Rafiki Safari Lodge by Costa Rican Vacations

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this is Rafiki safari lodge we are located on the Central Pacific coast about an hour south of Mineral Antonio's it's a conservation project we're sitting on about 840 acres of rainforest Rafiki is different from other hotels in that it's not just a bed it's an experience there's less boundaries between the staff and the guests and stay here the word Rafiki means friends so when people come to stay with us that's what we hope that they leave what they find friendship with us and that they get to experience this environment the large is set in such a place that you have the opportunity to have the forest come to be you so you you can smell the forest and you can hear that the sounds and in the mornings the birds are chirping and and you're amongst it yet you're comfortable when guests come to Rafiki they have a chance number one to see the forest and they can see the the birds that come to tropical birds we have over 350 – bird species that that frequent perfectly we have three different kinds of tours that we do we offer whitewater rafting trips horseback riding trips and hiking trips which allow people to be able to get into the forest and see more of what it has to offer we have several hikes that we go on one of our featured hikes is a waterfall hike it's called aqua hike this this trip includes a short piece of whitewater rafting that which then will take you up a series of waterfalls where you get to swim in a couple different pools you might even have a chance to jump off the cliff and along the way you get to see natural history you might run across some some frogs or some monkeys or some birds and we'll identify those for you Rafiki offers horseback rides we have trips that go through the forest so their interpretive trips of of the forest itself the rafting trips we do it Rafiki is on the rios a vagrant it's one of the cleanest rivers in all of Central America this section of River that that's rafting there's a portion that starts literally on our farm Rafiki is different from other hotels due to its ability to personalize the experience for the guests that come here the the laid-back attitude that you will find at Rafiki and also our commitment to sustaining this a very valid

Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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[Applause] [Applause] Oh Toby a module ham Limassol me yoky Cyprus it wonderful solution heaven or koshish key Hamlin k morning sunset record Graham what are the beautiful sin we he bought his our just buta s view could record can really sorry rot some slogan is your hair Beach Villas area or finally Homme neige sunset we record here for the birth disputa I hope gap Logan is view enjoy IKEA the johnnesha play a piece fun condos three to four casts of subscribe John Isabella please fun Kardos three to four casts subscribe care of my family uplift friends or a play-doh so ero P sub go request karate please subscribe her there okay in chori chori videos canonically Padma not happy about time that the hot baths are like that they can either upload key support him and he who he go shyam good pinnacles again you to please subscribe conquer those three before thank you very much of Nepal Karthikeya you

Africa Tours 2016 – Kenya, Tanzania (HD)

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from the creatures of the vast savanna to the tribesmen who share their land and the powerful presence of mother nature's most magnificent vistas this Out of Africa experience holds the true heart of safari living it's been really different everything I expected and more yeah in a land where nature still reigns supreme what does this landscape and its people have in store for you wanky National Park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe the park is at the edge of the Kalahari Desert and hosts over 100 mammal and 400 bird species y'all come in attendee I know I am a professional biologist and so I have been reading and studying about Africa and the animals and the plants and also about the evolution of man in Africa for many many decades this is my first trip to Africa and therefore it's a dream come true we fell in love with Africa years ago and we keep coming back amazing the people are amazing last trip all the big five and this trip lions mating nighttime is when this park really comes to life animals emerge from their slumbers hideouts to drink forage and hunt lions can eat 40 pounds of meat in one sitting the sleep that follows can last 24 hours I think they are the real Africa is meeting the people what a school visit is fantastic because the young people are the future of the country and it's important to see how their imported the travelers are interacting with the kids the kids are benefiting from interacting with the people of a different culture in the victim of a different race so that when they go out there in the world they all fit in quite easily because they have experienced that from a tender age like what they are doing right now beyond the seven years of primary education that this school provides it also offers food to the students throughout the school year I had a wonderful time in the school is incredible children are beautiful and it's so exciting if they're finally getting an opening and it made us feel good to bring things and help them I think that the principal being there all alone for the longest time until we finally got milk now there are eight of difference to see the joy they get out of life very hard and it's one of the reasons that come back to Africa Amboseli National Park in Kenya is known to be one of the best places in Africa to experience free-ranging elephants along with spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro the highest freestanding mountain in the world this one leaves a lot of fun memories of not only the beauty that we have great behind us of the mountain and but also the animals I can't get over seeing them so close I'll be up roaming free and they are just majestic they are beautiful zebras giraffes cape buffaloes and wildebeest are also abundant catching a glimpse of a pride of lions is a special treat one of the real standouts was a female lioness with two baby Cubs and it was really you know stands out of your mind as being something special I just love the country I really do I love this continent 'gondya is wonderful he's been very helpful he takes care of all problems I have a dream of being a safari guide for a long one as a little boy I grew up in a family where my uncle was a safari guide and Here I am I do enjoy it very much and as part of my bucket list of my life so right now we're in a massive village we have to redo the chief so we are able mr. Joseph I just and I'm going to welcome you entitled Emily so welcome the Maasai live a semi-nomadic lifestyle herding cattle their primary food source they believe that their God gave them all the cattle on the earth and once had a reputation as cattle rustlers so they used to travel from one place to another so a week they want to make fire there is a natural way of making fire you call it a bush matchbox so they use the card the elephant down plus the cedar wood and the dry piece of acacia tree so they make do it together and lastly you get the smoke and whenever you see smoke there's fire the Masai aversion to eating wild game or birds has made their lands rich with wildlife most Maasai tribes are enthusiastic about sharing their traditions and ways of life with outsiders what's wonderful I was so surprised I don't even dance in America all the women are so beautiful they say they start 10 years old they teach them how to jump wheelie down for the prayer they're going to bless you for yourself the trip to the masai village was incredible and they were so willing to share their culture with us and that was a very very good experience I am like child in a store full of chocolate and candy except the chocolate and candies for my brain that was such a close intimate look at how they live that's a beautiful stop made by a women lotsa women you never know when you're going to see something this wonderful experience the full beauty and power of Africa exploring five stunning and distinctly different countries on an extended Safari of a lifetime

Sri Lanka Tourism – Visit Sri Lanka – Exotic Holidays Sri Lanka

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hi travelers this is Emma from Australia if golden beaches rising waves Misty Mountains mighty elephant stealthy leopards giant whales a majestic past lovely tea and warm smiles could sum up a country that would be Sri Lanka it was an amazing experience and I'd like to thank exotic glencoe calm for all their efforts and i highly recommend exotic Lanker calm to any traveler or holiday maker thanks

Planning Your First Overnight Backpacking Trip

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hey y'all Dixon here today I want to talk to you about crossing the line from day hiking to overnight backpacking I recently polled people here on YouTube on the community tab of my channel and asked folks what was their current level of backpacking experience and most folks said day hiking you know there were some folks that had overnight backpacking experience even some through hikers you know and some people with no experience whatsoever but most of the folks that responded to the pole we're day hikers based on some of the comments and you know other questions I've seen on the channel it indicates that a lot of these day hikers would like to go on an overnight trip but there seems to be you know something holding them back for the most part I think most of these folks are hesitant to go on an overnight backpacking trip even if it's just one night because of you know some fear of the unknown and this could be going alone not being sure where to go where you can camp maybe the gear budget time just because of a bunch of other naysayers worried about injuries maybe whether you know all sorts of different reasons that folks might be hesitant to actually go out into the wilderness and stay over a night so I'd like to go ahead and cover this topic today and you know delve into some of these points and maybe transition some of these day hikers that would like to become you know backpackers and kind of help them make that leap and if you're like Dixie I'm a day hiker I don't ever want to go spend a night out in the woods that's alright you still might find something useful in this video so just hang out and see what you think when you're learning something new I think the best way to do it is to research right so obviously if you're here and you're watching this video you're off to a good start because you're on a backpacking Channel not just because you're on my channel but you've you know decided hey I want to learn more about this backpacking thing and you're watching videos on YouTube about backpacking and most of you are probably you know getting out on day hikes so I would definitely recommend continuing that and familiarizing yourself well you know with some of the trails local to you now while you're doing that you can be researching and reading and the biggest thing with backpacking is like the gear right you need to find a way to have shelter to have water to have food and take care of you know those most basic needs and some of you are probably like oh my god here I don't even know how research is not what do I need like what what actually do I research I don't even know where to begin well if you just Google you know backpacking gear lists you'll probably come up with more than you could ever care to read on my website at homemade wanderlust com I've got a gear tab you know has my gear list but you know maybe if you're just going on a local trail you want to check out some backpacking gear lists for you know your areas so you need to think you know if I'm looking at a gear list for the Appalachian Trail is the weather where I'm at similar to you know part of that blazing trail so of course you're gonna have to tweak some of these things to your preferences in your area but just looking at gearless of people who are already backpacking is a good idea there's a homemade wanderlust backpacking forum a lot of people in there have experience with overnight backpacking and even through hikes you know so you can always post a question there it's just homemade one or less backpacking forum group on Facebook alright so for example you might look at this list and go okay well regardless of where I am I need to drink water right so how can I make sure that water is safe to drink well this person used you know water treatment a chemical or maybe another person used a filter so you can look up water treatment while backpacking and just see you know what pulls up on Google and read all about it and don't overwhelm yourself with this take maybe five minutes a day for one week to learn about water treatment while on a backpacking trip so for the next week you'll you know take five minutes out of the day and learn about some other form of gear maybe a stove if you want to cook on trail but you don't even have to worry about that yet because if you're going for one overnight trip you can really just you know pack Twinkies if you want to do then maybe you look into sleeping bags and then so on and so forth so you're learning about new gear all along the way you know each week and then maybe once a month getting out on a day hike twice a month I mean if once a week that's even better right so you'll be familiarizing yourself with the outdoors in your area and as often as you can so maybe you know once a month if your budget allows for that it's gonna depend on the person but you purchase one of these pieces of gear or you can borrow it from a friend you know maybe borrow different things from different friends to see what you like before you make a purchase you can get it used you know I mean whatever you do if you can rent it just somehow acquire this piece of gear and take it with you on a day hike so get a water filter and take it out there with you during your day hike and you know play around with it I mean sure on a day hike you can take your own bottled water but you want to familiarize yourself with this piece of gear that later you know you would need to have with you so you're gonna filter your water and that way you get to focus on one thing instead of finding yourself on the trail with a pack full of things that you don't exactly know how to use you know and you're just like oh my gosh this is so overwhelming this way you take these things out with you on a day hike and you focus on this one thing and then you add something else and then you add something else you know when you add your sleeping bag you can take a nap in it you know and this might be like a short trail just a couple mile trail but just take it nice and easy and again just introduce one thing at a time and this way you're not having to buy like all these big expensive pieces of gear before you you know really take the time to research and if you're getting out there on trails you might run into other people and you can say like hey what do you like about that pack you're carrying you know or what do you what do you use for water filtration and these might be people who are getting out there and backpacking and doing day high you can even use you know your kids old spongebob squarepants backpack it doesn't matter because at the beginning you're not gonna be carrying a whole lot of stuff with you know just some snacks and just this one new piece of gear that you introduce occasionally basically you will continue this process until you've got all the items that you think you're gonna need for one night so you don't even have to go crazy and say I'm gonna do a thru-hike right away where I'm gonna go on a week-long backpacking trip you know just prepare yourself for literally staying somewhere one night and you don't even have to hike in very far just a couple of miles set up camps stay one night and come back out and while you're researching you're gonna hear people say things like oh your base weight should be above you know XYZ pounds and you should be carrying two pounds of food with you per day and like all of these numbers but the thing is like just take what you think you'll need for one night and I guarantee you if it's not right you're gonna start making adjustments and you're gonna know what works for you by just getting out there and having the experience one of the first concerns you might have is where so maybe you're even frozen in like I don't even know how to start day hiking well you can Google you know trails near your town and some of y'all that live in more populated areas yes you might have to drive a little bit further than those of us who live more in rural areas but somewhere within a reasonable vicinity I'm sure there is a place to you know get out on some hiking trails and in areas that you can keep you can also check out the all trails app that they have for phones I think you can find it online too but it'll give information for trails that are local to you or you know mirrors to you and a lot of those give specific information like whether you can camp there or not you know if it's just for day hiking only don't let that be something that concerns you too much but again you know find out the rules for the area that you're gonna be in most of the time at the trailhead there's gonna be you know signs up telling you specific guidelines and once you start day hiking a lot in area you're gonna get familiar with the rules there anyway something else that holds people back is their budget so this makes sense you know not everyone can afford to go out tomorrow and buy a whole new set of brand new backpacking gear and hit the trail for an overnight trip the next day and I understand that but if you use the model that I was talking about you know get one little piece at a time and practice with that piece of gear familiarize yourself with it you know it does break up the expenses while allowing you to still get out and enjoy nature and some saving tips you know you can look at like the used backpacking groups that are on Facebook they're folks all the time peddling their used gear on their because they want to upgrade to something new REI does do like garage sales and if you do purchase something through Aria at least if you decide you know that it does not work for you they have an amazing return policy you have up to a year to return an