailing kayaking water slides and to infinity edge pools bookings will set you back nine hundred dollars per night seven couple island is a romantic retreat located in the maldives island chain the five-star hotel includes 33 donee style suites and overwater villas which resemble traditional caroline boat houses guests can take advantage of many amenities including the hotel's private beach infinity pool spa steam room hydrotherapy pool gym yoga pavilion watersports center dive center and library the como Shambhala retreat focuses on holistic therapy and offers treatments in its luxurious spa or in the privacy of your own room each villa includes their own wooden piers private balconies Sun decks and outdoor showers the hotel restaurant is an open-air wooden pavilion and serves fresh from the sea dishes Malabar Coast and Thai style dishes and vacation staples like pizzas and paninis bookings range from 675 dollars per night for the donee Suite to $2,000 per night for the Como villa six spice Island Beach Resort is a boutique hotel property located on the island of Grenada the sprawling 8 acre property is open year-round and was recently awarded the triple-a Five Diamond rating the 21 mile long island is only 12 degrees north of the Equator but the warm weather is tempered by the cool trade winds it's name is a nod to the fact that Grenada is one of the largest exporters of the spice nutmeg the all-inclusive resort is located in a tropical setting complete with rain forests and coral reefs all food and drinks are included and guests can also take advantage of ocean kayaking paddleboarding boating snorkeling tennis golf biking fitness center and children's activities including daycare bookings cost around $1,200 per night five man tangi private island resort is a two hundred and forty acre private island located in the northern part of the Fiji Islands the family owned and operated resort boasts white sand beaches in a tropical paradise setting it was voted one of the top ten private islands in islands magazine the resort offers ten traditionally designed cottages and three unique tree houses each unit comes with all the high-end amenities you'd find at a luxury resort including outdoor lava rock stone showers activities at the resort includes snorkeling scuba diving sailing kayaking fishing hiking and spa services the resort also offers weekly cultural activities including a village tour kava tasting coconut show Medicine Show cooking demonstration Sulu tying demonstration and a traditional dance demonstration for Phillip or Alina is located on a small island of Tahiti the vibrant green island stands out in the crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround it Villa coralina is unique in that it only offers a single villa for rent it offers maximum seclusion there are no roads on the island only coconut groves white coral sand beaches and nature the 3,000 square foot villa can accommodate up to five guests at a time it's built out of local exotic wood in a traditional Tahitian style the main house includes a bedroom office fully equipped kitchen entertainment and dining areas and spectacular views overlooking the lagoon the separate master suite includes ocean views and an outdoor / Ocean Terrace bookings range from 430 to 650 dollars per night which is a small price to pay for your own Island 3 Bwana Island is located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean on an 850 acre private island in the British Virgin Islands chain the 20-room all-inclusive resort is one of the few man-made on the island the owners encouraged their guests to unplug and relax although they do offer Wi-Fi mealtimes are on a set schedule and include four-course dinners by candlelight served on one of two terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean the restaurant menu fuses Mediterranean and Asian flavors with a Caribbean influence the island also includes seven beaches sailing kayaking snorkeling hiking and croquet bookings run 720 dollars per night for a sea view room to $6,500 per night for the three-bedroom Joe's house Villa – if you want a luxurious vacation spot that combines tranquility with conversation for gate Island Resort in the Seychelles island might be just what you are looking for the resort boasts 16 beautifully crafted residences each with their own private pool 7 beaches a separate estate on a secluded Peninsula a private Harbor and yacht club diving center a historic chapel for wedding celebrations and a natural outdoor kids Club castaway playground the island is also home to over 2,200 free roaming giant tortoises hundreds of hawksbill turtles the endangered Seychelles magpie Robin over 100 species of birds and a rehabilitated indigenous forest and for the ultimate in privacy security and seclusion guests are able to rent the whole island at a time bookings range from five thousand seven hundred dollars per night for a private pool residence to over 20,000 dollars per night for the Banyan Hill estate one Musha Cay is located in the islands of Copperfield Bay in the Bahamas the island includes over 700 acres of lush natural beauty the resort can accommodate up to 24 guests and only book one party at a time so you control the guest list accommodations consist of 5 tropical style guests each with private beach and wraparound mahogany decks the grandest of these is high view a 10,000 square foot mansion that sits on the highest point of the island offering 360 degree views of the island the resort also boasts 40 pristine beaches and even a drive-in theater dinners are served by torchlight or moonlight only and take place Oceanside in the 2,200 square foot Balinese beach pavilion island bookings start at 39 thousand dollars per day for up to 12 people with a four night minimum