Thailand : Wildest Street Party in KhaoSan Road

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[Applause] [Applause] Thank You Go Go Go little man third back right [Applause] yeah one of the best man the person worth has beautiful take in and everything take your peers hey beer time shot shot [Applause] that's how we do it at slumber party by bodega come back Bangkok baby we have a three vans here one two three how many because now we're too much we're at 68 right now oh my goodness that is 68 people it's loggia almost like it part you include emotional as a step can you see me make opening abandon then again Mike here is making me tonight okay so that's the pre-show my daddy's gonna fucking palette for us you're all babies the Buddha yeah Amory panty john valleca it started in the Batman theme so much as bat pocket August 7 and radiant with a clarity nudity Calgary Calgary by Charlie's monogatari I'm a goalless phenomena for joining my lambo Charlie who meets a I'm like out some rude America's military in vanity to mattaniah ionically cause Android beta do you copy fuckhead hey what's your name hi-yah Belgium hi [Applause] wash your hands all clean tonight you can meet me on the other side we're impatient like young God – the chefs in there and the light is what you cannot see keep on dreaming again sir have it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] gentlemen they come in language vans gotta get a happy life [Applause] Sergeevich panic Amelia could you be mean Amelia carbonate signal without is yep crazy Obama creamy Fupa I can get me but I see if I have simulator course Malaya she'll be there by taking me down really very much 7-eleven movie and rice we concentration Boitano variability paneer cheese kebab we're telling a Koharu it's nothing [Applause] [Applause] we out here cops are oh yeah you took that beer oh oh listen listen yeah everybody take this you take it to the beer we're chilling for chili [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] get it man out my it should be only 42 Oh I want to forgive for that

A Guide to Safari Holidays in Kenya: Masai Mara, Amboseli and more

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Desi Parents and VACATIONS

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you know as I shoot this it's the first day of fall which means it's not the summer anymore which means that vacation time is over so I thought why not drop this video right now completely be an asshole and rub it in your face make you realize hey it's not summer anymore buh-bye so without further ado they see pairs and vacations the thing that you don't have anymore right now because it's fall time it's not it's not something good wait another year so in the summer time which it isn't right down because it's fall everyone would be in an in joyful bliss you know kids didn't have school anymore parents would have some time off work weather was amazing and this is the perfect time when everybody had some time to go and go to a family outing together go somewhere nice have a little vacation now some of our white counterparts within the Western world would go on vacations that kind of sounded something like this there you go honey pack your bags we got a seven-day cruise ship book to the Cayman Islands I mean where's the sunblock hopefully you get to see when those native jungle people huh I'll get free no looking from the SPF 5000 uh-oh where's my flip-flop expect me to wear my Brecon stock for five days in Hawaii pricey we white people your ever great counterparts could not afford the luxuries that you guys had so a lot of our trip planning when we eventually did get around to planning trips what kind of look like this I mean accountants on vacation in Busan could get up the Judea sorry got to go there Sammy got a busy lady Trudy a baguette it is message' to Khadijah lira musk ma so a loofah Oh holy shit why 3000 $4000 it is not the daughter family Indian yeah we're your family they are easily going up there is Mexico a chump all-inclusive flight Cana 3 3 things please agree hey Monica mom dad what do you guys think maybe this year sometimes we can go to Disneyland you think dizzy let a cake for the cabin look at your magazine an Hat that's cool I want a quarter does not close see everybody doesn't Gordon like Disney doc Daffy Duck Mickey those Nemo's I bet bill de la Pietra Mickey Mouse okay goofy dude in a group the other with a goofy little seen people be fighting get a gonna poo hand with it there's no white people the guys in the snow were dressed small guys oh did you nica's you like glue issues and babies doing anything with bunny could put down guess how they got more like everybody in my class more like tell me Ashley huge committee Ghazwan on me did he actually you got a mop over here D now it's a talent in bar do I get even water on TV Arab Islamic eschatology otra mujer you know it to Bob that on ahora elect any channel cotton gandini ahora candy company market megabot so he had to make do with what we had in what were our vacations anything that was in 100 kilometer radius and for us ontario GTA kids that meant blue mountain Tobermory center island thousand islands and of course the infamous night or false packing about five to six coolers with us pretty much the whole menu on punjabi restaurant twice because why pay for food while on a vacation that's the most illogical and absurd thing that any Canadian has ever heard of it you're ridiculous why would you even think that are you kidding me did you see the size of these families who's gonna