item and it doesn't have to be you know broken damage whatever it can simply be just like this piece of gear does not work for me now I don't recommend taking advantage of that of course so you know if you get 500 miles out of a pair of trail runners I don't think that it's right to you know go return them and abuse that policy but just saying you know it's like a safe buy with REI at least you can also try to borrow from a friend or some of this gear you can potentially rent from some outdoor stores and then as always you know Christmas which of course just passed or birthdays anniversary gifts you know you can always tell people like hey I'm interested in backpacking now and I'm looking to get a new water filter you know instead of a new vacuum cleaner I really like a new sleeping pad or you know whatever but there certainly are ways to save money and you don't always have to buy you know the greatest newest piece of equipment another concern is being alone so a lot of folks don't like the idea of going out for their first overnight trip and being there alone you know it's just like misery loves company right but honestly you know being alone can be pretty rewarding I feel like if you go out and you do something like that alone it's gonna boost your confidence a lot you know you're gonna believe in yourself more and you'll probably be pretty proud of yourself but if you're absolutely against the idea of going out there alone you can check in to meetup.com and see if there any local hiking or adventure outdoor clubs near you also you could check Facebook for your local vicinity and see if there are any groups like that on Facebook and you can always try to beg a friend and to you know getting out there with you but don't let that stop you you know if you can just don't let that be the thing that holds you back because chances are you might find that you prefer to be alone while out in the wilderness also if you go through the exercise that I mentioned earlier you know you're gonna be familiar with these trails that you're getting out on four day hikes you're gonna be familiar with the gear in your pack so all of these things are going to be normal to you and you might even if you go out for day hikes alone you might get you said you know just being out in the woods alone and the only thing that's gonna change is that short little period of time where you're asleep at night you know but the sun's gonna come up the next morning so just get out there and and try to make yourself go for it and also if you're going out on these day hikes you're gonna know if you have service on a certain trail or not and maybe for your first overnight stint and be a good idea to camp somewhere that you have service and that way you know you can text people if you need to or whatever you know if you're scared you can call somebody and talk to them but I think once you get in that first overnight you're gonna feel a lot better about it the next topic I want to cover is you know comfort or maybe lack of so discomfort yeah a lot of people will tell you that their first backpacking experience was not necessarily comfortable and I don't know I mean there might be somebody out there that's like heck yeah my backpacking setup is just as comfortable is my bed at home I don't have that I haven't had that experience I have found ways to make my experience more comfortable but I think a lot of people will tell you you know backpacking isn't necessarily about comfort I mean yes it's whatever you want to make it but a lot of times it's just about the experience itself and not so much about like you know oh my gosh that I feel like I was on a memory foam mattress and I think that after a while once you get outside and really start enjoying nature you know once you do get home and get to that big comfortable bed and everything you might appreciate it more you know you might look at the things that you take for granted in life and start to realize you know how great they are and you might end up really enjoying your tent and sleeping pad more and start looking at your bedroom like a cage instead of a place to have comfort and lay your head to sleep at night next is time so folks are like you know I just don't have the time for it well yeah I mean backpacking can take time and you know if it's not something that's important to you right now then you're not gonna make the time for it and that's okay you know maybe it's that you can't go because you don't want to take your kids Oh too young or they're not interested in that or for whatever reasons that you can't make the time to go right now that's fine but it's still something that you can learn about and plan for if you know an overnight trip is something that is of interest to you and that you would like to do in the future like anything else if you just like playing you know so in two weeks on Friday night I'm going for my one over night thing and that's it you know does it really take a whole lot more time than you know single day hikes if you're able to get out and do your day headaches just it's basically two day hike split together next I know a lot of people worry about wildlife the truth is and you'll hear people say over and over and over again that you know wildlife are more afraid of you than you are them of course there are exceptions to every rule and yes people have been charged by bears and mauled by bears and all of that but people are also in car accidents and I bet you can remember seeing a car accident in the last month but you're still gonna get behind your wheel and drive aren't you there are plane crashes and people still travel from state stay in an airplane you know so just because something happens doesn't mean that it's going to happen to you I mean yes it could but you take risks every day that once you're familiar with those risks you just don't even really second-guess anymore I'm not saying that it's not a good idea to research wildlife and you know find out ways to mitigate your interactions with them and it depends to on you know what animals are in your area do you have bears you know then Google or YouTube you know how to hang a bear bag and you know if it makes you feel better to carry bear spray then you can do that you know I'm not saying like take it too lightly I'm just saying don't let wildlife be what holds you back from getting out on the trail because chances are based on statistics you're not really gonna have a problem with that and then there's weather so I can see how you know on a weekend or week-long trip or something like that weather could be more of a concern if you're just going for your first like one night overnight trip then weather shouldn't really be that big of a concern check ahead of time you know look and see what the weather is predicted to do I would set yourself up for you know the first night to have some good weather you do decide to go for more than just a single night and you want to go for like a weekend or a week-long trip then get out there in your backyard or you know again another one night trip somewhere when you know it's gonna rain and you're already familiar with all of your stuff you've already done you know a couple of these overnight stints and you decide like hey I want to make sure that if it does rain my tents not gonna leak if I'm hiking in the rain my pack isn't getting all the stuff wet on the inside you know so check that out and your backyard or again go on you know one overnight deal where you know it is gonna rain and you're already expecting it and that way you'll be prepared like when it happens you'll be like yeah I've already done this before it's no big deal but sure you know the weather can change it can be unpredictable especially if you're up in the mountains so even for your first like one night deal you know make sure that you have a tent that you think isn't gonna leak and you know make sure that you're just prepared for the idea like if it rains what am I gonna do next is injuries so folks are worried about getting hurt right I mean nobody wants to be hurt and be out in the middle of nowhere and especially you know if you're alone what you can do to remedy this is I mentioned before you know tried to camp somewhere for the first time when you're by yourself where you know you'll have cell signal if that's not a possibility they do make you know spot GPS devices and then also like the GPS locator beacons that don't necessarily allow you to communicate with people back home but do allow you to push a button if you do need help then there's also the inReach which you know allows you to text through satellite but it's gonna be more expensive and really if you're just going for your first one night trip and you're only hiking a couple miles and you're probably not gonna need all of that you know if you broke your ankle as terrible as it sounds you can find a way to drag yourself out if you had to and again if you have service and you know you can call somebody for help and then also you know tell your family like hey I'm going out today at 8 a.m. I'm gonna hike for miles in I'm gonna camp I'm planning on waking up at such-and-such time tomorrow if I'm not home by noon be worried and come looking for me you know so make sure you communicate with folks and let them know what your plans are and it's gonna be okay and then finally it's the naysayers the naysayers will always hold people back the naysayers are the ones that make you believe that you are going to be bitten by a snake you're gonna be mauled by a bear you're probably gonna die just because you hike in two miles on a trail sleep and wake up and hike out the next day if it was up to the naysayers nobody in the world would ever do anything we would never travel we wouldn't get in the car we'd probably be hiding in our houses still because we were afraid to get outside and breathe the air outside our front door but don't let the naysayers hold you back you know if you've got folks at work they're like you're crazy you want to go sleep somewhere and lay your head where the cockroaches and the mice you know scurry around tell me yeah I do you know I really do want to go out and enjoy that and I guarantee you when you get back to work on Monday and you tell them about your one overnight trip that you spent they're gonna be amazed or you know what tell me more oh my gosh you're that brave you know and that's the whole thing is that you know people who are afraid to cross the line and try something new have decided that they don't want you to do it either and it's not always because they don't want you to enjoy life but because they're afraid for you but other people's fears are not your fears unless you make them your fears so do not let the naysayers hold you back let them inspire you and let them make you reach out and try new things even more just to show them that you can and it's okay and you might even inspire one of those naysayers and turn them into you know not a naysayer so I've talked about you know a lot of the concerns that people have with getting out and spending one night out in the wilderness but what I really want to focus on and what other people would focus on are the benefits of getting out there and doing even a day hike you know but especially like an overnight trip you're gonna build your confidence you're gonna believe in yourself more you are going to appreciate things around you a lot more than you did before simple you know luxuries that we take for granted all the time you might overcome struggle and learn you know well if I can do this I can do anything you might learn how to improvise sometimes you might improve your creativity you might just you know enjoy some peace you might find some talent that you hadn't had before like photography you know who knows you might start wanting to learn more about birds or trees or plants medicinal herbs you know that grow naturally around you it could just open up a whole new world to you that starts off with taking a simple stroll in the woods and sleeping there for a night and getting back in touch with your roots and where we come from because this world we live in today is a synthetic world it's this false security that we've built up around ourselves and we're so out of touch with things that we came from like nature I will say though that while you're out on your first overnight trip you might go Dixie's crazy what is she talking about this is terrible and there are noises outside my tent you know it rained on me or I stub my toe or whatever and you might be cursing me but I guarantee you a lot of the benefits are retrospective and when you come back and you're in your house and you're thinking about I did that like you know six months ago I was terrified to step out and do this but I did it you might not even recognize that change in yourself but it's gonna be there let me ask you a question when you were five and it was time to start school were you a little nervous about starting school or when you found out you know after kindergarten and you were all used to those kids and your teacher you had to go to a new grade with a new teacher didn't that stress you out I'm sure a lot of you see that in your children now and you know when you first learn to ride a bike or to drive a car you know you've had that like nervousness about you I mean everyone gets nervous about different things right but there's something that has made people nervous at some point in their life and mainly because it was a new concept I mean even as adults like starting a new job you know at a new place of employment it's kind of stressful or any new people there you don't know how your boss is gonna be and then after you've been employed there for 10 years you can look back on that day and laugh at yourself like what was that so worried about but going on an overnight backpacking trip and transitioning from a day hike to that overnight trip is the same thing it's just that you know you haven't done it yet so it sounds scary but if you use that model that I talked about where you take five minutes out of a week you know each day to learn about some piece of gear you're gonna familiarize yourself with that then once you take it out there you start using it you're gonna feel very comfortable with it so literally just staying overnight in one spot that you're already familiar with you know because you've been out there day hiking on that trail it's really gonna be a very gradual transition and some of you are like I love our Dixie I don't need to do all that you know I'll just go from a day hike to a week trip or you know well Dixie you went from day hiking to thru-hike well yes I mean not everyone gets nervous about the same things right so but I mean I was pretty nervous when I started that they're like not gonna lie but I save this topic for the end of the year because we've got 2018 coming right at us and you know did you really learn something new this year like did you make the time to learn a new concept or a new trade or skill or whatever you know well why not make it whether you want to call it a new year's resolution they're not you know make it a priority next year to learn something new and whether that's backpacking and hiking business or finances or cryptocurrency or herbalism or whatever you think that you would be interested in learning about I challenge you to take five minutes each day you know a new topic each week you know maybe it's all under the umbrella of the same thing but just a new little sliver of that topic and think about in 52 weeks how knowledgeable you can be on that one subject and if you did that each year and had something else or two things you know each year just think about how much you can learn you just have to be disciplined you know make yourself sit down and do it but that's why I'm calling it out and bringing it to your attention you know do something next year to better yourself and you know really focus in on that and I'm gonna stop preaching now but anyway I just want now my thing for next year is herbalism I want to learn more about medicinal herbs and you know how to cook with those foods and how to make tinctures and Sev's and all that so that's something that I'm learning so I'm not just telling you all to do something you know I'm actually practicing what I preach before I go though if any of y'all you know we're in that boat where you were nervous about you know taking your day hikes and turning them into you know a single overnight backpacking trip and you had concerns I would love for you to share those concerns below and you know what you did to remedy that or you know what you think about that now looking back and maybe that will be helpful to people who have the same concerns that are watching this video and that way they can scroll through the comments and salic see somebody else did it I can do it and with that happy new year and we will see y'all next year

Family Vacation – African Safari

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Safari Live – Day 216 | Nat Geo Wild

