Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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[Applause] [Applause] Oh Toby a module ham Limassol me yoky Cyprus it wonderful solution heaven or koshish key Hamlin k morning sunset record Graham what are the beautiful sin we he bought his our just buta s view could record can really sorry rot some slogan is your hair Beach Villas area or finally Homme neige sunset we record here for the birth disputa I hope gap Logan is view enjoy IKEA the johnnesha play a piece fun condos three to four casts of subscribe John Isabella please fun Kardos three to four casts subscribe care of my family uplift friends or a play-doh so ero P sub go request karate please subscribe her there okay in chori chori videos canonically Padma not happy about time that the hot baths are like that they can either upload key support him and he who he go shyam good pinnacles again you to please subscribe conquer those three before thank you very much of Nepal Karthikeya you

Quiet Beach Holidays in Tyros Peloponnese

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The top 5 beach holidays in Portugal for 2018

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My Beach Holiday Skin Care Kit! | Dr Sam in The City

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hello I'm back from a rather section two weeks away and please forgive the lack of grooming today my nails me doing we're definitely working a beach hair kind of look and I thought it's better just to get on with creating new video content as I've had a couple of weeks of and dr. salmon if you liked only posting once a week so and I thought some travelers beach charity I thought I would tell you about some changes I make to my skincare routine when I'm doing a beach holiday and it was something I think someone happens to run reasonable that was a good question so I proposed the core of the matter is I don't change that much at all in that I believe that the right skin care routine should service your skin all the year through and you should really instruct important things like antiox and youth or retinol or any daily sunscreen and those are sort of the fundamental ways I approach the thing after my skin say I think the things I want to talk about today are one if you're not planning on tanning your face which i think is a good thing how do you think it's in a way that is compatible with carrying on a prescription retinoid type skin care routine and the way I tend to do this is to do normally with my skin care in the daytime coming from you know sitting under the umbrella after the day at the beach or by the pool so I'll cleanse my skin that point in time and apply some facial self-tanner and I might use something super light like this James Reed one the gradual tan h2o timeless because certainly on my skin is sort of a very tan look just makes me look like a different person all together and it's not something that I like at all but it's quite nice to work as a slightly more sunkissed look with bronzes and it kind of brings out the color of your eyes and that sort of things it's quite nice cosmetic look to play with and I think of your quiet after the beach early evening and allow the products is developed through over the course of the evening it kind of warmed up your skin tone and then you can cleanse product off completely before bed and still use your usual skincare routine at night which for me is retin-a so that's how I can implement a little bit of faith Pam isn't going to doom that fool to slipper I haven't done that today just to be clear I mean I couldn't bother this is a trip for me this time around just to be completely relaxed I'm just you know doing lots of yoga eating great food enjoying being in the outdoors just having quiet time but if I was going to do fake time I face that can't do it what else so I mentioned antioxidants I think for me that's a very important part of any period of time women spend more time in the outdoors and that's a part of the reason to go to my Ibiza and Formentera zits children in a beach to do yoga to spend more time to sort of you know it kind of healthy outdoors you sort of way hiking and that sort of thing so I will fortify my skin with lots of vitamin C under my sunscreen to really protect my skin and my children see a value one the professional see serum now also something I did a little bit differently this time around and they did have some days where I was outdoors and maybe getting more Sun than I would like but it was for daytime event so I call an active summer day I was at the garden tree in Monaco and you know outdoors in the terrace difficult to be called together and sheep looking as you might need to be so example for a summer wedding somewhere like Italy so I kind of thought through how about we approach covering my skin but yet not looking like scissors you know I was smothered in suntan lotion and so what I decided to do was actually double up from my usual 50 active day kind of sunscreen to the elves MDF I use it as my first layer and applied it properly as you must always do with sunscreen to dos it's that two pound coin sized quantity to deliver the number on the tube never forget that and then I find beauty of my NeoStrata tinder sunscreen as more of a foundation / coverage but over the top of it so I'm not applying this in the same kind of proper way because I'm flying it more of a cosmetic game but it means that I can use it kind of in life as t-zone we're a bit more redness prone in my cheeks and nose I apply it with the Beauty Blender again is not about precise quantification of your application you can't do that when you're applying a cosmetic but I think better to use that for my coverage evening at my skintone and which I know with a good quality physical sunscreen that stays put well and then I carried my Beauty Blender around with me I needed to touch up I use more of this later on it's not super precise way I'm not said claiming it will then deliver 50 plus 50 in terms of SPF protection but I would rather use this the best foundation as my coverage on days when you to look pulled together so that's a tip for you to try say I found that the Beauty Blender meant that I can actually kind of build up coverage over the course of the day where I need it because you're not rubbing the skins that part doesn't coming off you're not getting messy bowling which i think is often a problem when you start working with some Screaming layers hi Annie my global base hat always comes with me on holidays and I took it in a chic red this time and it comes in its handy push at yeah and it really is good to consult flat in my suitcase and it's a good color and it brings a bit of cheer so the final change I make to my summer beauty routine if you will is that I lose more hair accessories and journeymen the normal working day or evening I tend to always wear my hair down and I put up enough in a ponytail for for exercise but for the summer for the beach I hope you know walking or whatever I tend to use more hair accessories so I have put together have a lovely collection of tortoiseshell hair accessories they're my favorite kind specially on my head a little bit more kind of toward 24 speechy streaky and bits going on so I'm I love this one and that's just a great battle beautiful shell type and creation for a tiny heart not love that one I mean just a couple of clampy type ones I think I've acquired in French pharmacies they just seem to do the chamalla code them the pharmacy I mentioned on Instagram Reese so good for this kind of thing just really chic you know you could do a half pull back this is getting all tangled up and then the last one thought most recently was this one which again I was rid of a hairpin if you will but again it's no really nice good quality tortoiseshell looks really elegant especially zarina's hair so that's pretty much it otherwise products say the same kinda moisturizer the sunscreens as you can see the same as I normally use or just police's tweet the way I've used and subtly the other states Han maybe not terribly common for me and yet to keep going with all the rest of the elements in the skincare routine to keep it beautiful thanks for watching bye everyone

