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Marie Nails
Chevron Nails
Seahorse Nails

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Nutra Nail Green Tea Nail Strengthener
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Nubar Blue Hydrangea ( light blue)
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Poshe Top Coat

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► S U B S C R I B E:
► 2 N D C H A N N E L:

► P I N T E R E S T:
► I N S T A G R A M:
► T W I T T E R:
► F A C E B O O K:

●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬۩ ● P L A Y L I S T S ● ۩▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●


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Top 10 Tips For Marriott Timeshare Owners

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Learn the top ten tips for Marriott timeshare owners. Get insider information on getting the most value out of your Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare, as told by industry experts with years of resale experience.

How Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Club Program Works:

7 Tips to Get the Most from Your GoPro

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Action cameras are everywhere, but most of our videos could and should be better. Seven simple tips that will turn the GoPro footage you capture from dreadful to great.

MXL MM160 Lavalier Microphone –
Handy Recorder App –

Action cameras are great devices for capturing moments of exhilaration, drama and wonder. In the last few years they have become a “go-to” resource in video storytelling. But when, and how, should you use them?

You want your viewer to connect to your story. Really, you want them to feel they are there, experiencing the moment. That is the beauty of these cameras. But it only works if they have context.

Simply shooting the action won’t cut it. That means you need to capture everything before, during and after an event. Shoot more than you think you will need so you can pick and choose the best moments in editing.

These cameras, maybe more than any other, can transport a viewer to someplace fanciful, imagined or hard to get to. The beauty of a GoPro is they tell stories that are of the moment, unrehearsed, spontaneous. But that also means they are not the right camera for every story. Frankly, they are not the right camera for most shots.

I think of it this way, paprika is a unique spice, but it is not the main course of a meal. Use these cameras to spice up your story with unique points of view. And rely on a normal video camera or DSLR to capture the bulk of your footage. Capture unexpected angles that bring your viewer deeper into the story, but don’t make it the main meal.

We love these cameras because we can put them in unexpected places. They are tiny. We can mount them in spots where we could never attach a DSL or video camera. That means you need to use your imagination, asking yourself, “where can I put the camera to give my viewer an unexpected perspective on my story?” The lazy way to shoot is shoulder high, 5 feet off the ground. Get high, get low, get close. What will capture the moment?

No one wants to watch a video that is randomly shaking and moving. It is too much work for the viewer and they give up. Stabilization is critical for good video. Use a monopod, a flexible tripod or one of the gazillion mounts that are out there. When using a monopod of selfie stick don’t use a “death grip”. Relax your hand and try to absorb any shaking with your wrist. If you have to hold your camera by hand, move slowly and steady your hand as much as possible.

These cameras are phenomenal at capturing events that happen in the blink of an eye. Especially when you slow them down. There is inherent drama when you use slow-mo to give insight to your story. It can feel dreamlike, otherworldly. Most shots don’t lend themselves to slow-mo. But one well-placed shot that reveals something special can act as the climax of your story.

The shape of a camera’s lens directly affects the image. We describe different lenses by identifying their field of view, for example telephoto, normal, wide and fisheye. This really impacts interviews. A good talking head is usually framed head-and-shoulders, using a normal or telephoto lens.

By design, action cameras leverage a lens that captures everything. It is more forgiving when you have to guess at your framing. That’s why shooting an interview with a GoPro distorts the face when you fill the frame. The shot’s not very flattering to say the least.
On most action cameras you can adjust the field of view. Wide captures about 130 degrees of what’s in front of you. It is great for Point of View shots. Medium is about 110 degrees and while still a wide angle field of view, it is less distorted. Narrow covers only about 75 degrees, and uses only a portion of the image sensor. None of the settings are ideal for interviews. That’s why an action camera is my last resort for shooting an interview. I’ll use my smartphone before I use my GoPro.

The audio captured with a GoPro, blows. These cameras are optimized for capturing amazing images and audio is, well, more of an afterthought. If you need to capture audio that is critical to your story you need to come up with an alternative to the in-camera microphone. There is no mic input on the camera so you will need to use a mic adapter cable, but only if you take it out of the waterproof housing which probably defeats the purpose of using the camera in the first place.

My recommendation is to use an external audio recorder and then synchronize the sound in editing. You can use a professional solution like this Zoom H4N, or go simple and use your smartphone. My favorite combination is the MXL MM-160 lavalier and Zoom Handy Recorder app for the iPhone. I like the MXL because I can monitor the audio while recording, and the Handy Recorder app does a decent job of recording the audio with minimal drift. That means when you sync up the audio later on the picture and sound will stay in sync for more than a few seconds.

Mac – Safari Settings Tutorial

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In this video I am covering some of the key settings in the Safari Application on your mac.

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Tips for Backpack Camping in the Rain

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Don’t cancel your next camping trip just because rain is in the forecast. Some of my best camping trips have been during flash floods and heavy rainfall. This video offers 10 tips for
an enjoyable experience. These tips are only a summary, based on personal experience. I am continually learning and don’t claim to be an expert.

10. Don’t go if you are afraid of adventure. Look on the experience as a way to train for an emergency or natural disaster.
9. Practice survival skills in good weather. Bushcraft survival skills are perishable.
8. Get a good pack. It should fit your needs and be well made.
7. Make a tarp shelter that will keep your equipment dry while setting-up a tent or hammock. Practice, practice, practice … many different configurations.
6. Select your tent carefully. Make sure that it is easy to set-up, has a bathtub floor and is waterproof.
5. Camp on high ground. Otherwise a brief shower may turn your campsite into a river.
4. Organize your things. Use clothing as pillow. Put everything in plastic bags to stay dry. In warm weather,select clothing made from synthetic materials that wick water away from your body. Use wool in cool weather, since wool stays warm even if wet. Do not use cotton clothing; if cotton gets wet, it stays wet.
3. Bring a stove or make a campfire. Practice different fire starting methods. Be careful, sparks can melt / burn tarps and tents. Consider your campfire as your TV.
2. Hike the trails. Trails look different in the rain. You will see many amazing sights ….
1 . BE SAFE. Beware of lighting and widow makers, that is, trees/branches that may fall.

