Pool View # 1 – Royal Reserve Safari Beach Club – Mombasa Hotels – Kenya Holidays & Africa Hotels

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Africa videos for Kenya

Turkey Vacation Ideas: Cappadocia VIP Tours, Istanbul Flights, Izmir Hotels

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Turkey Vacation Ideas: specialists in Turkey Travel, Turkey Hotels, Turkey Flights and Turkey VIP Tours since 1980.

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Discover Turkey



Turkish language


Aegean Sea

Culture of Turkey

Ottoman Empire


Izmir Province

Surf Holidays in Portugal

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Surf Holidays and Surf Lessons to Europe’s top surf destinations

Luxury travel Guide, Luxury trip, Luxury hotels, Luxury Resort, luxury vacations

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Best Luxury travel destinations, Travel Guide, Top luxury Holidays, trip, hotels, Resort, Safari, beach holidays, vacations, restaurant, honeymoon, destinations, all inclusive Hotels, all inclusive Resort, Yacht, all inclusive Vacations, 5 stars Restaurant, Shopping mall, luxury Night club, luxury Real estate, luxury Life style, Cars, Cruises, Travel, Fashion brands, Furniture, News, event, show, Fashion, celebrity, dining, home rental, photography, Spas, Beauty centers, Diving Centers, Cinemas, coffee shop, life style, boats, liveaboards, best luxury destinations, exclusive destinations, villas for family vacation, romantic, music and arts.USA luxury hotels and travel destinations, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Maldives, Caribbean, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe, Africa, Australia, seashell island, Asia, red sea, best luxury places to visit, the most luxury holidays ever you spend with family, friends, Share your experience and photos for the beautiful luxury destination you visited, amazing luxury places to visit, Luxury travel Guide, Luxury trip, Luxury hotels, Luxury Resort, Luxury beach holidays, luxury vacations, luxury restaurant, Luxurious honeymoon, Luxury destinationsو Luxury Hotels, Resort, Yacht, Vacations, Restaurant, Shopping, Night club, Real estate, Life style, Cars, Cruises, Travel, Fashion brands, Furniture, News
– All businesses start from a common point – an idea. You may have dreamed of starting your own business for years, Now it’s time to balance it with a little reality. Are you really ready to start a business?
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– Finding that second person to help build your business idea into the next household name is no easy task.
– A good business partner shares your vision and enthusiasm, bringing expertise in the areas in which you are inexperienced.
Business Partners:

Cheap Vacation Ideas All Inclusive Hotels Travel Agents

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Book your next Dream Trip today!! Need a cheap vacation idea? How would you like to take all of your vacations using rewards points, and get your trips at the deepest discounts you can find anywhere…or it will be paid for you. Become a Dream Trips Life member and enjoy all-inclusive resorts all over the world for less than you pay for your coffee every month.

Kenya Camping Safari Holidays Lake Naivasha Hotels Lodges

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Triple Eden Resort, a Beautiful Naivasha Camping Site. This Kenya Camping Safari Holidays destination is near Lake Naivasha Hotels Lodges, Mount Longonot National Park, Hell’s Gate National Park, Crater Lake.

Book the Naivasha Campsite at a Beautiful Naivasha Hotel Accommodation.

Triple Eden offers the Best Naivasha Camping Site Rates and is a great Naivasha HOliday Accommodation with access to public transport. This Bed & Breakfast Lake Naivasha Accommodation in Kenya, and among affordable and Cheap Hotels in Kenya. It is a Nice Cheap Accommodation in Naivasha Kenya for both local and foreign Tourists. The Cheap Naivasha Lodges is 6km from Naivasha Town and is one of the best Low Budget Hotels in Kenia.

It is among the few Budget HOtels in Naivasha Kenya with swimming pool, camping ground. This Kenya Campsites is among Affordable Hotels in Naivasha. Triple Eden Resort is a perfect and affordable Lodges in Naivasha, and among Cheap Camps in Naivasha.

Triple Eden Resort offers is Budget Accommodation in Naivasha and is among the best Lake Naivahsa Budget Accommodation that is suitable for those travelling with public transport as it is located conveniently on Mai Mahiu Naivasha Road. This Budget Hotels in Naivasha Kenya has a large swimming pool, a beautiful campsite, and with trees on the compound allowing us to give a Budget Kenya Safari Packages in this Beautiful Lake Naivasha Hotel.

