Vaumigny – Fishing France

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What’s your PB? A 60lb carp, a 100lb sturgeon or perhaps even a 170lb catfish? At Vaumigny all this is possible. Vaumigny is a French lake that will test your skill, your tackle and your nerve!

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Carp Fishing In France Catching Big Fish At St Amand – Carp Video Series Part (1 of 3)

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Carp fishing in France on a Carp fishing holiday catching big fish to over 46lb. Fishing with a big spread of bait with simple carp rigs using snowmans and popups over the silt. The biggest fish is caught from the venue called “Floppy Tail” by Chris Westley and his fishing partner Paul Baldock bags big carp to 30lb with double runs a plenty. This is part 1 of 3 fishing films filmed in France so theres more carp to come from St Amand leisure.
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Autumn carp fishing blog : Matt with 2 thirties and an upper 20

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Autumn carp fishing session in October at one of the most beautiful fishing lakes for big carp and monster catfish in Northern France. Go to for more carp and catfish fishing stories and tips from Beausoleil.

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Exclusive carp and catfish fishing holiday in France, with accommodation, where you can fish for big carp and monster catfish in your own private 4 acre fishing lake. Visit

Carp fishing 2014: In session with Mark at Beausoleil

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Mark’s session at the Beausoleil lake in 2014 fishing with a double bottom bait rig with Blue Oyster boilies.

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Exclusive carp and catfish fishing holiday in France, with accommodation, where you can fish for specimen big carp and monster catfish in your own private 4 acre fishing lake. Visit

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Cat Fishing in France

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Shaun Harrison & Ron Woodward target French Catfish.

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All-inclusive carp package at canadian carpin holidays

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Guided all-Inclusive May carp package on the St.Lawrence river, Accommodation, All-meals, Bait/Tackle, and much more!
Canadian Carpin’ Holidays
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Carp Fishing in France: A brief tour of the Beausoleil venue

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Carp fishing in France at one of the best and most beautiful fishing lakes for big carp and big catfish in Northern France. Go to for a detailed overview of the lake and venue.

Beausoleil is an amazing carp fishing holiday venue for families and groups of anglers looking for exciting fishing in idyllic surroundings. The Beausoleil lake is located in the Pays de la Loire region of North West France. Set in 6 acres of woodland and reminiscent of an old English estate lake, Beausoleil is a beautiful 4 acre tree-lined lake complete with its own island, with depths of 3 to 6 foot, and which allows you to cast short to medium range. You are able to access the lake the whole way around, giving you the option of day or night fishing sessions wherever you like on the 11 swims available, giving you access to many open water features as well as a huge amount of marginal spots. The lake is stocked with carefully hand-picked beautiful mirror and common carp to 50lbs+ and grass carp to 38lbs, with an average carp size of 30lbs as well as a couple of hard fighting sturgeon. The lake also includes catfish from 60 to 103lbs which are awesome creatures and provide a unique angling experience for such a small venue.

For the anglers who would rather spend their week in luxury, well equipped accommodation or with a family, we have a 2-bedroomed gite located in front of the lake which sleeps 4 people. Beausoleil is the perfect venue for serious fishing or a more casual family fishing holiday. When you book a holiday at Beausoleil, both the lake and the accommodation are for the exclusive use of your party for the duration of your trip and naturally, being in rural France, there is no shortage of exciting and beautiful places to visit.

This unique carp fishing lake continues to attract both beginners and big-fish anglers and their families whose aim is to catch specimen fish and big carp in peaceful surroundings, with their own private fishing lodge, and nestled in one the most beautiful areas of North France.

We hope you enjoy this virtual visit of our angling paradise and do not hesitate to contact us for any queries. You can find weekly updates and catch reports as well as a huge amount of fishing tips and stories on our website at:

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The Carp Fishing Trips & Holidays Team at the Iktus Carp Lake in France October 2014

Slack Lines Vs. Tight Lines… Ron and Ken Discuss

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Experienced carp anglers, Ron Key & Ken Darlow, discuss the respective merits of Slack Lines and Tight Lines re indication of pick-ups from wary carp. Needless to say they have to agree to differ!

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Carp Fishing in Canada with Canadian carpin Holidays

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Canadian Carpin Holidays 2018
Canadian Carpin’ Holidays
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Carp Fishing – Landing a 50lb Carp At Villefond

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One of the Villefond Big 5 Carp has just become the lake’s latest 50lb’er. Our cameras were there to capture the whole sequence as angler Rob Inns banks his first 50 – ‘Bennetts’ at 51lb 1oz. This is why we go carp fishing!

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Carp fishing in France ; Villefond is a serious big fish water, run by a passionate carp angler. It’s a gorgeous, mature 8 acres, accommodates up to 6 anglers and offers at least 35 x 40lb+ carp, going right up to 59lb.

French Carp Fishing at La Fonte

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Paul Cooper & Jim Kelly visit La Fonte, a well established carp lake in the Perche region of France. This 7 acre lake is ideal for up to 5/6 anglers and can best be described as a runs water! Just 1hr 40 drive from Caen and 3hr 40 from Calais.

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Fishing France at Brie

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Brie is 15 acres and booked on an exclusive basis for up to 4 anglers. There are two large double swims which are built out into the water, allowing you to fish the margins on either side of you as well as those on the far bank. Contains carp to 56lb+.

Carp Fishing In France – What Tackle Do I Need? (Part 4)

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Are you preparing for a carp fishing trip to France in 2012?

Via a series of Blog posts & a video diary Paul Cooper will take you through his preparation routine for a trip to Blue Lake.

Part 1 is here –
Part 2 is here –
Part 3 is here –

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Tylans Lake – Tour of the Lake and Accommodation

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Carp fishing in France with accommodation ; This venue will impress anyone looking for carp fishing in France with accommodation – the large stone house and its extensive covered terrace overlook a sweeping lawned garden which leads to an idyllic carp lake. The house can accommodate up to 12 people in the six bedrooms.

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