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this program features live coverage of an African safari and may include animal kills and caucuses viewer discretion is advised and welcome to our sunset Safari where we are huddled underneath the rain covers of our vehicle and a very special welcome to the students joining us are from South River Elementary I hope you all super super excited a to guard on Safari my name is Janie and I what I'm showing you is live from the Masai Mara in Kenya so up in the eastern side of Africa right in the middle essentially in fact the Equator runs right through Kenya and we're looking at some elephants through the window of our canvas rain cover because it is absolutely pouring here now for our regular viewers we will be taking questions initially from the students from South River Elementary however keep sending your questions through in the normal ways hashtag Safari Live on Twitter or comments on YouTube and we'll get back to them afterwards however this is one of my favorite things to do is take kids on Safari so for the students this is the perfect opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you wanted to ask about the animals so we're sitting with what is known as a breeding herd of elephants and you'll notice that they're just standing out in the rain and there's nothing they can do about that and in fact they will completely ignore the rain so that they can continue to eat Joey you want to know what an elephants are favorite food is now Joey elephants really really like fruit particularly strong smelling fruit something like an orange or a pineapple they'd be known to even break into people's cars if they've learned that they can get a fruit out of them so fruits something with lots of sugar is an elephants a favorite food but mostly when they're out in the wilds here there might eat some berries but mostly they're eating grass here in the Maasai Mara and they quite like grass one thing that you'll notice is that there's lots and lots of grass here and that it's pouring with rain in the Maasai Mara but you're not just going to be seeing animals here you're going to be traveling to South Africa as well and in South Africa they are just going into the driest part of the year so the elephants there actually don't have much grass to eat and they have to eat the bark and the twigs and sticks of trees which isn't very nice for them I don't think personally but they don't seem to mind too much but for these elephants here in Kenya there's lots of what's known as red autographs to keep them well-fed so this is a breeding herd with lots of females and youngsters now our breeding herd is led by the most experienced female known as the matriarch she's usually the oldest but not necessarily and she tells the herd where to go but she doesn't have to do it on her own because she will have sisters and perhaps cousins who are around about the same age as she is usually around forty to fifty years old which this elephant here could well be in fact I think she might be one of the oldest in this herd and you can see she has a tiny tiny little one at her side sheltering just a bit from the afternoon rain now you've seen Africa's biggest land mammal now across you go to South Africa to see Africa's tallest hello everybody welcome to this end of the sunset Safari we're of course sitting in South Africa if you can believe it which is great fun and those are two giraffes and they don't like each other very much they're two bull giraffe and they are having a fight with each other not wonderful this is one of the most interesting things you can see out here and you can see they'll push each other out the way and then they'll try and hit each other in the head my name is James it's lovely to have you with us and you can ask me any questions that you'd like to it we're gonna sit with these giraffe for a little while and then we'll move on and maybe we'll try and find a leopard so let's go back to those giraffe I hope that Virginia is a good place to be this morning I imagine that things are probably starting to get a little bit colder there now as your summer comes to the end well Olivia I'm not sure that I can tell you all the things about giraffe but I can tell you some things about giraffe and the things that I should tell you about here are the fact that the what we are seeing is what's known as a dominance display in our dominance display is where two animals try and decide who is the most senior which one is going to be senior over the other one and normally these sorts of things are decided with art violence and without fighting but when two males are very evenly matched in other words when one is not obviously bigger than the other one then what happens is they start to fight like this the other thing to know about these giraffe whoops is that the male's normally live on their own and it's often that if they are together like this that you will see them fighting let me move a little bit forward no no let's wait let's see if they don't come out from behind there it's go a little bit forward you might get a nice view there there we go and you can see they're almost exactly the same size so that's not easy for them just to decide who's going to be dominant who's going to be more senior than the other one who's going to be the boss basically they also kick quite badly and so that's probably why you'll see them backing into each other because if they get too far from each other well just the right distance away from each other well then they can inflict nasty pain or the kick they kick with both front feet and back feet and while it looks a little bit slow you can be sure that when they do swing those heads there's pain that they inflict on each other is severe Velda in this part of South Africa it's probably about 23 degrees Celsius or so which is roundabout I'm gonna guess at 75 degrees Fahrenheit so it's it's pleasant but it's not hot yet at the moment and in the Maasai Mara I guess it's probably about the same in other parts of South Africa though of course it's different temperatures just like not everywhere in the United States is the same temperature as it is in Virginia well so it isn't the same temperature everywhere in South Africa whoa that was a big one when my parents live on the eastern cape coast of South Africa it's probably a little bit cooler than it is here in Cape Town which is the far southern part of South Africa it's probably even cooler still remember that we are coming out of our winter now as you come out of your summer so we are coming out of our winter it's quite vicious Marci yes the giraffe have names the one on the left is called Thomas the one on the right is called Gerald that's not true I'm joking just hold on one second everybody they don't have names Marcy I've just got to get onto the radio one second go ahead Rex I'm live alka copy confirm shortcut Gallagher okay copy thank you very much all right everybody would a very nice surprise coming thanks to Rick's on who's just told us that he has managed to spot something very special I'm not going to tell you what it is I'm going to suggest that we leave these giraffe now and go off towards this other surprise which will be very nice indeed it will take us about three minutes to get there and so while we do that let's go across to my friend Sydney who's not too far from here I think he's approaching a very big waterhole a very very good afternoon and welcome to the beginning of the game Drive my name is Sydney and I have not alone this afternoon I am with we are here by cheetah demo area trying to see if you can find some of the interesting case for you I am looking for kochava one of the leopards in the area as this morning cuchara was spotted having some morning meal it's very much quiet here where I am I'm looking up by these trees to see where it kuchawa is hiding the carcass and it seems like the caucus is finished or else maybe we are not at the right place but I'm going to hang around here and see if we can find something so let's just drive around here and see maybe we're gonna pick up some of the evidence so I have not yet picked up any of the tracks here in the area so what I'm seeing is quite a lot of tricks of some of the impalas and some of the analysis been here before me another line we do have what talks and earlier on as I was entering the area I did see two war talks just very relaxed by the termite mound if I see them again I am going to show you home bar they are very beautiful animals they watch hawks so with a beautiful teeth coming out like elephant tusks so they confuse a lot of people they think their baby elephants from a distance so now let's go to Jamie she has got the baby elephant Amara at the moment we are still with our elephants because I absolutely love spending time with elephants in fact if I had to spend all of my time with only one animals I'd have to choose between elephants and hyenas because hyenas are also fascinating but we're here with elephants now unfortunately I don't have to choose and we're just sitting watching them and the reason that I love spending time with elephants is because they're always doing something interesting there's always something to see there's always something that they're up to and they of course show such care to each other as a part of the herd now this elephant over here I think is a young male now he is probably around about I would say five maybe six years old and he is right now sort of at the elephant equivalent of about your age actually four in elephant terms so he is not quite a teenager but is starting to get there and he's spending a little bit more time not away from his family but just exploring the world around him and sometimes getting caught up and forgetting where the rest of the family is oh there we go there's another tiny little baby this herds actually got two little babies this one is much younger in elephant terms this one is it's only about a year old so in human terms you could think of it as around about perhaps similar to a four year old child and right now except that it's still suckling right now right now it was to suckle and mom keeps hitting it in the head because she's digging that's not very nice mum now Lily grace in terms of how old an elephant it can get while elephants can live almost as long as human beings so an elephant that is male so bull elephant that's what we call a male elephant like a bull cow a bull elephant can live up to around about 50 maybe even 60 if he gets to a very old age and a female elephant can even live over 70 years old up to about 75 and it was interesting about older elephants is they do start to show the signs of old age but the reason that they really start to struggle and that they can't live too much longer than that is because they only get six sets of teeth now that might sound silly because as human beings we are we only have one permanent set of adult teeth that we start to get all that start to send when we are between around about five and then your wisdom teeth coming last of all but you don't eat all day an elephant eats almost all day and what that means is that their molars they're chewing teeth actually get worn down which is why they have six sets of teeth so one will get worn down and there'll be new teeth to come in and replace it and then that set gets worn down and so on but then by the time they reach their old old age there are no more teeth to replace the ones that they're wearing down so they really start to struggle to chew you can imagine they're the teeth are now flat and an elephant has to eat all day because it has to maintain its massive size even that slightly smaller elephant will weigh more than myself and this vehicle combined so they really have to eat all the time all this some zebra sorry let's have a look at those quickly something else to show you in the rain because we can't really drive all that far from where we are now there's some zebra walking in the rain they are part of the greater migration that has made its way from Tanzania to Kenya and what that means is that nearly 2 million animals walk all the way all the elephant doesn't want any attention on the zebra wants to be the center of attention they walk all the way from Tanzania to Kenya and they do that because of food so they follow where the best food is zebras and wildebeest mostly so when we talk about the great migration that's what we mean sometimes some topi get caught up as well I don't know if those of you who are sharp-eyed maybe you can see those antelope at the back I know it's a little bit drizzly though you can't really see all that well but the rain also means that we can't really move although at least had stopped it's not as bad as it was but it looks like it's going to keep coming now watch the way that the elephants use their trunks so a trunk is very different to your arm or your leg but an elephant has to use it just in the same way that you would have had to learn to use your arms to to throw things or to catch or to write so that trunk doesn't have any bones in it it is a pure muscle now you can imagine if if our arms if you hold your arm out in front of you wait I'll show you what I mean so hold your arm out in front of you and there's only certain ways that you can move it you can kind of move it like this and maybe if you're you can twist it your shoulder because your shoulder is socket joints you could move like this you can move it up and down like this but there's only so many ways that you can move and you can't make it go against the bone but Nell ephant has a full range of motion it can twist turn pull the trunk up put it down bend backwards bended forwards do all sorts of things that we can't do with our arms and that's interesting because an elephant's trunk is essentially like a human's arm that's what they use it for so watch the way that they reach down and pluck up the grass and move it to their mouths now if they didn't have that trunk how would they eat how do you suppose they would eat they would have to bend all the way down and bite the grass off and that would be very complicated and not very efficient but the trunk does more than that the trunk tells you about the elephant's mood it tells you or what they use it to drink they use it to communicate to each other to gently touch each other to smell because it is essentially their nose it's like a combination of a nose and a hand ajan if you had a nose on the end of your hand how weird that would be that's essentially what an elephant has now that trunk is so strong it can reach up and break a branch but they can also pick up a toothpick now there you go Kate are you wondering about how much weight an elephant can pick up with their trunk now I don't know if anybody's tested this and this is a very interesting question because we know that there are powerful enough especially a big Oh mom I want that I want that I think all parents can relate to that what just happened mom's trying to eat and the baby who wants it now I don't know if anyone's ever tested exactly how much an elephant can pick up with its trunk but I bet you that it could with just that trunk with the muscles alone I bet you it could pick up over a hundred pounds if it had to but they can also reach upwards and pull down to break branches they can use their trunks to move things all there we go that's better little one can't steal the food out of your mom's mouth Oh No don't want milk now so this little elephant is already eating solid food but also drinking mom's milk and sometimes they can't decide exactly what it is they want you are so playful earlier little Ellie really was it was running around chasing its friend elephant babies have a really nice life they'll almost always grow up to adult because they're protected by the herd not always sometimes they don't make it but mostly they do and they grow up in one big happy family with older cousins to look after them more ants or even great aunts and grandmothers to take care of them and sisters older sisters little elephant calves are really well looked after and if they want to go and play and learn and explore there's always somebody keeping an eye on them and because this one's drinking milk doesn't have to eat as often as mum does there are very few things out here in the Maasai Mara that are dangerous to a baby elephant but there are some things and Sydney has got one of those predators with him right now oh look at that beautiful crocodile they're resting just basking the Sun this is what the reptiles do as the reptiles they have to rely on the energy from the Sun during the daytime that is why if you can check a lot of reptiles during the winter season they have got to hide because their body functioning during the winter season they have to hide so that they can conserve food so it is a process which is called hibernation hibernation is whereby these reptiles go and hide until the dry season is finished and then come out so look at this beautiful crocodile with the teeth look is moving now but if you don't look very nicely you might even think this crocodile is dead it's very much relaxed at the moment I can see that even the eyes are closed it's very rare to see the crocodile with the eyes closed because they are very much observers and it's one of those animals which can be able to sleep with one eye open and one closed so crocodiles can be very much dangerous when it comes to the babies of big animals such as the elephants when they come to drink there got to be very much so now let's go to James James II does have one of the cats I'm not too sure if it's a leopard but I know he's got one of the dangerous animals what we have here is a very dangerous it's a very special animal called a leopard not and if any of you've been on safari with us before but this is one of the things that we like to find the most over here and it is called a leopard and this particular leopard is a two and a half year old male leopard and his name is husana which means the little chief when he's called the little chief because his mother was known as the queen now that's not the best view of little horse army you'll ever get we will try and move so that we can get a slightly better view of him you know a little while but I'll tell you that there's also a hyena somewhere aren't here I can't see the hyena at the moment and there's also they kill in the tree above us which we can't see right now okay hmm no and he's managed to kill himself a little die kill which is a very small animal and unfortunately it's a baby one as well we don't need to look at that it's in the tree he's put it in the tree so that the high you can't get it so there's the leopard look at him for a little while we'll see if we can't get a slightly better view shorty Blake a lipid is very fast it can probably run at about 70 kilometers now 70 to 75 kilometers now which is around about 45 to 50 miles an hour so called at 50 miles an hour they very fast now 50 miles now is probably started fast it's a 47 miles per hour 40 to 45 to 47 miles per hour but that's not for a long time they can only do that for a short time for a short distance and then they have to stop otherwise they get very hot and their muscles get very tired but they're big ability is to be able to get from zero to 47 miles per hour in two strides so whereas you and I would take a lot longer to get from zero to top speed they can do it in a very short time indeed what I think we should move let's see if we can get a better view of him we'll move down through this little gully here and see if we can't get a bit of view of our favorite Leopard well Olivia I'll show you what they eat this is not going to be nice and there some of you might be quite sad by this is that a right can you see him there that's a baby die-cut and that's a bit sad that's what they eat it remember everyone has to eat out here and so that's what they eat a baby die cap so that's one of the antelope species and then they will eat fish and frogs and sometimes even termites they're the Terrapins which are like freshwater turtles and that sort of thing they