The Camping charges for this BUdget Kenya Tours Naivasha Camping Sites and Hotel starts from Kes 500 for ground fees per person. It is one of the the Cheap GEtaways in Naivasha for Budget Kenya Tours. Accommodation in this Beautiful Naivasha Hotel is much cheaper than most Lake Naivasha Hotels and Lodges rates.

Affordable Kenya Safari Packages close to Lake Naivasha where you can watch birds, hippopotomus, Boat riding, Horse riding, hiking at Mount Longonot, visit Crater Lake or Hell’s gate National Park.

You can book online at Triple Eden on the below link

or make payments through bank transfer, paypal, MPESA through the link below

13 Most Luxurious Hotels

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Travel to the best hotels around the world and stay in their amazing suites in beautiful places like the Bahamas and in incredible Dubai!

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7. Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Guest staying here can enjoy the magnificent views of Kuala Lumpur’s skyscraping Petronas Towers from public areas and upclass rooms at the Trader’s Hotel. This 4 star hotel is in the middle of the city and is a popular resting place for travellers doing business in this growing city. 2 chic restaurants and a rooftop infinity pool are among some of the unique things to enjoy here. The breathtaking views and the fantastic service is what the guests seem to rave about the most.

6. The W, Taipei
You’ll probably never want to leave your room if you stay at the W in Taipei. Most standard rooms rooms will feature panoramic city and mountain views. The wow suite features 1249 square feet, an infinity bathtub, an open bar, artwork inspired by Chinese zodiac symbols, a full city view of the Taiwan’s capital and much more. The hotel is celebrated for its cosmopolitan location, modernized rooms and quality service. Located in the upscale, popular neighborhood in Xinyi, travellers have easy access to the best part of town. The deluxe pool overlooking the skyline of Taipei doesn’t look to bad either.

5. Dubai Water Discus Hotel
We’ll get to more incredible hotels in Dubai later, but let’s take a quick look with what their planning here first. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that they’re plotting the construction of the world’s biggest underwater. In 2012, they unveiled this futuristic design of this incredible, UFO looking, luxury hotel with huge suites on the seafloor. Imagine waking up in the morning with the sight of beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish right next to you. Will this futuristic design be Dubai’s next successful mega hotel

4. Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s
The most expensive hotel that you’re going to find in one of the most expensive cities in Europe is the Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet. Located in the heart of Paris in the middle of Champs-Elysees, there is no other hotel in Paris better located for shopping and enjoying. Deciding to have a wedding here might be a tad expensive but you couldn’t find a better reception hall and view from the outside balcony. If that didn’t seem nice enough, the French cuisine at this luxurious hotel is prepared by some of the best chefs in France. For the prime location, the rooms are going to cost you at least 1000 bucks a night.

3. Shangri-La Istanbul
Perfectly located in Istanbul financial and entertainment district, this hotels boasts remarkable views of this extremely historic city that was considered the gateway to Asia. It has a total of 186 rooms and has a tasteful mix of oriental decorations and a taste of Turkish luxury, an ottoman prince would be happy with. One of the most expensive rooms in the world here known as the Shangri-la Suite takes up the entire top floor of the Shangri-la hotel and overlooks the beautiful Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul. The room has three private terraces that let you see basically the entire skyline.

2. The Venetian
This 5 star luxury hotel and Casino located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip rises 475 feet in the air. Hotel suites can cost up to 10,000 dollars a night but prices range often on holidays. It contains over 7,000 rooms. How would you like to visit Venice while staying in Sin City? The Grand Canal shoppes feature indoor gondolas and a canal, showing striking similarities to the real location in Venice. They’ve also designed their own versions of the Rialto Bridge, the Column of Saint Theodore, and St Mark’s Campanile. Guests can also take advantage of their luxorious pool, Tao nightclub & beachclub. This miraculous recreation of renaissance art welcomes guests who enter.