Sri Lanka Tourism – Visit Sri Lanka – Exotic Holidays Sri Lanka

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hi travelers this is Emma from Australia if golden beaches rising waves Misty Mountains mighty elephant stealthy leopards giant whales a majestic past lovely tea and warm smiles could sum up a country that would be Sri Lanka it was an amazing experience and I'd like to thank exotic glencoe calm for all their efforts and i highly recommend exotic Lanker calm to any traveler or holiday maker thanks

Unforgettable Luxury Holidays in Safari Africa

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I've been traveling to Africa now for over 25 years my first Safari was in the Chu Lu hills south of Nairobi and I remember we were driving along this wonderful plane in these veo mark one mark to land rovers I saw my first giraffe galloping along side the cars it was a wonderful sight as very nervous before I went to Africa thinking of God you dig into the bugs and mosquitoes and it's not going to be easy to travel around but once I've been on safari I got a different sort of bug I just fell in love with Africa and then a few years after that I decided to as she'd go into organizing safaris and all is with my business colleague Kate theobald hence the name z herbal barber and since we have been operating Safari business since 1992 I go to Africa three or four times a year to really check out each place Lodge camp and destination to see whether again to suit the sort of safaris that we want to organize and that is the fundamental thing about our holidays we know the places we're sending people to and we can ensure that we make the best use of the clients time there is something extraordinary about landing on a remote Bush trip and you get out of a light aircraft and you just have that tangible smell of Africa all around you and dust is there in clouds the animals are galloping away it's a very difficult thing to describe but it is what makes me love Africa so much the main countries we cover in Africa are Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Zambia Malawi Zimbabwe South Africa Namibia and may that be a fantastic thing about African holidays this is not just about seeing animals so for instance you could walk along a beach for at least an hour and not see anyone else we have such remote and wild beaches you could then go inland for an hour or two by road and walk and tracking spectacular scenery and then enough gorgeous small hotel and eating amazing food you could be pulled in a mokoro which is a dugout canoe in the water channels the Okavango Delta in Botswana or be driven in a Land Rover across the Great Plains and Serengeti you might want to go trekking up a mountain sort of Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro or something in Uganda Rwanda or go and look at gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda or perhaps go and listen to electrifying Orion indeed tragic tales about 19th century battles in kwazulu-natal in South Africa and then of course you go on to safariland and see the big 5 lion leopard elephant buffalo and rhino so there is a huge variety of things that people can do on our holidays where you spend a lot of time thinking about the attend race for class and really planning them and I'd like to think that we have a very good idea about how a holiday should fit together the jigsaw and how it should work and logistics of getting you from place to place and I think the fact that we have researched all the different destinations and how they link really does help to make a better holiday for you we do have a few little hideaways up our sleeves that very few people hear about and we have got for instance some fantastic private houses are you on the beach or indeed in the bush that are generally not marketed to the wider public and so we like to keep these little gems for our clouds I love hearing about the feedback when clouds come back from the holiday and they sort of take the fact that gainst the animals as read but also the thing they really do rave about more often than not the people who've looked after them and I think that really does differentiate sort of holidays that we organize compared to many other so as you go on in the world people are just really pleased to see you and they want to give you a fantastic time and we have hosts and managers and guides who will be with you you know 24-7 most of time you become friends them and often clients want to get back the same lodge or indeed follow guided either they've met and and had a fantastic lot of time with the next time we go back to Africa Africa is any wonderfully romantic in evocative place what could be better than walking out into the bush in the morning and then coming around a corner and finding a wonderful table laid out with your Bush breakfast under an acacia tree and sip your cup of chai or coffee and look out across that amazing bush likewise in the evening there you go on an evening sun down a walk you then clamber up a rock and look out watching that Sun go down is that his one of my favorite moments sitting there with a lovely tuska beer just listening to Africa and watching the day end you you

