“A Carp Fishing Holiday” Furzebray Lakes

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Fishing holiday lodges in Norfolk – Langmere Lakes Lodges

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lemmya lakes are beautifully positioned in the heart of Norfolk stunning countryside complementing a tranquil setting with fantastic contemporary design creating a perfect retreat for couples and families seeking to escape and relax in rural little just a short drive away is bustling Norwich home to fabulous shops an ancient cathedral and vibrant nightlife land mere lakes are a perfect base for exploring the coast and the Norfolk Broads there are also five well stocked fishing lakes covering seven acres to be found at Langley lakes land may Lakes offers a fantastic selection of lodges all with contemporary design features and in a peaceful rural setting why not visit Langmuir Lakes for your holiday break to book now visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor

King Salmon on the fly – Salmon fly fishing holidays

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a real is talking just now all you have this fish on four already we might need to go through a ball right here get get this fish back on the hill the party suppose that fish took us out we started off on the bank but now we're in the boat and it going hey horn then they're holding good daddy's got this bait because I'd be swimming like a fish in the net utterly awesome fight utterly awesome follow this guy still heavy I can hardly lift when our posse of 10 Fishman left Britain for Alaska west cap we had expectations but we did not know exactly what to expect what we did know to fishing the connector river and it was repeated to have excellent flyer water which to catch fresh king salmon by lunchtime and the first day of fishing I had a much better idea five Kings hooked roughly between 2001 came off early on for came within yards of schooling me required a boot to chase them down two of which were landed do not be fooled into thinking but it is a fish comedy here sometimes you have to work long and hard between catching a king and once on they often bounce off again in between dull moments you can have spectacular fishing for rainbows and other four species of Pacific salmon pending on the season none of whom are pushover sorry gotta read let work and he's up again what a bread mom seemed got there well I'll tell you he's a lot stronger than the Santa shake the ladder you you

john rawle fishing holidays in the florida keys

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hi I'm John Rowe welcome to autumn broader in the Florida Keys all Android is known as a sport fishing capital of the world because of the huge variety of different fish here we fish here from January through to June to cover the most of these species Oh most basic ways before a big tarpon sharks but also you've got redfish permit bonefish jacks barracudas steamed rice and a lot of other species not spicy tray out lady fish all the great fun on very very low attacking each other yes that is a real root with this boat if the weather is calm enough I can go offshore and fish for other sports in Fisher in the blue water such as Dorado dolphin and kingfish the rest of the video just gives you a small insight on some of the things that go on over here a little bit of action I hope you enjoy it see like big fish I hope you enjoyed the video come and see us soon Cheers you

Pretend Play Fishing with Crane Trucks: Playing with Bruder Toys Holiday Edition

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Fishing Holidays at White Acres Holiday Park

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white acres is a perfect place for anglers and families who enjoy a spot of fishing there are great facilities here and a choice of stunning beaches nearby let's go take a look around this is Jenny's Lake and it's one of 13 fishing lakes at white acres here you can catch all types of fish carp bream tench and more the lakes are a great place to cast your line but they also make this part really relaxing and tranquil and you don't have to be an angler to appreciate a view like that this park is one of the UK's premier fishing destinations and white acres host festivals all year round including the famous part Dean masters part Dean also organized smaller weekly resident matches for all you keen amateurs and they offer junior angling tuition these lakes offer a challenging angling experience whatever your level and there are experts on site to offer handy hints and tips a well stocked tackle shop for all your needs plus there's the first bite lakeside cafe where you can pick up a full English breakfast or if you're just a little bit peckish a drinking a snack you