Tips for hiking in the Rain:
Backpacking in the Rain:
Tips on Backpacking in the Rain:
How to Camp in the Rain:
Ten Tips for Camping in the Rain:
10 MORE tips for camping in the rain!:
10 Tips for Comfortable Camping in the Rain:
Lightning Safety for Campers, Hikers & Backpackers:
NOLS Backcountry Lightning Safety Guidelines:
Backcountry Lightning Risk Management:
Important Lightning Safety Tips, Youtube:
Shelter Basic Tarp Setups by Dave Canterbury :

Videography by Ken Kramm, 2013, Texas, USA; Canon Vixia HF G10, IPhone5 with waterproof case, Final Cut Pro X editing software. Opus One by Jason Shaw Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License


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My Guide to warm weather backpack packing. Start to finish guide for what to pack in your backpack. This guide is based on 8 weeks backpacking South East Asia and 9 weeks backpacking New Zealand and Australia!

Featured items:

My Backpack:
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Tangle Teeser (best and cheapest beauty site!):
Microfibre towel:
Kanken Backpack:
Cheaper alternatives:

Travel wallet:

GoPro attachment:

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What’s in my backpack for Central America?

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Some of the things mentioned:

My rucksack:

My daypack:

Packing Cubes:

Trekking Sandals:

I’m not a travel expert or have any kind of qualification in giving travel advice. I’m just a girl who loves to travel and am answering the questions I have received in the past about my travels. The answers given are all my personal opinions. (but I like to think that’s what makes these videos a little better – advice from personal experience rather than text book answers)

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Backpacking Australia TIPS/FAQ

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You asked, I answered. Here I give you all my tips for backpacking Australia. If you have anymore questions, please comment below and I’ll answer every single one to the best of my ability. A backpacking New Zealand tips video will be posted as well.

If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask below!
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All music is royalty free:
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20 TRAVEL OUTFIT IDEAS | Casual Travel Fashion Lookbook | Spring Summer Airport | Miss Louie

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I’m 5’2″ – 105 lbs. / Size XS or S or 32C in tops / Size 00 or 0 or 24 in jeans/pants

➩ Flat Mules [$145]:
➩ Camel Loafers [$168]: & Love these too [$89]:
➩ Sandals [$135]: &

➩ Nike Juvenate [$85]:
➩ NB 696s [$80]: & OR 420s [$70]: &
➩ espadrille[$110]:
➩ Slip Ons (similar $24):
➩ Adidas: &

➩ Gray/Leather handle Tote [$165]:
➩ Reversible Tote [$48]:
➩ Nylon Tote [$145]: & Medium [$115]:
➩ Big Backpack [$119]: & Small [$298]:

💕 SCARVES: VISIT BLOG POST above for tons of options 💕

⭐⭐⭐ LEGGINGS @1:05 ⭐⭐⭐
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➩ Tank [Size XS, $18]: OR $10:
➩ Soft Tee [Size XS, $24]: & Linen T:

➩ Gray Cardi [Size XS, $20]:
➩ Hoodie [Size XS regular, $17-30]: & OR Lightweight version [$18]:

➩ Denim Jacket (sold out) similar, affordable options:
➩ Band Tee (sold out) by Junk Food here:
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⭐⭐⭐ JOGGERS @3:26 ⭐⭐⭐
➩ Beige Joggers [Size XS, $95]: OR $20 vers:
➩ Black joggers (old Target, similar) [$29]:
➩ Dressy Joggers in Brown *SALE!!* [Size XS, $10]:
➩ Olive Pants (several color & fit options!): & ALL COLORS:

➩ V Neck Sweater [$18, Size 2]:
➩ Cotton Tee [Size 2, $20]:
➩ GRL PWR tee [Size XXS, $23]:
➩ Slouchy Bomber [Size XS, $40]:
➩ jackets, Ts, tanks (see above)

More joggers –
Cute sale ones! – &
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+ Dressy options
[$29]: &

⭐⭐⭐ DRESSES @5:39 ⭐⭐⭐
⇨ Everyday swing Dress [$34]:
⇨ Minimalist Dress [Size 34, $42]:
⇨ Cambray Shirtdress (old, similar):
⇨ T-Shirt Dress (similar)
→ [$13]: & & & &
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⇨ Pink Bomber [Size XS, $35]:
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⇨ Denim jacket (see above)
⇨ Gray Blazer (old H&M): OR & & & (my fav drape one):

⭐⭐⭐ JEANS @7:14 ⭐⭐⭐
➩ ON Sculpt Jeans [Size 0 Petite, $45]: & Jegging vers:

Ripped Knee Jeans:
➩ Blue [Size 25, $58]:
➩ Black [Size 25, $70]:

➩ Boyfriend jeans (old, similar):

➩ Dotted Blouse [Size XXS, $71]:
➩ Pink Blazer [Size 2, $75]: &
➩ Sweatshirt [Size XS, $88]:
➩ Military Jacket – Desert Olive [Size XXS, $118]:
➩ Cardi [Size XS, $43]:
➩ Black Satin Bomber (old, similar, $24):

+ UNDER $100 Jeans:
→ [$35]: &
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10 Affordable Exotic Vacations You Need To Take

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Here is our list of 10 Affordable Exotic Vacations You Need To Take, going to a beautiful exotic place doesn’t have to cost a lot