Sandals Family Resorts and Beach Holidays 2018 / 2019

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Bahai travel would like you to imagine a luxurious Caribbean holiday designed exclusively for couples at Sandals Resorts love is all you need because the best of everything is included now imagine a Caribbean holiday created for families at beaches resorts they have more quality inclusions than you can imagine sandals and beaches voted the world's leading all-inclusive resorts available now from bar head travel the holiday and tailor-made travel specialists call Oh one for one travel to travel to three now or visit bar head travel dot coat UK

South Africa Vacations, Tours, Cruises, Hotels Video

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take a journey to the place that gave birth to all of humankind where the sky is so vast even a thousand hills are not too many a place of such beauty even God has a window on it come and fall in love with a land which in romance adventure and mighty legends hear the music in the ancient place names for loss bazookas seek did the gamma and follow fall Oh be stilled by the quite range of the Macondo mountains and stirred by the rule of our bodies be drawn by the scent of the sea the crash of the waves the cry of the soaring seagulls ascend through clouds of fame boss to the peak of a mountain older than the Himalayas a place where legend says the ghost of a Dutch pirate still takes on the devil in a smoking contest feel the roar of the wind as you cycle down the SWAT back mountains feel the heartbeat of warriors as you follow the awesome color River into the heart of okar samba the mighty barrier of spheres feel at peace as you me on the shores of coffee Bay hear and feel and taste the rush of Josie to greenie if kapa come alive as you encounter our people rejoice in the spirit of this vibrant nation and nation on a global stage our arms open wide for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa South Africa it's possible 550 trails up 1,000 meters above two oceans 10 billion goosebumps out fifteen thundering drums the spirit of 10,000 warriors 125 beats per minute 2 million hectares of wilderness 0 fences stone's throw away from the real The Lion King 7 spectacular sunsets from one country I took a thousand memories it's possible of all the things I've done before these are the ones that make my life worth telling I've been to a city that never sleeps and met some genuine angels I even journeyed deep into the rainbow to discover home I never knew my head I've owned spaces as wide as the sky is endless sat alongside Kings as if we were equals and on a perfect day I made the Sun halfway up the morning sky who would have thought from this one country I take away a thousand memories South Africa it's possible people said that what I was searching for I never find but when I got here everyone seemed to know exactly where I should look so I stopped searching and let the land and its people guide me I came to this place looking to feel alive again and it's people left me a thousand memories richer South Africa it's possible for 27 years all he could dream of was freedom freedom of expression freedom of movement freedom of speech few places in the world offer you that special hospitality for which the South Africans have become famous we invite you with open arms to our wonderful country South Africa hosts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup my name is Anna torpedo I'm a chef and a food writer and I tend to work on the ways that people demonstrate who they are culturally socially economically historically in the way that they cook and eat and share food together what I've done most recently is I wrote a book with Nelson Mandela Foundation called hunger for freedom which is the story of food in the life of Nelson Mandela so it's it's effectively it's a biography of Nelson Mandela with recipes everybody knows that the Sun shines that there are interesting animals in the Kruger Park those things are they're not unexpected what's wonderful about South Africa is really what a very good undiscovered food tourism destination it is if you're interested in food then Johannesburg is worth you know stopping or fad there are wonderful Central African restaurants and I think there are no Winelands anywhere in the world that are as beautiful as the Winelands of the Western Cape but when you combine the food of the Western Cape with the wine with the Western Cape you get something really quite unique and delicious that is very nice to be in a space where you feel that you got to see the world get better not worse my name is Nelson Marquart and I work on French national television as a sportscaster I went to South Africa twice the first time during the 1995 World Cup and the second time which was at Christmas a few years later weather weather was absolutely wonderful I did go through an unexpected delight by seeing sharks now in the television world eyes to see sharks 365 days per year but this time those were real sharks something that I will really never forget so far as all the sceneries the sports activities the cultural activities are are concerned I think it's difficult to find them through all seasons a country in which you will be as happy that a country that has so many diverse activities to show and to offer I found in South