Carp Fishing Rigs with Derek Ritchie on Carp Fishing Holidays in France

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hi my name is their beauty and I am the dawn and I'm here for a bit of invasion all right we are here in Normandy and we are the light called carp invasion right what a place we've got a beautiful beautiful bungle our meal with my wife Beverly all right and we're catching some wonderful fish to fall trees today than a harmony furries but the fish is bond but we're gonna have a great time I'm loving it not much sleep at night though so why we I'm going to show you my rig that I'm using to catch the fish why I'm using a 24 pounds stiff nylon I'm using MV toes long shank hook right sharp is like Mako MV toes right we've got just a tiny little swivels that we're using right and there I'm going to show you how it all works all right what we're gonna do is put this week together quite basically like this right threading it on cut it to the length that you want to cut it off to and use them not too short all right they might do is they're not least not on the back the hook you can do it something you do it five six turns or a little bit more just makes it it's a blow that week and what you've got is you've got oh there you go all right we've tied the knot listen all right and you kids out there I'm they're gonna show you that I'm gonna burn it all right I'm gonna show you how I burn it so that it forms a little blob on the end just be careful with that lighter this is a tricky bit especially when you ain't got your glasses on it will get there push it throat I didn't say they I'll put it on there so you can see it all right we've got a little loop and I put a swivel that's a size 8 Swiffer on them on the back of it and all you kids just be careful when you do this they're in kidding me right I hope that they're like that and then burn it back if you try and do it in between your nails what you end up burning your bloody nails on the curb all right so that's blob firm so that near you've got the you know so I can plug the rig back that's worked really really well so far since our premiere I'm going out any hope pools we're gonna cut the cut-offs but I'm and then there any hope bones on it boy that's the finished article there look with the little swivel at the back and then well done this is quite quite good well done they're not I've put a little elastic band on the top of it so what I can do if you get one of your rigs white you can put the boilie on they fed on mycelia over the last few months so they're quite accustomed to a bit of oil i they put a little bit of power clean and some hemp hemp pellet and some hard salut le palate so we're putting that into our mix and you can put all sorts of combinations for this you know that's that's a botton bite and that one's to pop up alright so what I'm doing here making it you know some really bright colors on the bike so that they stand there on the bottom push that round through there like that look at that little fella look at that that easy that's the way you catch him so you've got a bottom bait and a pop-up and then he goes that's the rig as you can say I'm getting some fabulous or hold on there that's going Roy is especially using that hour-long shake that's one thing I'll say about me at my 4 MV toes they're very very sharp and the poor I'll mr. Karpe don't stand the chance when that gets in there when he sucks my steel it's all over you

Fishing holidays in spain, our first three visitors.

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so he's goes first Spanish fish what hasn't landed it yet but close to close to getting his first fish borrowing the car you will get the net played record shall we you had a spins a bit tight so we having a bit of trouble filming here oh that's mr. ice fields first fish let's pray you

