Masai Mara Budget Adventure Safaris-YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris.

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Looking to go on a safari holiday to Masai Mara in Kenya?
Browse & book affordable amazing best tour packages, Kenya budget safaris, budget holidays, budget adventure camping safaris, travel, all-inclusive trips.

YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris- Kenya Holidays, Kenya Adventure Budget Camping Safaris.

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Browse our amazing adventure safari holiday packages in Kenya and Tanzania, Kenya adventure budget camping safaris, Kenya Tanzania luxury lodge safaris, budget Kenya and Tanzania safari holidays, Kenya Safaris.

Weekend Getaways Intro – Travel Show – Great Budget Travel Ideas – Road Trip

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Each episode, Weekend Getaways show shares great ideas for an easy weekend getaway for everyone. A short road trip or fun vacation ideas. We do the research so you don’t have to. Featuring great off the beaten path locations, boutique hotel and vacation rentals. Activities that will create memories for years to come and places to eat, to share a great meal or unwind after a great day.

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Weekend Getaways Show

$600 Budget Gaming PC Build – November 2018

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A big thank you to GAMDIAS for helping us out by sharing their TALOS P1 which is coming out later this month. I personally love the case and had a great time building inside of it.

Something I didn’t mention in the video is that the cable management for this case is actually SUPER easy. There are so many grommets to thread your power supply cables through that it was actually an enjoyable process.

This build itself a lot of fun to do, it really did feel like a “fixer upper” the way that it went from the disgusting look it had before to the very clean and RGB’d out case. Plus, the fact that such a nice find found it’s way to me made it even better!

Part List:

Intel i7 8700K Processor:

LEPA 240mm AIO CPU Cooler:

Ballistix 2666 MHz 1x8GB (8GB) DDR4 RAM:

Z370-A PRO Motherboard:

MSI 1050 Ti Graphics Card:


Patriot Burst 240GB SSD:

ASTRAPE P1-750W-G Power Supply:

If you have any questions about the parts specifically or how I go about getting parts like these at what prices, I will answer. The best way to do that is through my discord. Link below.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and if you like the content I put out, a like and subscribe helps me out a ton for my confidence because as of now, I don’t know if the content I am making is useful to anyone.

Let me know any videos you would like to see in the future!

Here is my discord server link that you should leave me a message or come talk to me over voice chat for longer questions or if you are just looking for some advice/support on your computer building experience 🙂


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Music in this video:

Song: Safari Fruits
Artist: Vidya Vidya

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries For Budget Vacation

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10. Bolivia: Despite being bordered by the Andes and the Amazon jungle, Bolivia remains largely off the tourist path due to stereotypes about cocaine trafficking and political stability. The country’s president has managed to stabilize these issues in recent years and Bolivia is still considered to be the cheapest country you can visit in South America.

9. Fiji: What most of us have seen in the media usually involves $1500/night resort properties and private beach verandas. However, Fiji has a completely different side to it as well that caterers to travelers on a budget. It’s inexpensive to get around the island, dorm rooms and hostels are to be had for $25 a night and the pristine beaches are free to lounge on.

8. India: This is a country of great extremes; you can get a luxurious hotel suite for $500.00 per night or get a perfectly comfortable room for $20 if you know where to look. Meals will run you about $2.00 a plate and rickshaws (the Indian version of a taxi) will cost from $3.00 to $7.00. Travel by train or by bus within the country is also inexpensive.

7. Cambodia: While it can be pretty chaotic compared to its counterparts and is considered slightly unsafe with crime levels against tourists such as theft and assault being relatively high, it is incredibly affordable. You can get an air conditioned private room for under $20 and local food costs just $2 per meal. $50 a day will have you living like the rich.

6. Costa Rica: Costa Rica is one of the cheapest (and most beautiful) islands you can visit in the Caribbean. You can comfortably travel here on $40 a day, this will cover the $8-$15 setback for a dorm bed in a hostel as well as the $3-$7 it costs for a meal and bus tickets within the country.

5. Bulgaria: Architecture and history buffs will be in paradise here with the multitude of ruins, cathedrals, heritage homes and museums scattered across the country. You can live on about $40-$50 per day here.

4. Peru: The area is surrounded by the Inca Trail and the Sacred Valley, there is so much more to Peru than its main tourist draw. The city of Lima is as cosmopolitan as they come, with a booming art, fashion and culinary scene happening. Smaller Cusco is equally as interesting and caters to nature lovers with its surrounding Andes and nearby Amazon jungle. Spen a Day With Just 50 Dollars.

3. Portugal: The country is gorgeous and has it all; sun-soaked beaches, castles, vine-covered alleyways, historic islands and vineyards. A day in Portugal will set you back about $75.