Africa a lot of generosity and I think it is a generosity of the people there want to share obviously and I was very happy to be able to share with them three words to illustrate what I think about South Africa I would say kindness generosity freedom and I would and I would add a fourth one an extraordinary sense of humor it was the reason I love South Africa's the people we're lucky enough to be able to understand each other to be able to you know speak the same language an incredibly grateful for jobs work Norma see hard very dedicated very proud people cost of doing business in South Africa is less than you know elsewhere in the world you can mix business with pleasure you've got a jobber grow a lot of the business takes place Cape Town now where a lot of business takes place but you've got the most beautiful games those sort of moments beautiful coastline and the most fantastic wineries some of the best wrestlers in the world it's wonderful that South Africa is finally got the World Cup and I think you know in the same way that Britain has won the Olympics is a tremendous morale booster for a country and you know the South African did be proud of you know Manik managing to achieve something like that who the competition was fierce every every every country the world wanted to get it so I think it it shows that South Africa's come of age to be able to pull off you know that there's a wonderful country and there best of luck with it and I hope lots of you come in invest in this fantastic country when we first came in it was overwhelming the rooms were so luxurious it's a total African experience Golf in South Africa is phenomenal it was the most incredible experience I've ever had you just can't believe you're this close to the wildlife the sights the sounds the flavors you just never forget it it's very luxurious I would recommend everyone to come with you there's something for everybody for a chance to win your unique South African jonny visit us at south african journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible welcome to Soweto this is the heart and soul of South Africa it's really been a very vibrant beautiful experience and being in Mandela's house is just it's a dream in some way there was the third most visited area in South Africa you get to see the entire committee how people live you get a real deal people are excited to have 2010 World Cup happening yeah it's a big Fiesta people are so open and friendly and is life on the street don't come to Africa without coming to see where oh it's a must meeting the people has been has been the base has been real for a chance to win your unique South African journey visit us at South African journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible everything is here there's something for everybody young and old it is a part of an entire day of advances ghostwriting in South Africa is like a bit of paradise I would really recommend anybody to come to South Africa and left on this river it's wonderful wonderful the throwing yourself into the unknown and it's probably a way to get wished along it is brilliant if you will come and say wow I had the awesome time that makes us tick and that makes us keep on doing what we're doing it's really lost bellissimo bellissimo rough finger for a chance to win your unique south african journey visit us at south african journeys calm South Africa it's possible the walking Safari is the time where the people are not in the Land Rover being able to get down and walk around and see things it's amazing getting close to animals you walk up to a drive and you realize how big these animals actually are you getting up close and personal and you're walking a bit the guides made the journey just unforgettable when the people are getting amazed and then we get a little bit excited as well oh there's another we've just such a lovely time being so close to everything wonderful just being perfectly into a perfect day for a chance to win your unique South African journey visit us at South African journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible we enjoy many people from all over the world and take them to our little piece of paradise you're able to disappear into orders almost another world it's a must for every holiday makeup it was something lovely something you have to experience okay absolutely amazing awesome place diticom is one of the most beautiful areas along this entire garden route this is grassroots rural South Africa it's like you're in a movie for a chance to win your unique South African journey visit us at South African journeys calm South Africa it's possible nothing you have seen for it's just beautiful wide open spaces the colors the smells it's such a unique experience I think I'm really glad that came out here though just because all I've seen before is wildlife programs so the news effectively I hadn't seen it for myself it's Africa you feel like you're in a different place I see all this luscious land and greenery and it just goes on for miles I would go back tomorrow for a chance to win your unique South African journey visit us at South African journeys calm South Africa it's possible everybody likes Safari when they see lions so when they see one of the d5 they become excited first night we are here we went on a night safari and there was a leopard it was