Puyravaud French Carp Fishing Holidays – Promo Video

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hi I'm Mike Salisbury and this is he Tong to provo which is a six acre lake in the Sharon region of France this lakes been here since the 1700 so it's steeped in local history but more recently it's been stocked with about 150 carp to over 55 pounds it's now owned by English couple Marion and Peter Jackson and in this video we're going to show you everything that per mo has to offer this lake is around six and a half acres and we're quite fortunate that its stream fed so we get good flow of water through the lake at all times and that means that during the summer months we we don't tend to get much variation in depth so that works out quite well for the fishing we have at the far end behind me we have a depth of around three and after four feet and over to the my right hand side we get down to a depth of about 12 feet average depth is probably round about four and a half to six feet yeah we've got sick swims we've got five swims on the house side this side of the lake including one double which is where we're we're situated at the moment and on the far side we just have the one swim which we lovingly call Billy no-mates we've stopped all of the fish in the lake ourselves and we have a hundred and forty five fish all over 12 / 20 pounds i should say the biggest fish that we have in the lake is 55 pounds 2 ounces we've stopped and the current late record is 51 pounds yeah we're beginning to get some sort of record around those growth rates this year we're seeing average weights from people that are catching at somewhere around three to three and a half pound higher than it was this time last year so on average about three to three-and-a-half pounds which is quite a reasonable graduate we're quite pleased with that so what we're going to do in literally a few weeks time is we're going to drain this lake down and what we're going to do is take as many of the small fish out as we can in order to get hopefully even better growth rates for it for next year but yeah the plan is to take all the small fish out and we're going to do that pretty much every year from now on fishing wise we were really looking forward to getting stuck into some of the beasts that lurked in the depths of pure about joining us for the first couple of days fishing with British anglers Gary and Frank who wasted no time in getting stuck in a 6-3 6-2 26 too let's not touch found Kevin thank you sorry twice x 12 we take 12 coming between 27 oh yeah and I don't know what the way to this fish down 37 for you Frank had been having a great day and it was made even better when he banked one of the lakes biggest residents 4049 10 in the net 4911 now that's zeroed is it yeah that's the length of it forty nine to ten forty nine eleven forty nine eleven you're short 50 put it the second biggest common in the light oh the cross our swim had been quiet for most of the day but there's night drew in with things were about to pick up into the night on the first night here at pure of Oh how's this perfect out of a new venue for four pounds two ounces chunk was it cool this is another fish that falls to the monster squid what a chunk yeah baby new french PB didn't fight at all out and open water just did it all under the rod tip it was only when it rolled over the net that I finally saw how big it was absolutely chuffed with that let's get this fella back in the war we got here is a big 24 pounds 10 ounces fish in the light by any means but it's certainly a really lovely looking fish but of an excellent scrap gave a good account of itself another one falls to the monster squid you can't really complain about that all right what we got here Connor 26 pound fish come on squid nice one getting put back also joining us for some of the session was former World Cup Classic champion mark Gardner who is very keen to have a crack at some of the stunning pure of oh fish I this is mark on here on his first night at pure of oh and he's bagged himself a lovely mirror check that out would you get that on mark talk soon give up I mean fantastic think should give it a quick wage and then hit that in yeah okay I think we should 34 and the whole night lovely watermark that's another Kraken it's on the provo mirror it's getting back in the water again all okay here we go it's another one for the the album this is a 30 pound ten outs here of O'Meara caught just buy the damn wall about 5 10 minutes ago put up a really good fight this one did really pleased with this fish and as you can see well hopefully you can see it's quite dark but it's another one that's in mint condition I really are in a great Nick these fish fighting fit from start to finish okay Connor what we got here it's 29 pounds near a cop caught on the monster squid where else did you get it from inside of the lake yeah we've got this sir by taking it out there with the bait boats and a lot of big fish Bachand right down the far end all day so we took it out there in the bait boat with about 10 20 freebies about eleven o'clock at night now we just nodded off to sleep and it rattled off like no one's business and that the near the you know is that PB yep well done mate Cheers daytime remained quiet for our swims but as with previous nights we wouldn't be getting much sleep right Mike you got your second fish how big is it is 26 for and what did you get that on son again can't zone 13 old boy lee skip the egg man now the small fish side I'm on my right what we got here then Connor pound neuron 31 wasn't it 31 kalimera corner monster squid from the snuggie area and is this a PB yep new PB to pb's broken in one week what do you reckon to this like then I think it's fat haha I thought you might okay this last night and managed to get one out 32 pounds nine ounces on the monster squid again really nice fish this one temperatures outside plummeted considerably gotta seem to effective or send you to come to the movie from this warehouse hopefully there might be a couple war before dawn we shall see let's put it back there was a serious drop in temperature for the final few days of the session but this didn't stop us from catching a few last-minute pure of Oh crackers well