“A Carp Fishing Holiday” Furzebray Lakes

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Serena Mountain Lodge | Kenya Safari Holidays | Kuoni Travel

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dream Kenya think coo Oni the only tree hotel to grace the slopes of legendary Mount Kenya the Serena Mountain Lodge presents a matchless gain viewing opportunity combined with a glorious panorama of mountain vistas two hours from Nairobi with your crew Oni guide and over two thousand meters above sea level lies one of kiwannis most exceptional destinations for an unforgettable wildlife experience in this magnificent setting enjoy the champagne clarity of the mountain air and the fascinating interplay as a colorful cavalcade of animals gather to drink bathe spa and forage around the adjacent waterhole and Salt Lick more energetic guests can enjoy a guided walk or even scale the peak of Africa's second highest mountain be spectacularly close to the animals and venture down to the secret viewing hide by the water's edge or enjoy gentle pastimes in happy contemplation whilst trout fishing or surrender to a herbal massage to ease weary limbs enjoy a sundowner from the veranda as the African bush comes alive with nocturnal sounds later the setting of the timbered dining room set on stilts and serving an array of delicious local and international dishes at the end of a memorable day retire to a cabin style room which are uncluttered but attractively furnished with indigenous wood and African art and private bathrooms with an incomparable location and high levels of service serena mountain lodge is highly recommended by kuromi for those wanting to experience the real kenya no one knows the planet like us visit soon

Fishing holiday lodges in Norfolk – Langmere Lakes Lodges

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lemmya lakes are beautifully positioned in the heart of Norfolk stunning countryside complementing a tranquil setting with fantastic contemporary design creating a perfect retreat for couples and families seeking to escape and relax in rural little just a short drive away is bustling Norwich home to fabulous shops an ancient cathedral and vibrant nightlife land mere lakes are a perfect base for exploring the coast and the Norfolk Broads there are also five well stocked fishing lakes covering seven acres to be found at Langley lakes land may Lakes offers a fantastic selection of lodges all with contemporary design features and in a peaceful rural setting why not visit Langmuir Lakes for your holiday break to book now visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor

Splashin’ Safari Water Park at Holiday World Theme Park: Wave Pools, Water Slides, & Water Coasters