2. Greece: If you had ever dreamed of visiting Greece, now would probably be the time to go. Depending on your travel style, you can enjoy the country for under $30 a day. However, if you’re going to treat yourself to a nice hotel on your Eurotrip, this would be the place to do it. Some luxury hotels are selling their rooms for just $60 per night.

1. Thailand: You’ll get a big city in Bangkok, a middle sized metropolis filled with temples in Chang Mai and about a gazillion gorgeous islands such as Krabi, Koh Phi Phi and more. Whether you’re a partier, foodie, nature lover or just up for a trip to anywhere, Thailand offers enough to entertain you for a small lifetime without breaking the bank. You can survive on as little as $15 a day.


How To Budget Vacations Your Family Will Love

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Taking a budget family vacation that you can afford is not hard. Whether it’s a vacation in the US, a beach vacation, or an affordable camping vacation, it can be done! Or maybe you would prefer a beach holiday or a sightseeing holiday. Budget vacations are possible.

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8 Budget Tips to Travel Europe on $30/Day

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Europe is NOT as expensive as people make it seem to be!!!

I’ve spent more than 1 year of my life in Europe, visiting every single country on the continent, and I promise you it’s not as expensive as you think… Traveling around Europe can EASILY be done on $30/day, as long as you prioritize your expenses. No more excuses!

Anyone else agree with me?

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Orlando Disney Family Vacation on a Budget under $1500

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5 nights in Orlando, Florida family of 4 under $1500
RT airfare from DM to Orlando
Car Rental
Park tickets
NOTE I saw WORLDS OF FUN – but it was BUSCH GARDENS I meant in Tampa(sorry for that error!!!)

SeaWorld Dolphins:


Train at Sea World :

Ultimate Budget Travel Destinations: Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. Caribbean

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Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras is one of the best budget travel destinations in the world. Find out why here!

Mr. Bone’s EDC gear for this trip:

Mr. Bone’s shirt recommendation for this trip:

Budget Travel Ideas in San Diego – NCTD Coaster Train

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The San Diego NCTD Coaster train is a surprise budget travel idea. The low cost Coaster travels from San Diego to Oceanside. This budget travel idea is a pleasant surprise. With awesome ocean view, the Coaster to Oceanside is a can’t miss travel idea.

The Coaster (reporting mark SDNX) is a commuter rail service that operates in the central and northern coastal regions of San Diego County, California, United States. The service is operated by TransitAmerica Services on contract with North County Transit District (NCTD). The service has eight stops and operates primarily during weekday peak periods, with additional weekend and holiday service.

San Diego Northern Railway (SDNR) purchased the tracks used by Coaster from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway in 1994. NCTD created the subsidiary San Diego Northern Railway Corporation in 1994[4] and dissolved it in 2002. Revenue Coaster service began February 27, 1995.[4] Funding for right-of-way acquisition and construction costs came from TransNet, a 1987 measure[4] that imposed a 0.5% sales tax on San Diego County residents for transportation projects. NCTD originally contracted Amtrak to provide personnel for Coaster trains. On July 1, 2006, TransitAmerica took over the day-to-day operation of the commuter train, based on a five-year, $45 million contract with SDNR. TransitAmerica is a subsidiary of Missouri-based Herzog Transit Services


Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Large Planet. Small Budget. Authentic Travel.

Budget Backpacker is a web series/internet based traveling show that gives travelers with small budgets affordable options for making their next traveling adventure a reality. Our target audience is students and young people (ages 16-26 or everyone who wants a challenge) who long to experience new cultures and adventures but have little to no money.

The world has so much to offer a young traveler from stunning scenic spots to local culinary masterpieces. Everything you could ever want is out there, things you never could have imagined you’d see or experience. You just have to want to experience it.

This is the Pilot episode.

How to Budget for Backpacking Around the World

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A breakdown of my budget for backpacking around the world that will give you tips and ideas for saving for your own adventure.

In 2013 me and my mate mate James quit our jobs and went backpacking for 9 months, travelling through 20 countries in 4 continents. Whether you do a bigger or smaller trip than them, this video should help you figure out what you need to save for.