are what we are known or what is known as generalists which means that they will eat just about anything that they can catch now I hope we don't get stuck here because we don't want to be stuck next to a leopard do we can you imagine being stuck next to a leopard would be terrifying I would be terrified you know I wouldn't really we know this very special cat we know him very well and we know that he is used to us and so as long as we don't behave like idiots and as long as we behave in a manner that is responsible so we stay in the vehicle we don't make a big noise he will be very comfortable around us and he won't attack us and he won't run away there's a lovely view of him that now this is a very special thing to see although we very close to this leopard remember he is a wild animal and he's just used to the vehicles which means that he doesn't see us as something to be afraid of and at the same time he doesn't see us something to eat so he just sort of sees us as something that comes in and goes away and he's been around vehicles since the day he was born lovely he's one of our very favorite cats this chap hello William we don't really know how many animals we have interestingly right at this time of the year they're doing a count of all the animals and we'll get those results hopefully at some stage but the park is very big this particular park that we're in we have an area to move around in of roundabout I'm going to say 8,000 acres or so which sounds quite big but it really isn't that big but we're part of a much bigger area known as the Kruger National Park which is in turn part of a much bigger area known as the greater Limpopo trans frontier park now the great Limpopo transferred care park covers two international boundaries so it goes into some Bob way and it goes into Mozambique and it is 3.5 million hectares in extent which is about 8 million acres as far as I'm aware that's much bigger than Yellowstone National Park even so it is a very very large piece of ground and to count all the animals in there is almost impossible but we can tell you that they're probably around about 15,000 elephants they're probably round about a hundred thousand Buffalo they're probably round about 300 to 500 thousand Impala which are the most common answer that we get here I would say about 3,000 lions perhaps no one really knows for sure I don't know how many leopards there are probably about the same actually about 3,000 dip it's about 350 wild dogs so wild dogs are really the ones that are are very endangered and then of course no bee knows how many died care there are the died care is what's sitting in the tree over there that's what Isana killed nobody knows how many Steinbach dung beetles or how many bats they're difficult to count the animals but they do try and then they get an idea of how many there are and as long as they compare their as long as they use the same method every single year then they will be able to compare whether or not the animals are getting more or less let's go back across to Sydney with a much more ancient predator the crocodiles we are seeing now is not the one that we saw just alien this is another one staying at the very same waterhole look at that this is very much big is way much bigger than the one that we saw earlier on these crocodiles can grow up to 4 to 5 meters that is very much huge and if you look at those teeth coming out from the mouth crocodiles can grow the teeth for the whole lifecycle so if the one some of the teeth they're going to grow back until they die these kind of animals can survive they can live up to 150 to 200 years is one of those animals that has got the lunch activity of life now the Lions the crocodiles are carnivores the carnivores are the animals that feed on meat in other words a crocodile is one of the predators if any other animal comes here such as the Impala of the Steinbach even Yala's sometimes animals such as well the beasts together with the Zebras get caught by the crocodiles mostly they target the youngsters the young ones these animals are very much powerful they can they can be able to take down a very big animal so but when its resting relaxed like that you will never take them dangerous if you find him chasing an animal you will see that it can be dangerous because they can ambush very easily how he is lying down now if anything comes there you will see how it's gonna get down in order to catch that animal they can be very fast especially when they are in water listen to that the crocodiles can spend much of the time out of the water for many many hours they can go down in water just to try and cool down a little bit but most of their time is spent outside in the water they sleep there in water but for the Sun they must have to be out so they can be able to lie down here for long hours not too sure how many hours exactly but I know they do spend much of their time outside basking the Hasan I didn't copy that let's see if you can repeat the question so the animals which were making a very interesting sound earlier on is the animals that are sharing the very same place with the crocodiles look at that those are the hippopotamus so hippopotamus and the crocodiles can stay together because they don't have any competition when it comes to what they eat the hippopotamus they are herbivores meaning that they feed on vegetation whereas the crocodiles as I have indicated earlier they are carnivores yes there are times where by crocodiles do try to catch the baby hippopotamus but hippos are also well equipped in order to defend their babies they've got very big tooth maybe one of them is gonna open the mouth now and try to show us how the tooth looks like look at that is if you look at the pink outer layer of the eyes it tells you that this is a female hippopotamus look at that those ones are playing so the male's the outer layer of the eyes is very much dark so the female is pink so it means what we are seeing now that one is a female and it looks like that female has got a baby standing next to it so you can see that the eyes are located high on top of the head and the nostrils as well they are located on top so that these animals when the whole big body is submerged they can be able to breathe and also to see what's happening in the surrounding they are not very good swimmers the hippopotamus satella I'm not too sure when it comes to the amount of water the hippopotamus are drinking every day but here they are staying very close to the water source at hippopotamus are one of those animals which does not lose a lot of water as the water helps them when it comes to things such as dehydration although I know the skin of the hippopotamus is very much highly sensitive to the Sun so when they're in water day the dehydration doesn't take place too much there's quite a lot of water conservation here comes the baby you can see now that the baby is there so now let's go to Masai Mara where Jaime has got some elephants and see how the elephants are doing this afternoon I will be here still looking for these people now elephants are also big drinkers in other words that they like to drink lots of water the reason that they do that is because their digestive system uses up a lot of water to break down and get the nutrients out of all of the plants that they eat so on a very hot day and I have to say that this is not a very hot day in the Masai Mara it's a very cold day in the Masai Mara but on a hot day an elephant can drink up to around about 50 gallons of water so to give you a rough idea if you had a bath this evening bath not a shower but a bath that whole bathtub is how much an elephant could drink in one day a big full fully grown elephant of course obviously the little ones don't need to drink quite as much as the adults because they don't eat as much solid food and they still drink milk not for this gentleman though this young male in his long past the stage of drinking milk but he'll still stay close to his mother and it's only when he's around about fifteen or so years old depending that he will actually leave the safety of the herd and begin his life as a bachelor you know the words living alone or with other male elephants here we go twisting the plants and gobbling them down now what you would have noticed is that the elephants haven't stopped eating since we got here and I was hoping that some of them might decide to play because when it's nice and cool like this elephants actually love this weather and that's because they're very this is going to sound very silly they're very big animals just in case you hadn't noticed I'm only kidding they're big animals which means that's their surface area to volume ratio is very very low so that means basically that they get quite hot and it's hard for them to lose that heat and the way that they lose the heat they don't sweat like human beings sweat when you know when you get really hot if it's a very very hot day and I know that there's been some hot summers in the northern hemisphere and you will start to sweat but what elephants do is they flap their ears and that's because it helps to cool down the blood that is close to the surface of their ears so if you look at them now it's nice and cool so they're not really flapping their ears because they're not too hot at all they're probably a very pleasant temperature but when it gets hot then the blood vessels and the ears start opening up even more so that lots of blood flows in there and that's why their ears have got this big surface area and you'll notice that they seem quite thin compared to the rest of the elephant and so that's isn't that the blood can get as much air flowing over it as possible flowing over the skin which cools down the blood which then goes to the rest of the elephant and helps to keep them cool and since we are looking up nice and close you will even have noticed the eyelashes on this beautiful young elephant look at their eyes beautiful gentle eyes but Connor nope that does not mean that we can pet them we cannot pet any of the animals that we see out here they are all completely wild and if we tried we would frighten them and they would react in one of two ways most likely they would try and run away but they might even attack us because that would be horribly disrespectful for them they don't understand that that you might mean well that you don't want to hurt them they see us as a threat and they would be very very unhappy now there is a big thing happening in the world at the moment of people petting wild animals it's a bad thing wild animals must be wild we have dogs we have cats we have horses they rely on us we've domesticated them over many many years that's okay we can have pets but to have wild animals as pets or to treat them as pets is very sad and very dangerous because they don't understand and their instincts tell them that they are wild so if you ever get the opportunity to perhaps play with the pet cats or pick big cat I mean like a lion or a tiger or maybe even a monkey that's something that you should say no to because it's very very unfair on that animal these wild animals are quite happy without people they don't mind having us here in the car in the vehicle they're used to us they're completely relaxed as long as we don't invade their space speaking of perfectly relaxed big cats let's go and see what husana thinks of all of that Messala doesn't think much right now he's dreaming because is it perfectly perfectly comfortable captain you can see that from the fact that his belly is so full his belly is so full because obviously he hasn't only just started eating that little duiker he's been eating something for probably the last three or four days now we do know that he and not yesterday in fact it was yesterday morning he finished off an Impala that he stole from his sister Tandy she interns stole it from some wild dogs so don't feel sorry for his sister Tandy there you see he's feeling a little bit guilty he's lifted his head up as if to say I'm sorry I did that but he's eating that and then I think he probably ate something else yesterday as well because you can see what a very very fat belly and so for a leopard like this to be full and fat in the shade like this week and snooze is just perfect Logan I'm afraid I couldn't possibly count the number of lipids I've seen I don't know I'm sure it's well over a hundred but I'm not sure you know I've been out in this area for about it's called it 15 years now and so I've seen a lot of lipids just not counted them I'm afraid maybe about a hundred if you work in the same area then you will learn more you'll get to know all the lipids of the area and then you'll just see the same ones again and again but if you move around a bit well then you can see lots of different lipids and for me and I think for all of us and probably for all of the people who watch this show it's also mints the number of lipids that you see it's much more about how you get to know them and what they do and learning their different characteristics and their different personalities hasana for example is an interesting lipid because he seems to like being around other lipids it's probably because is quite young and when he's a bit older I suspect he will become more solitary but it's still very interesting to see how different he is with other lipids compared with other young males that I've known before and he's also quite comfortable with us on foot he certainly was as a little boy no he's not quite as comfortable all right everybody for those of you at school I hope you enjoy the rest of your day I'm sorry that school has started and you're staring down the barrel of another full year of school but don't worry it will end in about ten years time and yes that will happen much faster than you think it will I know it sounds like a long time but it isn't hopefully we'll see you very soon on safari again until then bye bye much in the meantime let us go back to Sydney who apparently has got something called a slow monitor lizard I'm not sure how different that is from a fast one I have got one of the very beautiful reptiles there you can see that is the water monitor I know a lot of people they do have a confusion between the water monitor and the rock monitors but looking at the size this is way much smaller than the rock monitor so the Waterman has got a very big body size they design and the shape of the body is the same and the color as well is more or less the same so this monitor now you can see the tongue is in and out that is when this monitors trying to check and trying to investigate what is happening in the surrounding that tongue is telling him now a lot of things about what is happening in the surrounding just from the edge just from smelling the tongue from the air is going to know what is looking for if he's looking for a partner is going to find where exactly that partner is so you can see now he is slowly approaching the crocodile look at that tail is now hiding away behind the crocodile shiny tail from the crocodile this tail it can go up to seven to seven twenty five feet so somewhere here but the tail is where the crocodile is mostly storing the food in order to survive during the harsh conditions these animals have got an ability to reduce the functioning of the body systems so that they can conserve a lot of food what's happening now when the mouth is open it means that this crocodile is generally is getting quite a lot of high temperature from the Sun so now to get rid of too much temperature high temperature from the body they've got to open the mouth and the mouth helps them in order to balance the body temperature so now you can easily see the teeth showing when is opening the mouth somewhere right on the layers of the mouth the crocodile has got something which is called the domed pressure receptors when the crocodile is in the water if you check the water somewhere here by the layers of the mouth they can be able to pick up the updates and know that something is entering the water hole so they use this doomed pressure receptor in order to detect what is happening so it's a very much adaptable species so if you look at these crocodiles and the trees that are growing next to it they all look the same Antion I didn't copy that question very well if he can repeat that the teeth of the monitor lizard that is quite a tough one I have never seen the teeth of these monitor lizard I'm not too sure what kind of tease they've got part what I know is that the lizards after a bite you get negatively affected because they carry quite a lot of bacterias here on their mouthparts so they they one about the teeth I've got to investigate a lot after this activity to see how the teeth looks like because every time I just see them with the chunks in and out honor the leases they do carry some of the poisons as I indicated that when they buy it they carry quite a lot of bacterias on the mouth so if you could bitten by this kind of species you must have to consult because otherwise you might be amputated because those bacterias might give you the diseases diseases which can be transmitted from these animals to us so you're gonna have to be very much careful when handling this kind of reptiles so but big reptiles such as crocodiles they're no-go area because these ones are very much dangerous and they don't want anything to come near them not because of the level of aggression but because they prey on mates so these animals they don't have a tongue and the crocodile teeth looks very much clean why because the crocodiles they have got a dependency with some of the species one of the best I have seen who is fond of a very best friend of the crocodile is the D cope a d-cup is one of the best that we see at night they're nocturnal is the ones that normally comes here and eat some of the meat that extact look at that is closing now on a very slow motion not closing completely operating it again so the day they take off is the one who normally comes there and eat a small piece of meat that is left but when the crocodile is opening the mouth like this some of the insects such as the Flies they go in there is good a very sticky kind of a saliva which attach them when they land they don't fly and some other flies in the area when they see those fly stuck they think they are feeding nicely and they think about greener pasture they go in there for feeding and when is too much is when is gonna close the mouth and eat them open again to attract and close and eat them so he's very much adapted this animal is very big but they can run very fast yeah the crocodiles