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Oh holiday world is really known for a couple of things that's their roller coasters top of the line also there Splashin Safari waterpark which is really great too we're headed that way it's gonna feel good on like about a 92 degree day that's where the lines probably are there were too many lines actually in the park we have to add to the list of free things what's that Donna free under tubes and more free Sierra Mist yeah Y or water but free free inner tubes for like the lazy river and all that stuff it's pretty cool a lot other parts so charge you for inner tubes yeah pretty cool we're about to go get pretty cool when you walk into Splashin Safari there's a freshman snow factory first aid and mother's nursing station there's lockers restrooms and changing rooms safari outpost gift shop so we're going to go over here and rent a locker I think the small Locker will be enough for us just for a little backpack where we go off into the water park we'll go see how big they are this is locker rental one-day rental with unlimited access regular sizes $10 largest 15 música sizes large and regular Fidelis to show you how these lockers work you know wristbands barcode on it you wear that and it's disposable if you want to find put up your scanner your locker automatically opens no matter where it's at over here forget which number it is you just Severus there opens it's awesome spelled a smartlock is the monsoon lagoon area kids area it's really cool a lot of fun this is big bucket on top fills up and then fits over and black is everybody down below so waiting for that waiting president bucket to fill up in the water to pour out think it's about this is the ocean go slides and there are dark tubes so you're in the dark the whole way down these are the cabanas that you could rent you have a refrigerator and a fan and just some nice shaded area for you to sit you can rent them by the day go online and rent them ahead of time and there's a lazy river this is the patchouli kind of a funnel ride where you know you go down the tubes and you end up going around and around in the puddle and out the bottom here's where we get mine for the lazy river it's called the Bihari River water feels good I just got a snag it's a tube coming in on ya flip it over and we'll be ready to go that feel good feel good of lazy rivers of the big slides too but this is good for a change just to cool off she's flashing that is flashing Safari so you look happy now not hot there's Donna living it up this is alive the Interpol those you're gonna get it he's gonna get it back there's done the Bakula was a very cool ride it's like a four-person raft that goes down into the bowl and then you're throughout the bottom if you don't have someone to go with you it takes at least two people but they'll match you up with somebody or a group of two or three so you can go down have a real nice wave pool area really big and then some water features that spray out along the edge jets that come out of the side so pretty awesome we'll try that in a minute going on the wildebeest right now like a water coaster so I like those that'll be fun zooom Bob way ride starts out really high – and it's a thing it's pretty dark all the way down and ends in the goes into the funnel I'm gonna go take a look at that that is awesome it's really a big nice waterpark lots to do this is one of the greatest things about holiday world I think the coasters are great you know not everybody likes roller coasters I do but this is something about everybody can have fun at especially on a hot day a waterpark can't beat it hey Donna are you baked yet are you baked okay this is a splash land at Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana it's really cool they've got like mushroom clouds that like have rain coming down they've got like a little bitty tiny waterslide and inflatable palm trees and looks like a shaded area over there that if you have a baby sleeping that you could take it over there then there's this splash pad here where they can stomp on it and water comes up out of the ground and walkway where they can walk under it very very cool very neat because you're having a great time I don't know for sure with the ages or but I did see a sign back there this bed if you have a child that is not potty-trained or even if they are to please put them in a swimmer diaper so I guess they don't have any flow being tipsy roll so that would be important rights and since we have a grandson we wouldn't have wanted I think free lemonade – I didn't know they have lemonade so besides of soda and water you can get a pink lemonade ready for this we just put some more sunscreen on I ready to try the wave pool finally got Donna out of the lazy river I had to promise to feed her to do that so that's all that would get her out of there we are nacho chips yeah we shared we shared I was getting hungry for a snack so we got that now we're in the way pool gonna go out and check it out relax Laidback literally having a good time this is another wave pool called appropriately the wave and I don't know what the difference is just smaller what to be wrong go where comes down we had a good time at Splashin Safari we're leaving now it's a little after 6:00 the water park closes at 7:00 today the regular park closes at 9:00 one thing we would recommend remember to bring your own towel if you're coming that's one thing they don't know even just one big one to share on a warm day you you dry off pretty quick but towel would be a nice thing to pack with you and if you leave in the locker so we're leaving Splashin Safari there's elephants and the gorillas now we're looking for wat Donna right now water it's more free water or hosts or that or something the drinks would be nice water water water they've had enough soda water somewhere so Dennis okay water it is so when you're coming back from the waterpark you gotta put a shirt back on and shoes this makeshift goods mixing family park yeah that's where it belongs in there they're always the wings again we're gonna do the swings again probably pretty windy right here where you get scared trying to dry out my swimsuit yeah this is another kids area there's Halle dog get your picture taken with him there's games y'all going Trail truck ride Tea Party is telling he cups a Disney and a play area for the kids last year take the little jeep vehicles that they get to ride it's pretty cool having fun there's a little our rollercoaster of youth the Haller rollercoaster fun for little kids you holiday world is a great amusement park it's very family friendly it's a great place to go with your kids your grandkids your friends and it has a lot of things to do and it's a great value for your money but one of the things that really sets it apart is the Splashin Safari waterpark it's a top-of-the-line waterpark it has some great rides it has a water coaster a lazy river two wave pools and even has a special kids area and you still get the free drinks and the sunscreen and free inner tubes and they have smart lockers which are really handy and easy to use so we would definitely recommend it thanks for watching go to Holiday World if you can and please subscribe to us if you haven't already have a great day bye

Open Water Swimming Holiday Montenegro | SwimTrek Adventure Holidays

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offers so much and so much variety that is from Lake swimming rivers for me seas for me it's a total I think the last few days what I've realized swimming in a big group like this it really does encourage you to improve your stroke and really it's much easier actually swimming I'm Caitlin from Wollongong which is near Sydney Australia I'm in France where today it was beautiful lots of fish beautiful clear water can see right to the bottom most of the way amazing mountains coming straight up in churches that were swimming around there was a good group I was towards the back of my group that they kept on stopping for me which was nice and yeah it was just generally good fun my master denied in Germany and we are here in the sky lake today and there was some in the morning and afternoon and this one was clear border and no stuffiness around

Amazing Outdoor Adventures and Holidays in Slovenia by LIFE Adventures

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I remember my father saying I will be the happiest when I experience the most beautiful moments with my friends he spoke about a green country full of emerald green pure water with beautiful lakes and high mountains enchantingly mysterious and full of pleasant stimuli I know today spoke to me about Slovenia about kind people full of interesting experiences about places and people where every day is lived sincerely and every moment is lived to the fullest where you can be a real Explorer soak up activities and fill up with true energy from nature here even the leaves smell different fresher and gather experience in the palm of your hand and become full of discoveries and sincere adventures with us become different full of experience you write the story of your life and become yourself more adventure more you

