Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in The World | 2017

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top ten most beautiful islands in the world the Oxford Dictionary offers a drab definition of the word Island a piece of land surrounded by water however we know islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth if Heaven exists it must be an island it offers a perfect escape from the busy life in the 21st century a perfect patch of land where you can rest and rejuvenate your body and a beautiful surrounding to refresh your mind is what everyone wants on their ideal holiday some islands that go a level or two above all and stand out for their enchanting beauty today we present our list of the most beautiful places in the world 10 st. Lucia st. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is famous not only for its golden beaches but also for its interesting geography it has two volcanic mountains that drive 700 metres from the sea and produce a stunning scenery that leaves a mark on the memory it has natural Hot Springs where you can heal and small fishing villages where you can explore the island that remained largely unspoiled it's becoming popular among all from adrenaline junkies to honeymooners st. Lucia is also not as expensive as some of its neighboring islands ix Kauai Hawaii the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain is also regarded as the Garden Isle because of its lush green forest cover the island also has stunning waterfalls and an equally impressive coastline dotted with beautiful beaches the blue seeds around the island are populated by exotic tropical fishes as well as turtles and coral reefs Kauai is more laid-back the nearby islands and as a more rural look than resplendent in fact some regions can only be explored by foot eight Seychelle located east of Africa in the Indian Ocean Seychelle is a tropical wonderland worth visiting the remote island is almost unspoiled with cloud three beaches beautiful coral reefs and bright blue waters it features white beaches having giant boulders and UNESCO protected jungles the island also has a diverse population of colorful birds and other exotic animals including giant tortoises 7cg a favorite for many Australian tourists Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific its tropical white sand beaches with turquoise waters attract many people all over the world who can enjoy their perfect holiday at one of Fiji's many luxury resorts or hotels whether you love snorkeling diving or surfing the locals will welcome you with happy smiles and make your stay one to remember if the cliche Caribbean getaway is not for you be sure to explore Fiji and six Maui Hawaii Maui is part of the Hawaiian Islands and has everything great wildlife a rich heritage of interesting culture and traditions you can spend your time relaxing on the fine beaches of Maui enjoy a game with a friend on one of its golf courses and stay at one of their world-class beach resorts Maui has an interesting trip ography that includes a 10,000 foot of volcano waterfalls and deep craters and multicolored beaches now he attracts surfers and wind surfers from all over the globe it is also a popular scuba and snorkelling location sighs Maldives located in the Indian Ocean it is widely accepted that Maldives as some of the best islands in the world ravishing white beaches and aqua marine waters gives this place a sublime nature breathtaking coral reefs and underwater creatures will force you to go scuba diving and surfers from around the world come here to ride the blue waves for Bali Indonesia Bali is an island province in Indonesia that has mesmerizing culture and a rich heritage of art music and dance the island has tall volcanoes covered in lush green canopy and crystal-clear waters this island attracts all types of visitors from ordinary people holiday and sunbathing on the beaches to historians exploring the rich traditions of the locals to religious tourists exploring the lovely incense filled Hindu temples three Santorini Greece Santorini and the southern Aegean Sea was created when a volcanic explosion destroyed a lot of the settlements on what was once a single island the island is beautiful white villas and blue domed churches that seem to hang off all cata cliffs that plunge into the deep blue sea the beaches in some places have blackened red fans and our locations of magnificent sunsets it is one of the most expensive and picturesque locations in the world to bora-bora french polynesia the small volcanic island of Bora Bora is more beautiful than what even famous artists could have designed clear turquoise waters with extraordinary marine life will leave you begging for more in this South Pacific fantasy tourist friendly locals who have a delicious cuisine will rejuvenate your tastebuds fall asleep to the sound of waves inside bungalows that stand over the water on this blissful location the one penguin Philippines palawan is an island province situated in the Philippines surrounded by beautiful sea water as blue as some jewel blessed with a large variety of unique wildlife both terrestrial and aquatic this sparsely populated region is one of the most beautiful places on earth bright white beaches beautiful coral reefs and lush green jungles on the island we'll welcome you and make you wish your holiday never ended

