Tarponville Costa Rica – Fly Fishing for Tarpon with “Off the Hook Fly Fishing”.

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Tarponville in Costa Rica is a wonderful rustic lodge right in the middle of the lush rain forest. It allows access to some great fly fishing for salt water species such as Tarpon, and Permit. Give us a call at (707)287-2939 for more info or check out

Carp Fishing Holiday, Bearley Lakes Somerset

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Cookinandcarpin spend a long bank holiday weekend in the caravan at the the new lake at Bearley Lakes.A great weekend is had by all.

“A Carp Fishing Holiday” Furzebray Lakes

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The on the bank angling team head to Furzebray lakes for a weeks Carp fishing. With fish to well over 40 pounds in the lake could they catch a real monster and break their personal bests. Follow them through the week and find out!
Tips and tactics. Highs and lows. Joy and frustration. This video has it all. Enjoy!

“Better Days”
“Acousitc Breeze”
“A New begining”
“Funny Song”

All By Bensound


“Hot Rod”

Purple Planet Music

Furzebray Lakes-www.furzebraylakes.co.uk

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