Kwalata Wilderness – Safari Holiday Destination

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mmm se trata wilderness comprises of thirteen thousand hectares or 32,000 acres of our delict terrain sit in the heart of the Waterberg mountains in South Africa's limpopo province boasting 18 species of antelope and fall of the big five qualities a dream safari holiday destination the bushveld forming collage inert surrounds forms part of the unesco waterbird biosphere nature reserve due to its extensive indigenous forests this means that collage is not only the premier wildlife area but in fact a sanctuary for rare and endangered animals it is also one of the world's richest ecosystems calata has an abundance of game allowing you to enjoy the best of absolutely everything who will view large numbers of planes game such as Eiland shams book in parlor zebra place back blue hold against and even a few of the rarest species such as wild dogs and sable yeah in addition kolata has all the big game we love so much the elephant white rhino cape buffalo and leopard to provide the musical accompaniment your holiday they are also over 270 bird species and an abundance of indigenous trees all of this makes culotta they are deal place to get as close to nature's humanly possible so whether you want to soak up the spectacular views marvel at the prolific bird life or say to the diverse and rare flora Vallarta is where the real Africa begins there to fantastically situated Kamchatka lata wilderness palimony meaning close to water and in Gila meaning hunter each has not standing atmosphere and Bertha designed with one objective your comfort and pleasure each room is fully serviced and equipped with all modern conveniences fana manzi is the main camp and is perfect for family groups children and private individuals this gorgeous wooden camp offers something different as a cozy larger support on stilts connected by elevated walkways between the sand eggs which provide bird's-eye views over the beautiful damn it is not just the fishermen that will think they have died and gone to heaven sighs its pool area lashes lon Lauper with a fireplace both inside an art as well as a dining area and bar this camp also offers a fully equipped kitchen in each large align you the option of doing your own thing should that take your fancy a large playground is provided to entertain the children as they are most welcome the waterberg mountain range is one of South Africa's less unknown geographical wonders the range is bluish in color and offers spectacular views lush valleys and peace and quiet away from overcrowded Torah centers this air is steeped in history that dates back to the Stone Age few places in the world will touch on inspire as this beautiful land will for the tourists there's a solid infrastructure and modern conveniences Capone whether versus your first trip to Africa or you're a seasoned regular there's plenty to keep you occupied whatever your mood choose from game drives in our open top four wheel drive vehicles which allow completing and obstructed views quite Viking or if you prefer just relaxing while enjoying and handsome trainee Calathes team of professional staff are trained to guide and assist in every aspect of your stay with us luxurious accommodation helpful staff and a professional shape will ensure you're comfortable throughout your stay at pelota Sanchez meals are prepared for you as well as the enjoyment of a typical South African barbecue while sipping your favorite son cingular is as luxurious as it is natural shaded under a canopy of huge fig trees this camp has been constructed in Tony from local stone and indigenous wood pure a stack luxury sammelsohn gainers great features include a gorgeous pool area lush lawn leaving from a law firm bar and dining area this camp is wonderful for groups of people built in a semi-circle life Adam Geller inevitably ends up revolving around the huge log phone that dominates the center of the camp this area provides a perfect place for shaded afternoon doze or an evening it's been sitting around the fire sharing Bush tales and adventures in addition to the sheer enjoyment of the tranquility of the bush there are many activities on and around kehlata drivers are available to take guests to their chosen activity such as game walks and drives elephant back safaris quad biking barn beauty treatments a trip to the goat farm for cheese and wine tasting visits to the white line breeding project curio shopping Oh thankful best fishing and heart a balloon vallarta adventures offers a wide array of exciting excursions this company was inspired by several requests from clients for us to produce quality pre-approved destinations the correspond with the same ideals that kehlata has pursued over the last 20 years these tours include destinations such as kruger national park Cape Town per- on the Guardian deep-sea fishing in Mauritius and lows and be swimming with the dolphins snorkeling and scuba diving a houseboat on Lake Kariba visits to the spectacular Victoria Falls and bears and Tiger vision of the zone pelota also offers a spectacular wedding venue to satisfy any couples dreams of a safari wedding each wedding is tailor-made to host an intimate function to a grand scale wedding we have kehlata wilderness are passionate about what we do and guarantee every visitor will leave as a friend with an experience of a lifetime we look forward to meeting you

