Holidays In Rajasthan India Tour : Jaisalmer Border Safari Travel To Tanot .

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SAFARI | Trailer & Filmclips deutsch german [HD]

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[Musik] [Musik] das krokodil laut ich mach dir zu hören es dauert ein bisschen bis das eis wird hast du schon mal in eine standheizung gedacht ja klar werde irgendwann nachrüsten ich bin so ein bastard üblich macht sowas immer gerne ich hatte das gar nicht aus los ohne standheizung oder im winter main im sommer ist es wärmer da hast du so was schon öfter gemacht öfter ist übertrieben aber im auto fand ich eigentlich ganz dicke idee ja das war früher so ein treffpunkt 16 17 jahren trinken kiffen emotion ja es sollte mir vielleicht mal anfangen also ich meine du geschrieben hast dass du nicht so lang kannst also terminlichen eigentlich soll ich anfangen ich suche ein pakt verlängerungs präservativ als sie meinen stimulieren die kondome für elexxion stellungen der ist sowieso eine native bratwurst ich gerne hoffnung ich gerne maus ich kenne trampeltier und viele vogel strom da [Musik] nein gegen manche brauchen ich habe sie alle studien in der wissenschaft kommen wir gehen aus erfahrung da ist dieser immer im auto fand ich eigentlich nicht als richtige idee da wird mir gleich ganz ein wir stellen uns an die wand das hat mich ja das ist ja kein fremdgehen neben dem klassischen sinn [Musik] aber das habe ich gerade hinter mir ja das stimmt sagt der st die nächste party [Musik] geh doch selber bitte gib deiner sexuelle präferenz grad 69 kenne ich aber 71 69 plus je ein finger im po seiten [Musik]

The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human

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having a cat on my adventures has taken my outings to a whole nother level all right here we are got my kitty on my back doing the little adventure de Simon take a look hats love nature specialty Simon every time I walk near the door to go outside he races to the door he looks up and he gives me this like short little meow sound that makes me know that yeah I'm ready to go out I think Simon loves the outdoors here's a great example right here I have this this crate of grass and look he decides he wants to lay on the grass I've been adventuring for the majority of my life it started way back when I was a little kid just exploring the creeks in my backyard but my real outdoor career began in college when I started the excursion Club back in 2003 and I realized in that moment that whoa this is this was my calling this was the way that I could help the world and help the earth when I graduated college I I thought I need to do this on a bigger scale Media was the key to be able to influence more people on a much larger scale especially those that maybe are unable to travel as much and see the rest of the world yeah town joined himself to hang loose in the fire Simon and I have gone on road trips all across the US road trips that have been as long as 20 consecutive hours we have gone to deserts we have gone a majestic forests and we've even camped in the snow so yeah Simon [Laughter] we are one Hanken simon doesn't really want to walk today he's making me carry him and we're at the ocean right now I'm a person that is all about getting to the top getting to the destination Simon loves adventure and having Simon has helped me to embrace more of the journey and really appreciate the moment and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature the first time that he went into the water I was so terrified cuz I didn't know if he could swim or not and I'm thinking to myself I'm gonna have to jump in and rescue him and how am I gonna do this is he gonna drown so it's really terrifying but then when I saw that he immediately got to his instincts and started swimming that was amazing I would love to take Simon to a really tropical location and I would like to just kind of take him snorkeling and just you know like have you ever seen a cat snorkel before so because he loves fish I just I just got a fish tank and he loves it he loves staring at the fish so I think taking him somewhere tropical where we can go in and swim with a fish he would love it I think Simon introduced me to the wild he's not much of a talker can you get up and say goodbye to everybody oh do you want to say goodbye you

10 Affordable Exotic Vacations You Need To Take

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Rock Beard presents 10 surprisingly affordable exotic vacations you need to take immediately number 10 the azureus portugal a true vacation destination you can interact with the locals at the various natural swimming pools and hang out in the beautiful natural surroundings you can find four-star hotels as low as one hundred and twenty-four dollars and nights so you won't be sleeping on the streets here these Orient's have their very own culture and traditions separating them from the mainland Portugal check out the islands carnival bash whatever you decide to do you'll be able to chill out and relax in a relatively pristine island environment not too shabby number 9 South Africa it's time to head south way south when you get there visit the tune equal wildlife awareness and rehabilitation centre in the Western Cape of South Africa you can pay fifty four dollars to take one of the captive bred cheetahs on its daily exercise walk just make sure you don't dress like a gazelle that day when you're ready to sleep spend the night and nothing go back Packers Lodge number eight komari beach santorini island once only a small fishing and agriculturally centered culture Kumari has turned into quite the hot spot a burgeoning tourist economy means a large array of accommodation options including some very reasonably priced ones there's also nightclubs bars and cliff diving for the adrenaline junkies number number seven the Great Wall of China over 13,000 miles long but not as widely purported visible from space the Great Wall is an incredible sight to see start at the Beijing buttling Great Wall which is where the first tourists was allowed to visit in 1957 as for your stay in the area check out the Great Wall courtyard youth hostel where you can get rates as low as $64 a night number six Samos Greece visit this Grecian island if you're into wine why because you can pick grapes directly from the vine and the grapes and olives here have been handpicked for centuries no machine processing here number five Alaska there are still many untamed areas of the United States for example Alaska hiking biking and camping are all popular but an activity you can do on a budget is fishing go for the halibut a local favorite if you come during the right part of the year you may even be able to see the aurora borealis number 4 Dallas Texas get a little taste of the south and head to Texas for some true comfort food museums parks and other attractions will keep you going during the day but a hearty meal of steak and potatoes is what will keep you here forever stay at Hotel Indigo for 104 dollars a night it's right by public transportation and restaurants what more could you need number 3 the Dead Sea apparently the waters of the Dead Sea have healing powers as well as aesthetic effects for those who choose to go all the way and slather some mud and minerals all over your body number 2 iguazu falls between Argentina and Brazil how about visiting one of the seven wonders of the world located on the border between Argentina and Brazil these waterfalls have 275 separate drops with the longest measuring in at 269 feet local myth says that a deity was to marry a woman who fled with mortal love in a canoe as punishment the woman and her lover were to fall for all of eternity so stay away from the edges okay number one st. Kitts aka the sugar city the island of st. Kitts was traditionally a sugar monoculture but has transitioned to tourism in its more recent years attractions like the st. Kitts music festivals were set up to attract travelers to the small island nation if you'd like a less touristy experience hang out with the local Kitty shion's no don't call them kidneys wherever you decide to go remember your travels don't have to be constrained by your bank account get the most bang for your buck and go somewhere budget-friendly don't forget to subscribe for more videos