1 Hour of Tropical, Caribbean, and Hawaiian Music

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Vacation Club like no other, Exotic Destinations, Exclusive Resorts

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have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world imagine taking your family to luxury resorts for those special vacations well you'll make memories that will last a lifetime what would it be like to finally take your dream vacation with the wake up now vacation club your dreams can become realities the wake up now vacation club is your personal travel agent with access to over two million weeks of time shares condos hotels and cruises all available to you at a fraction of the normal cost travelling the world just became easy and affordable how good are the deals let's take a look Lake Louise in Banff Alberta is one of the most popular destinations in Canada with its incredible scenery and active wildlife this is one place you don't want to miss the Rocky Mountain Resort is one of the premium timeshares and bam it can be booked online for 1159 dollars for a seven-night stay through the wake up now vacation club you can book that same time chair for just one hundred and forty nine dollars that's an eighty eight percent discount that's less than twenty two dollars a night it doesn't matter how you look at it that is an awesome deal let's say a relaxing trip to the beach is just what you need with the wake up now vacation club you can book a state the most popular beaches in the world from Mexico to Florida to South America to Hawaii if you can dream it you can book it check out this deal at the gahanna Falls Resort and luxurious Maui Hawaii kahana Falls just steps away from white sandy beaches this week regularly runs 1263 dollars but with the wake up now vacation club your stay in Hawaii would cost you only three hundred and ninety-four dollars that's a sixty-nine percent savings is a winter destination warrior-type the wake up now vacation club can get you on the mountain at all the top spots in the world Whistler British Columbia Vail Colorado even the Alps the best game in the world is at your fingertips the Westgate resort and spa is one of the most sought after locations in Park City Utah home to the Sundance Film Festival and some of the best skiing and fly fishing in the world a seven-night stay on these dates runs two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven dollars for two bedroom luxury villa you get that same luxury villa for just three ninety-nine through the wake up now vacation club that's a savings of two thousand five hundred and seventy-eight dollars what does it cost to get access to these deals similar programs sell for twelve thousand five hundred dollars or more in the long run that's a pretty great deal considering how much you save every time you travel what would you pay to save thousands of dollars every year would you pay ten thousand dollars five thousand well you don't have to if you're ready to take action click on the link below this video now

