Halloween History, The True Origin Of Halloween – Full HD Documentary

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Halloween History, The True Origin Of Halloween – Full HD Documentary.
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It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, and that this festival was Christianized as Halloween Day Some academics, however, support the view that Halloween began independently as a solely Christian holiday.

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If you are concerned about the safety of this awesome holiday, you should pay close attention to the indications of this hd video.

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Topics: Halloween film, history and origin of Halloween.

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Timeless Ethiopia Tour: Ethiopian Ancient Architecture and The Ethiopian History

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Deepen your knowledge on the Ethiopian ancient History and timeless Architectures with Dr. Gus Casely Hayford.

#mustvisit Ethiopia
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History of Safari

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Safari is Apple’s web browser that was released back in 2003 with Mac OS 10.3 Panther. But you might be wondering, “what web browser did the Mac use before Safari was created?” Well they used Netscape Navigator which was the most popular web browser at the time thanks to a very special capability where text and graphics appeared on the screen simultaneously as the webpage loaded. Now that may not sound like a very special feature today, but earlier web browsers would stay completely blank until 100% of the web content loaded; which meant it could take up to 3 minutes to load just one webpage.

Netscape Navigator served as the Mac’s default web browser until 1998. And what happened next was quite fascinating. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he found the company in much worse financial shape than he expected, discovering they were just 90 days from bankruptcy. And those desperate times called for desperate measures. Steve Jobs initiated talks with Microsoft, the arch nemesis of Apple in those days, and tried working out an investment deal. You see, Apple had a long-running lawsuit that claimed Microsoft copied the look and feel of Windows from the Macintosh operating system. This gave Apple some leverage in negotiations by offering to drop the lawsuit if Microsoft invested in Apple. But there was another factor at play, Microsoft was in the middle of an antitrust fight over its forceful promotion of Internet Explorer which was tarnishing Microsofts image with consumers and could lead to an antitrust lawsuit from the US government. So it was in Microsoft’s interest to negotiate a deal with Apple in order to keep them around as a competitor.

As the deal took shape, five specific terms were agreed upon by both parties. First, Microsoft had to make a 150 million dollar investment in non-voting Apple shares. That meant Microsoft didn’t have any say in decisions Apple made despite being a large shareholder. Second, both Apple and Microsoft would establish patent cross licensing. So any existing or future patents created within five years would be shared between both companies. Third, Microsoft would commit to creating Mac versions of Microsoft Office for a five year period, with the same number of major releases as Windows. Fourth, Microsoft and Apple would collaborate on Java compatibility to strengthen its viability as a competitor. Fifth, was that every Mac had to ship with Internet Explorer as the default web browser. And not many people were happy about it. But the blow was softened when Jobs clarified that users could change the default browser back to Netscape Navigator which still shipped with every Mac.

Halloween History | National Geographic

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Halloween isn’t just costumes and candy; it’s a cultural holiday rich in tradition.
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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible.

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Halloween Unmasked :

Halloween History | National Geographic

National Geographic

Vacations at The Cove on Ormond Beach

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For 15 years my husband and I spent each month of January at The Cove on Ormond Beach. There was so much to see and do in the area and the people at The Cove made us feel like we were home away from home. This video shows just a sample of some of the activities and sights in the Ormond Beach – Daytona Beach area. As you watch it you will understand why we kept going back.

“How Constitutional Ideas Travel” with Professor A.E. Dick Howard

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University of Virginia law professor A.E. Dick Howard gives a talk on “How Constitutional Ideas Travel: The Influence of the American Constitutional Experience on Other Countries and Cultures.”

Howard, the White Burkett Miller Professor of Law and Public Affairs at UVA, is an expert in constitutional law and comparative constitutionalism, and has consulted on the drafting of new constitutions for a number of states and foreign countries.

He gave his talk at the Center for National Security Law’s 21st National Security Law Institute at UVA on June 11, 2013.

Papua New Guinea Culture (Oceania) Vacation Travel Wild Video Guide

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Papua New Guniea, one of the few places where it’s still possible to experience stone age cultures. It’s a country that boasts dramatic natural beauty that’s characterised by jungle-clad mountains and underwater reefs.