do hand on land let me tell you the story I come from the very deep rural areas where sometimes when there is no water by the chaps we've got to go to the rivers in order to collect some water some of the crocodiles they walk far as 20 kilometers away from the rivers you find them in the middle of the villages hunting the domestic dogs the crocodiles and dogs they get along the crocodiles they profess the dog meat a lot because of the smell they meet his god the crocodiles can walk very long distances and this story around the crocodiles where I come from you are not allowed to kill the crocodiles if you come across the crocodiles out of the water in the village you're gonna have to consult the senior authority normally they tribal authority to call the conservator to come and collect it why because we have got a very strong belief on crocodiles we believe that the the brain of the crocodile it can't end and be converted into a poisonous substance which can be very dangerous when ingested so if there is any rumor that someone has killed a crocodile we're gonna have to arrest you for that papers it's not moving at all so now while I am still here by chitra day I'm looking for any other interesting animals coming to drink let's go back to asana James has got wasalam maybe is now a good sighting he is not awake he is fast asleep you can see that he is in fact barely moving one would suspect in fact that he had had some sort of anaesthetic which of course he has it's known as food out here listen very carefully you might even be able to hear the sound of the air escaping his nostrils and blowing against piece of grass I shall now be quiet the fan on the vehicles a bit loud I'm not sure you can hear it he's going he hasn't actually moved a muscle since we last saw since you lost over here so I'm going to do what some others do and I seldom do and that is there well we're gonna have a poll everybody and the poll is going to be as follows should I stay or should I go in other words should we stay with this flat cat in the hopes that he climbs up the tree and swallows his baby darker or should we go and see what else we can find and come back here later hashtags for life or the chat stream on YouTube you couldn't tell us what you'd like us to do and your wish shall become our command there you can see in the tree there is a dacha weighing roughly 300 grams ready is a very small dock I'm not sure why I can think they acted any reason he hasn't devoured it straight away well they probably two reasons one is that there's a hyena not far away and the other is that he's so full he probably doesn't know what to do with it now Tristan when he came in here earlier today on foot with Herbert oh they thought that they had heard some kind of distress call just as the drive ended and that could easily have been the sea and Iker giving it sort of death wail if you like very nice way of putting it but I think that's probably what it was and so they will be both relieved and well I suppose slightly upset that they didn't find him they will be relieved that they were in the right vicinity though all right let's go quickly across to their bird with Sydney and I shall either see you here depending on the pole though I shall be looking for something else for the first time I am seeing the african fish eagle landing right in water i always see this kind of worth flying and catching and not standing like east now maybe he's gonna show us some mud baths so bears they've got various ways of cleaning themselves look at that he's working maybe it's gonna do something it's drinking if you look at the walk the big he must have to catch water and look up so that he can drink it cannot be able to swallow water when he's facing down so this kind of Pez they've got a very interesting call you will hear them and they can be able to call on flight right high up so they can weigh up to three three and half kilograms and they can survive very long these bears can survive up to forty years but a very small animal surviving for forty years and most of these girls they are monogamous they are partners for life so I was explaining that the Bears they use quite a lot of various ways in order to clean themselves serve eight years the fish egrets are lovely look at that beautiful coloration so if the fish eagle doesn't want to use the water bath is good another option which is called dust baiting where you must land on the ground and play in dust in order to get rid of the parasites and if he is not interested on that he must then go hop by literally I but the trees open the wings in order to get rid of the parasites and if he doesn't want that he must land on the ground and look for the ants and go and let the ants to walk on them and then suddenly provoke the ants ants are going to react by releasing the formic acid and that formic acid is rich in fat and is going to serve as an anti-parasitic so the Bears themselves they know that they've got to do all these ways in order to clean themselves so I'm just hoping this vision is going to show us some water baths this afternoon Anna the fish the way it is 3.5 kilograms so it's quite a very big bed but it's not the biggest flying bed the heaviest flying bed is the kori bustard I haven't seen them here since I've arrived but there are some of those pieces that are carrying here in southern Africa there is drinking again so this beds can be able to see very well imagine a fish eager seeing a fish under water when it's high up and go straight to the target and be able to catch it without enemies so that is telling you that the vision of these beds they are very good and if you look at the head the head of the beds is only there in order to accommodate the eyes it's not like ours ours we have got big heads which are there in order to accommodate the size of the brain so the bed has got small brain and big skull and that skull is there to then create mark space for the eyes it's considerating to some other small beds which are making noise it seems like the other small bears are very good friends with the fish eaters because most of the bears when seeing the Eagles they vocalize and immobilize and try to chase them here the birds are very much comfortable because they know that is not a threat he is depending on these fishes some of these birds when they come to do a water bath they so when when these bears are on the ground like this wanting to do the water about some of them after a water bath they come out with your feathers wet and in order for them to dry the feathers you will see them opening their wings in order to dry that this bath they are very well equipped with some of the preening gland at the back just by the beginning of the tail they have got some very fatty cleaning grande is called a Europa gel gland they must have to take it out and put it on the feathers in order to maintain waterproof some of the best don't have that bling gland that is why when coming out of the water they get wet so you can see now he decided to go so now let's go to Maura with a very nice voice of the hippopotamus saying goodbye to Chitra diem and see how the hyenas are doing I'm with the hyenas but there's something I have to tell you and it's not very pleasant at all and we're not going to follow waffles where she's going and this is what we discovered here shortly before the start of drive in fact probably about 15 minutes before the start of drive one of the Cubs is dead not only as one of the Cubs dead but it's been half-eaten I'm pretty sure that it's waffles us and I'm very sorry to have to tell you this but I have to warn you that this is incredibly gruesome and incredibly difficult to watch she's been picking it up and putting it back down in her den incredibly gently it is absolutely heartbreaking and for many of you I want to tell the story from the start to the finish and I don't want to surprise you with something that is probably one of the most horrific things I've seen out here especially being as invested as we is as we is as we are in the story in the past we've been accused briefly with Inca Hummers of of overemphasizing tragic stories particularly with that cupboard that's not why we do it but what's playing out here is really fascinating now we don't know what's happened to the cub she's going to go and pick it up and we're going to show you but we warning you now this is not for sensitive for sense to viewers and I will warn you if she's moving towards it which she is now now there's something playing out here with polar bear polar bears being desperate to try and get in okay she's going up to the cub alright we're going to show it for those of you that are sensitive please don't look you can turn away now because I think waffles is going to eat it she's been so gentle with it up until now but it's the way of the wild and resources our resources and polar bears just kicked her out of the entrance today and I don't believe what's happening here I don't know what happened I don't know which Cubs are still alive I don't know for certain that this is her cub this is incredibly difficult for us to watch oh my girl I'm sorry I'm sorry we discovered this before the school dr obviously we couldn't responsibly show it to the kids but for kids that are watching now they of course have your guidance in this who are you now another hyena that's coming on the dead cub but because we're desperate to know if there is another one in live in there if I had to guess I would say it was waffles as cub but I can't believe Polar's just kicked her out of the entrance to the den she's been desperately coming back all day and she's just moved the matriarch and waffles has been picking this cub up and putting it it's call it a cub is is not right picking up the carcass and putting it back in the hole so gently which makes me think it's hers but now polar bears growling I don't know what's going on Kal six I don't know I have no idea if the other Cubs okay I waited pony bear just one – what is that hold on there's something else there oh it's another high you know sloth bear now waffles is running back so that's polar bears little brother I don't know who this other hyenas that's entered the scene I'm gonna move into a better position I started where the gore enos was slightly hidden so that I could warn you what is going on if I had to guess I would say it was hypothermia that killed this cub in the rains and the merge this is such a terrible day and it's just one big mud slick but now polar bears gone in is her cub alive his waffles as other come alive we just we just don't know and that's why I want to be here I was horrible and hard as it is we're invested in this story for good and for bad polar bear and sloth bears mother was here earlier Sawa and you know the funny thing is is that during the the gauntlet series as we were leading up to it we suggested that Sauer would be the strongest contender to the throne if she ever planned a coup and hi we decided to scrap that story because Sawa never showed any aggressive inclination but now who and what killed waffles as cub and why didn't waffles fight polar bear there that's not a good sign yes taja there's a strong possibility that while waffles was away for the cub died that the other Cubs ate at the older Cubs which is what slow sloth B is looking at doing now is another hyena coming in listen that's that's our it's waffles making that growl Sauer is unbelievably hyped up she went to go and sniff waffles as dead curb waffles chased her away but there was no sign of submission from sellers she moved what's wrong polo what's wrong there was an alarm call that Velociraptor like rumble oh my girl I'm sorry this was a bad day hello sloth bear hello my boy you smelly yes you are you very smelly I was going back to the den deadhead sloths they won't be taking over the clan he's only six months old at the moment and coos when they tend to happen to into all sloth bear he's gone up to the carcass of the cub coos when they happen are very unusual and they happen very quickly and very aggressively something snaps from what I understand I've never actually witnessed one something snaps in the animals that then rise up and overthrow the matriarch but who knows did polar bear know that waffles was restricting her access because she had Cubs there too sorry about that everybody no idea what happened in the Masai Mara but obviously other than the exceptional high interaction something else happened possibly of a technical nature no one's talking to me at the moment so I don't know well we had a whole lot of Nala and kudu over here there's a kudu in fact there are quite a few kudu and we all set some impala a very peaceful gentle scene here ah I see that we had a technical issue in the Maasai Mara that's why you've come to me it's goodness well it's good in that it's not a train smash just a lovely peaceful scene of two Browsing species and in fact three if you count the Impala sitting in this riverbed eating the last bits of sort of greenish leaf and enjoying a few new ones now those kudos as far as I'm aware excuse me my binoculars was making friends my radio our eating eating a lot of animals at the moment are favoring the buds on the tambuti trees and that chap is that's exactly what he's doing he's eating their little buds or for tambour tea tree which are obviously extremely nutritious but they're do have that supposedly toxic milky latex in them some species of course are completely immune to it we are not one of those species porcupines black rhinos come to mind and of course kudu do seem to be immune to quite a lot of nature's toxins including the milky latex of our African cactus equivalent which is known as the euphorbia let's just roll gently down the hill Emma I hope the signal will be alright it should be because it's winter and summer I'm pretty sure it would be terrible this is the worst now everything's okay I was hoping we might get a look at the Nisan yalla heard that popped across the road well there is an Impala he'll have to do as I always say you need to stop an Impala at least once a day there he is sprinting away doesn't like any of you I'm afraid sorry about that or me will David there we go there's a good time of year for the Impala because they don't have their youngsters yet they're not attracting the attentions of all the Predators they're not fighting with each other which again is not attracting the attentions of the Predators but we are about to hit September and so that secondary breeding season of which I speak quite regularly is about to take place it's the only time I've ever actually witnessed in parlor mating and they seem to mate during the day during the secondary breeding season and that secretary breeding season will take place sometime during next month that Impala had some sort of looked like a hernia on its belly there there's a little yalla in front of us heather's Rinella running away to join the other Nala write it off they boo some other cows and of course a very wise impala ram with a hernia hanging out with some other antelope that can keep an eye out for predators these ones I think are eating old Torchwood fruits I think they're new I think he's picking up some old ones there must be some sort of nutrition to be gained from them the Nala until fairly recently were coming to visit the tent as I think I've told you perhaps before quite regularly because outside the tent we've got a whole lot of bones and things that we used when we were using the tent for broadcasting and the niala have quite enjoyed the little collection of bones that we have then they suck on bones a lot at this time of year for the phosphorus and calcium that is lacking in the dry vegetation that they're trying to eat now we did leave husana which is pretty obvious which we will try and go back to a little bit later once the Sun starts to sit it is very dry here everyone that's perfectly normal for this time of the year it's not even a particularly dry year in fact it's a probably quite a wet one and it's going to get drier it's going to start looking browner as we go into September and October now the leaves on the trees will start to flush but the grass will not flush green until there has been a substantial amount of rain but I'll plan now is to go after buffers of damn see what we can find over there we might be lucky Oh let's quickly go across to Jamie something's happening there at the high uniden unfortunately it is going to take 10 seconds for you to get there Wow waffles as Cubs are alive both of them it was polar bears cub oh I don't know how I feel about that horribly horribly relieved I think and yet how terribly unfair on polar bear because it must have been waffles oh it was hypothermia we don't know we'll never know but look look look at our precious little bundles no wonder waffles was so anxious no wonder she move that carcass away she didn't know what to do with it waffles is not known as a Cub killer she's a benign matriarch but she didn't want that carcass in the den with her babies of course and now when I see them they look so much smaller but it's so hard to make that judgment call Polar's removed her cub her dead cub she's eaten it I've apologized for the attack of the gremlins she's taken it away she's consuming it now where we can't I can move the vehicle without losing track of waffles as cubs what an emotional roller coaster Oh what we have just witnessed is some of the most fascinating examples of hyena behavior in the world here's our marching around waffles I hate to say this but it may also have been waffles as refusal to move from the entrance to the den and Polar's choice to keep her cubs there that could have contributed to its death and yet when I spoke to the researchers three days ago polar bear was moving her cub backwards and forwards she could have moved it she could have moved it away why didn't she because hyenas are social and the clan is the clan and for polar bears Cubs too have grown up with waffles as Cubs would have made them friends or at least allowed them to ingratiate themselves with it our waffles here I was weeping for you and it was poor polar bear there's our little knot ear a mark we will always be able to recognize it by oh they're so gorgeous Kenzi I'm so sorry I wasn't listening to your question at all I was still trying to hear my my thoughts over the drumming of my heart Oh Lindsey 50% 50% is the survival rate for hyena Cubs in the wild less than most likely will make it past their first year so while we have this moment of I guess relief mixed in with with heartache we