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Playa Flamingo
Location: Guanacaste providence, on the northwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica
One of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, framed by the deep blue Pacific ocean and lush mountain foliage
Drivng from Tamarindo takes 20 to 30 min.

Ubicacion: En la provincia de Guanacaste, en la costa pacifico norte de Costa Rica.
Es una de las playas más bellas de Costa Rica, enmarcada por el mar azul profundo del Oceano Pacífico y el follaje exuberante de las montañas.
Manejando desde Tamarindo 20 a 30 min.

Surf Expedition Costa Rica Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat

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For more information and pictures:

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A video reflecting our new project in South Costa Rica:

August 2017, we had the chance to work with incredibly talented videographer Tom Weber to come film a 4k video at our surf camp in Costa Rica and show what the experience is for our guests coming to spend a week at our Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat center in the jungle of south costa rica, a true tropical paradise forgotten by massive touristic developments.

We are located on a 20 000m2 beach front ranch with ocean front bungalow where wild horses come play and eat grass and mangos. We provide surf classes, surf coaching, yoga sessions with surf related stretching, horse back riding, dolphin and whales watching, surf and fishing boat trips, waterfall hikes and NO WIFI, so you can really disconnect from daily stress and live at a slower pace, become more self aware and if needed, decide on your next step in life.

The experience you will live here is definitely a health cure if you are experiencing a stressful career and you are willing to disconnect and take a break from everything. Meals are cautiously prepared by our international chef and focused on healthy ingredients coming from our own organic garden : usually a mix of vegan, vegetarian and classic dishes, depending on our guests requests.

Welcome to the real pura vida !

Video Credits: Tom Weber


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Welcome to Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica.

Immerse yourself in a great environment, enjoying sport, surf, beaches and parties with great people from all around the globe. You will never forget this amazing experience.
Let´s share our dreams.

Life feeds on new experiences, come and live the greatest one with us.

Dreamsea; Enjoy every second!

A short film by Xué Gil.

Jean-Michel Jarre, M83 – Glory


The saucy wife, lavish penthouse and exotic holidays of jet set Russian businessman

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The saucy wife, lavish penthouse and exotic holidays of jet-set Russian businessman accused of trafficking HUMAN ORGANS
Boris Volfman, 32, has been arrested in Albania on suspicion of human organ trafficking
He was previously accused of seeking to harvest organs from refugees
Pictures show the Russian’s jet-set lifestyle with his glamorous Ukrainian wife Yuli
He boasts Istanbul penthouse and apartment building in Mediterranean

These pictures reveal the jet-set lifestyle of a Russian businessman arrested this week on suspicion of being a key player in the human organ trafficking trade.
Boris Volfman, 32, was previously detained in Turkey on suspicion of seeking to harvest organs from impoverished Syrian refugees and give them to wealthy clients.
His latest brush with the law came when he was held in Tirana, Albania, accused of being involved in a human organ trafficking racket stretching across the Atlantic from Costa Rica to Kosovo.
Social media pictures give an insight into his glamorous life with his Ukrainian wife Yuli Guralnik.

The father-of-one can be seen enjoying business class travel and luxury resorts at exotic locations – such as Thailand and Rome – with his wife.
Volfman is understood to own a penthouse in Istanbul as well as an apartment block in the Mediterranean.
Far from lurking in the shadows despite a succession of police probes into his operations in several countries, Volfman runs a website openly boasting of the ability to bypass waiting lists for people in need of kidney, heart or liver transplants.
It is linked to his company called Leshem Shamaim, or ‘In the Name of Heaven’.
‘It’s God’s work,’ he has claimed.
He insists no laws are broken, and has denied he deals in trafficked organs.
His detention this week is linked to a human organ scandal in Kosovo capital Pristina involving illegal transplantation surgeries at a private clinic called Medicus.
The owners of the clinic were jailed for eight and seven years respectively after the original criminal trial in 2013, and an anaesthetist for three years.
Volfman had been arrested in Israel – where he also has citizenship – on the same case in 2012 and was held for two weeks in detention.