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Israel Fun Girls Beaches History Adventure Romance Vacations

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Come to Israel! Enjoy our long, sandy beaches, magical historic sites, exciting night life, fun desert camel trips, surfing, rafting the Jordan, skiing Mt. Hermon, sailing the Sea of Galilee, hiking the Golan, quality wine, the world’s most advanced hi tech centers, Dead Sea health products, beautiful, exotic women and handsome, romantic men. Israel – it’s yours to discover!

How to Clear History And Website Data in iOS 9 Safari on iPhone or iPad

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A detailed video on how to clear Safari history and website data in iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad. Also watch out how to enable “Do Not Track” and block cookies in iOS 9 Safari.

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Madeira (Portugal) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Vacation travel video about destination Madeira in Portugal.
Funchal is the capital of the Atlantic island of Madeira and is situated in a natural, picturesque bay, surrounded by steep mountain slopes. With churches, palaces, mansions, museums and magnificent gardens, it is a city of both character and history. The Museum Of Religious Art is to be found in the former bishop’s palace. The sugar trade with Antwerp meant that paintings and other works of art could be used as payment. Madeira has long been famous for its wine, stored in wooden barrels to mature and then exported all over the world. In the old rooms of a former monastery, it is pressed, matured and celebrated. At the beginning of a valley, São Vicente lies hidden beyond the steep slopes of the northern coastline. The tastefully restored centre of the village contains a seventeenth century church with a Baroque interior. There are gilded carvings, tile pictures and paintings on the altar. At an amazing acute angle, the gondola from the mountain station below the village of Achadas Da Cruz travels three hundred metres down to the coast and back. This most beautiful Baroque church on the north coast was established in São Jorge. Its external simplicity gives little hint of its internal beauty: gilded wood carvings and illusionist paintings adorn the church and its altar. To the east of Madeira is the natural bay of Machico, the oldest settlement on the island. Today, Madeira’s third largest city extends from the coast to the hills of the wide and fertile valley of the Machico River whose inhabitants live from the cultivation of fruit, vineyards and fishing. Its extraordinary landscapes and exotic fragrances have been captivating visitors for centuries. Madeira, wild beauty amid the Atlantic Ocean!

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Rich Brian – History (Official Video)

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Rich Brian – History

Directed by James Defina & Brian Imanuel
Video Producer: Chris Heinrich
Prod. by Brian Imanuel

88 Degrees & Rising Tour ft. Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, KOHH, NIKI, AUGUST 08, Don Krez, and more in select cities.

Thu, Oct 11 — West Lafayette, IN — Purdue University
Sat, Oct 13 — Detroit, MI — The Fillmore Detroit
Sun, Oct 14 — Chicago, IL — Aragon Ballroom
Tue, Oct 16 — Atlanta, GA — Tabernacle
Tue, Oct 19 — Austin, TX — ACL Live
Sat, Oct 20 — Houston, TX — Smart Financial Center
Tue, Oct 21 — Dallas, TX — Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
Fri, Oct 23 — Denver, CO — The Fillmore Auditorium
Sat, Oct 26 — Vancouver, BC — Pacific Coliseum
Sun, Oct 27 — Seattle, WA — Showare Center
Tue, Oct 31 — San Francisco, CA — Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Rich Brian


88 is double happiness

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, IN

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Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons to visit the Holiday World theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana…including some FREE stuff!

Roller coasters, holidays, food, water rides and so much more!

Check out the Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari Official Podcast! #HoWoPo –

10. Santa Claus Land and history
9. Free sunscreen
8. Friendly employees
7. The Raven wooden roller coaster
6. Holidays: Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving
5. The Legend wooden roller coaster
4. Gobbler Getaway Sally Interactive Dark Ride
3. The Voyage wooden roller coaster and The Mammoth water coaster
2. Free Pepsi-Cola soda…free soda…free Big Red soda Pepsi Oasis
1.5 George’s Gluten Free Pizza and Snacks
1. Thunderbird steel coaster launched wing coaster Bolliger & Mabbillard

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Rich Brian – History

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Rich Brian – History
Official video out now:

Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, coming July 20th, 2018

Prod. by Brian Imanuel

88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park

88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour

Rich Brian


88 is double happiness