Fly Fishing at Cedar Valley Trout Fishery Mullaghbane

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Cedar Valley Trout fishery is located in the South Armagh Village of Mullaghbane. Ti Chulainn Cultural Activity Center offers accommodation close to Cedar Valley and is a great location for angling holidays in Northern Ireland. Visit for more information.

Carp Fishing At Luccombes Coarse Fishery – Re-opening 2018!

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The OTBA crew head back to Luccombes Coarse Fishery to fish for Carp on Ash pond. The fishery has been shut for several months whilst new owner Dave carries out a total site revamp. New swims , stock and paths have been built around the fishery to greatly improve the angling experience.
We get a first look at whats going to be one of the South Wests best fishing holiday venues.
Tune in an see what the place is all about and what we manage to catch!

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“A Carp Fishing Holiday” Furzebray Lakes

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The on the bank angling team head to Furzebray lakes for a weeks Carp fishing. With fish to well over 40 pounds in the lake could they catch a real monster and break their personal bests. Follow them through the week and find out!
Tips and tactics. Highs and lows. Joy and frustration. This video has it all. Enjoy!

“Better Days”
“Acousitc Breeze”
“A New begining”
“Funny Song”

All By Bensound


“Hot Rod”

Purple Planet Music


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