It is alleged donors in Russia and other Soviet countries were promised £11,500 for selling kidneys but in the end were paid less.
The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo say Volfman had been linked to syndicate which had carried out 30 illegal operations, reported local news agency Kossev and Russia’s Sputnik.
Reports in Tirana this week also say that bank transactions between two Volfman-owned Albanian companies have been frozen amid money laundering suspicions.
Prosecutors were quoted as alleging that he was involved in ‘illegal organ transplants’.
Earlier, in December 2015, Volfman was pictured being detained at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport on an Interpol red notice.
A court ordered that he be extradited to Israel on suspicion of organ trafficking and fraud after flying from Bangkok, Turkey’s Dogan news agency reported.
Daily newspaper Vatan cited sources saying he had intended to ‘harvest organs from desperate Syrian refugees’.
An investigation by The New York Times in 2014, said Volfman had done time in prison in 2007 after being charged with the abduction of a man who he had used him to hack into hospital databases in search of kidney patients.
He pleaded guilty to reduced charges and was sentenced to two months in jail.
Citing court and government documents, he was also described as one of three ‘central operators in Israel’s irrepressible underground kidney market’ who for years ‘ pocketed enormous sums for arranging overseas transplants for patients who are paired with foreign donors’.

He was described as ‘self-confident, earnest and smoothly reassuring’ with ‘piercing blue eyes, a shag of jet black hair and a distinctive tattoo that drapes his right shoulder’.
The investigation indicated the sums of money that could be made for acting as a broker in the transplant business.

He indicated a fee of around $30,000 for accompanying clients abroad and providing contacts, medical testing, transport, lodging and translation, it was reported.
A kidney transplant client was told by Volfman to make a $10,000 advance payment and take another $140,000 in cash to Sir Lanka for her surgery.
‘In our company, we don’t have any contact with the organ,” Volfman was quoted as saying.
‘All we can do is obligate the client to make sure that this is not something that has to do with organ trafficking. If a person decides to break the law, that’s between that person and the law.’
However, his methods in the transplantation business have led to concerns in places as far afield as Costa Rica, Peru and Singapore, reported the New York Times.
His first contact with the lucrative organ sale was when he sold his own kidney in Sri Lanka as a young man, it has been reported.
Meanwhile, his website states: ‘If your kidney,

Costa Rica Roosterfish Fishing Holidays Pacific Coast with DJI Phantom!

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Fishing Guide Haramis Kalfar machte Urlaub vom Atlantik der subtropischen Kanaren.
Es ging in das tropische Costa Rica an der Pazifik Küste.
Erholung und Angeln waren die Ziele.
Auf dem Weg zur Unterkunft fielen die endlosen Palmöl-Plantagen auf, die in Verruf geraten waren, weil ihnen der Regenwald weichen musste.
Krokodile haben sich dort scheinbar der Zivilisation angepasst.

Nach einer schwülwarmen und lauten tropischen Nacht, genoss ich einen bilderbuchhaften Ausblick von meiner Unterkunft –
jedoch gab es leider einige alptraumhafte Aspekte:
Die Entfernung zum Meer war weit größer als angegeben. Zu Fuß bei 35 Grad Tagestemperaturen eine schweißtreibende Latscherei –
Mit normalen Mietwagen oder Taxis nicht erreichbar.
So war ich auf das Offroad-Piraten-Taxi meines Vermieters angewiesen.
Die erste Fahrt buchte ich an den nahegelegenen Playa Matapalo.

