Travelling 8 Days in ANCIENT EGYPT

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I travelled to Egypt’s TOP locations – Cairo, Giza, Luxor and Aswan for 8 days total. Each location offered something entirely new and amazing.


If you’re nervous about safety, then you might consider this tour. I felt SUPER safe the entire time on the tour.

Where I get my music!

Beach near the SUNRISE Holidays Resort – Hurghada – Egypt

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Beach near the SUNRISE Holidays Resort
Sheraton Rd, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Egypt – sea trips
diving & snorkeling

Blue Safari World Travel

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Landing in Hurghada – Egypt – 2018

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Landing in Hurghada – WELCOME TO EGYPT!
Egypt – Red Sea

Blue Safari World Travel

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Landing in Hurghada (Egypt)
Landeanflug in Hurghada (Ägypten)
Посадка в Хургаде (Египет)
Приземлення в Хургаді (Єгипет)
الهبوط في الغردقة (مصر)
Atterrissage à Hurghada (Egypte)
Lądowanie w Hurghadzie (Egipt)
Aterrizando en Hurghada (Egipto)
Atterraggio a Hurghada (Egitto)
Přistání v Hurghadě (Egypt)
Pristátie v Hurghade (Egypt)
Landing in Hurghada (Egypte)
Landing i Hurghada (Egypt)
Landning i Hurghada (Egypten)
हुरगाडा में लैंडिंग (मिस्र)

Hurghada – Egipt – Morze Czerwone

Egyiptom | Egypt | Hurghada 2018 October | Makadi bay -Things to do in Egypt!!!!

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Niki & Zsolt trip to Egypt. A legnagyobb korallzátony csak egy lépésre van a hoteltől:
Itt szállj meg, ha fontos a vízi élővilág.
The Grand Makadi Hotel/ The best hotel with the most beautiful reef.

0:11 The Grand Makadi Hotel
0:30 The Grand Makadi Beach, Reef
0:46 Our room in the Grand Makadi Hotel
0:49 The Grand Makadi Hotel
1:03 The Makadi Mall (Aladdin)
1:07 The Grand Makadi Beach
1:10 Hurghada Sakkala
1:32 Travel to Luxor
1:35 Luxor, Karnak
2:07 Nílus
2:16 The Grand Makadi Beach
2:41 Quad safari from Hurghada
2:53 Camel ride in beduin village
3:04 The Grand Makadi Reef
3:13 Intro diving near to the paradise island

– Palackos búvárkodás/Diving
– Snorkelling
– Luxor
– Níluson hajókázás
– Ebéd egy Nílus parti étteremben
– Quad safari
– Hurghada városlátogatás éjjel, nappal
– Tevegélés quad safarin
-Tevegélés a hotel melletti partszakaszon
– Marina mecset Hurghada
– Hurghadai halpiac

Legelső zenés videónk, amit összevágtam nektek egyiptomi nyaralásunkról. 🙂

This is our first travel video specially for you about a really nice Egypt holiday in October. 🙂

St Catherine Monastery & Mt Sinai, Egypt in HD

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The Saint Catherine Monastery in Sinai – Egypt, and early morning on the top of the Mount Sinai.
Recorded in April 2007 in HD with Canon HV20.
Paul Avgerinos – Gratitude Joy Part 10

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