he's done it again another PB by a matter of ounces 31 pounds and 9 what you get that on so how do we go about capturing this one fish not fade area again right I've managed one more I'm going to pack up in a few hours it's going to be dark but managed to get this one 28 and a half gettin lovely mint condition your location I'm going to sling the rods out again cheap maybe get another one you never know yeah so this is our second lake at pure vogue I'm very excited about this particular project we're talking about something that's going to take us around 12 months to to finish off what we have here is a three and a half acre lake not been touched for many many tens of years so there's a lot of work to do but as I say it should be a lovely leg when it's actually finished we've got to drain this lake down which we're going to do in a few weeks time and then it's a complete renovation we have 2d silt the lake we have to completely renovate the the damn wall take out some of the the trees that are in the lake at the moment and literally do a complete renovation on it and it will take us somewhere in the region of 12 months yeah we'll end up with three swims one at the far end a double swim in the middle of the lake and another swim at this end of the lake so they'll just be the three swims for a lake of this size we've got some really good plans again pretty excited about this our fish farmer has reserved 60 fish all of them will be over 30 pounds so between 30 and 50 pounds will start and start the lake off we should all being well be open oh this lake should be open at we're thinking around april 2014 pure OVO most exceptional accommodation for guests the first building being a newly renovated cottage this will sleep four people in two bedrooms one upstairs and one downstairs there's a large open plan lounge dining area and fully equipped kitchen both bedrooms are fully furnished and offers guests the luxury of ensuite shower rooms in each you the barn is the larger of the two buildings and will cater for groups of eight to ten people there's a large open plan area downstairs which encompasses the games room and lounge in addition there's a large dining area fully fitted kitchen and utility room upstairs guests will have the use of four bedrooms one king-size one double and two twins as with the cottage all bedrooms have a luxury ensuite shower room well we've known Pete for a few years now and we actually helped develop the lake and myself and Gary we helped build the swims some three years or so ago we helped him select the fish as well when we stopped it again a couple of stockings and you know we've seen it from its infancy really Oh God professional by trade back home and Peter and Marian that own pure vote came to me about six seven years ago and there was members at the golf club and said they were going to buy a lake in perhaps with a lake in front so you know I have my own fisheries back home and and I just got involved that way really just came out probably two three times a year built swims helps stop the fish ongoing maintenance really this is the first time this week really that we've properly had a couple of days fishing or caught fishing anyway so yeah it's about six seven years now it was Marion and Peter who kindly gave me an invitation to come have a look at this lake and my first impressions is that I'm very impressed I know it dates back a long time and I some friends of mine has said it's been stopped and I'm quite pleased with the whole environment as you can hear it's really really quiet round here and the way there's been good so it is but it's been a good star well I think I've caught about 12 fish in the last couple of days best so far there was a mirrored just shy of 50 4912 I think it was that's one of the first fish are caught and then a common just over 40 41 and a few answers i think it was but they're all in absolutely fantastic condition every fish we've caught they've all been absolutely superb 2 or 3 30 s and a few mid 20s but everyone without fail has been absolutely superb cracking fight as well the condition of the face of lovely I think the only thing is that they're in good health the young fish so inevitably the spawn so there's a lot of small fish in the lake which obviously will take out November when we drain the lake down and then I think they'll see a big big difference in in you know in the size of the fish in the growth rates saying that there's probably been 30 fish caught and there's only one under 20 pounds so you know the average weight is pretty good I've been a lot of fish the biggest been 34 hoping to get bigger but I've got another couple of days yet so hopefully we'll have a bigger one because I'm pretty sure and I know they cover there's a 50 / 50 pound in here well I don't think there's anywhere else like it really i mean the the standard of accommodation is absolutely sancta don and it's an ideal place to come you know if you want to come with the family really there's a say brilliant accommodation there's a swimming pool you know if you if you wanted to just come over with some lakes as as you often do that it's a great place for that if you wanted to come with with friends and family of children you could do that now you know have a fish down at the lake and the women can be around the pool or shopping or whatever women do but it's it's a one-off than that point of view I've never known another French Corp like like it you know so many of them are just rough and ready you have to go a week without a shower or anything like that here you've got all the facilities you could ever ask for it's absolutely superb second to none it's good fishing the fish are in good condition as well which which surprised me because a lot of the fisheries you know that they really hammered throughout the year but the condition of the fish and the condition of their mouth is really good that's I'm impressed with there's probably hundreds of lakes like this one in front but I think what sets it apart is is is the setting and the accommodation you know the accommodation seconds are on now I appreciate it probably won't suit everybody you're serious you know big fish big water angler but if you know if you've got the the gentleman