ProAlps – holiday becomes adventure

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Unforgettable Luxury Holidays in Safari Africa

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I've been traveling to Africa now for over 25 years my first Safari was in the Chu Lu hills south of Nairobi and I remember we were driving along this wonderful plane in these veo mark one mark to land rovers I saw my first giraffe galloping along side the cars it was a wonderful sight as very nervous before I went to Africa thinking of God you dig into the bugs and mosquitoes and it's not going to be easy to travel around but once I've been on safari I got a different sort of bug I just fell in love with Africa and then a few years after that I decided to as she'd go into organizing safaris and all is with my business colleague Kate theobald hence the name z herbal barber and since we have been operating Safari business since 1992 I go to Africa three or four times a year to really check out each place Lodge camp and destination to see whether again to suit the sort of safaris that we want to organize and that is the fundamental thing about our holidays we know the places we're sending people to and we can ensure that we make the best use of the clients time there is something extraordinary about landing on a remote Bush trip and you get out of a light aircraft and you just have that tangible smell of Africa all around you and dust is there in clouds the animals are galloping away it's a very difficult thing to describe but it is what makes me love Africa so much the main countries we cover in Africa are Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Zambia Malawi Zimbabwe South Africa Namibia and may that be a fantastic thing about African holidays this is not just about seeing animals so for instance you could walk along a beach for at least an hour and not see anyone else we have such remote and wild beaches you could then go inland for an hour or two by road and walk and tracking spectacular scenery and then enough gorgeous small hotel and eating amazing food you could be pulled in a mokoro which is a dugout canoe in the water channels the Okavango Delta in Botswana or be driven in a Land Rover across the Great Plains and Serengeti you might want to go trekking up a mountain sort of Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro or something in Uganda Rwanda or go and look at gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda or perhaps go and listen to electrifying Orion indeed tragic tales about 19th century battles in kwazulu-natal in South Africa and then of course you go on to safariland and see the big 5 lion leopard elephant buffalo and rhino so there is a huge variety of things that people can do on our holidays where you spend a lot of time thinking about the attend race for class and really planning them and I'd like to think that we have a very good idea about how a holiday should fit together the jigsaw and how it should work and logistics of getting you from place to place and I think the fact that we have researched all the different destinations and how they link really does help to make a better holiday for you we do have a few little hideaways up our sleeves that very few people hear about and we have got for instance some fantastic private houses are you on the beach or indeed in the bush that are generally not marketed to the wider public and so we like to keep these little gems for our clouds I love hearing about the feedback when clouds come back from the holiday and they sort of take the fact that gainst the animals as read but also the thing they really do rave about more often than not the people who've looked after them and I think that really does differentiate sort of holidays that we organize compared to many other so as you go on in the world people are just really pleased to see you and they want to give you a fantastic time and we have hosts and managers and guides who will be with you you know 24-7 most of time you become friends them and often clients want to get back the same lodge or indeed follow guided either they've met and and had a fantastic lot of time with the next time we go back to Africa Africa is any wonderfully romantic in evocative place what could be better than walking out into the bush in the morning and then coming around a corner and finding a wonderful table laid out with your Bush breakfast under an acacia tree and sip your cup of chai or coffee and look out across that amazing bush likewise in the evening there you go on an evening sun down a walk you then clamber up a rock and look out watching that Sun go down is that his one of my favorite moments sitting there with a lovely tuska beer just listening to Africa and watching the day end you you

The Grey Knight – Deluge (Exotic vacation – ASMR Boyfriend Experience)