10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

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10 most beautiful islands in the world welcome to a Lex calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired you guys have asked for this video since we got started we didn't really want to do it because it's almost impossible to quantify which are the most beautiful islands but because you a lexer is insisted we gave it a shot please keep in mind that these are just ten of the thousands of incredible islands around the world number one Seychelles you might remember this place from our previous video on tax havens where billionaires hide their money and more the Republic of Seychelles is made of no less than 115 islands spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean the beautiful islands will offer you an out worthy experience where you can hang out with some of the most exotic animals in the world like giant tortoises coconut crabs and black parrots the rock formation along anse source d'argent on ladi Island the highest peak mourns a shallow on ma che and the tropical forests of Praslin Islands will offer you stunning views if you want to have a luxurious vacation you can choose to stay at resorts and hotels such as raffles and the Four Seasons which will make you feel like a celebrity with their private pools and Butler's number two Canary Islands Spain the Canaries are the place with the best climate for you to enjoy your holiday at any time of the year with an approximate temperature of 21 to 23 degrees in January just imagine the weather in the summer the Canary Islands have no less than seven different islands you can choose from for a perfect getaway when it comes to activities there is no chance that you will be bored you can watch the whales sail over to Chimaera admire the snow-capped mountain in Tenerife e or simply relax on the beach number three Capri Italy located in the terrain E&C Capri has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic so you can only imagine luxury the island has more than plenty of things to offer such as secret swimming coasts turquoise waters beautiful gardens and beautiful ruins of emperor Tiberius pleasure palace if that didn't convince you I'm sure some stunning views will from the highest point of the island you can see vesuvius in the Italian coast Melia Hotels opened an adult only hotel so if you want a naughty holiday you know where to go number four Tahiti French Polynesia the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia Tahiti is located in the archipelago of the society islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean the islands has an international airport and luxurious hotels so there's nothing standing between you and this amazing island you can admire the coral reefs and breathtaking views and take long romantic walks on the beach number five Maui Hawaii the island has some amazing attractions like the historic walling town of Lahaina the Makena Beach upcountry plantation the desert sands of Halle kala National Park and let's not forget one of the world's most scenic drives to deeply green Hana on the islands you will have a lot of fun things to do like hiking sightseeing paddling net fishing or husking a coconut and you can enjoy a luxurious accommodation at the Travis ah Hana Maui is one of the places where celebrities love to spend their holidays number 6 Santorini Greece the largest island of a small circular arch Apollo Go Santorini will offer you beautiful places to explore tall cliffs a peaceful Lagoon and sunny beaches are just a few of the attractions you will find Greece is known for its bright blue sea and white buildings which make the perfect visual contrast Santorini's primary industry is tourism especially in the summer so don't be surprised if you find more visitors than locals when visiting the island you can enjoy a luxurious day at hotel / volus it is rated one of the best hotels of 2013 and offers some amazing views of the caldera number seven kawaii hawaii the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands kawaii is also known as the Garden Isle the Napali Coast has breathtaking cliffs and amazing views and if you want to take it all in and go on a two-day kayak trip to a cascading waterfall it would be amazing other options are admiring kawaii row Lua River the way Mia Canyon or relaxing on the beach or by the pool at luxurious hotels such as st. Regis Princeville the most opulent resort on the north coast as an extra activity you have the option to book your own helicopter and admire everything from up top in the skies how's that for luxury number 8 Bora Bora French Polynesia located in the French Polynesia Bora Bora is more than stunning if you visit the island your expectations will be met and exceeded the island is very private and luxurious and has breathtaking views you can relax on the beach go snorkeling or discover the gigantic volcanoes and the stunning coral garden with its high-end bungalows Bora Bora is one of these celebrities favorite spots to spend their vacations the lagoon the Fifty Shades of Sea and the Sea Life are nothing but amazing if you want a luxurious day you can choose the st. Regis Hotel or the Four Seasons Resort number 9 los Rose Venezuela with around 350 islands Ches and islets los rogues are Java Lego is an amazing place to visit it was declared a national park in 1972 and it just boasts with beauty thanks to its spectacular coral reefs and the starring diversity of the underwater life and seabirds activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving urges two of the best ways of how you can spend your time there if you want to dine or rent a room try the local Posadas and restaurants the four room italian own guest house Posada el Policano is a top-class place and yes it's small but it's intimate and luxurious for sure number ten Lipari Italy the largest of the Aeolian Islands in the Turanian sea of the northern coast of sicily lipari island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world robbed in the past by pirates and Greeks for its hard black volcanic glass deposits found all around the island has a population of around eleven thousand people during the tourist season it can reach even twenty thousand if you want to have some amazing views catarah chichi or the four-eyes is the place to go just west of the main town a luxurious day will be offered to you at the kata Pardo Park Hotel which once was an 18th century villa the hotel has rooms overlooking the ancient acropolis and medieval castelo we know we know there are so many more worth mentioning so we might as well just ask you guys which islands do you think we should include we ever decide to do a part two on this leave your recommendations in the comments thank you for spending some time with us a Luxor's if you enjoy this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so you never miss another video we also hand-picked these videos which we recommend you watch next if you're bored you might want to check out our website Alex calm for great articles or Instagram or Facebook page thank you for being an a lexer

Exotic Infinite Water Pools To Visit In Your Vacations HD 2015

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Brooklyn and Bailey in Hawaii | Vacation Ideas

