Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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[Applause] [Applause] Oh Toby a module ham Limassol me yoky Cyprus it wonderful solution heaven or koshish key Hamlin k morning sunset record Graham what are the beautiful sin we he bought his our just buta s view could record can really sorry rot some slogan is your hair Beach Villas area or finally Homme neige sunset we record here for the birth disputa I hope gap Logan is view enjoy IKEA the johnnesha play a piece fun condos three to four casts of subscribe John Isabella please fun Kardos three to four casts subscribe care of my family uplift friends or a play-doh so ero P sub go request karate please subscribe her there okay in chori chori videos canonically Padma not happy about time that the hot baths are like that they can either upload key support him and he who he go shyam good pinnacles again you to please subscribe conquer those three before thank you very much of Nepal Karthikeya you

Europe Family Vacation Ideas & Planning

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and I'm introducing my family vacation ideas guide to Europe then in this series of videos we'll run through all the best places to stay in Europe then we'll compare some of the vacation rentals with hotels B&BS to some of the different locations all around Europe and find the best family activities and give some helpful tips on how to make the most of your family vacation to Europe then stay tuned and enjoy the series


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hey everyone Julia welcome back to my channel if you have never seen one of my videos before welcome so happy you're here I make videos on travelling and storytelling and today I'm going to be making a video about packing it's going to be pretty geared towards packing in a backpack but there are going to be a lot of helpful hints and tips if you are using a suitcase as well if you're new here go ahead and hit the subscribe button I have it linked here and it is obviously down below in this video just to give you a little background on my travel experience and why I'm qualified to make this video i have backpack pretty much all over the world I've gone backpacking in Central America and India and Nepal Southeast Asia twice and southern Africa and the Caribbean I've also been to Europe and China but I did have a suitcase for those trip maybe my best tips and I don't think they're very obvious ones they're just like little trick I picked up along right so my first tip is actually more of a mindset than I need you to get into I need you to buy into this concept if we're going to move forward we're going to keep working together and that is to just bring less say it with me now bring less stuff okay literally look at everything you want to bring and then cut that in half and then cut that map and then consider bringing less bring less stuff a lot of people don't realize you can do your laundry on your trip I don't care how long it is you can get your laundry done especially in areas like Southeast Asia and Central America you can get your laundry done for like a couple dollars you can also do your laundry in the sink you can also buy more clothes as you go which is really fun and you're going to have more room in your pack for picking up other things and a lot of times you don't really know what you're going to want to wear until you get out there for example I was just in Southeast Asia and I wanted to wear dresses everyday and I was not anticipating that I owned a lot of dresses and so I got to buy a lot of dresses that were like a few bucks and so that was more fun and I would have never anticipated that if I just still might help a couple pairs of pants it's also go for shoes to bring as little shoes as possible I would say if you're athletic at all to playing that hike bringing athletic shoes and then bring a sandal that's really all you need but now that I told you to bring less stuff I'm now going to give you a list of things that I think you should consider bringing I know makes so much sense first I would consider bringing a purse if you're a woman or if you're a man equal opportunity for the genders bringing some kind of bag that's not a backpack a lot of us don't anticipate that they're going to want this but another big thing people don't realize is you're going to act exactly the way you act at home you're going to want to wear the same clothes you're going to want to be the same person and so bring things that reflects that and so give you the first everyday you're going to probably want one while you're traveling and so what I do is I emptied out and I pack it in my backpack and then I put everything that would be in there like the wallet the sunglasses my passport and I put that in my day pack and then switch it out when I want to use the purse the next tip is to buy stick deodorant I know this is really random but sticky odor and I'm talking the kind that you twist and it's kind of a goal oceany or maybe a gel and it twists up this unit literally laughs for months but you could have this for six months depending on your usage habits of deodorant any other kind really is more expensive and you're going to have to replace them longer so this is just one simple way to cut down on weight to cut down on money and to just have something a lot longer left happen also and the toiletry Department I would highly highly highly recommend bringing a toothbrush holder this is going to keep your toothbrush anterior it's really like a small simple thing but a lot of times if it in hospitals you're going to have like shared bathroom and your toothbrush might end up in a lot of places and I end up in your backpack and this is so carefully way to make sure that you don't have nasty germs on a do brush this next tip is for my tech video gurus people who are going to be bringing a lot of love tronic if you're going to be needing to charge a lot of things I would really recommend bringing a power strip because pretty much anywhere you go you might have access to one outlet and if you're going to have to charge all these things people are not going to you very much and so the best way to make sure you still have happy friends that want to hang out with you I would bring a power strip then literally go from being the most annoying person to the most awesome person because now everyone can charge their iPhone while you're charging your camera and your Kindle and your drone and your GoPro and all your other things that you need to be amazing start and again if you are that techie guru I would consider bringing a waterproof electronics bag this is a really good way to ensure that if your bag gets soaking wet your electronics don't it's that simple and you could also use it if you're planning on going on a boat or scuba diving or something someplace really wet Beach this is a great way to just be less stressed about your electronics and on the note of things getting wet I would consider bringing a rain fly for your backpack this is basically like a little rain coat for your backpack again if they're going to be more adventure traveling like you anticipate getting in a van and then surround your backpack at the top of the van and you travel for hours and maybe it's rain this is a good scenario that also if you plan on walking a lot with your backpack and it's going to rain that's a good place to have it but I would say most traveling I've ever done and most travelers I ever met don't really walk around as much with their backpack as they're thinking they will unless you're literally like hiking like a through hiker and you camp every night you aren't leaving the carrier backpack that much you're really going to have it more on a saucer on a car in a car or on an airplane which is bringing me to my next point it would be really great to consider getting in airport this is like a really heavy-duty material with a zipper that kind of pulled out of itself and basically becomes a duffel bag that your backpack can go into and that way when it's in on an airplane or on the bus or anywhere where there's roaming around and completely disrespecting your things and you're so frustrated you can be sure that it's going to nicer your nice backpack is going to stay cleaner nicer and if you has anything on the side they're like hanging off it'll all be together so it's just a great way to keep your stuff nice and safe they have some really good air Porter's that you can be wearing the backpack as a backpack and also have it on so it's a lot easier to go back and forth I'll link that down below and as well as some other great brands that I would recommend another he dies so if anything about this shot change that's life happen so the next tip is to put all of your clothes in packing cubes and I think you've probably heard this before this is the more obvious one but it leads into a bigger concept in that everything in your backpack needs to be within some kind of other back it needs to be a bag full of bags you don't want to have anything loose when I went on my first packing backpacking trips I did not know that and I literally just had clothes in my backpack and I was a complete nightmare anytime I wanted anything I had to take everything out it was like no matter what the thing I wanted was in the middle and I couldn't get it to the bottom or the top it was horrible so you want to have again a bag of bags everything is in a bag and you have maybe like five or six things pull out so having your clothes and packing cubes is just the way it would choose that so when you are packing your bag of bags I would recommend putting everything in vertically and so one mistake I see people making if they kind of just stack their stuff up and then there's all this free pockets of space like on the sides and that isn't being utilized so I put things in vertically and really maximize all the space in and around and don't put anything on like a second or third layer until you are sure there's literally nowhere else you can put something on the side this is my visual yeah without it back back like this not like this I always put my toiletry bag at the very top when I'm packing because it's the last thing you want before you leave I will we crush my teeth or wash my face like before I leave anywhere and it's the first thing you're probably going to want when you get to a new place you're going to be you usually want to brush your teeth again or you want your toiletries so it's nice to have that on top and then if you're going to be somewhere just one night and you're so annoyed you don't want to unpack all your stuff for one night plan ahead and just take a change of clothes and put them at the very top of your bag like to head zippered part that pop compartment put them there and then you won't have to unpack at all now that you're done packing your bag I will go ahead and weigh it and try and keep your bag under about 40 pounds 40 pounds is going to be a limit on a lot of foreign airlines especially Asian one so keep it below there especially because that's already really heavy guys like I would aim for thirty honestly because we're bringing less stuff yes alright those are all my tips for now thank you so much for watching this video I hope it was helpful if you guys have any tips that I didn't mention comment them down below and let's share also if you're going on a trip soon I am so excited for you a comment down below let me know where you're going and again please subscribe to my channel and check out some of my travel blog if you're interested to see where I've been you'll also follow me on Instagram check out some of my photos especially from my recent trip to Southeast Asia and I will see you in a new video very soon you

