Hunting Iguanas with Air Rifles in Puerto Rico: GunVenture| S2 E10 P2

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Millions of iguanas plague Puerto Rico – ruining farmland just like wild hogs. GunVenture’s Ryan and KJ meet up with the Iguana Hunters P.R. team to test some Pyramyd Air air rifles against the lounging lizards. Plus, a walk around Old San Juan!

GunVenture airs on Sportsman Channel and WildTV. Watch episodes right now on Gun Talk Media’s YouTube, Facebook, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV channels, and at

From the desert sand to snowy mountain tops, from coast to coast: Follow the GunVenture crew as they explore the world of shooting – training, hunting, personal defense, and everything in-between. The crew manages to fit in a few side trips, too. It might be a brewery trip, zip-lining through the trees, riding in a tank, or even fishing for sharks. Whatever it is, you know it’ll be fun!

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2018 Hunting Red fish with Captain Mark Richards

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Its that time of year where the red fishing is on fire in Dulac, Louisiana. Captain Mark Richards gives a little update about to expect and invites you to come fish with him. Nothing like getting down in Dulac doing some site fishing with Captain Mark.

Top 10 Most Popular Fishing & Hunting Video Clips

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Top 10 MOST POPULAR fishing & hunting video clips! BEST Bikini Florida fishing saltwater gopro video clips! My most popular videos; extreme shark fishing, largemouth bass, jumping sailfish, mullet run, cast nets, big snook, freediving and alligator hunting in this great compilation. COMMENT BELOW & TELL US YOUR FAVORITE CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO! LINKS TO FULL VIDEOS BELOW:

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Hunting Stereotypes

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Hunting Stereotypes. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em.
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Agadir Morocco, a beautyful beach for summer holiday

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Agadir is a major city in southwest Morocco. great surfers sea.beautiful beach amazing soft sand , and close to town. best place for summer holiday.

“Huge Carp Landed On Bread Dough Bait, Fishing At Don Castro Lake!” by Verdugoadventures

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In this video, I fight and land a nice size common carp on a home made dough bait concoction that I have come up with that works perfect for catching carp!
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Safari Club Interview with Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit Founder Craig Spencer

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The founder of South Africa’s highly acclaimed Black Mambas Anti-Poaching unit reveals his recipe for success in fighting poaching in South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park. His team of 32 women is winning the war to combat poaching and save rhinos in a game reserve in Northern South Africa. He sat down with SCI’s Marc Watts to explain his unit’s success in conserving wildlife.

Man Reunites With African Cheetah BIG Cat After 1 Year Absence – Do You Remember Me? A Documentary

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2nd reunion HERE!
3rd Reunion HERE!
4th Reunion HERE!

I met Gabriel the Cheetah a year ago in 2014 at Cheetah Experience when he was 10 months old; spending a majority of my free time playing, walking, wrestling, hanging out, letting him groom, feeding, and even sleeping at night with him. He is now an adolescent Cheetah and exactly the same as I remembered him; very affectionate; mouthy and nibbly; licky, and loving to love.

My very 1st encounter with any Cheetah was with Gabriel last year. He immediately came to me the 1st day without reservation; chewing on my pants & knee. I was apprehensive about Cheetahs but Gabriel kept coming to me. I was told he liked men & that is why he approached me. He soon took away any fears I had of him & the other Cheetahs on the farm. I still kept a healthy respect for them, but no longer feared them.

I don’t know if Gabriel remembered me or not, he seemed confused who I was when we 1st met between the fence. But his old personality shined through over the weeks as I continued meeting him between the fence & inside his enclosure. I was told he had changed but discovered he had not with me.

Gabriel really likes human contact and interaction. It’s rewarding to him. Initially the staff did not want me interacting with Gabriel because of a concern for my safety & how he became aggressive with staff & volunteers in the past. I hope this video will show how Gabriel can play nice but beware of certain people he doesn’t show affection towards. Don’t interact with him anytime during feeding, that is where I noticed him get ‘bitey’. I hope that me being the 1st volunteer who knew and interacted directly with Gabriel will help his plight. He can be a VERY loving Cheetah and loves to love.

1st I should explain the purpose of raising tamed Cheetahs at this breeding center. The term most describing it is Husbandry and has similar goals as when raising domesticated animals. For endangered predators, the purpose is to allow a safe, stress free, comfortable, relaxed, and conducive environment for successful reproduction. It’s a numbers game for the Cheetah. There are only 10,000 left on this earth.

This centers success in breeding Cheetahs is contributed in part to human interaction. Less stress… more likely they will perform natural breeding. The females even allow staff to feed and interact with them after giving birth. That is because they are humanized. It also saves having to tranquilize them which is dangerous. With trust, you can give advanced health care to a wild animal; apply salves, give pills, transport them, and give hands on examinations; looking for problems. Minor injuries can become major ones. You can’t treat a wild, untamed animal without sedation. You have to dart them which is painful, a health risk, and creates more distrust. And the reward of interaction is immeasurable for someone like me who loves animals.