1. Burj Al Arab
This insane hotel in Dubai, is completely surrounded by water and was built on an artificial island near the Jumeirah Beach. The unique design you can see from the photo appears to resemble that of a sailboat. But it’s not just the outside that’s impressive. If you’re willing to spend 24,000 dollars a night, you can stay a night at the Royal Suite. The interior architecture exhibits The United Arab Emirates great wealth and their state of the art engineering capacity. The Al Mahara restaurant features an aquarium of exotic fish and the lobby is just mind boggling. It’s estimated that this hotel cost 1 billion dollars to construct!

The Best Marie Gold Hotels in India | Luxurious Holidays | Combination of Exotic Hotels

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If you are looking for a holiday with fun staying in Old Castles converted in to hotels let us know, and get ready to be a part of this Exotic Adventure tour to India.

For more contact us at [email protected]

Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts – Kid-Friendly Summer Beach Vacations

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for more information on Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Four Seasons hotels and resorts are all about bringing beach vacations to the children. Four Seasons offers Kid-Kation packages to our guests at our Four Seasons hotel locations, which features child-sized bathrobes and slippers, kid-friendly DVD library, and kid-orientated activities such as make your own ice cream sundae in your suite, cooking lessons and more!*

If you’re looking for the perfect beach vacations that are kid-friendly, Four Seasons resorts offers Kids For All Seasons camp. Our camp features a combination of indoor and outdoor activities that are educational, active and fun. Some examples of outdoor activities include: nature walks, tennis lessons, surfing lessons, beach volleyball and more! Nintendo Wii games, arts and crafts, and movies are all examples of fun indoor activities part of our Kids For All Seasons camp.*

Enjoy the perfect kid-friendly, summer beach vacations at our Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

*Please note that Four Seasons hotels and resorts offers different services and amenities based on the location.

For more information on our Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, be sure to visit our YouTube channel:

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Zimbabwe Vacations, Videos,Safari Tours, Game Camps, Hotels

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Zimbabwe Safari Tour Vacations: Call our American Express Travel Representatives 1 800 330 8820 to start planning or to book now: recommended by NBC, and Travel Channel TV: Get value, priceless Zimbabwe safari vacation information, complimentary upgrades, and luxury africa safari tours

10 Most Private Romantic Getaways

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We ranked the top 10 Most Private Romantic Getaways in the World
10 Things A Rich Couple Can Do Together:

Couple Who Quit Everything to Travel The World is Now Poor & Scrubbing Toilets:

If you were looking to escape with your loved one, this video is perfect for you as we mentioned 10 of the mos luxurious and romantic getaways.

In this Alux.com original video we’ll be taking a look at some of best luxury hotels for couples.

We’ll try to answer the following questions:
Which is the best destination for couples?
What are the best most private romantic getaways?
Where can you escape with your loved one?
Best places to see with your loved one?
Which hotel is the most romantic in the world?
Which are the top 10 most romantic hotels in the world?

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Kenya Safari Vacations, Tours, Videos, Custom Packages

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Unique, thrilling Kenya safari vacations arranged and orchestrated by our American Express Africa travel specialists. Ask about our exclusive up to the minute deals and extraordinary famly specials. Call 1 800 330 8820. Watch our Kenya videos in HD

The Travelista Blogger Jess Gibson Bagged 12 Exotic Holidays in 12 Months for Free