completely still wasn't bothered all by us it's another experience that they will never forget in their life seeing the first lion leopard seeing the first elephant dusty to see the excitement is very rewarding you see them in their natural habitat is probably the most treasured experience they will ever have absolutely for a chance to win your unique south african journey visit us at south african journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible can you take people whale-watching they need all these magnificent creatures it's always been a dream today they'll never forget the reals the size of the key M so protocol that was just gives me great satisfaction knowing that there are certainly people out there that appreciate these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat beautiful country is no divider for a chance to win your unique South African journey visit us at South African journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible I was told before leaving that South African are friendly but really everybody has a super very welcoming and everyone goes out of their ways to charm make you feel at home there is so much this country has told us so much me because I have such a diverse culture absolutely amazing presence we lost a box for a chance to win your unique South African Johnny visit us at South African journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible we always meet interesting people on the walks from all over the world all very friendly they don't realize that serviço has such beautiful sights and such beautiful places to to holiday and stay it's beautiful this is the seraphic and winter that we enjoy and it's quite stunning it's such a beautiful spot to you away from all the dirt and the grime and the noise of a big city and it's healthy I feel 10 years younger when I leave for a chance to win your unique South African journey visit us at South African journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible this is one of the most stunning gravure world passes we have in South Africa it's still in its original condition the same way they built it about 200 years ago if you experience the place with all your senses and I think the smell is the most wonderful thing the times in the clan could wobbly swoon when ever you stop you see the most beautiful children the smile tells you everything you won't find a better experience on a motorbike and traveling in the Korean South Africa for a chance to win your unique south african journey visit us at south african journeys dot-com South Africa it's possible had a couple of minutes in the cage and one of these beasts came up to me and was literally six inches away looking in his mouth looking in his eyes and then I wanted to get out when you go down you see those teeth in those eyes it's just unbelievably conscious cry really happy thanks very much that's the best thing for a chance to win your unique South African journey visit us at South African journeys calm South Africa it's possible the Kalahari has got its own draught its vast if it's forever you just got to get into those sand dunes on your own and there you're gonna find a lot of solitude it's can seem like a place of massive emptiness but you suddenly find five six different animal traps right there there's a huge amount of life and but I wonder for me product I really like to try and live like the animals do so that I can experience the hardships that they're going through I want to see wildlife in a totally different context and that's really I suppose what draws me to the Kalahari it's the the vastness and the openness I really had always been able to see these massive distances as a bet images and things that stick with you new Bethesda's like the spiritual home of free thinkers it's a sort of vast landscape that's almost biblical in magnitude the harshness of it makes you a much more thoughtful and spiritual person it's almost an oasis for people who are innovative and their thinking is to survive on such a language you have to be stronger you'd have to look for answers in non-traditional ways this seems to be a place ed is a magnet for people who want to express themselves and it makes it a visually interesting place to be as a photographer to my friends in America if they wanted to find an area that was quirky warm creative and in the middle of a fantastic land I would say come to me Bethesda because that's where they would find it all together in one small wonderful place when I first met the family I was just driving through then I came across this painted house I went in and our relationship started car I really feel good but the fact that people under all odds have decided to remain who they are it is important that you keep your traditions because your children must know where they're coming from and that has made me have more respect for the people in the rural areas than the people in the city they have enriched me it is a privilege to have lonely demanda family for I would not have had the insight that I have today when I tend to look for when I go to places or things that are visually appealing when you walk down the sand dunes here in ansan Lucia just thinking of the old shipwrecks or the Explorers the first thing they saw was these long beaches and impenetrable forests they still look exactly the same you