Cruises from Rome, Italy Exotic World Cruise Vacations

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seen it in the designs was really incredible but it's come to life even better which is really exciting I mean when stuff comes to life that's better than the renderings and then science that's when you know you've really done it we all fell in love with it because even on the drawings it was spectacular it's a place where nobody works yet everybody has everything they want delivered to them 24 hours a day what I do forget we do everything for guests everything works perfectly you something breaks or something doesn't work there's always somebody there to picture for you and we capture the time from the telephone ring peel til you fix everything is fixed you know you have somebody make your bed every day and cook for you you know you all you have to do is figure out what you're gonna do do have fun they partake in fine art eat the finest foods their every whim is catered is there's rumor too long on this vessel but rumor is true reverse true the grass is growing I know more about grass than I ever thought I would in my whole life maybe the most interesting thing about this place is the second group of people the people behind the scenes who make it all happen my passion is ships for things 1.3 is eighty-three thousand horsepower well penthouse it's 1,290 square foot of prime real estate we can pretty much compete with any theater space in the world and we have actually a sucky so many year the crew has its own disco I always have that feeling the urge to get back to the sea because definitely there's no comparison between banana coolship and leave it on lung because every day is different and I think that's what makes me get up in the morning the waiter remembers your name after hearing it only once the one that really catches people off guard is when you cruise a year and a half later and they say hello Bob would you like to Delaware you you