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hey guys we just walked into the Disney aloni Resort and they it gave us place and they smell crazy no not really it comes I think how beautiful like even the scenery is hey guys you can eat it YUM look at how keep you that is and it's got will sticky eyes to colonise okay I would you guys to check out the view Nora oh it is so gorgeous look at this beach view over there and then all of this river playgrounds like water finds melon okay yeah so gorgeous hey Pete stay we've been chilling at the beach for a while and ducks that I'm Paisley are crazy about the sand so I'll kind of show you I think they're making it or trying to make a stand captive right now so I'll come and show you guys making a sandcastle no I'm an angel you're making cookies yeah cookies on the beach so today we are going to try pedalboard in do a little bit scared because it's a little bit strange you know let's see how it goes okay how was the Brooklyn is awesome if you like coals really still the official like swim-up forgets you and like you become one of the fish-like they don't mind you being there anymore so they're like brush up against you and almost like touch-up you can learn songs here yeah we are surfing what's that look so we are going ATVing and we decided to dress up a little bit more festive for our ATP so we'll show you guys yeah we got these socks going oh we've got the outfits check it out so we just finished ATVing and I'm pretty sure I have my door we wash the dirty and right hand I washed some of mine off but it was so much fun so fun mixing our own body scrubs so we're checking out the oils right now Bing doll perfume and I am putting in coconut vanilla what do you got in there right now Bailey a little bio oil brown sugar white sugar there we are at the only hydrotherapy door in at the LD stairs everyday waterboxx I love this stuff so weird so this is the shower area of the spa and then this baby is frigid like ice cold and Brooklyn dipped in twice kudos to her I only did it once all right let me see your pretty princess look Oh perfect oh hey Riley Oh what are you doing over here anyway what look at your cute little dress they gave you a know where Henry's got the double waterfall braid Gelman we're getting shave eyes it's like ice cream and mushy no slime then you can get like no at snow cone and then it can get like yeah we are currently making locally at least attempting to you without breaking all of the flowers but we have a big group going on women you know everything I'll show you at the end and we're finished true warriors with our lay headband we are the great we ugly we gonna be on say Oh a Chippendale that would be like me twins no it's gonna be cool that but we can't they're coming they're coming right now oh I can feel naughty the nametag so we are swimming at the pool and we caught mom and dad they took a little time they took a little time together on the air mom and dad son we have is so much fun at Disney Almaty and we want to thank them for partnering with us on this vlog yeah it was amazing and if you guys were to visit Disney Aulani what would be your favorite part comment that below and also don't forget to subscribe if you have it so click this red button and then beat this video a huge thumbs up because you like Hawaii and guess of why he's awesome and if you guys don't watch more of our videos hit the information button over there that's all we have for you guys this week so we'll see you next week love y'all ba you


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10 Life Hacks for Your Next Beach Vacation