could still face the scenario again they've grown so much they've got so big hello and the momentous nature of this revelation is eclipsed lightly by the sound of the elephants passing gas next to us a strange afternoon hello little and they look dry don't they I'm dry enough no mummy and I'm going to go exploring that one's always been the bold one isn't it the smooth ears a little notch dere's not quite as brave as its sibling my mom's going to fetch it where you think you going where do you think you're going one mom I think I would like to be in a hole that didn't up until recently have a deceased cub oh okay right after that emotional roller coaster I have no idea how I feel let's go and see another small creature of Africa Mongoose right bask in the Sun enjoying a sighting of me and feck they are looking at us they have been looking at us for a while now these kind of social animals can be very much interesting what I like the most about the tough Mongoose is that the hierarchal structure is most interesting than all the animals yes they are much vehicle structure whereby is led by the female together with a mate they mate the male is the one following the highest rank of the female but after that everything is going to be in Reverse the young ones then when they are born they fight for the dominance so they are born with the instinct desire of the dominance in order to gain the position and also in order to get prioritized when it comes to food so that is very much interesting because these animals knows that if the the newborns are ranked very low chances of them to eat is not there but if the newborns becomes high in terms of ranking then chances for them to eat is very high these kind of animals they eat a variety of food including reptiles I have seen them a lot fighting animals such as snakes and they are not afraid at all they can be very much aggressive and they also eat insects such as the flying ants they also do eat termites I don't know how these animals handle termites because the soldier termites can bite maybe in this kind of termite mounds where they are staying they are also attracted by the diet not only because of the effect that the temas gives them a good temperature in there very much observation so they are using that top part as an observation post and they can be very much gregarious they must be quite a lot of drama goes in there it's quite a very big termite mound look at that so these animals after a period of pregnancy of about hundred days they can litter up to three to four little ones and only the material female is allowed to breed if by accident the male mate with one of the daughters or any other female the chances of the babies to be killed by the matriarch are very much high so the material doesn't allow any other mating form of mating apart from hair that is part of our responsibilities she's the only one who does mating they are very much of service and and very much fast so what I'm still here in Chitra area trying to get hold of a kochava let's go back tomorrow and see the hyenas maybe there's some other interesting things going on there at the moment Jenny is wait and see what happens next I had to be honest I don't think I can take any more shocks I really don't Paula came back briefly around the den and now she's moved off her mother came back as well the only thing are there's polar she's here shame she was in the hole I'm sorry girl you know I did respond with relief to see waffle zazz cubs alive and that's very human of me I guess I know waffles better than I know polar bear I also know that waffles is very very old and this was most likely going to be her last litter and it's her bloodlines hope for the future plus she has a unique personality of her own something extraordinary that no other hyena has been recorded as doing let's go around we can go around we're not going to disturb anybody all the others have moved off I don't think I can take much more in a drama I think oh I think I'm gonna go back to the elephants I'm not gonna go back to the elephants promise Pola we actually don't know Jennifer that's a point Jennifer wants no polar bear only had one cub actually don't know we never clarified we never confirmed I don't I didn't know polar very well up until this point this was the first time I really would have been able to recognize her you might hear a helicopter by the way it's been flying all day for another sad story it's been flying all day to look for the snared baby elephant I don't know if they've been successful I don't think so I haven't heard anything about it but we're gonna keep looking and we'll we'll find the baby we'll find the baby elephant and we'll get the snare off but just in case you're wondering about that helicopter people have been looking all day we've been Safari lives been down to the border looking so we're looking oh now I can smell it there was a dead cub it's hard to tell because hyenas are such stinky creatures unfortunately I mean I love hyenas but they are smelly I don't think waffles killed that cub not actively passively possibly but not actively I have never ever seen her display any any form of serious aggression to any of our clan members dominance yes aggression no I have never seen it I don't think it was her but not actively passively possibly and that's unusual for a high-ranking hyena because the biggest threat to hyena Cubs is other female hyenas with Cubs especially high-ranking ones hold on everyone's but muddy and a bit slippery worst possible din in the world aunt Jo yes it's normal for mother hyenas to eat it's actually normal for all predators to eat their young if they die it's a normal reaction just listen to this now waffles is looking for her cubs they went down the hole and you can't get them back out again nice bottom waffles thank you for that yes it's normal resources it's nature's equation the cub is dead and as sad as that is the mother is the one most in need of the resources so that she can produce another litter unfortunately what baffles me what astounds me is that waffles didn't eat it waffles who gets the best of every meal she didn't eat had she treated it so gently earlier so gently that's what makes me think she didn't actively kill it I don't know I'm putting a human emotion on a hyena now we've lost both of our main carry I have no idea could be teddy bear she's been hanging around recently I don't think it's Teddy though polos up again did she have to wear she just not realized the reality Oh fair enough I said that I didn't think that waffles actively killed that polar bears cub but she might have passively killed it what I mean by that is that waffles as Cubs and polar bears Cubs were in the same hole the same entrance hole to a den y polar bear didn't move it I don't know maybe waffles as Cubs insinuated themselves there and she couldn't get to it but what I mean is that waffles might have spent so much time with her Cubs blocking the entrance and stopping polar bear from getting to her cub that the little cub might not have had the nutrients that it needed to survive this cold snap because they are so small and that den was very waterlogged so that's what I mean by passively contributing to the Cubs death but waffles needs to go and eat and drink I've she wasn't at the stand earlier and polar bear was in the times that I've been here she's polar bears had about four hours to herself at the stain in which to to come and feed her cub so don't quite understand exactly what happened we'll never know we'll never know and this period of mourning could go on for quite a while calling for her cub all right and wait and see if waffles as little ones are suckling if she manages to get them out of that incredibly deep hole that they've disappeared into let's go back into James who's searching for things around and about I'm getting backwards that's what I'm up to I'm going backwards so many ways I'm just getting backwards it is a bit of an emotional roller coaster going on in East Africa there I wanted to know from Jamie and I don't know if she's mentioned this or not if perhaps waffles as Cubs had not killed polar bears cupboard well that might be quite an interesting one of course they are dominant they will inherit their mother's dominance ie niqab zone famous for sibling side so that's quite interesting it's quite sad though it's funny though it's um I was just thinking how people would feel if polar bear eats her cub well how would they feel in comparison with if let's say little Columba was to somehow meet her end perish the thought and Tandy ate her cub and I decided that I think that it's almost because of us being humans for me anyway I don't know what it's like for you it almost feels like it's appropriate for the hyenas and inappropriate for the leopards which of course is totally ridiculous there's something about those hyenas Tim I don't know makes me feel like that as many of you all know I've been reading this book on stress hormones and I like to talk about the book I'm reading from time to time because it helps me remember what I read and interestingly female hyenas do not produce a huge amount of testosterone and they produce another male hormone now do you think I can remember the name of that male hormone it's called and road test to diet there you go and a tested iron can you believe it I remembered it and are tested iron and it is that that gives them their size and their secondary male or masculine characteristics and row tested iron array and you believe it and I've tested iron let me tell you when you get into hormones there are a number of words that you just know and accept you will never remember but Ando tests die and I remembered as I've remembered luteinizing releasing hormone follicle-stimulating hormone testosterone of course progesterone but luteinizing releasing hormone as the the most difficult one I've remembered so far other than and rotisserie iron Rodie what we're doing now is getting a little bit tools itself to see if we cannot find some tracks of Tandy and calamba around here I don't think they're around here I think they're probably quite close to asana Sydney however seems to have caught up with another member of the Royal Leopard lineage I have got one of those bears that a good indicators of a prey some of them on the ground whereas some of them are high up by the trees you can see they're very beautiful silhouette so this bears I am trying to use them in order to investigate where which Ava's carcass might be lying at the moment as here his work which have I was hiding the food this morning so I have not yet picked up any of the food these are the world egg vultures you cannot see them very nicely because there is very much dark summer time I strongly believe that these vultures are gonna give us good updates this afternoon so I just want to try and show you the ones that are on the ground maybe you can save them nicely yeah it seems like they are feeding on something here can you say that they are feeding on something they so look at that yeah there is some some meat on the ground there so this vultures are not just here looking they are here because they know there's food available maybe that is the caucus which has been left behind by kochava you can see that by the neck they don't even have has there so that they can be able to penetrate in between the body to get all of the food they're stepping on the meat and pull it up so that oak baked is very much sharp so this bears are very much big and they can win spread two and a half meters and see that they don't just concentrate on feeding they feed and also watch out for their predators they consider their safety the most you can see that they're checking every time June they vultures do eat the elephants I have seen it happening I saw them eating the elephant eating is the caucus when still very fresh yes you might find that the skin is still very much strong but as time goes on when starting to rot and become a carrion they can easily remember this kind of bears they don't only prey on fresh meat they do sometimes eat carry-ons and it's one of those bears that helped us a lot because eating koreans helped us in order to get rid of the diseases you can see that the one on the left is still a juvenile this is beautiful I'm just gonna go there and check later on to see what kind of prey was that one just to verify if it was the prey which has been taken down by kochava if it is it means these vultures took it up from the tree I'm not very sure at what degree they can be able to steer their head but if you can check their they the neck is a little bit much longer so that gives them access in order to turn their head so this bears they don't just fly it's one of those birds that fly considering thermal these birds get a very good eyesight and they can be able to see thermal so they can be able to see what an evaporating from the bare patches on the ground fascinating isn't it so some of them are still high up but the trees there's only two on the ground trying to feed but now I'm gonna have to carry on and see if we can find kochava day one I am suspecting that this kill has been taken from this is quite a beautiful sighting there's a first time for me since I've arrived here in order to see the vultures feeding on the ground but now we can go back to James and see James may be still with asana on the other side I am going to now try by all means to get hold of kochava because now I'm convinced that kochava is still in the area because the food it is still here personalizing that he's found the food but not the leopard that's really odd I'm sure she must be I'm sure he's right she must be around there somewhere he could easily be lurking in the shade quite close to the lodge what we've done has come down to the central parts no Juma I'm off in search of anything hugely particular Rickson did reckon that there were some Lipper tracks around here earlier today now there were some vultures around so perhaps we'll get lucky I find it much better not to focus too much trying to find something because there was University that doesn't happen I don't know about you but you know I was always taught as a child that you need to visualize thing things that you want you know and I for example visualized myself playing for the first 15 rugby team more times than I care to remember I visualized myself in the various romantic situations with ladies that I quite liked I visualized myself doing there is other heroic things I can say without question that not one of my visualizations ever came to fruition and I think that may either I'm very bad at visualization or perhaps I am it's what called is what's called a regressive visualizer whereby whatever I visualize doesn't come to pass and so what I'm going to do now is try not to visualize seeing anything that I really want to see see if that works yes exactly the hiccup trick don't think of a white horse something like that this of course is where Colombo was born in that termite mound over there on the other side quite close to where Tristan was nearly eaten by Colombo not remember by tandy on his finding him Tandi took offense at tristan arriving at the den site and finding where she had stashed her cub and it's because it's very easy to give t√ľndi offence okay we're now coming down towards where I thought the vultures were they've taken off and gone somewhere else as the heat of the days built which I think whatever they were looking at has gone but that's okay it's a beautiful afternoon out in the West and Kruger National Park try and find some other signs of spring perhaps Sun is slowly starting to sit we did go to Bullock dam as well there was absolutely nothing there and the reason there was nothing there is because I think the dam is almost empty and then mud is actually sticking out through the water all right well I could waffle on possibly until the cows come home and before the cars get home Sidney has got some watch house to show you the vultures are still enjoying their meal here and I can see some of them have just arrived now you can see up by that tree that is not one or two anymore it's quite a lot of them so they're just going to have now their afternoon meal before they go back to rest so look at that so I guess he is trying to do something I cannot see very well what is doing but apparently kochava has been sported and and I'm just trying to get some updates now I am now on the queue the chances of us is seeing which hour this afternoon they are very much hi I am on a kill now so I will be standing by here with the vultures until they call me in so I'm just trying to see if there is any other piece of meat left their way that were just trying to feed or earth maybe is trying to just clean itself very much difficult to see from where I am if there is anything left still up by that tree or maybe something that that vulture got from the ground and the vultures they don't have any other option they have got to catch some of these meat and the Koreans in order to give their little ones remember this kind of bears don't go out for hunting purposes they go out in order to see if they can find peace from the Predators and from the animals that are dying naturally so they don't only scavenge the animals that has been caught from predation purposes also animals that are dying naturally they do eat them and they can be able to travel very long distances this is one of the best that can fly very high up but still can be able to see what's happening on the ground so this bears can be able to distinguish between a dead animal and an animal that is just sleeping you will never see them coming down to inspect a sleeping animal but when something is dead you will see they will come and arrive down right at location that tells you these animals can see very well because they don't detect this kind of carcass from sense of smell they see mr. public these kind of bears remember when they are feeding money caucus a caucus is consisted of steak meat and the bones so when they are feeding they can easily automatically sharpen their teeth while they are feeding because they do bite some of the bones so that helps them and I can promise you the big for the vultures is very much sharp I was once involved on a sighting where one of the vulture got caught by the electric line but he was still alive we had to rescue that vulture I was with my colleague from my previous place and while we were trying to catch him first thing he did when he's irritated he started vomiting so that he can be able to lose the weight and try to