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Jess Gibson, 25, works three days a week as a social media manager and the rest running a blog, The Travelista. From hot air ballooning in the Serengeti to diving in the Maldives Jess manages to visit a host of countries for free. With colourful photographs, exquisite hotels and helpful tips, the blog has gained a legion of fans and awards. Most people cherish two or three holidays a year, but one lucky traveller managed to go on 12 amazing holidays in 12 months last year, while holding down a job based in London. And here she reveals how you, too, could rack up a similar number of getaways. From hot air ballooning in the Serengeti to diving in the Maldives, travel blogger Jess Gibson, 25, lives a luxury jetsetting lifestyle, but this is a far cry from her life before she got into online writing. Moving to London at the age of 21 after university, Gibson, who goes by the blog name of Travelista, took a ‘deathly dull’ job as an office PA, which she said quickly extinguished her graduate glow. She was too poor to pay for the tube and crippling rent and like many ‘living the London dream’ could barely afford to actually enjoy the city. Thankfully fate stepped in, and she learned that her offices shared floor space with a men’s luxury magazine, where she quickly volunteered to write for free in her spare time. Finding she had a natural flair for writing and an interest in the luxury sector, Jess realised that she wanted to make her passion her career and created her blogging website, The Travelista. With colourful photographs, exquisite hotels and helpful tips, it is clear to see why the blog has gained a legion of fans as well as winning many awards in its three-year existence. It was listed in the Top 10 Luxury Travel Blogs in 2015 by Vuelio and won Highly Commended Travel Blog in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 and last year Jess secured the Best Blogger / Journalist prize at the SATOA Blog Awards 2015. Within two years the website was earning Jess a decent income and it now allows her to regularly follow her passion – travelling. So much so that last year she managed to tick off a whole host of destinations last year: Dublin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Tuscany, Monaco, The Maldives, Tanzania, Spain, Dubai, Bath, Cancun and Val d’Isere. Working as a freelance social media manager three days a week, specialising in luxury travel and hotel brands, Jess manages to spend the rest of her time running her website or travelling. ‘I aim to travel once a month to a different overseas destination,’ she said to MailOnline Travel. ‘There’s no time to lie on the beach though! ‘I hate routine, so for me, I love the feeling of waking up every day knowing it will be completely different from the last.’ The Yorkshire explorer takes trips both paid and unpaid, and either travels on group press trips or is sometimes lucky enough to be able to take a plus one. She advised that networking and maintaining contacts in the industry is key to securing the best trips. And the fruits of her labour were seen by her managing to last year achieve her goal of one trip each month, including visits to Barcelona, Cape Town, Tuscany and Val D’Isere – visiting some of the top luxury hotels. In the Maldives she stayed at the Four Seasons Kuda Huura where she did scuba diving and in Dublin she stayed at The Westbury where golfer Rory McIlroy always stays when he’s in town. ‘My two standout trips in 2015 had to be Tanzania and The Maldives. The safari in The Serengeti was a once in a lifetime experience that I wouldn’t have ever been able to do had it not been for my writing,’ she said. ‘There is something magic about seeing such beautiful animals in the wild and the trip was a true taste of Africa.’ Despite her lavish lifestyle, Jess maintains that it is all achievable through hard work. ‘All of my family live up North and I came to London with absolutely zero contacts, but I am a strong believer in networking and I have worked hard to get my name out there and build my own network,’ she said. ‘Although my life may look privileged now, I went to a state school and have built my career with absolutely no financial support. ‘My biggest passion is writing. It has always been my dream to become a travel writer so I made my blog an online portfolio. ‘I got my social media work off the back of running my blog, so it’s proof that launching a blog can really help your career.’ Jess has no plans to slow down her busy lifestyle. She is aiming to visit another 12 countries in 2016, and in the future hopes to launch an online magazine for women that will be a one-stop destination for stylish luxury travel.

Exotic Infinite Water Pools To Visit In Your Vacations HD 2015

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Exotic Infinite Water Pools To Visit In Your Vacations 2015 HD

An “infinity pool” is a kind of pool that is often found in luxury hotels and have an easily recognizable design: they have no visible edges. These are a little lower than the water level, which gives the impression that the water could flow indefinitely while it flows over the outer edges.

Golden Triangle – Chiang Rai, Thailand
Lake Manyara Serena Lodge – Manarya, Tanzania
Murni’s Villas – Ubud, Bali
Kandalama Hotel – Dambula, Sri Lanka
Toscagne, Italy
Natural pool falls Tat Kuang Si – Luang Prabang, Laos
Alila Ubud – Bali
Sheraton Waikiki – Hawaii
Hotel Villa Mahal – Turkey
Rangali Island – Maldives
Kempinski Hotel Ishtar – Dead Sea, Jordan
The small beach hotel Divi – Saint Martin
Phuket, Thailand
Los Cabos, Mexico
Natural swimming pool North Narrabeen – Sydney, Australia
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Hotel Intercontinental Fiji
Hotel Dreams – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
My Friends Hotel – Saint Martin
Natural pool Lochailort – Scotland, United Kingdom
Marmaris – Mugla, Turkey
Resort Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Please watch: “Undiscovered Places to Visit Now 2018 HD”


World Travel: Exotic Holidays

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Exotic holidays and travel ideas in exclusive venues including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Frankfurt and London…The video is by holiday and hotel group Jumeirah