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Smoking Charas With Sadhus On The Way to Ancient Temple | Backpacking India Ep.6

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okay ready in the last episode we were staying in the ashram of Kenshi dum just outside of Nani tall in India well we're all packed up I can cry mrs. place we are heading to another ashram that's located in the jungles just outside of Gwalior we've been staying in this jungle ashram for about a week with this Baba called sharm sunder das baba humps honored us baba is this guy that is liberated in the sense of like a Buddha he's a Buddha and he's been meditating in caves and he's been just doing this true spiritual work for the last like 30 years he's what we called the real deal in India they touched the feet of saints they pranaam bow down and they touch the feet of these people as sort of a recognition that they walked the path a recognition that this person is a reflection of our inner divinity a reflection of our divine potential touching their feet is a way to surrender [Applause] sona baba the guy with the long hair yeah every day he would try to give me a smoke with him today was special because we were heading to an ancient temple that is maybe another hour into the jungle we're like three hours into the jungle at this point when we arrived here the sona Baba asked me to drive with him I was like okay fine you know I'll leave my little my comfort zone of my group of friends and I'll Drive with this with this guy plus I was like I could get down with some hash right now I'm we're going to this ancient temple in the jungle maybe it'll enhance the experience it'll allow me to tune in to this to this moment more it was just us in this other guy and they whipped out this pipe and I was like okay yeah why not why not the power of why not well we were heading to this temple not only to just bathe in the beauty of this magnificent place in the middle of nowhere but the Baba wanted to give us spiritual names it's an honor and a real privilege to get a name from a saint or from a guru hike down this thing [Applause] it's nice this temple is built around this cave and this cave had a real deep tunnel into it and these Yogi's would go into the cave and they wouldn't come back out and so it developed this legend that this cave is the entrance into the underworld so nur Baba grabs my hand and he's like come on we're gonna go we're gonna go we're gonna climb and we climb to the top of this temple maybe it's seven stories or something like that we're gonna climb up this climb climb climb Jay okay guru Buddha guru better move without your mother Billy man I love the man Baba good not even good Nadi so I walk in and the first thing that happens is just a swarm of bats just start flying everywhere and I'm just like oh okay yeah of course of course there's bats oh yeah I put it oh come in look up for the bets oh yeah it's uh oh boy oh boy oh yeah do you dip it Nikita [Applause] [Applause] hopefully calm every day I spent with the Baba he would say to me tomorrow I give you an an Indian name I give you a spiritual name tomorrow and then tomorrow would come and he goes your nam tomorrow tomorrow at one point I was joking with him I was like okay Baba my spiritual name is tomorrow but after we were exploring around climbed to the top of this temple and just you know got my adventure fix the Baba sat us all down there's a group of us here he sits us down he's sharing stories and he is just talking and randomly he looks at my friend Michael and he goes your name hottie das and then he looks at me this is the data Guinness is the giver of all the cities even poverty son this is the data he gives all the cities he distributes so he gave me the name Ganesh Das Ganesh Ganesh like the elephant god Ganesh Dossett and he also gave me the name Kali das and he said you choose ganesh does Kali Joss and I think I'm not choosing Bob well this isn't my choice this isn't for me to choose I don't get to pick my spiritual name the whole this is you know and he's he's sat there for a second and he goes Ganesh is a good name Ganesh das is a good name okay Ganesh das it is but I want you to give me your favorite name of Ganesh because these gods have tons of different names like Krishna has Krishna Govinda Mohan Gopala there's a bunch of different names that represent the one so he gave me the name gudgeon none gudgeon none das gudgeon done means the one with the elephant head who holds the entire universe inside of him and das means like servant of servants of Ganesh Ganesh is the the remover of obstacles my mom is going through a rough time right now just going through a divorce she just lost her mom my grandma just passed away my grandpa is not doing so well and so my mom is in this sort of tidal wave of truth she's really experiencing reality the the grips that reality has on us you know we so much and so often live in this realm of illusion that were attached to this illusion of permanence that things are going to stay you know we link our moments up in a chain and don't realize that you know at any second this there is no chain we're not really connected to anything and any second anything can happen so naturally I was like mom what do you I'm gonna bring you home from India I'll get you a gift whatever you want and she goes oh you just bring me home a little Ganesh and I told the Baba this and he just looked at me and smiled and then at this point I'm just sitting with the Baba just me and him and a couple of other sad news and Indian people all the other everyone else is getting ready to leave and I'm just kind of sitting there you know maybe looking through the photos I take in and he goes my gudgeon and us you throw a party for because he gave me a name like I'm gonna throw a party now because I'm you know finally on the path or whatever reason you know and yeah Bob I'll throw a party sure I'll get home I throw a party he goes no no no we don't throw a party now and then all the Indians in the place just started cheering and clapping and it was a real it was really special it was really special time so we left the ancient temple and went back to the normal temple that the jungle Baba stays at shops under dusty is that and we just did this sort of routine of singing songs doing kirtan singing to Rama and Sita or Shiva or Krishna and we're just talking about philosophy what happens when we die is does the individual soul exist I asked all sorts of questions to him and I'll upload some more footage of me asking him questions and just other footage in general in a comming video but then he would just feed us we would just go eat food and then we would take a nap it was like a yogi daycare [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and your name down that's not hygienic get out in the Sun falaqa origin the occasional appearance [Laughter] so I hope you like this video we got all kinds of more vlogs and videos to come out just got back from Jordan I was just in Jordan exploring Petra managed to find some LSD and that's that's a that's gonna be a crazy story I'm really excited to get 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