Total spent each: £22,000 (US $33,000)

Original Budget £18,000 ($27,000):

– RTW Flight ticket: £3,200 ($4,800)
– Other flights: £250 ($375)

– Wayoutback Darwin to Alice Springs tour: £1,087 ($1630)
– Greyhound Pass Cairns to Melbourne: £270 ($405)
– Kiwi Experience Funky Chicken Pass: £287 ($430)
– G Adventures Amazon to Andes: £1,259 ($1,888)

– US Car rental: £500 ($750)
– Petrol/gas money: £200 ($300)

– Whitsundays & Fraser Island: £430 ($645)
– NZ 1 month of activities: £1,075 ($1,612)

– Visas & Vaccinations: £300 ($450)

– Spending money (£1k/month): £9,000 ($13,500)

– Went £4,000 over budget ($6,000)

Check out the HK2NY: Hong Kong To New York backpacking documentary series here:

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Rode DeadCat:
Shoot Tripod:

GoPro Hero 6:
GoPro Monopod:

DJI MavicPro Drone:
MavicPro Case:

MacBook Pro:
WD Elements 4TB Hard Drive:

Software used:
Final Cut X, Adobe After Effects

——————— About Karl Watson ———————

My name’s Karl, welcome to my channel that’s all about sharing my backpacking adventures from around the world, through fun, entertaining and honest travel documentaries.

Through these films I want you – the audience – to escape and come on the journey with me, and then be inspired to start an adventure of your own.

In between my travels I’m based in London, UK where I work as a freelance video editor.

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Aloha Hawaii – 17 days backpacking Oahu & Kauai! Adventure solo-travel budget!

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May 2016 I went on another epic adventure to hawaii, spent very little ($335) and had one of the best experiences of my life. This is the highlight reel! Enjoy guys!

Thanks JT for letting me use this epic song 😉

Best Budget Backpacking Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad & Ultra Light Pillow

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🛏️Outdoorsmanlabs Mummy Bag🛏️
🛏️Outdoorsmanlabs Sleeping Pad🛏️
☁️Trekology Ultralight Pillow☁️
☁️Trekology Camp Pillow☁️
🛏️Reflectix🛏️Sleeping Pad +1 R-Value

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⬇️Gear List for this trip⬇️


🔥Fresnel Lens Fire Starter🏕️☀️
🔥Baddest Bee Fire Fuses🏕️☀️
🔥MSR Strike Igniter🏕️☀️
🔥Olicamp XTS Pot🏕️☀️
🔥GSI Pan🏕️☀️
🔥MSR Pocket Rocket Stove🏕️☀️
🔥Emberlit Titanium Stove🏕️☀️
🔥Esbit Alcohol Stove🏕️☀️
🔥Optimum Gas🏕️☀️
🔥Toaks Titanium Spoon🏕️☀️
🔥Tapirus Spork🏕️☀️

💺Trekology Chair☀️
💺Trekology Chair High Back☀️
💺Trekology Aluminum Folding Table☀️
💺Trekology Folding Picnic Table☀️
💺Trekology Folding Stool☀️🏕️

☁️Trekology Self Inflating Camp Pillow☀️
☁️Trekology Ultralight Pillow🏕️
🛏️Reflectix🏕️☀️Sleeping Pad +1 R-Value
🛏️Outdoorsmanlabs Mummy Bag🛏️
🛏️Outdoorsmanlabs Sleeping Pad🛏️

🎒 Teton Sports 3400 4.5 Pounds🏕️
🎒Osprey Daylite☀️
*Yellow Nothface bag no longer made, 12 years old!*

🎪Eureka Spitfire 1 Person Tent🏕️☀️

🐻Counter Assault Bear, Wild Animal & Meth Head Spray🏕️☀️
🔪Gerber Paracord Knife🏕️☀️
🔪Letherman Mini Multi Tool🏕️☀️
🐍Snake Guardz🏕️☀️
🐍Bite & Sting Kit (I only carry extractor)🏕️☀️

💧Platypus gravity Works Filter🏕️☀️
💧Sawyer Squeeze Mini Filter☀️
💧Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle🏕️☀️

👞KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid🏕️☀️
👣Darn Tough Socks🏕️☀️
👣Darn Tough Socks🏕️☀️
👣Sofsole Insoles🏕️☀️

💡Dorcey Headlamp🏕️
💡Dorcey HUGlight☀️
💡Dorecy Twin 400 Lumen Lantern☀️
💡Dorcey Waterproof Floating Flashlight☀️

💰BaseCamp Odor-Barrier Bag🏕️☀️
💰Osprey UltraLight 3 Dry Sack Pack🏕️☀️

🕷️Coghlan’s Bug Jacket🏕️☀️
🕷️Mosquito Repellent Patch🏕️☀️

🌳My First Backpacking Trip Days 1-4🌳
☀️Day 1☀️

🐻My Second Backpacking Trip Days 1-6🐻
🌤️Day 1🌤️

❄️Winter Backpacking Training Hike❄️

🐶Hiking With A Dog Part 1🐶

🐶Hiking With My Dog PT3🐾Backpacking Gear

🐶Hiking With A Dog And Tenkara Fishing🐟

🐶Cooking Bacon On A River With A Dog🐶

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