BACKPACK AQUARIUM with Exotic Fish | Monster Mike Fishing

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We created the ultimate portable aquarium to take your pet fish everywhere with you. Even while fishing! Thank you to Lea Anne P. (@leaannep) for helping us catch exotic fish. No fish were harmed during the filming of this video.
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Namibia – Namib desert, Fish River Canyon, African Safari, by land and drone.

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Time lapse, wildlife and landscape in the Namib desert, Namibia.
Filmed in the Namib Desert, Fish River Canyon, Spitzkoppe Mountains and the areas around Swakopmund.

Most footage shot on the Canon C300 Mark II and available in 4K – contact Martin Harvey at

Special thanks to Ryno Viljoen, Naankuse Wildlife Foundation, and Stuart Hebbard of Swakapmund.

Music by Blue Planet – Terry Devine-King Audio Network

Sydney Fish About Experience: The World’s Best Holidays on 7 | LUXURY ESCAPES

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Not only a famous sailing harbour, Sydney Harbour is also a fantastic fishing spot.
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Reel Time Fishing Charters Matt Cini Fishing Narooma King Fish

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Matt Cini from Reel Time Fishing Charters fishing for Narooma King Fish with George and Michael Muscat ! on his easter break just b4 he goes and starts his Blue Fin Tuna seaon off portland ! what a great way to spend a day on my easter holidays in narooma montague island

Squishy Fish Feet w/ PIRATES! Cancun Mexico Travel Vlog Part 4

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Albertine Sarges – Exotic Deep Water Fish

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Lipsync and diva moves: the Sticky Fingers aka Lisa Baeyens & Rosa Mercedes
Director and camera: Max Hilsamer
Camera assistance: Cooper Blade
Music: Albertine Sarges
Mix & Master: Andi Rogge & Lo Selbo
Lyrics: Harriet Rabe

This song was sung by Albertine & Harriet aka Team Salmiakki
Lyrics by Harriet Rabe using Whatsapp-Messages with flatmate Laura in Helsinki. Later Laura was positively surprised to find her words in a song. This is a Finnish song, reflecting parts of local culture, like washing carpets in the fading daylight, mooses, blond girls, sauna, salmiakki and Töölö.

It’s out on “Shrimp Favour”, the instant soup record:


seventeen more minutes of daylight
washing carpets is fun

bags of frozen peas
yeah that’s my kind of treatment
can we meet at the public toilet?
i’m with the big black dog

should i throw away your ham, my dear?
OK – is your hat ready?

i got some confidential
insider informanation
it is not out yet

you are like an exotic
deep water fish
all light is too much

sun! no jacket! what is this!
i planted a plant
and some funky flowers

sauna it is
everyone is blond
seven blonde girls

oooh how i would
love to have lasagna
not in my hair though
not in my hair though

oooh how i would
love to have lasagna
not in my hair though
not in my hair though

you are like an exotic
deep water fish
all light is too much
team salmiakki
noooo, salty and strong
sunburn deluxe

a moose broke into a bank in töölö
and it died
on top of a church
by police brutality
quite poetic

you are like an exotic
deep water fish
all light is too much
team salmiakki
noooo, salty and strong…

Holiday In Nong Serm Resort, How to find fish in Lao #Vlog06

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Holiday In Nong Serm Resort….

Welcome to my Channel, Shows with traveling, vlog, Photo shoot and share my memory to the world.
☆Camera: Cannon 700D, Len 50mm
☆Editing software: Sony Vegas Pro13, Photoshop
☆Music source: NCS, NoCopyrightSounds

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Sri Lanka | Negombo Fish Market

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#Negombo is a perfect spot to catch your breath before you take on the rest of the island of #SriLanka, close to the airport it’s a delightful fishing village with its own charm.

Every day, the fishers take their #Oruvas (traditional outrigger dug-out canoe) to catch the fishes they will sell in this amazing fish market.

Come with me and discover the enormous variety of fish for sale and the secret ingredient in every good sambal.

How to go to Negombo :

About Will Meyrick:
Will Meyrick lives and breathes Bali. It’s his home and also the home of five his restaurants. For Will, Bali means fun, food, culture and travel. It remains a place of infinite inspiration for Will as a chef.

Back from his trip to Sri Lanka in 2018, he created a lot of new Sri Lankan inspired recipes for his restaurant Sarong (

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Thailand’s Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park has 10 of The World’s Largest Fish

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If you are a really looking to impress your friends with a catch of the day, you should consider booking a trip to Thailand. The southeast Asian country has a little-known lake that boasts some of the largest carp in the world – and huge specimens of other varieties. The fish are so gigantic that the lake is starting to make ripples in the angling world. Incredible photographs on the location’s Facebook page show successful anglers posing happily with their gigantic catches, some of which can weigh a whopping 200lb. Situated among vibrant rice paddies in the shadows of dramatic limestone mountains, the striking Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park possesses 10 of the world’s largest carp. The lake has been designed and stocked for sport fishing, so forget taking your catches home for supper. ‘Catch and release’ photos are encouraged, but must be taken on an unhooking mat on your knees, with the fish raised no more than two feet from the ground. Only tackle set up as provided by the fishery must be used to promote the safety and well-being of the fish. Currently there are 17 species stocked including giant Siamese carp, Indian carp, Amazon redtail catfish, Niger ripsaw catfish, giant snakehead, tambaqui and alligator gar. And special rules are given for one of the lake’s largest inhabitants, Arapaima from the Amazon. Capable of growing to a length in excess of 10 feet in the wild, these large fish are only allowed to be unhooked in the water, and cannot be raised out of the lake to avoid injury. Those looking for a peaceful afternoon on the lake can expect to fork out 5,800 baht (£113) for the experience, with accommodation available at the resort for those wanting to make a trip out of it. The park said on its Facebook page: ‘As the venue grows in popularity, with more lines in the water, anglers bait going in like there’s no tomorrow and the introduction of more and more monsters, Jurassic’s carp fishing is second to none.’