Sometime when I left CE, Gabriel was placed inside an enclosure with another Cheetah out of public and volunteer view because of acting up. I had to ask to see him, but was escorted. He had jumped on some female volunteers; grabbed a female volunteers pony tail; not letting go, bit a female staff members ankle, & attacked another female Cheetah. I notice a pattern here. Gabriel prefers men & does not respect females, to include Cheetahs. For 3 weeks, I never saw him groom the female Cheetah living with him.

Gabriel won’t groom woman that work there either; only men. I watched as one of the female keepers offered her leg up for a groom & he took a couple licks and stopped; refusing to groom any further. He’ll groom another male keeper & me until we bleed.

It could be the salt, extra hair, or maybe the scent of men that attracts Gabriel, but I think it’s more than that. I think it’s instinctive. Young male Cheetahs form coalitions in the wild with other male Cheetahs to hunt, gain territory, and find mates. Gabe knows the difference between men and woman and I think prefers men because of his instinctive nature. There are many accounts of wild coalitions of male Cheetahs sticking together until their deaths. But as the Selena Gomez songs says, “The Heart Wants What It Wants”. Gabe’s nature sure made my relationship with him very special & for that I am truly thankful. He, among other wonderful Cheetahs I met are the reason I love Cheetahs now. My favorite cat.

It was really nice reacquainting with my old Cheetah friend Gabe. I have a full time job and use my vacations to volunteer.

Thank you Gabriel for a wonderful reunion. I hope you remembered me. I sure remember you.

“Bonding With The World— One Animal At A Time” Dolph C. Volker

Lion vs Maasai, Amboseli National Park, Safari Kenya 2015

Views:11307508|Rating:3.64|View Time:5:32Minutes|Likes:11240|Dislikes:4189
Lew zabił krowę Masajów, więc Masajowie chcą zabić lwa! Park Amboseli, 9.02.2015 r. Coż za emocje!
Filmik nagrał Rafał – dziękuję 🙂
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Fly Fishing for Colorado Trout on San Miguel in Telluride, CO with San Miguel Anglers (HD Go Pro)

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Wahana Permainan “Safari Car” di Funland – Mikie Holiday, Berastagi.

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Pengalaman bagi buah hati anda untuk belajar mengendarai kendaraan dengan penuh keceriaan dengan unsur edukasi sejak usia dini dengan nuansa yang alami seakan buah hati anda berkendara di hutan yang rindang.

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Nettlecombe Farm Holiday Cottages & Fishing Lakes, Isle of Wight 2012

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Luxurious and very well equipped country cottages situated in idyllic countryside. Excellent facilities for families including play areas and a petting farm with a wide variety of animals including reindeer, alpacas and donkeys (to name just a few!). Whilst you may not want to leave Nettlecombe once you arrive, the Isle of Wight has an abundance of things to see and do for all ages. Excellent coarse fishing is also available on our three lakes.

Nettlecombe Farm is nestled in the heart of the rolling South Wight countryside, at the top of a quiet lane around half a mile from the village of Whitwell. It is a working farm that offers luxurious self-catering holiday accommodation.

Nettlecombe Farm has been in the Morris family for over 100 years. The farm’s meadows are grazed by beef cattle, sheep, ponies and donkeys. In the Rickyard there is a wide variety of small livestock normally including chickens, geese, turkeys, pigs, goats and rabbits. In springtime, visiting children may be lucky enough to help bottle-feed the lambs. And when the kids need to let off steam there are three large grassed play areas – including one with toddlers play equipment, which has a stunning large ‘Wendy’ house and a fabulous wooden tractor and for the older children there is a sports pitch. There are many glorious walks and cycle routes accessible from the farm with breathtaking views of a large part of the island. Excellent coarse fishing is also available on our three lakes.

Whilst we have a beautiful rural setting, we are not far from civilisation. At the bottom of the hill is the village of Whitwell with a public house, petrol station, church and bus stop. Two miles away is the neighbouring village of Niton where there is a large general store and off licence (open late and on Sundays), a Post Office, butcher, public house and a chemist. The seaside town of Ventnor is approximately three miles away and the island’s capital Newport is around twenty minutes drive. We think you will love this part of the Isle of Wight as much as we do. The passing of the seasons and the changing landscape make Nettlecombe Farm worth visiting at any time of year and we are happy to offer short breaks for out of season guests visiting between October & May.

• Function Barn available for Hire
• Yoga Retreats
• Weekly charge for dogs
• Childcare / Babysitting available through local partner
• Catering available through a local partner
• Holistic Therapy and Beauty treatments available through a local partner

We look forward to welcoming you to Nettlecombe Farm!