drop that lose get have dropped that who are you dropping the bill are you gonna join no make the food at home pack it up let's go we got we have money tonight all right and sometimes during these trips you might you know just go with like three or four families and accidentally invite another family that may cost a little bit more tension yeah jump on Negroponte yeah yeah I've been there so Geritol oh you know quick picnic good yeah yeah Quixote right uh-huh because Luciana yeah yeah booty Wembley yeah no problem hahaha yeah yeah yeah – oh we will make more ot the slope let it be the trilogy Accardo a routine run a loop road every way dolly yeah that's no problem the barnacle barb oh yeah sure I got another oppressor there right oh there are my friends originally woody everybody yeah yeah yeah sharra get a belly 24-hour no one who can you keep it up Paulo what's the problem Jimmy Joe salucci hopefully who cares really huh yep shut up dinner today shopping bothering each other you can equilibriums any giri imagine what if it is having topic at very hardworking but that's not all their problem to make me so nothing a creation i got the poster farthing in your watch party you're very clear our own American operatic America's wanna pet pig another peg to the car I get sudden so we're by China so no your mail egg is it the ID which one of the maple trees comical my Bartok came up okay attack Vidya Frankie / – they're at grocery store who's buying the food I find the Mirajane Yashiro come on Bri UT unfunny electronic holidays he ever get they ever get a steady statue what I should not have gone married I'm like a penalty for Mahdi will be married only VTR opium Blanco Blanco I don't get about all about my man I'm gonna cut me up anybody Viki stop Turkey shut up little Ruby okay Ottomans mater do Camelot be meddled be on duty for the old city so we wake up super early to make sure our day got started fresh nine ten eleven twelve get out of the house by like one two sometimes three four ish and then pack everything all into one little minivan cooler strollers lawn chairs jobs or any other miscellaneous items that we might believe we may be for these trips kids parents grandparents families relatives extended families cousins all into one little tight little vehicle because it was obviously designed to hold all that and then we'd start our journey to our destination now the journalism voice as pleasant but as I always say it's not about the journey that matters the most but the destination when you reach it that's when you can finally get the pilot van and breathe thank God you can breathe being around those many people knows many things holy shit oh my god was I gonna kill myself are you kidding me do you not remember the conversations that took place in that van I just deeper does deep jokes on our no I don't want to do have you day that have you ever come did you did there's um ah this is a stupid shit okay listen telling me this do okay did you hear the the collage it was a in a phone phone booth house only you first oh shit okay this three scratch tools not even for just me I told you once before shoulders back to the aqua G okay deep it isn't a little like this girl what the uncle who shot up our holy bodega did you hear there was a those commandos do Noons a bad thing but uncle he is my friend from long time we both went to I pretend I engineering college back in man 19 it does hold like he's your dad to use material no your dad I am maybe I think you don't know I never checked the results nor do I want to check the results because it might lead me into a little bit the pageant jalapa but in that colleges but Daisy he was actually the one that was dating your mom ki darga modern elbow and I tell you can I go home – I think alike okay who cares then what's the point my point is gay you should be doctor with respect messing me like I you might be your father games so any a duck walks into Agora City Star I get hungry I want to eat I want to go to the bathroom what was the answer that was given whoa what are we gonna get them getting all talking we please get some food man but I didn't leave any hopefully in the morning Jerry didn't OD on dodging ahaha she talked about cotton evil yogi nominee Merrick brood over on Okinawa the dream our nests inside rod abrakadabra yeah organic honey megali hungry what is that huh hoots what was that brought any bracket you didn't eat anything there's McDole or something MacDonald you can say is critical TP epic a while why you're doing it too much Jack are gonna make you happy you don't play very fast it was Applejack origin negative and you just come with the optical planning after peeling it yeah I put a moodily happily then a groupie a Pontiac the epicord again they did is smiling about the topography I forget to knock come on you tell marina Kong it go around Akane I'm not able to saloon room the new wife called me gonna die but then you log now son anymore I'm not appreciating that we are all going family okay everybody they're going to neighbor Falls you're not appreciating that you are not retaining you have fun hey don't look in the poker after you get a loogie sorry Marty thank you we do the negative yeah I can okay you're doing complain all the time finally when we got to our destination we had to find some parking now parking was relative the closer you were to the destination the more expensive it would be so naturally we're not trying to pay to put what park a car and I get parking for free in my driveway what are you nuts no we've not party in the