Boss Gives Employees Exotic Vacations and Free Cars! ft. Peter Sudarso & DavidSoComedy

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in hard work pays off new what is over that he's Jason Chen I'm Jason Chen submitted by a gofer woke oh yeah call for welcome are you woke like do know about the world right now I totally do woke this generous boss sends his employees on exotic vacations and give them free cars that's not like he's trying to fuck them whoo-hoo-hoo how old is he and it is a female that he's taking out on these free vacations and does he mind if it's a male all right I'm gonna throw it JK and I'm gonna work for this guy yes wait what you're gonna lose take me when you're the boss yep because you can't take care of me better than I can take care of my make every cock and quit your old company brother what us you guys could survive give them cars general oh I know why are you give us cars what the hell I do only one of those like tiny little toy cars it makes two thanks Joe they do I just know how but indirectly I do okay okay all right so this guy his name is radomir Katan and he is a successful businessman from Montenegro what that is not a real place where is that best Europe's it's in the Box Balkan you said get up are you sure about that that should've been like a quick question because I'm pretty sure we got it wrong yeah I do like in South America yeah Montenegro especially because I said it better with the Latin yeah Montenegro I thought I wasn't ask him some reason black mountain– you hope the negro yeah oh so he's a European dude yes Eastern European standard so you know he likes a musky ask alone his favorite Cologne is trapar nor all of us – where's tracks I know why he's giving away free fucking cars he's Eastern European he owned a couple parking lots and that's what he's doing right now oh that's what I'm investing for he owns a tow truck company are he owns gas stations run carwash brah can't you guys just accept that this is a good man ya know I always saw you was good from the start that's why I said I'm going to work for him the section not for the car good man but I also know that he smells like cigarette and musky Cologne okay well and probably has he unzips is quite in shirt this much white shirt as a fuckin coma then that's a jacket yeah I am going to make a fucking t-shirt with his Jesus I own a few a t-shirt with a fuckin wasn't loud I'm talking about oh he said he the hostess I didn't say too sure I say a shirt there's a difference it could have been a problem the blue line that has a zipper banging my god oh you're gonna have it zipped out of here hairy chest with this fucking hair busting out like I'm like as I was fiction I like white fucking t-shirt that's the fuck is it worth good we would have it look like I did a picture yes yes no happy funny if it's exactly how we describe what an Asian do you got smokin I got long he is slightly overweight wrong time I think it a little bit but that like fat buff like like like body yeah big body can I guess to slightly balding him and he he may or may not wear glasses depends on what his mood is in Pacific they are glasses there's those big square one with like a with like a gold brim sweet oh oh he has a couple of sunspots on the neck let's do this I give up just I think you well first of all you guys want to know what he does I I already know we're good he gives cars parking Mart car wash or he smuggles Cologne it's none of them he all she heard her men couch another Leone fianza largest sporting goods store team big 6o gonna be some big fix it's a con sport all kakan sports I heard of it I hope I'm pronouncing exactly what I just said this is what it look like pretty darn good Bobby you kind of good you got where your track suit though ha ha ha is like uh on the contrary proof Oh recently got into politics so this is like his political photo oh so see that so you would have been other watches political photo which is telling everyday photo Adidas tracksuit yeah or cuma next moto I'm going to show you our villa is the photo of the four employees I received cards from him after like you would get more of them in card one you know me that's a lot no but let me hear me up so he rewards his most hardworking employees and the most loyal Oh like rewarding not just these four employees like other employees so he sees that they deserve certain things absolutely cool over here the pretty one so these are the four employees that that looks like the Russian mob or something yeah why does it look like a Russian mop of 2004 yeah it's like undercover actually yeah the track jacket know that he's wearing all the feet that's what I forgot motorcycle jackets and racing jacket yep OD in the center yes he's pretty tall dude huh yeah so he surprised them I was a blue and like they were they were like crying and Richards like I can't believe this I can't believe this happen an Audi surprise VW so he gave to VW Golf 6 and 2 VW Polo we don't know what those are to the Europeans yeah they're not it could be different ones the Gulf is of with paid insurance so cool we do me that's a punch buggy right she's got a bunch of punch buddies not the golfing the golf is their hatchback Jenna useful besides I don't see no de and Honda Accord even though you mister not Toyota so really hold on us Toyota's are like Yuri sir like it's not a pristine yah-ha-ha patio de so this other employee this employee here so he found out that here he looks pretty miserable in that the Jews he wasn't even out even though the cars away no no secretary use like enjoy give him cars his hairline is like fucking took out from Sesame Street he's like the cow from says me 101 grand prize to cool rewards for a good employ oh yeah so if this one is really sweet so he found out that this employee was saving all of his paychecks to be able to go to Brazil to see the World Cup and so when he found out about that he decided to take him himself with his own money and I give him a paid trip oh my god this guy's amazing yeah I was like a saint and in this one is just him hanging out with his friend no zipper skills damn look at that fuckin turtleneck suppose he also gifted that ones like that heavy do anyone do this more fabric around his neck to his body like what oh yeah you look he's a penguin guy from a collection together he got him oh yeah that's just please oh we we make fun of it cuz we had a great life he also were so jealous right now I go haters yeah so a couple of years ago he also sent a group of 14 employees on an exotic vacation to the Bahamas and also to the gazelle so it's like another group damn shows else so yeah black singer welcome to jazz night my name is Giselle you saying that he sent them there simply because they deserved it that's so Jen determine oh how you deserve it like in a company like what's his level because everybody you know some people are hella generous and it's kind of like you do all the bare minimum in this life you deserve it and some people are just fucking dick faces so you have to do some superhuman shit – deserve it I just want to know what his standards are yeah I want to know – because they also sent them on a luxury yeah cuz I'll quit right fucking now if you know can't quit you can quit your old come can't quit something you created fuck i'm trapped forever i just want to sell tennis rackets and freakin soccer balls in Moldova Montenegro yes Europe um so listen I wanted to tell you guys one of his coat of his because I thought it was really nice so keep that so when he was being asked like why don't you just go like you cheaper means to reward rooms bullshit you can't do that bonuses or small raise I don't believe it out bullshit this is what he said money comes and goes when memories are forever I have a friend who runs their travel agency and I asked him what's on offer and the prices because I wanted to offer my employee vacation when they returned they were happier and worked even harder they showed me photographs and we left together at their adventures that's a freaking good leader man yeah that isn't I just you know that for a fact he's making so much money but he could do this yeah but I'd love to have money that wouldn't do that that's what I'm saying I want to know how much money his company is making I don't know I mean like if if you look at it on a bigger scale of things it's really not that much to send a handful of employees we do it every year that's right and we probably don't make any more goes to what do you guys make so what Josie the same hey I'm a fuckin good boss I know so you're saying you're gonna leave us I'm like no you are this bus or to Quadro I don't want to do this anymore imagine smiling it is here come round at this time somewhat I have reproduce what did I get myself into oh fucking funny hey guys would you think of that video I know you loved it so make sure to hit that like button to watch more videos check it out up here