Will Space Travel Save Us All? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

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Will Space travel change our perspective on the human condition?

Space, also known as The Final Frontier, has been in our collective dreams and fantasies for decades. Who WOULDN’T want to blast into space, experience zero gravity, or walk on the moon?! But with limited funding to NASA, the day that had been promised to us for years (in addition to flying cars and hover boards), seems no closer now than it did 30 years ago. BUT WAIT! Could private research and funding be the future of galactic exploration? And maybe once we are all able to see the earth from a distance, we’ll all gain some much needed perspective. So keep on truckin’ Elon Musk, for humanity’s sake.

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Hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta)
Made by Kornhaber Brown (

Is There Poop on the Moon? Ft. Smarter Every Day
Building a Homemade Spacecraft

Binarpilot – Bend:

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Hi Jaycationers! I just wanted to update you on a few things in real time. Where in the world am i? What am i doing right now? What ideas and videos are coming? Find out in this video! I am also thinking of starting Jaycation Tours starting with Barcelona and would love to hear your input and what you think!

What videos would you like to see me do? More of the old? Something new? I want to improve my videos through information, better edits and YOU the Jaycationers ideas! Please comment and let me know below what you love seeing on this channel, what maybe you would like to see me do differently or anything else!

I really appreciate all your support JAYCATIONERS!!

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Rode VideoMic Me for Smartphones

Xpress Rent a Car Tanzania Vacations – Africa Travel Channel

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Xpress Rent a Car – Xpress Car Hire is situated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Xpress Rent a Car will cater to all you transport and car rental needs in Tanzania. Xpress Car Rental offer standard car rentals on a wide range of vehicles, with or without a driver.

Visit California – Family Vacations – TV Tourism Commercial – TV Spot – The Travel Channel – USA

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Visit California – Family Vacations – TV Tourism Commercial – TV Advert – TV Spot – The Travel Channel – USA

California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States. It is the most populous U.S. state, home to 1 out of 8 Americans, and is the third largest state by area (after Alaska and Texas). It is home to the nation’s second and fifth most populous census statistical areas (Greater Los Angeles area and San Francisco Bay Area, respectively), and eight of the nation’s 50 most populated cities (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, and Oakland). The capital city is Sacramento.

California is bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada to the east, Arizona to the southeast, and the Mexican State of Baja California to the south. California’s diverse geography ranges from the Pacific Coast in the west, to the Sierra Nevada in the east — from the Redwood–Douglas-fir forests of the northwest, to the Mojave Desert areas in the southeast.

The center of the state is dominated by the Central Valley, a major agricultural area. California contains both the highest and lowest points in the contiguous United States (Mount Whitney and Death Valley), and has the 3rd longest coastline of all states (after Alaska and Florida). Earthquakes are a common occurrence because of the state’s location along the Pacific Ring of Fire: about 37,000 are recorded annually.

At least half of the fresh fruit produced in the United States are now cultivated in California, and the state also leads in the production of vegetables. Other important contributors to its economy include aerospace, education, and manufacturing. If California were a country, as of 2012 it would have been the 9th largest economy in the world and the 34th most populous nation.

Backpacking The Channel Islands, Santa Cruz Island

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Backpacking from Prisoners harbor to Scorpion harbor. We were dropped off at Prisoners harbor on Santa Cruz Island which is the largest of the Channel Islands off the cost of California. We hiked 3 miles to the Del Norte campsite and spent the night. The next day we hiked 12 miles from Del Norte to the Scorpion Cove campsite. We went over all the mountains in between. Spent the night at Scorpion. The next day we hiked to the beach and enjoyed our day as we waited for our boat to pick us up at Scorpion. 1-3-14.

White Elephant Safari Lodge – Accommodation Pongola South Africa – Africa Travel Channel

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White Elephant Safari Lodge is sheer five star luxury, which captures the history and romance of a bygone era, with deep verandahs and sweeping views set in a serene environment.
Eight luxurious safari tents, each with a bathroom, outdoor canvas shower and private verandah, provide a sanctuary in the wilderness of the Pongola Game Reserve.

The White Elephant Bush Camp is an ideal self-catering retreat, which is far removed from city life for families and groups. The seven spacious thatched en-suite chalets blend seamlessly into the surrounding bush.

They are passionate about conservation and the lodge offers superb Black Rhino tracking experiences as well as daily game drives, bush walks and spectacular boat cruises on Lake Jozini.

Tiger fishing on Lake Jozini is a must and the experienced skipper knows just where the next big bite is lurking.

For newlyweds that want to experience a truly African honeymoon, the lodge also caters to functions and special celebrations.

The restaurant is another indulgence not to be missed. Tantalize your taste buds with deliciously prepared authentic fare in a warm and cozy ambiance.

White elephant safari lodge, the perfect destination for those in search of an African dream.

Disney Channel Commercial Breaks (March 6, 2003)

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Here are some commercials that aired during an airing of the movie, Brothers of the Frontier on Disney Channel back in 2003. It’s great uploading these commercials from 2003. So many memories being brought back here!

Credit to Justin J. Smith (loveforlogos) for recording and providing this nostalgia!

Commercial List:
1. Brothers of the Frontier “Will Be Right Back” bumper
2. Even Stevens “Surf’s Up” Music Video
3. NEW Kim Possible promo (“Monkey Ninjas in Space”)
4. Disney Channel Stars Are Just Like You (with the cast of Lizzie McGuire)
5. Disney Adventures 5th Annual Cool Pet Contest
6. Disney Channel “Insects” ID
7. Right on Track Premiere promo
8. Brothers of the Frontier “Let’s Get Back to” bumper
9. Brothers of the Frontier “Will Be Right Back” bumper
10. NEW Proud Family promo (“Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny”)
11. Disney Channel Stars Are Just Like You (with the cast of That’s So Raven)
12. Hilary Duff “I Can’t Wait Remix” Music Video
13. Disney Channel “Rock Climbing” ID
14. Cool Pets: A Girl and Her Bird, “Trixie”
15. Seventeen Again promo
16. Brothers of the Frontier “Let’s Get Back to” bumper
17. Brothers of the Frontier “Will Be Right Back” bumper
18. NEW Kim Possible promo
19. That’s So Raven promo
20. ABC The Wonderful World of Disney: Tarzan promo
21. Rose Falcon “Up, Up, Up” Music Video (Talk about NOSTALGIA!!)
22. Right on Track promo: Behind the Scenes
23. Brothers of the Frontier “Let’s Get Back to” bumper
24. Voiceover Credits: Fillmore Marathon (cuts out)

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Ski Safari 2 Holiday Update – Halloween Update | Game By Sleepy Z Studios | Kids TV Channel

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Ski Safari 2 game by Sleepy Z Studios
* Will you play as the intrepid Sven or his lovely sister Evana? Will you use skis or a snowboard? Will you ride a snowmobile, a motorbike, or something a little more crazy?

* Perform tricks and hit the mountain in style! Pull off 360 spins, handstands, snowboard nose-grabs, and strike daring poses – each animal has their own stylish moves!

* Play head-to-head multiplayer with your friends and family! Who will be king of the mountain? Pick up powerups to hurl snowballs, flip your friends’ screens upside-down, or pull a penguin out of your pocket for that quick escape!

* Collect coins to purchase new gear, crazy costumes and powerful vehicles in the shop! Isn’t it time you thought about that gold sled you always wanted?

* Take photos of your epic moments and share them with the world! Set up an amazing photo opportunity and spin the camera around for that perfect shot – all in glorious 3D!

#SkiSafari2 #SkiingGamesForChildren # KidsTVchannel
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Take an African-Style Safari in Texas – Travel Channel

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You don’t have to leave the country to take a safari; just head to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio, home to more than 500 wild animals.

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Is Reality TV The Future of Space Travel? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

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Okay, Mars One is decidedly cool, but also kind of crazy right? Nearly everyone with clout in the scientific community has spoken with extreme skepticism about the project, despite Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp’s overwhelming confidence in his mission. To which we at Idea Channel say… Sure! BUT WHY? Lansdorp wants to make Mars One one of the biggest broadcast spectacles of all time, and in a world of underfunded space programs, maybe this is actually the way we get to colonize space! Is framing colonization as entertainment our key to the stars? Watch this episode of Idea Channel and find out!

Check out Gabe over at PBS Space Time!













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“Europe” by Roglok (

“Level 5” by Room for the Homeless (

“Bouncy Castle” by Roglok (

“:P” by Roglok (

“Squarehead” by Roglok (

“Number Cruncher” by Roglok (

“Little Birthday Acid” by Roglok (

“Topskore” by Roglok (

“Anti Vanishing Spray” by Roglok (

“Tarty Prash” by Roglok (

“Carry on Carillon” by Roglok (

“Uptown Tennis Club” by Roglok (

“Squarehead” by Roglok (

“Dream Of Autumn” by Night Shift Master

“Insert Toy For Coin” by Eatme (

“Dizor” by Outsider

“Lets go back to the rock” by Outsider

“Something like this” by Outsider


Written and hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta)
(who also has a podcast! Reasonably Sound:

Made by Kornhaber Brown (

Backpack Song – Dora The Explorer – Kids Song Channel

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Backpack Song – Dora The Explorer
copyright by.channel Nickelodeon, Nick Jr
thanks to: ateevchandna11 channel

The series centers around a Latina girl named Dora Marquez with a love of embarking on quests related to an activity in which she would like to partake or someplace that she wants to go, accompanied by her talking purple backpack and anthropomorphic monkey companion named Boots

Costa Rica (Central-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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✱ 1.966 Hotels in Costa Rica – Lowest Price Guarantee ►

Travel video about destination Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is a fascinating country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua and Panama, a natural paradise between the Caribbean and the Pacific.Located at more than a thousand metres above sea level, San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, not only boasts an idyllic location in the heart of Central America’s coffee country, but also an enviable climate. The extent to which Costa Rica joins with European tradition can be seen in the Teatro Nacional. The coffee barons, to whom the glorious development of San José is owed, created taxes for the export of coffee beans and thus funded the construction of the magnificent building. In a fertile mountain valley at the foot of a volcano, is Turrialba, a town that radiates a serene calm but once was an important station on the route of the Jungle Train from San José to the Atlantic coast. The crater of the Poas Volcano is surrounded by the dense green of a rainforest and overlooks the north western Meseta Central. Although it is one of the country’s most active volcanoes, it is the most visited, as visitors can go by car almost to the edge of the crater. The Rain Forest Aerial Tram is Costa Rica’s most popular tourist attraction, a ride on an open gondola through the jungle. A journey of discovery amid a canopy of trees, hovering at treetop level through the solitude of nature. Fascinating nature, joie de vivre and colonial history are omnipresent on this land bridge between North and South America, Costa Rica is surely one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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The Carbonaro Effect – The Most Compact Survival Backpack (Extended Reveal) | truTV

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This extremely compact survival bag comes complete with a boat and chicken.

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Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade, but a prankster by heart. In THE CARBONARO EFFECT, Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Everyone is left stunned and delighted, even though they have no idea what just hit them.

About truTV:
truTV is the home for original, creator-driven comedy series with a distinct point of view. With millions of engaged fans across linear, digital and social channels, the cable network features a growing roster of critically-acclaimed premium scripted, non-scripted and hybrid series, such as Adam Ruins Everything, At Home with Amy Sedaris, Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters, Hack My Life, I’m Sorry, Impractical Jokers, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, Talk Show the Game Show, The Carbonaro Effect, The Chris Gethard Show, Those Who Can’t and more. As a division of Turner, truTV is also a partner in airing the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship each year.

The Carbonaro Effect – The Most Compact Survival Backpack | truTV

Cavagnac Lake Carp Fishing france “Channel swim”

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Cavagnac lake offers you a quick accurate description of all the swims on Cavagnac Lake , one by one !
We decided to give you all the information that you may need.
No !! surprises and No !! unexpected features .
Cavagnac lake home of legend for the best carp fishing in france .
Carp fishing holiday at it s best !