run away but to contain that vulture it took much time because he was trying to bite and he did manage to bite my colleague and he was badly injured even went for consultation because as vultures eat carrion is not safe to just leave it like that so I'm just gonna try and move forward a little bit so that we can have a good sight I can't see them nicely fake so now my camera operator is preparing these positions so that you can see these vultures very well now I can count one two three so but some are still here on the ground and this is one of the very interesting sighting but soon as the Sun Goes Down they are going to sleep but already in the very same area while here by this vulture sighting I came here the pair spotted owls they are already calling they are preparing now to come out also to do the activities I am not hearing anything yet with regards to the sighting for kochava but I am still on a queue and I'm not going to live here until we seek which hour this afternoon but while waiting for the cue in order to see kochava let's go to Masai Mara and see Jeremy the some interesting things happening there I'm not too sure what kind of sighting Jaime is having at the moment but I know that by masai mara things are happening at the moment it's been both heartbreaking but at the same time fascinating is the wrong word it's not the word I'm looking for I guess educational would be what I'm looking for it's really unique insight into a momentous moment in North clan I suppose not even that momentous for them this sort of stuff happens all the time but we very seldom get to see it but I'm not going to dwell on polar bear looking for her cub it's too terribly sad we're going to leave her to her mourning unless of course she has a second one which you know at this rate the the way they're churning out surprises could easily be interesting nature at its harshest I guess and sloth bear polar bears of the brother ingratiating himself to waffles who's come out covered in mud carry a gestate the gestation period of a hyena is usually about three months give or take I mean it's unique to each animal but it's around about there and when they lose Cubs if they lose Cubs it takes them about two months or so for their bodies to recover and for them to become fertile again so there's a five-month gather for hyena if a female Haena loses Cubs there's a five month gap until she will have her next litter at least if not more and they've got quite long birthing intervals as well so for example soup waffles as granddaughter will not be having Cubs for another year or so I'm gonna give you one last look of polar bear and then we can answer questions as we move away I'm gonna leave her to her search sorry girl I feel almost guilty it treated it with relief but it's human I think spend more time with waffles I know waffles better I know her story better I know how old she is relief was the wrong word I know she goes you're gonna go torment the elephants again they've been read that they've been backwards and forwards with these elephants all day I know where she's going but she's very a food that she's lived a very upset elephant in her wake now what now she's left I'll tell you what we'll put it to a vote as a polar bear goes racing off into the distance to who-knows-where turning elephant heads as she goes what would you like to do you'd like to stay and see if waffles as Cubs come back out and we can spend a little bit of time with him or shall we leave North gland for today and go off in search of something else I'm not going to be all allures unfortunately because that way and there are sort of netted general western direction is one solid wall of rain as it has been pretty much all day maybe if it clears we can go in that direction but I don't think so gives you an idea of how muddy it is down there because she went right in that hole and the car she's come out filthy not that are hanging her minds just quickly to clarify for for any new viewers the reason that she's wearing a collar is not because she's a domestic hyena these hyenas are researched so I think that that sometimes causes confusion for viewers who perhaps are too shy to ask about it they are researched and tracked by the Michigan State University Mara hyena project so that's why she wears a collar it is not a GPS collar it is a telemetry collar meaning it can only be utilized by those who have her her coordinate our sign on her frequency and of course it's an intricate whenever else we may say about waffle she is not Oh elephants chasing okay I'm gonna let you decide what it is we do and where we go so while you think about that why don't why don't you spend some time with James yes hello everybody we're back again we've had a short break got off the car to see if we could find or some babblers were shouting out the babblers were shouting it babblers funnily enough which is of course the major thing that that was chartered barbers do shot sometimes shafts at leopards part in this case the baptists were shouting out other Babel ISM I'm not going to say the word babbler once more today at least we're gonna slowly make our way back towards Hoss hurrah as the sunsets failed come up with any other high profile game sighting around where we've searched today we did have an elephant right outside of camp unfortunately I didn't bother to try and refined him so intent was I on the cats and their fascination or the fascination that they hold fuss hopefully sitters will be able to find which Hvar soon I believe she has been found so I think he's just gonna have to try and find out where he is the roads on will restore a bit of a mystery to us but the citizens will probably give him them and by us I don't mean Tristan of course he did work there so he knows precisely where he is all the time we'll probably have a little sunset shot now I think David what do you say yeah it's very nice I'm getting stopped on the top of this bump already and there we go it's still quite bright but it's very gold it is bright there no there we go I can see it sort of I can't see anything right now I made a mistake of looking directly into the Sun like a foolish child that's very pretty indeed from what I can see the picture I can sees got now Oh 24 Suns in it right good that was the sunset I hope you enjoyed it everybody well done for screenshotting it of course we do get to see that every single day which is a oops great pleasure using the clutch is not a great pleasure clearly Tron know very few bird species will breed year-round as far as I'm aware but some will breed in winter and the most notable example of that at the moment is the fight back to vulture helen-alice they breed all year round no that's carry only just want to see us not all year round they breed in the wintertime so their chicks have just been born round about now I don't think there are any birds that have babies all the time I can't think of any certainly none of the migratory species obviously I'm trying to think of any others that may perhaps no I don't think there are there are a few that will breed in winter but I don't think any of them will have young all year round for the birds almost universally there is better food available in summer than there is in winter much better and so they will normally try and have babies during the most plentiful time of the year and that's possibly why vultures have their babies at this time of the year because of course we're coming to the end of the dry season which means that it's good hunting time for a lot of the animals or a lot of the predators which means that there's or there's also going to be death from the of old and sick has we come to the most difficult time of the year for the animals and so possibly for a vulture is more to eat at the moment than there would be at other times of the year any reason I can think of that they should breed now I'm talking specifically the white backed vulture I'm not sure about the others week a few other Raptor species also breed in the winter Patrick M everything is affected by drought to a greater or lesser extent Birds as well I'm 99 percent sure what I've seen here is a log not even going to show David what it is because it is a log and I'm embarrassed now forgotten Patrick said now as I was saying barest birds typically affected by drought anything is affected by drought Patrick you know seed eaters there won't be nearly as many seeds on the plants in the in a drought fruit eaters well fruit trees don't produce their fruit when there's no water I suppose for initially some of the Raptors and some of the scavenging Birds would do well out of a drought because of the death of various things some of the herbivores will drop dead of course during a drought and that sort of thing but you must remember of course what are these people looking at do things a leopard don't drive in their way oh he's waving at us very friendly manner well I think he's taking pictures or something I don't always do anyway um but then so even after the if the predatory birds do well in a drought no problem what will happen is that because the animals are dying rather like happened with the Lions with their white muscle disease you'll find that the meat that they're eating will be nutrient poor and after a while therefore even the scavenging Birds will start to suffer from a drought there is the elephant that was in camp is now on the dam wall just go and visit with him I think those people actually on the telephone they have found a piece of signal and of course and are greeting their loved ones more than two elephants and that necking giraffe my goodness gracious everybody I don't know where to look don't leave these giraffe have been having at each other for some time now there they are in the river bed below the dam wall now they seem to be pretending to be friends very difficult to tell of course because they can't snarl at each other like cats can or swear at each other like humans can they just have to follow each other around with that's rather docile friendly look on their faces I've no doubt they're communicating with each other in some way ah very good news ER while we sit here and try and clear this roadblock from elephants let's go across the sitter's who has got tongue jeez daughter on the move here comes Tony's daughter kochava I am very lucky with kochava this afternoon I haven't seen couch our for quite a long time the last time I've seen kuchawa it was my first game drive here in humor while kochava was fighting the other family members on the other side look at that this is beautiful if you can look at these cats very nicely just behind the ears they some black marks and these white chips so the leopards their ears are completely different from the one of the Lions Lions the tips are just black for the leopard is white so that white colour is the one that they use for communication as a follow me sign when they are talking through the little ones and look at those whiskers so those whiskers are those equipments which helps them in order to measure the space in between the branches so kuchawa and tandy they do have problems at the moment because the cats they normally drive away the other individual of the same sex and that is very normal to the cats both male and females they do that and both male and females they're territorial so the territorial males can also overlap their territories into the females territories that is allowed but the problem is only if is the same sex so the different sexes they do welcome overlap so much to me is not fair they were supposed to just try and share the tortures together and this is a phenomenal sighting as kochava we haven't seen her for quite a long time here in duma i am right by the chitra area which is very far away from where we are seeing Tandi Columba as well as to ghana so i am very far away from that area at the moment so it's difficult to see so animals such as King Ghana we see them the most because they've got a huge responsibility of trying to investigate and to advertise their presence every time in their territory look at that this is beautiful very much relaxed not worried about anything very very much come off like this pose helps them a lot in order to match the surrounding closing the eyes looks very tired this couch hawaii has got quite a lot of light coloring that is very true compared to a Tandy Tandy is very much dark his golden dark color of Tandy also looks very much beautiful so I'm just gonna try and move forward so that Fred can show you a nice view much better now we can see her very nicely you can see the tip of the ears nicely there and this rose it sports shining this is very much light so cuchara must be full at the moment as this morning was sported eating the food that we saw earlier on taken by the vultures it was apparently the remains which was from cassava this morning so Kucha was gonna get very worried when going back to that area because maybe the vultures took that caucus hour away from ku Chava from the tree because how I saw the vultures eating it was showing that you know it's still quite a lot of meat available there so maybe it's gonna go back there to try and check if they still some food available Saku Chava is sleeping as if it was not activist like we found her sleeping like that unbelievable that we found kochava more violent about three minutes ago but now is completely flat so this kind of cats in terms of the size they might be looking so this is a tundish torture it's just that the case they grow very fast and unfortunately when they're growing when they they go through all the trainings when they're still very young five months six months they learn to hunt after a year effectively they can hunt when they are close to two years and over two years is when they're gonna have to be kicked out in order to perform their own life now cassava is solitary which is very much normal sometimes they do meet with tandy that they are always conflicting between them so now let's go back to James who is having the elephant drinking water at the moment elephants they've got to drink quite a lot of water every day well it's not very warm here I'll tell you that for free I put my jacket on says David with these elephants two young bulls magnificent fellows are having a little drink I think they're probably in the region of eighteen to twenty years the one on the right probably about 20 the one on the left about 18 they've just left home so they're hanging around like two young bucks still have to do their studies before they can be adults no responsibilities just enjoying life very nice David I see that you've managed to suck some pink out of the sky where I can't see it with my own eyes that's very clever of you I must confess that that picture that you're looking at there is a lot Pinker than the one I'm looking at with my eyes water looks like jelly almost very nice elephant's drinking is a very peaceful thing to watch yes mr. public synchronized drinking isn't it a wonder they've been practicing all day there they've got that movement a bit wrong unless they're doing that on purpose there we go it was choreographed you can see it's very I don't think is very impressive synchronized drinking Emma says I'm so I'm going to pay to come and see yes there you are the water where I'm sitting looks pretty green but it does have a fresh sort of what it has a fresh influx of water every day this is a pump pan it's one of the reasons that as the dry season it's really heavy it's going to become a real focal point for the animals here a big chap just I think giving the little one there a little bit of a head nod to say come on young fellow let's get going I'm in charge here you have to do what I tell you to do the little chaps little bit rebellious Susie's not interested I do what I want to do but eventually he can't get nervous being all on his lonesome and I think he'll turn and follow his slightly older friend actually think the other ones probably a little bit older than 20 probably in the region of 25 so much more experience and the smaller one and that's quite a common arrangement that a younger bull will hang around with a older one Cal six yes sir elephants often fall prey to – Terrapins biting their trunks and then pulling them into the water and devouring them they've become like piranhas you know one will grab the trunk pull the elephant in and then the rest will devour the thing in seconds really I'm obviously being completely facetious I'm I imagine it's possible that a very stupid Terrapin might have a bite or nip at an elephant's trunk but you know we've seen them swimming around Buffalo picking the ticks off them so I think the Terrapins understand what's mammalian and what isn't and what's possible for them to eat and what isn't so now I'm gonna say no I don't think that a Terrapin would have a go at an elephant's trunk but there's no telling what the Terrapin and predictable creatures variable IQs one of the particularly low IQ and huge ambition to impress the others might have a goat an elephant David you haven't seen any Terrapins having a go there have you these are lovely fellow he's also on FEGLI worried that his friend has absconded there he goes wandering off into the bushes little fellows had a much thirsty a day obviously um we could escape I I don't know really you saying now wait for me wait for me I think you probably find that do favor one leg over the other in the same way that they favor one tusk over the other tusk yeah they're probably are right or left footed to a certain extent not sure how many animals are like that in my days of riding horses when I was young some horses definitely favored one side or the other but that seemed to have much more to do with how stiff they were then with how you know genetically predisposed they will use one side of their bodies there's a beautiful picture there of him disappearing down into what was once a riverbed and if you couldn't believe it we have yet another visitor to the waterhole there you see a David it's just there there right well done it is a water bucket we've just come down to the water yes it is confused slightly by the wall there that has been created I see that our nest cam has almost submerged I think that we should perhaps warn Conrad of that eventuality I'm not sure if it's waterproof or not is the desk cam waterproof if not corner after I suspect that yeah well your days about to become fairly busy tomorrow Conrad apparently has just fallen off his chair and is now wailing and gnashing his teeth well there's the water buck now staring into