Mitgereist war die 4-teilige Reiserute Penn Slammer Stik, die mir auch schon bei meinen Guiding-Gästen positiv aufgefallen war.
3 m lang – 20-80g WG – mit 80cm Transportlänge allerdings nur für größere Koffer geeignet.
Rolle: Daiwa Catalina 4000H
Die Ehre der ersten Würfe sollte natürlich mein Eigenbau-Köder Needle Stick haben.
Nach meinen Informationen, sollte ich im Weißwasser der Brandungszone, Snook fangen können.
Obwohl nicht verwandt, könnte man ihn als eine Art tropischen Wolfsbarsch bezeichnen, da er die gleiche ökologische Nische ausfüllt.
Bezeichnenderweise nennt man ihn in Costa Rica auch Robalo, genauso wie der Wolfsbarsch in Spanien heißt.
Schon nach wenigen Würfen gab es den ersten Hook-Up …
Trotz sichtbarer Aktivität, brachten auch Köderwechsel leider keinen weiteren Biss.
Aber was macht das, wenn man an einem Traumstrand im 30 Grad warmen Meer steht.
Der von mir mit Folie dekorierte Needle Nose Plug, den ich gerade auswechsele, sollte sich später als der Killer herausstellen.
Erhältlich hier:

Auch in diesem vermeintlichen Paradies hat die anglerische Freiheit Grenzen, wie sich beim Stree-Fishing am Hafen von Quepos zeigte – hier liessen sich nur Jungfische blicken.
Beim Versuch eine wunderschöne Bucht zu erreichen, zeigte sich warum diese so einsam war …
Anderorts wies mich die Natur in die Schranken …
An einen kristallklaren Fluss gab es zwar reichlich Fisch – allerdings in keiner interessanten Größe.
An einem anderen Fluss war mir zuviel Konkurrenz.
Also wieder zurück an den pazifischen Traumstrand.
Die Idylle ist trügerisch – es ist hier auch deshalb meist menschenleer, weil die offene Küste einige Gefahren in sich birgt.
Zwar gibt es kaum Wind – doch herrscht ständig eine schwere Grundsee mit Brandungswellen zwischen 1 und 3 m Höhe.
Zudem können starke Tidenströmungen Badende aufs offene Meer ziehen.
Auf Sonnenschutz sollte man am Äquator besonders achten – ich empfehle UV-Schutzkleidung.
Direkt unter den Palmen sollte man keinen Schatten suchen, da diese mit öffentlicher Kokosnussung drohen.
Das Spinnfischen wird zum schweißtreibenden Wassersport.
Abkühlung findet man im badewannenwarmen Meer zwar nicht – aber es macht einen Riesenspaß.
Da ich mich auch auf den Kanaren eigentlich nicht für Fische interessiere, die am Strand rumwuseln, suchte ich nun mit Weitwürfen nach Räubern hinter der ersten Brandungswelle.
Während des Drills muss man den Rückwärtsgang einlegen, um von der bauchnabeltiefen Brandung wieder an den Strand zu gelangen.
Der Fisch zeigte einige atemberaubende Sprünge, wie ich sie sonst nur von Bluefish oder Goldmakrele kenne.
Und dann sah ich sie – die unverwechselbare Rückenflosse eines Rooster – mein eigentlicher Wunschfisch für Costa Rica.
Klein – aber fein – es gibt wohl kaum einen schöneren Spinnfisch vom Ufer.
Neben ein Paar Roosterfish, fing ich noch einen Jack Crevalle in der Surfzone – mein Wunschkandidat Nummer 2.
Und dann war der kurze Tropen-Trip auch schon zu Ende …

Lapoint – A day in the life in Costa Rica

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Follow along as we take you through what a day in the life at Lapoint Surf Camp in Costa Rica looks like.

The beaches around Playa Hermosa and Santa Teresa is home to some af the absolute best surf spots around Costa Rica. You’ll find everything from beach breaks to point breaks both left and rights.

What ever you’re a beginner and want to learn how to surf or an expert surfer, the surf spots around Santa Teresa in Costa Rica will for sure provide you with challenging and fun waves. Lapoint Surf Camps offers surf lessons for all levels of surfing. Check out our different packs we offer at Surf Camp Costa Rica:

Wanna experience a true tropic surfing, with world-class waves and a stunning nature? This is the perfect location for you!

Get more info on surfing in Costa Rica and check out our high standard surf camp, located on a hill overlooking the surf spot Tes Santa Teresa. Our camp is open all year, ready to provide you with an endless amount of our trademark #Goodtimes.

More info, visit our camp website: