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Kayla and Tyler show you all their new gadgets in their backpacks for the new school year. See if you have many of the same things and have the same school rules as we do! Subscribe

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Get Ready with Me | HOLIDAY EDITION ft. QueenU Lashes & DermaBlend Illuminating Banana Powder

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Hey guys!

I thought this was a fun little moment to share, the red lipstick really has CHRISTMAS written all over it! (I’m not really a red wearer)
Also, I forgot to mention how I really didn’t notice the “illuminating” feature in the setting powder, which is the main reason I bought it however I still really loved the finish!

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Expectation vs. Reality Holiday Edition | #FunniestFridayEver

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The holidays aren’t always what you expected when you’re celebrating with your favorite Nick stars! Comment below what you’re looking forward to this season!

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Walt Disney World 2002 Vacation Planning Video Family Edition

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Universal Orlando Holiday Preview | Universal Edition | 11/15/18

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In this episode, Craig and Ryno get a preview of the holiday offerings at Universal Orlando including Universal’s Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s, the new Grinchmas set, and the Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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In this video i show you how to eat healthy on the plane when travelling or going on vacation/ holiday. Or if you’re a flight attendant / cabin crew looking to lose weight or stay healthy when working then this video will help you give you lots of ideas!

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Destiny 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing!

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What’s in my backpack: Med School Edition (2nd year of medical school)

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I wanted to start a new series talking about my experiences in medical school and all the cool things I am learning. In this first episode, I share what’s in my everyday backpack I use for Medical School!

Pretty standard student stuff like books, notebooks, and writing utensils– but also some items that will hopefully shed some light on my personality a little bit! You can also hear about how I prepare for lectures, how I like to study/memorize, and take notes.

Items in this video:

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Tom Ford Glasses:

Hope you guys enjoy!

Check out the rest of the videos that are part of this series:

What’s in my med school backpack:

FAQ about how to get into medical school:

What’s in my white coat:

How a typical medical school schedule looks like:

Useful Apps I use in Medical School:

Typical Weekly Schedule of a Med School Student:

Study Tips for Medical School and College:

A Typical Day in Medical School:

How to Prepare and Study for the MCAT:

Study Schedule of a Medical School Student:

First Year vs Second Year of Medical School:

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WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK (School’s Out Edition) 2017 | Brooklyn and Bailey

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You could WIN a 13″ MacBook Air + MORE in our Giveaway ending TOMORROW NIGHT! Enter here!

You guys! It’s that time of the year again, when school winds down, and students are tired of teachers, and teachers are tired of students! YES… we are doing another WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK “End-of-School” un-Haul!

Also, we are SOOOO excited to announce that we are new @GirlUp Champions this year, and support education for girls around the world through #SchoolCycle! Because girls are powerful! Girls are the future!

Girl Up ( a part of the United Nations Foundation, has more than 1400 registered clubs in 92 countries. That means if you join Girl Up you can connect with girls just like you from every corner of the globe who care about gender equality and equal rights for girls. We hope you’ll join with us in this supporting this cause!



You loved the messy backpack review we both filmed for you at the end of the school year two years ago, so we decided to do another one! This isn’t a reality vs expectation video, it is a full on REALITY video! It’s almost Summer Vacation, so you knew this was coming!

How many of you can relate to a backpack bag full of binders (stuffed full of past papers), homework assignments, thrashed notebooks full of class notes, left over lunch items from months ago, gum wrappers, makeup, an assortment of used pencils without erasers, maybe a spare sock or two, etc?

Today you’ll get to see us react to WHAT we find in our backpacks! Some items will surprise you, just as much as they did us! You’ll laugh, be grossed out, and empathize with us throughout the video! Everyone can relate to this… friends, siblings, girls, boys, teens, moms, dads, and even teachers!

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WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK 2018 (School’s Out Senior Edition) | Brooklyn and Bailey

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School’s almost out! Are you guys excited for SUMMER? We are! This is our very last HIGH SCHOOL “what’s in my backpack” video! Our Senior year was super wild, and we have all sorts of CRAZY stuff lurking around in our backpacks! Let’s all find out together exactly WHAT crazy stuff settle to the bottom of our bags during senior year!

In this video, you’ll get to see the REALITY of what’s lingered around in our backpacks during our Senior year of high school! Your expectation at the beginning of the year is that you’ll keep your backpack organized and all your papers in folders, etc. HOWEVER, how often does that really happen?

We’ve traveled a lot with the same backpacks, and had a lot of fun dress up days at school, so there is a lot of weird stuff that we left behind in our backpacks!

Does anybody else have a zillion binders, folders, pencils, highlighters, pencil bags, rulers, loose papers, flashcards, notes, makeup, gum, left over food, apocalypse survival tools, and maybe one extra sock? Or perhaps candy, 500 gum wrappers, and even costume pieces? WE DO!

You’ll get to see us REACT to what’s in our backpacks! You’ll laugh, you’ll be shocked, you’ll be impressed with how prepared Brooklyn is for a zombie apocalypse, and you might be surprised at a few stragglers lurking in our Backpack of Unknowns!

Everyone can relate to this… friends, siblings, girls, boys, teens, moms, dads, and even teachers! Not sure there is much difference between a bag or backpack of a kid in middle school, junior high, or college either! The STRUGGLE is real, folks!

If you thought this video was funny, please be sure to click the “🔔” next to the SUBSCRIBE button, to join our Notification #BBSquad for #PowerHour each week, and leave a comment below telling us what backpack item surprised you most in this video!

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ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Bali Tropical Vacation Self Portrait Ideas (AirBnB Edition)

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ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Bali Tropical Vacation Self Portrait Ideas (AirBnB Edition)

MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –

Fourth edition of my Advanced Selfie challenge, this time coming to you with a Air BnB house tour (ha!) mixed into the challenge.

I’m VERY excited because in this challenge I discovered a new way to edit my photos and I’m hooked. Well…when I say new I mean I started loving one of my other presets so much and I don’t know why I haven’t used it earlier! I LOVE IT!

So I think thanks to this challenge, my style will change from now on. I feel it’s a lot cleaner and a lot more magazine worthy.

I also loved how I really stretched my mind in this instance to try to create photographs that are quite unique. I think I’ve done the Advanced Selfies so long now that I’m constantly looking to find ways to grow. And you all inspire me with your SUPERB work to just get better and better too!

This community of Advanced Selfie-ers (hehe) is really incredible and I’m thrilled we all help each other grow and improve.

Let me know what you think of this challenge and the results! Of course let me know what you’d like to see next from me for this Advanced Selfie Challenge series.

Hashtag your photographs on Instagram – #SorelleAmore #AdvancedSelfie

Here is the link to my first Advanced Selfie Challenge where I was in a Tiny Room and created 7 Advanced Selfies in there:

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Sorelle Amore

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Kissing Prank – Mommy Edition 2018

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Kissing Prank – Mommy Edition 2018
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What’s In My Backpack?! UCLA College Student Edition!

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Hi everyone! So in today’s video I will be showing you all what’s in my backpack! Being a UCLA college student, what’s in my backpack may be different from say high school or middle school students so I hope this gives you all a better feel of what college students and just what I carry in my backpack when I go to class. This was completely candid and I did not put or take anything out of my backpack, this is really what I bring to class so I hope you all enjoyed this video, thank you all so much for watching and I will talk to you in a future video!



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