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort | Crete | Greece

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World Travel: Exotic Holidays

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Madrid, Spain with a toddler | Europe Vacation Trip Ideas

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Ola from Madrid thanks so much for visiting my channel I am coming to you day one in Madrid and we're currently every tear apart my family my husband myself and our two year old or soon to be two year old are visiting Madrid for the Thanksgiving holiday and I thought I would do a video telling you what we did and give you some ideas of what to do in Madrid with a toddler currently at ver Tito Park hopefully I'm saying that correctly and there are several from what I read there are several playgrounds here so the children's park where curling at is off Alfonzo it has some rocking animal things I'm sure that has an official name we have a swing set and a slide the ground is actually sand but it's thicker sand and it seemed to be as annoying so I hope you enjoyed this journey with us and you hope it gives you some ideas and things to do with your toddler while you visit me too or any other international City you okay this is day two actually found a music class in Spanish for my son to take part in so this is love awesome magic so I'm saying that wrong with friends isn't great spent many many years just found this place online is actually across from Oviedo Park the area we're staying in so I were really excited about this I think like 10 euros for the class less the break there's yeah so if I'm oh so fast I'll be shaky but music summer for it was a lot of fun the owner there phoniness mr. Lincoln shoes and upstairs at the Music Center was a store so there's a lot of children's toys there is also has an area in which you can play this it's been actually flanked by themselves without making any type of purchases but there are plenty of toys up there so it's a great place to hang out especially if it's a rainy day if you do the music class or not it's still a great place and as a correction it was 15 Europe they do have some classes I believe it's the English classes or English music classes are in Europe at the time that that's what I was quoted for this hood that was certain class of you interested in so walking down the street now and she can see me in my husband in the apartment too get in math and I highly recommended whoever you are traveling with you have a life when the cheerleading just don't make the mistake there just had a bit of an episode absolutely in a second but regarding of the apartment if you have a sound machine of something with 12 christening in a small apartment lots of places in Europe and make sure you have like a sound machine but bring up a converter and that doesn't mid-calf jerk as ours burned out anyway I'm a little lost one other thing I'd like to say is that it's in Cesaro forehead it looks like more than a hat and my bag just fell apart it is a bag of paper because we forgot a hat from him here they had a lot of great selections of ER traveling close that well it is day three are you tired of seeing me my hood and scarf yet well you're just totally being rained out of this trip and doesn't seem like it's gonna get any better and it's gonna rain our last day so this is day three for us one here four full days we had some plane so go to church and do another activity one of the activities that we had anticipated sorry so shake you were welcomed through the park right now back in rutile park or theater park because it's close to us and is raining but we really just needed to get outside unfortunately all of us the city I'm sure it has to do with the time change like asleep and also the fact that it's been raining on our heads for days and it's really cold but we're having a great time regardless and things like our Sun is doing the best out of both of us and about the three of us the husband's probably doing the worst but we're so enjoying ourselves so activities that we planned on taking pardon that we doesn't look like we will be able to I also put those down in the description box so you can possibly look into them yourself nope you don't come during your rainy time oh and it's so cold so we're gonna walk around this park a little bit as you can see it's super raining there are from what I read there are several children's parts here and I'll try to see if I can find another one it's a size of Central Park so it's really big and I don't seem to find max and people can't seem to understand me know so what I also wanted to put in the description box the restaurants that we found that we've really really been enjoying we are a Loeb no meat family sometimes vegan sometimes a vegetarians my son is a B you know so we found some great restaurants that we've been really enjoying and case you needed some ideas if you all health conscious or just wanted something healthy thing you should definitely try it out so so sorry it's not an exciting day maybe something would happen it's just midday right now but that's not feeling well in this weather I don't think stuff we just been doing a lot of playing inside of cars and trucks it iPad do not like at all but you know it's harden in a small apartment hey yeah we are in day for right now and we at the funny–i thankful we're colonias ooh I'm not a key supporter overseas but heard really good things about this one it's just absent my son our son is having a wonderful time you're just going to want to just show you how close and personal you can really get with some of the animals here also there is like a farm air and area I'm not sure people pet or not they don't really have a lot of great sign into English but it was really quite an experience for just to be that close to the farm animal stuff that's well I am sitting in a I'm sitting in a little truck car thing where Here I am in the airport leaving you here we are AMPA have really has a lot of great areas for kids to play which I really appreciate I haven't seen a lot of that in the United States so we're hanging out here in the airport just about to have some breakfast and wait for our flight to start boarding well I hope this video has been helpful to you if you're not already subscribed to my channel please consider it and I'll see you guys next time