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Hang Gliding in Rio was a must do for me. If you’re adventurous, I’d definitely put this one on your bucket list. It didn’t disappoint. Rio is such a beautiful city!!!! Especially by air. Here’s what it was like to Hang glide in Rio (fear and all, lol).

Thanks for watching!!!! I appreciate you taking a look. Lots of Love, Vicki:)

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Guide to safari holidays: Fly-in or Drive-in safari?

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A short video guide to safari holidays in Africa. Is it best to drive in a private vehicle or fly-in to lodges and then use camp vehicles? The guide applies to safari holidays in Kenya and Tanzania.
For holiday ideas of private safari tours using both private vehicles and planes please look at our holidays at www.realafrica.co.uk.

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing holidays in Russia-Kola Peninsular-Kharlovka & Litza Rivers

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Fly Fishing holidays in Russia on the Kola Peninsular.
Salmon fly fishinh in the Kharlovka & Eastern Litza Rivers
More fishing holidays and fishing vacations at www.WhereWiseMenFish.com

Fly Fishing holidays Norway : Gaula River-Atlantic Salmon Fishing

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Fly Fishing holidays in Norway on the Gaula. 18lb Salmon from the Bridge Pool. More fishing holidays and fishing vacations at www.WhereWiseMenFish.com

For study tour, Karnataka legislators will fly to exotic holiday spots

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An official study tour of 30 Karnataka legislators to exotic holiday spots in South America has set off a controversy at a time when parts of the state are battling the impact of drought. The legislators, from all parties, are to fly out next month as part of a study tour on the “flora and fauna of the Amazon rain forests” in Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Also on their official agenda is to visit waterfalls and examine whether tourism and sporting activities in these areas can be replicated in Karnataka.
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Fly Fishing Holidays & adventure 2015

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Northern Spain: Tapas and fly Fishing.
Fly Fishing travel to the Pyrenees, Leon and Asturias in 2015
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