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hey good-looking mind if I buy you a drink you know I have to admit when you said you want to spend this much on a vacation I've never ever thought it would be worth it but even in the rain this is this is pretty magical I I kind of think it's wild how on the other side of the world it's the opposite season so even though it's the last days of warm weather here we're just chilling out and avoiding the last bits of winter yeah but my big old brain did pay for this vacation and that makes me pretty goddamn sexy don't you think hmm I thought you might see it that way it's so strange just looking around and not seeing anybody for miles and miles and miles you know we can head right back to civilization or we can just stay in the bungalow and just not see anyone maybe ever again like seriously if we barricaded the doors and we stayed like entrenched in paradise how long do you think it would take for them to remove us but seriously we have got to find a way to live off of Wi-Fi like to earn an income or get rich or win the lottery because I know that I've said no matter where I am with you that's paradise but this is actually paradise like this is actually paradise I swear to God if you offered me an apple I wouldn't eat it because I'm afraid we might get kicked out of here no no I'm just I can't believe that if I hadn't met you if I hadn't met you right when I did I never I've never had done this I never have taken a vacation like this and I know I groused and I know I moaned and I know I complained and I'm just so glad that you put up with it all because now that we've actually done it now that we've actually made it some place that's just beautiful and immaculate yeah yeah I can absolutely see why you wanted to push for it so hard it's life-changing breathtaking I never thought I never thought I enjoy the rain so much but here I am just ready to let it pound on me just flow all over me in fact I think it feels really nice oh yeah I wish we had found out how nice it felt at the start of the vacation you know before I had all those pina coladas and my midsection expanded a little but I'm gonna count on the fact that my big old brain still keeps me sexy and and if I'm laying back and flex my arms and suck in my stomach a little bit that the water running down me looks really really good any chance of that mmm well I got the idea from looking at you mm-hmm just the way the water runs down you in the outdoor shower when you walk in the rain the way you shake your hair like you're in a movie or you know like you're a dog check it all the excess water out mm-hmm well if you're gonna swap me I think you should get a whole lot closer


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hi welcome back tomato jello so I feel me in this video in our hotel in Bangkok on the day it's going light so I'm excited to see how the Vice fire works see if I get it uploaded in time I hope so cross my fingers today I'm going to share with you my 10 my top 10 beauty and beach favorites that I want always bring with me when I go to a warmer place and to the beach so before I go on don't forget to subscribe button below and give it a thumbs up if you liked it and there's more vlogs coming up I should enter your that but first this one we can start with the most obvious one sunscreen and on this holiday I've been using 50 and 30 a lot which I talked about in my blog and right now I'm loving the attack of staff Sun protect from gorilla in SPF 30 for my body and my all-time favorite queen the durham must fine fluid in SPF 50 plus which has very high protection of UVA and UVB for my face my chest and all my tattoos that's needed before you go out in the Sun or else you'll get burned and your skin will look terrible when you get old that's number one then I always bring my sun protection spray for my hair because I've blonde hair and this is a well a sun protection spray for fine to normal here is protect your hair from all UVA and UVB and everything that's really important to use every single day and another thing to protect your hair and your head from the heat is a hat and it also looks kind of stylish with hats on it I think so so hat is good to have I always have it in my beach bag I know we are every single day but always good to have and you get a little bit too warm and you just want your head in the shape and speaking of shades sunglasses of course you need sunglasses on a sunny trip present your eyes son these are my new favorites from big book their budget friendly and they're pink new dish and kind of round shape and I love them these have been coming with me much in my bag almost every day and another thing I always break every single egg but also on vacation is an empty backdrop I'm at bacterial yeah for your hands this one is from rituals down here in Thailand then toilet facilities isn't always that good so it's good to have this one in your bite you just get all those to himself now I was reading this one then he made a good book I haven't started this one yet but I've read the first one and the second one is a calendar girl from Audrey : this is the july-to-september issue no not this year version and I've read the two first ones I haven't gotten started on this one because I've been reading another book but I hope I can serve this pretty soon I think it's going to be also a good book is great to have on the beach and on the plane then you need a good pair of sandals is it going to be in that sand so good with sandals I can handle that how Ayanna's is I don't like to look at them but they do the work so these are absolutely must agree on a vacation like this even though they're not stylish at all then after you've been in the Sun a good after set is always right you have to moisture your body so that the time lasts even longer this is the chorus moisturizing buttermilk aloe vera after Sun moisturizing and it's really good and it gives moisture and it cools off if you've gotten a sunburn and I also been using this one terracotta nourishing dry oil or paste body and here from gorilla it smells amazing and it makes your town look given better so I've been using this one for a go out in the evenings and this one right that's true is that something structure and I've been loving that really be loving the clerk of that range from gorilla this vacation so this program is also a new favorite if the latter cuts are less perfume and it smells just like the oil and the sunscreen and it's so good smells of summer I love it this is a favorite and then the last piece is this cheek tropic sunlight do a bronzing powder for face it had like a golden top here the back wore up pretty quickly but this is really really nice when your face is Sankey's and you just can just put on this pretty nice that's also really really nice so that's my top 10 beauty favorites and some other favorites for a beach vacation I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'll leave my subscribe button here so you can click on my face great and I'll leave my Thailand log number one here and some other video here I don't know which one in my June favorites delegate so you do a thumbs up you liked it and thanks so much machine visit I