“A Carp Fishing Holiday” Furzebray Lakes

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Carp Fishing Holidays – James on his first french fishing holiday at Beausoleil lake

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my name's James this my first trip to beausoleil on broken my UK pv which was there 24 for this lovely 27 kind mirror has taken on much Beaujolais Rick with double 20 mil blue öyster from by the area just a bit Happy Days mate what a start Wow where notice the bank another fish and what's the off the oil and swim only a little one as far as beausoleil standards go but sin perfect nonetheless and yeah it's a new a new fish and Annie he weighs 12 10 yep what was that all mate that was on there double 20 little blue öyster again believe it or not full either so on the bow rig yeah very very doing a business again yeah little Aven full of bait with it yeah yeah just to spring them yeah so sweet bite ya little outfit what a nice I well here we are second to last morning and before we go on I came here to try and bag myself a 30 PV and here she is 33 pain date taken from just over by the aerator and as per usual much boasted a rig and double blue öyster does the trick again made up literally a couple of hours before James left on sat eve morning he also pulled out this great-looking 32-pound 8-ounce marin only shorty good skills mate