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hey guys for this video I brought you up to Hawaii because apparently I'm on vacation so while we're here I teamed up with a company called LifeVantage to tell you about a new product they just developed and to share with you my 10 favorite life hacks for when you're down at the beach let's jump right in when you pull up to the beach it's not always convenient to take your car keys with you but you won't find lockers at the beach and you can't take your keys with you in the ocean either so what do you do try looping a long sturdy blade of grass through your keychain tying it off to form a ring then press the loop into one of the top treads of your car tire holding it in place with a small pebble flip the keys back so they dangle behind the tire and they'll be out of sight out of mind and off the ground as well so they won't get exposed to moisture if it rains while you're gone now if you're in a hurry and don't have the time or patience to jury-rig a hook you could simply toss your keys behind one of your tires instead I've been using this trick for years and as long as you do it discreetly no one will have any idea your keys or even back there so go have fun play without the worry of losing or destroying your keys at the beach because when you come back you shouldn't find they're stashed exactly where you left them the next time you want to go snorkeling but don't have a safe place for your phone keys and cash you can use a clean baby diaper to stash all your valuables instead use the sticky tabs to hold the bun all together and to the untrained eye it's just a used diaper then nobody wants to touch by the way if you set it down next to your towel and flip-flops so it'll be a lot less likely to get thrown away by accident now if you wanted a one step further try opening a pack of chocolate spread and rubbing some along the inside flap of the diaper this will make your decoy diaper look authentic Lee used and should be enough to discourage any would-be beech these from finding your stuff have you ever stopped unravel a poopy diaper lying at the beach of course you haven't and nobody else will either to prove this point I left mine exposed and unattended for over an hour and when I came back everything was exactly the way it was when I left her when you're body surfing splashing the waves are out for a little swim you may suddenly notice that your ears don't feel normal anymore the feeling of water trapped in your ears is uncomfortable and makes it difficult to hear point the affected ear to the ground and jump up and down with a few sharp jewels and you should hear the water tension break and clear out almost instantly the key here is in the sudden jolts at the end do the same thing with the other ear and you should feel cleared up and back to normal as easy as that now some people suggest that blowing up a balloon will have the exact same effect so I give that method a try as well but without a success at all it is a nice idea but I don't think it actually works when you're out snorkeling or diving to the bottom of the ocean you're gonna see some really amazing things but your ears are gonna start hurting like crazy as well this is because the air in your head is being compressed plug your nose and gently blow into it as you do this will force air into your eustachian tubes and help equalize the pressure so you can dive down even further without pain and without causing any damage walking around barefoot on a sandy beach is very relaxing but you're quickly gonna find the bottoms of your feet get caked in a very fine sand that nothing seems to remove and that's frustrating here's what you do load up a rag with a pile of baby powder right in the center then use string or a rubber band to tie it into a ball and you've just created a super sand remover that'll seem to work miracles tap it to your skin and it releases moisture absorbing powder and prevents any new sand from sticking in its place so when it's time to head back to the car to sit down brush off your feet a bit and give your skin a little rub magic the grains of sand all slide off with ease leaving your feet feeling silky smooth and sand free this also works on arms legs and even the tops of your sandals as well so no more problems with sticky irritating and stubborn sand you can avoid getting water and sand in your phone by dropping it into a clear plastic sandwich bag and sealing it up airtight this beefs up your phone's resistance to the elements but still allows you to text watch videos and even make phone calls as well if you open a small gap in one of the corners of your sandwich bag and suck the air out it'll create a vacuum seal around your phone that can act as an improvised waterproof case zip up the CL airtight again and you've got a makeshift underwater video camera that you can use to check out the open ocean around you but do it at your own risk nothing's worse than being sick when you're on vacation so before you actually get sick try adding a pinch of salt and baking soda to a cup of water you give your sinuses or rinse pour the mixture into one of your nostrils and it'll fill up your sinuses completely to the point where it starts flowing freely out the other side it looks and feels incredibly bizarre but it helps wash away pollen bacteria and then the other irritants festering up inside before they become a problem it is a real technique and it really does work and it just might help with the quality of your next vacation some experts suggested by lowering your stress levels you actually have a better chance of living a longer happier life and the people at lifevantage agree LifeVantage is a company that some people say is at the forefront of nutrigenomics and apparently they're successfully biohacking the aging process as well their new line of Protandim synergize errs are designed to improve health on a cellular level and help redefine the aging of ourselves the Protandim nrf2 synergize err is life manages original nutrigenomics designed to fight oxidative stress which is the main biochemical effect of aging on ourselves and their Protandim NRF once energizer prevents the decline of mitochondria in the cells which helps reduce the second biochemical effect of aging as well when these two products are taken together they provide a viable way to reduce cellular stress which could lead to a longer healthier life resulting in more time you could be spending at the beach so there you have a guy is 10 awesome life packs so you can use the next time you're down at the beach you'd shout out to lifevantage for reaching out and sponsoring this video if you want to learn more about nutrigenomics and the pro 10m synergizes then click the link in the description to find out what they can do for you in the meantime thanks for joining me for this video and I'll be looking for you the next one talk to you then