and the ladies that want to come away and and have a week fishing with the family you know I think you can't go wrong and as I say you know the size of the fish the condition of the fish it's not a hard like to fish so inevitably I think most people will catch but as I say if you want to bring your family away then I don't I've never seen a place with any better accommodation at all never okay I'm now here with Marion I'm Peter Jackson who the owners of provo firstly from a cell thanks very much for inviting myself on my family down for the week we've really enjoyed every aspect of our state it's been great so thank you for that first thing I'd like to ask you is a little bit about the history of pure of oh and how you first acquired it and so forth so we acquired it in 2005 so it dates back to around the start of the 18th century we've had some some history work done on the place so we're pretty sure about about the timings I guess some of the recent history is the property was actually used as part of the resistance in the Second World War and the cottage where you've been staying was actually the head office of the resistance movement used by Colonel shaban so a lot of history about the place over the last few hundred years okay Pete how long would you say it's taking you to develop this venue into a proper cart fishery yes so and so as I said we bought the property back in 2005 so we've been pretty much at it for for seven and a half years so I guess the first thing was really to renovate all three properties so the house the barn and the cottage once we've done that we we also were doing the lake at that at the same time so that took probably another 12-18 months but all in all to get to where we are today seven and a half years right Marion can you tell us a little bit about the type of holiday you're offering please yeah we would like to think we're doing something a little bit different from normal just carp fishing so what we're trying to do is offer the families and the wives and children chance to come along with their dads to fish but also enjoy the swimming pool nice accommodation barbecues in the evening that type of thing so it's a family mixed with the carp fishing Peter can you tell us a bit more about the accommodation please sure so yeah one of the things that we talked about about the being I guess a difference for pure of 0 is the accommodation so we have a bond which is quite a large property has a large lounge and play area with a pool table separate dining room and large kitchen and then upstairs you've got four bedrooms we've got a king sized room we've got a double and we have two twins so all in all we can sleep 8 to 10 people in the barn in very good accommodation and then we also have a cottage which has two bedrooms one on the ground floor one on the the upper floor all of the rooms in both properties have ensuite shower rooms so pretty luxurious and the reaction we've had from customers has been very very positive Marian can you tell us a bit about what this area of France is like please yeah it's um it's very quiet relaxing at the same time there's quite a nice tourist areas we've got some lakes close by where the children can go for a beach man-made beach where you can go kayaking horse riding and that's about 20 minutes away we've then got other places like the rush wilco whether it's beautiful castle when most people like to go and see we've got cognac quite close by we're obviously near the wine region but really it's ideal it because it's countryside it's quiet but you get a car you can go out and you can go and keep the children entertained Peter I gather there's a bait and tackle shop on site what sort of stuff do you have in there yeah so we we always have a couple of freezers full of bait we tend to stock main line product and also ace Bates they're the two that seem to work really well on the lake in addition to that we also have a range of I guess accessories n tackle weights hooks anything you you might need while sure you're on site that you might have forgotten when you when you've come out so basically it's just that sort of stuff that helps you make sure you've got plenty attack when you when you're over here at Peter I gather there's a fly-in fly-out option how does that work okay yes so as well as the the normal what you might call normal self self drive where people bring all of their own gear because we're quite near to limoge Airport a number of people have come out and flown in hired a car and got here and then obviously want to hire fishing gear so what we've done is we've we've put together a package where people can hire up to four swims of gear complete gear and that includes bivvy three rods pod literally everything you're going to need for your stay so we've got four complete swims of that equipment if people want to fly in and hire our equipment right well we're now at the end of our stay at provo and it's been an excellent week so thank you very much for that um what would you say to potential customers who are looking at coming out on a french carp fishing holiday you know why should they choose this particular venue we like to think that if they come they have a nice time obviously and relax enjoy but what we try and do is make sure that they know um all the local facilities they know how to get places and that when they come they feel at home I think that's from my side what do you think p yeah i think we try and go that extra mile to make sure that everybody has a great holiday we advise people on restaurants days out trips where they should go depending on the ages of the people that are in the group we try and help with with supermarket trips if they're not sure about where they need to be so all in all week oh yes yes bhai kya so if people want to come and hire bikes as well we do that so we're always trying to make sure they have a great time but also we're always looking to try and improve how we offer our holiday so people come back maybe more than once or twice well thank you very much for that and I certainly hope that we'll be back one day as well because we've had an excellent holiday and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that's thinking of coming out here you you