middle of nowhere emptied of the van jump ridiculous honey had bacteria to crush you I've got it and begin our long trek and our long journey to our destination hours and hours and days weeks maybe even bounce and miles and miles through the hot scorching country lands of the middle of Noah wondering if we would even make it to the destination wondering if all of us went would even survive making it to the destination then at long last we would reach our destination so many sights so many sounds so many people oh my god the energy was amazing what should we do for should we go to the ferry should we check out the ride should we check the attractions should we head down and just just view the Magnificent glory that is the Falls no no none of those things happen first until your gut was full begin the picnic before you have the fun leg blankets out open up the coolers begin unpackaging tinfoil or check out the styrofoam plates the styrofoam cutters begin to pour and start eating messy hands hunky stands white people looking at us we're more eating more stuff in their face food dripping down her fingers onto her clothes onto the ground white people looking us even weirder now the aroma filling the air finish up the last few bites more messy hands licking your fingers all these things all over our clothes start pouring out water bottles to clean your fingers clean your face clean your cheek clean the inside your mouth gargle some of that water spit it out take that water back in then it spit it back out again white people really freaked the fuck out at this point all right foods down now we can finally begin our vacation right right no you idiot you really think you're going to eat that much and be able to function as a human being no it's nap time lay out the jugglers find some shade and begin napping for about two to three hours and the kids if there was any kids or if it was just me by myself waiting for the grown-ups to wake up dad mom creepy uncle that tell really bad jokes auntie who I don't know why are you borio I don't know can you guys please wake up now we're end up having to play the sad little man cut Oh imaginary friend so that I can maybe enjoy a bit of this vacation before the sunset maybe oh now I can't find my frisbee there's like prickly things touching me all the time my friend then the food coma pass and everyone started to get out of their hibernation and I thought finally now we can do stuff are we going to go to the ferry first are we gonna go check out the haunted house behind the falls so many options which one will we do not they all require money which is remember what I said before is something that we're not trying to pay or a vacation hello go down to the Falls stroll around for a bit check it out yup hip bones get megaphones hahaha okay look on video hello come on guys and call it a day and sometimes even if we did do some activities and we just result in someone getting pissed off about something so stupid that you already signed up for so why did you do it in the first place or why not just have an open mind about it if you got foreign monkey are another monkey for you you seem well this is your shortened to the GEMA every charity candy may communicate by Tommy he looks like got me three hundred four hundred dollars I have two fixed appears give mommy mommy a French comedy gonna scratch couch market who I'm gonna be on offense no that's wrong come here today I'm gonna free new did I tell you first of all that macho then they should be oh my god and sometimes when you think occasion you think oh yay way to be going away for maybe three or four days maybe a week at a time but no that's that's absolutely ridiculous did I not just say we stayed in 100 kilometer radius for a reason so we can get out of there as quickly as we came in all within the same day guys we're not trying to pay money for hotels are you kidding me even if we did look in a hotel it would go something like this yeah eiseley I got natural my hurt you like to properly Alfred 364 dollars a night to sleep and at that wonder the Kyushu maybe your decimal place my accident change it maybe $3 64 cents baby that makes more sense right to sleep in a bed okay plus tax on top of the 364 dog I have to be like something go sleep at night one night NFL see guess that's it there's other people maybe have slept before too and I don't know if you guys are cleaning all the time right we chiefly in the room right sure sure you guys you guys oh please yeah does everybody here working on crazy or what like is that me that's crazy right right laughs okay have a good day how's it that was the extent of the vacation in a nutshell that's all we needed we just circled around these four or five locations annually and when leaving to have a reason to go relatives from visiting from out of town that was our primary reason anyways guys that was the video for this time of disappearance do you guys have any funny stories of your own relating to vacations that you and your family might experience leave in the comments below it's funny I will read it in a bottle it's not then why are you commenting why you want YouTube delete your account thanks so much for watching guys if you drove this video go ahead and click that like button and subscribe that is it that is the message I have to say now before I depart just want to let you guys know another time that summer is over all right enjoy reminiscing about vacations what you don't have anymore see you next year not me the summer and vacation time duh shit somewhere I miss you you you don't actually get up at Niagara Falls on it can de Janiero slavery think it is another all the Chinese a lot of Iraqi de plana because that's why they were trying to do inside they're trying to do revista money enough all buggy okay come on let's fill the hotel let's fill the green but not here somebody else take all the Chinese go play somewhere else and then they have a Buddhism here come aboard

Beach Holiday Essentials – Things to Pack | Indian Youtuber

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namaste my lovely friends and welcome back it's Torito from glam chick so summer is finally here and I'm sure most of you must have had already planned your summer vacation there are so many places to chill out at and explore but tell you what no summer vacation is complete without a trip to the beach so for all those who are planning to hit the beach well this video might just help you in planning out your some of each vacation wardrobe so that you don't end up over packing or leaving behind a key wardrobe element but before we get started if you are new to my channel and haven't subscribed it yet do hit the subscribe button down below here to receive more video updates from me and thank you so much for doing that now let's get started plan out your wardrobe in advance carry loose and comfortable versatile separates it can be worn in multiple combinations to avoid over baggage let's begin with the clothes maxi dresses are feminine elegant comfortable and sassy a nice flowing maxi dress in light fabric not just makes you look stylish but also keeps you cool at the beach off-shoulder styles are sensuous appeal to the wearer and these are involved this season pick one in a neutral shade and accessorize it with bright colors and there you go nothing better than to slip into an easy lightweight sundress for a day out and lays across your detailed sundress makes for a chic style statement a fitted or fledged short beach skirt will look great during the daytime and looks great when teamed up with a basic tank top a nice maxi skirt in a light fabric keeps you cool and can be worn in different settings pick one in vibrant colors such as cobalt blue or Qiang green and team it with a contrasting crop top or a fun and flirty look besides crop tops carry three to four comfortable yet chic tops that can be tamed with your short skirts or palazzos a pair of palazzo pants and floral prints also look good at the beach you can wear these during evenings while you enjoy a walk by the seashore one or two colorful caftan tops to cover up is a must have long or short simple of funky threw in some accessories and you'll be the star perfect for covering up in the sunshine but chic enough for cocktails after sunset a caftan is the essential holiday must pack a pair of denim shorts is a must for a beach holiday it can be worn as a cover-up and can also be teamed with a variety of tops to create different looks do not forget to carry at least one cardigan or a shrug to cover shoulders on early morning and cool evenings you are definitely gonna need them you should also carry one to two sets of comfortable sleepwear to swimwear and at least three sets of undergarments now that we are done with the clothes it's time to move on to the accessories when you're out spending a day on the beach a beach bag comes in handy pick a bag that is spacious and washable you can go for bright colored ones or choose from a range of lovely patterns carry one to two topples per person want to dry yourself and the other to lay or sit on a pair of lightweight flip-flops is the most convenient Footwear vent on the beach easy to rinse off and comfortable to walk in flip-flops are a must-have when on the beach it is recommended to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun's ultraviolet rays pick a pair of retro or nautical themed sunglasses and shine on scarves add very little to your load and will multitask on a beach holiday scarves can be used as a cover-up over a bikini a bandana on your head to protect hair during sunbathing or simply as an accessory to tie your manes carry two to three bright and colorful jewelry items that can jazz up your Beach looks like a multicolored tassel neck piece studied ear cuffs and fingerings now your is a list of health and beauty items you need to carry on your beach holiday a sunscreen will be your best friend at a beach holiday carry a good sunscreen with SPF 50 plus to protect your skin from sunburns you should also carry aloe vera gel to soothe and relax the skin and antibacterial wipes for cleaning your sandy hands the other items you need to carry are a hair comb a couple of hair ties or scrunchies a hairdryer shampoo and conditioner and of course a first-aid kit moving on to cosmetics carry the basics such as the foundation and concealer and I broke it to define your blows eyeliners a peachy blush for those cheeks a compact powder and lipsticks in bright shades if you those losses don't forget to carry your contact lenses and then solution as well so those are the basic package essentials for your next beach vacation you may add or remove items as per your preferences and the length of your trip do let me know where you guys are heading on to for your summer vacation in the comments section below I would love to hear that I hope you enjoyed watching this video and found it useful rate this video with a big thumbs up and do subscribe my channel for more video updates happy holidays have fun and enjoy yourself I love you all and I will see you soon in my next video till then take care bye