one of the nest cams it's probably quite a nice picture from that he's not worried about being destroyed here right cassava is now awake as his Sydney nobody was ever asleep let's go across to him it seems like kochava was just pretending sleeping because now I can see whichever is up and running the stomach is full but that does not mean if anything comes here is not gonna get caught the Kurds sometimes they take down animals in order to see that they can take down something effect that the bellies are full does not mean if anything comes closer they're not gonna take action about it they will so if you can check kuchawa managed to catch something this morning it's just that I'm not too sure what animal it was but what I want to explain here is that these cats they're solitary and the Lions they travel as a group the lepers they've got much more strength than the Lions and they can easily be able to take something very high up in the tree so while I'm seeing cuchara I can see this even water box here so maybe it's what made kochava to try and investigate just earlier on look there I've got some water bugs passing by so there is the male water bug at a distance of about approximately 250 meters away from cuchara but I think that one is too big for kuchawa as the lepers they prefers to take down something which is between 10 to 40 kilograms so the water bug is 270 kilograms that is too big look at that very much inquisitive and this is not only about animals coming also about their own safety they must have to be wary all the time as we all know that the leopards and the Lions they don't really get along every time Lions wants to take down lepers now this is a beautiful you look at those eyes alone kochava can be able to take something way much bigger than her own weight which can go up to approximately 65 to 70 kilograms and that tells you that this animal is powerful climbing a tree holding something is never easy you can see that she's really concentrating on something so what I like about this cat is that even if I'm not seeing what they are trying to get hold of they will show me because I know that my eyes are not strong as their eyes so I'm every time guided by their consideration if there is anything coming they will show me just like what they did now now when they have shown me the water back so now because the Sun has just died we are going now on infrared so that we can have better visuals of these animals look at that now on infrared completely different this is beautiful so now that kochava got something it means she will just have to be going to the water all for drinking most of the times but when going there chances of encountering some of the other priests are very high as since I've been here in cheat who are looking for kochava I have seen quite a whole lot of TN Bucky's here and those are the kind of preferable sizes of the lepers that is not an alum hole that is also one of the course from the Franklin so the Franklin's now before they sleep they are also very territorial like what leopard does where you will hear the mayor sewing so the from Collins must also have to make that kind of a territorial call in order to let their neighboring territorial males that they still own this territory okay now he's falling asleep again so buddy looking at the facial expression of kochava you can see that this cuchara have not yet encountered some of the other leopards fighting as there are no scratches there this kind of cats their claws can be very much sharp and some of them you will see with scratches on the face as the club each other scratch each other as time goes on when starting to challenge the other animals of the same species in the area we will start to see some scratches that is why all cats they are having a lot of scratches on them mrs. Anna this is indeed quite a lovely cast kochava is very much beautiful so you can see this port as I indicated earlier they are completely different in terms of the colouring compared to Tandy and that tells you that each one of them has got its own stripe pattern and its own coloration on the stripes so now while still waiting for any action taken forward by kochava I am going to now leave you with James Oh is also looking for some of the interesting animals well we're on our way into Hosanna now I'm just trying to see if there is a space for us somebody said they would move out I just need to make sure that they have moved out also the photographer's are going to leave very shortly because frankly if they're taking pictures in this light the torture to which their poor families are going to be subjected once they get home and try and show them pictures of leopard spots and dark let's see where to go it looks like Astana has not moved at all his duiker still rests peacefully in its tree well it doesn't really have a choice but to risk peacefully it's not like it could get up and go for a run I don't think that husana has moved at all and now my favorite animal to track is the white rhinoceros the reason for that is because the white rhinoceros is easy to track well certainly much easier than many other animals in comparison with the leopard which is frankly impossible to joke theories he's that he's that spotted thing over there doe he seems to be a little offended that we managed to drive straight past him without seeing him how's that job that okay for now you'll just stop here for now see if he doesn't go up and each's horde of oh no he's coming to say that to us because he likes us hello fellow yes there are certainly many photographs being taken even though very wide angled lens being used it's gonna be particularly torturous for the viewer well Jonathan we're not so much food as we are friend I think hello hello Zhanna now the one thing you are not allowed to do over there is go to the loo please don't mind the temptation to get out and give him a cuddle is overwhelming but I don't think I will we can try and lose he's going behind us no he stopped now he looks like you might get onto the spare wheel seemed of is he sitting he's just standing apparently so behind us that we can't actually see him he say no there is I'm gonna sit down there right now when I was speaking earlier about him being a social cat well I think that's sort of what I was talking about I can't really see a reason for him to have come to us we'll come to us this closely but there he is sitting there more than a meter at the car ayuh bawling David in the small picnic that he brought with him it's a fruit I think David's finished this picnic oh let's look at the Fleur picture quickly I know David just gonna be difficult for you we were like can we oh we don't have Fleur that's a very strange thing we don't have FLIR in the final control and fried that is the thermal camera that we use now Isis wonder if he's not smelling perhaps yeah he is look at his Flemming grimacing now he's doing that to interpret what he's smelling there and I suspect he's smelling other leopards now ting gana well Tristan reckoned that pretty much every lip in the sabi sands was in this block this morning he reckoned that he found Herkimer etrex I think that they were ting garnet Rex perhaps Tandy and Columba maybe in this block and so it's entirely possible that's what we have here is him trying to interpret which leopards have gone past here that look at him Fleming grimacing there Roger we have the fear whoo now let's go to the feel there we are and look at his spots ci spots a slightly different colors in that cool I know that this is an awkward angle everybody but I cannot move the car at this stage on account of the fact that we all know more than well half a meter from him just over a foot and a half definitely interpreting some strange smells I think on that Bush there indicating perhaps that it was Hawk amore that came past this area fascinating oh yes minimu but you'll find that most of the antelope that have horns aren't here use their horns almost exclusively for fighting with each other and not for defense and so absolutely they can hunt animals with big horns it's very easy for them to hunt animals with big horns well not very easy but you know their horns are almost meaningless when it comes to defense notable exception of course would be buffalo you would never find a leopard really hunting and have a buffalo there we go he's going back to his kill now perhaps there he goes let me get out of your way see if he goes back towards the tree now [Applause] beautiful gain renown perfect position to get back to the tree so let's go back to Java while we get into a good position here which I was still sleeping and kochava is trying to prove me wrong as what I know is that he lepers they are most active between dan between dusk and dawn so but now it's just already and couch arise through sleeping and is laying down flat this kind of animals they can walk very long distances at night so they can be able to walk up to approximately 25 kilometers one night but when disturbed they can travel long distances than that they can even cover far as 75 kilometers so you can see that after a meal they just have to lie down so now let's go back to James and see asana is doing more activities than cassava it looks like he's gonna go back up his tree everybody to snack on his hors d'oeuvre as I said but ourselves into quite a nice position here he's going up the back of the tree which to the photographers is going to be something difficult text 1 was one text I'm just on the house Texan if his guests can see on seeing and said yeah we get happy goes beautiful you must feel like he's on stage no amazed not unusually graceful he's very graceful always and the a scent it's the decent that he's not particularly good at but no male leopard is oh that's a wonderful shot and that beautiful now the kill is a cross and after the other side you go to go across to that other fork and then all the way up I think it's there yes I think it is so there could be quite a spectacular jump coming up he's still trying to interpret the science here he goes oh very impressive look at that Jonathan no I have never seen a little bit of fishing I have seen footage of leopard fishing but I've never actually seen them do it myself I've seen him eating Terrapins oh that's really rather gruesome isn't it so he has to eat that's wonderful we managed to get ourselves into a rather good position here didn't read our word we had a fantastic sighting actually hmm now there's a hyena somewhere lurking around here he's got a very large piece of meat there oh it's the guts that's why he's looking listen see I squeezing it out so he's enjoying the lining but not the inside that is astounding that is really skillful is amazing he's hoping it's gonna burst you see so that all that yuckiness falls to the floor yes oh that's absolutely foul I'm sorry about this everybody good grief that is disgusting there is actually unbelievable highly skillful as illnesses and disgusting to the nth degree wait till he spits it out then you're really gonna Beall I did apologize everybody Wow howdy whoa I'm feeling quite nauseous yeah yes thank goodness it's gone how unit comes in to take the rest of their yes um many of you I'm sure feeling as noses as I am probably going to have to her lie down in a few minutes very fierce well that's better that's slightly that's disgusting bit of steak in boned grizzle whoo well let's go and find out if go Chava his cousin I suppose you might say let's go and find out if she's found her food kuchawa is trying to show us here that she can sleep she doesn't want to wake up at all she's not even looking at us anymore it seems like whichever knows very well that the food she left up by the tree has been taken by the vultures maybe before we got there there has been some confrontations I'm not sure because I can see that she is not even showing any sign of going back there so this kind of animals the cats after their meal they've got to lie down for long long periods so that they can at least allow the digestive system to break down everything so sometimes when they are eating there they even eat some of the hairs and you will see them trying to cover some hair balls out so that they don't get constipated in the stomach if it was not the flay camera I can promise you it was going to be very difficult for me to see that cat is hiding very nicely there but to her she's not hiding this is normal the design is the one which is making her camouflaged so you can see that this was a part of the predation strategies so that the prey cannot be able to identify them when they are hunting but the preys as well they do also develop some of the anti predatory strategies that is why if we can check the animals data profess the most by this kind of cats those that are weighing between 10 to 40 kilograms they profess the densely populated area and when the the lepers are looking for them by the densely populated areas they can easily go cover by cover which is then becomes very difficult for a prey to identify them when they are slowly approaching leopards don't really go they don't really prefers to go after the animals that are occurring by the very big open space because they know those ones are well-equipped with the good anti predatory strategies so now let's go back to asana I think there is a little bit of a drama going on there the highness they have just arrived they have just arrived and I think this poor hyenas just have to finish off the utterly vile bit of intestinal viscera that the leopard dropped on the floor and you can see him there sitting in the purple tree he's the yellow thing and in case you are a new viewer this is a thermal camera that is picking up obviously temperature differences you can see that the duiker has taken on the same temperatures the tree and has no temperature those are its legs the two purple things that look like little feathers sticking out at the bottom of the branch there and it's temperature is probably roughly the same as that of the tree which I think when I looked at the measure was probably about 21 degrees Celsius or so just take it on the ambient temperature and you can see that or saunas are metabolic heat it's producing the temperature of somewhere in the region of 37 degrees Celsius which is of course 98 degrees Fahrenheit and this is got malaria which I don't think he does poor little darker he really had a great time of it of late remember he was quite skinny for a little of Atwater for a little while now knew someone was gonna ask me this after I made that stupid comment and now and now I'm gonna have to answer it yeah with an I don't know I don't think so Jen I think that the malaria is exclusive to human beings because the parasite the Plasmodium parasite can only be sustained in human blood and mosquito bodies and it means that both hosts humans and and mosquitoes and I do not believe that it's possible in animals I also think you'll find that there could be other parasites that affect animals that are related to mosquitoes maybe even versions of Plasmodium but I don't think you'll find that the animals here are susceptible to it I think you'll find that by now that be completely immune maybe to give them a mild sort of illness but nothing like malaria does to us we're going into the malaria season down of course malaria does kill an astonishing number of people still mr. Publica does Lucas qunari opt out of a dream doesn't it I think let's go back to the normal camera north of the infrared shot and there you can see what it looks like without the heat signature and wickets kept the spotlights don't add too tight him because he's used to them he's been around them all his life and he's not trying to hide he's in a tree he's comfortable eating his meal so you know I don't think he knows what they are necessarily but they don't bug him because he's used to them I definitely bug a few animals elephants don't like him at all quite often but otherwise you know I mean the reason we don't shine them is that it on diurnal and all certainly is because it does obviously Yam affect their ability to see and defend themselves from predators but do you know shining a spotlight on an animal like this in a tree with a meal very little effect whatsoever you know they definitely wouldn't be shining a spotlight on him if he was hunting for example we are just very fortunate in that we have the equipment where we don't have to and of course if it did bugging me you just turn around but he I think it bugs in at all good very nice I don't think we get to go anywhere from here before the end of the drive just a few minutes apparently you can hear him crunching away at the bones you sure that's the crunching of bones are not the end the clicking of camera shutters that's a meeting he's using his car Maciel teeth to shear the meat off the skin and off the bone and I would be quite surprised if another liver didn't wander past here during the night and look what was going on they'll be able to hear that crunching so if Tristan is correct and I have no reason to suspect that he wasn't that there were other lipids in this area now we'll hear that noise and and they'll come and investigate if one of them happens to eat in Ghana well I'm sorry if this doctor was going to be here for very long rajae kochava seems to occur even fuller than Hosanna apparently is moving a little so let's go and see which hour is still very much relaxed not doing anything but I cannot blame kochava for sleeping because a couch away is territorial where she's sleeping now is within her territorial boundary so she can just sleep lying flat anyway so it's like we are in your house here but maybe some of the animals moving around here might wake her up as I can see that the ears are still very moving so she's very much conscious sleeping but listening to what is happening it seems like now she is really enjoying her sleep she is right on deep sleep now so I'm going to be here waiting just to see if maybe she's gonna move because where we are it's also not very far away from the waterhole maybe she might head down to the water hole as I can see the direction she is coming from is not from the water hole he's not there yet for the day it's very much easy to walk right onto this cat one is laying down like this you can see the fluffy coat day he doesn't look like an animal if we don't look at this animal sa hole you can never notice that this is an animal I'm sure we can see that it's a leopard because we saw it before but to something else it doesn't look like an animal because if we can check the part of the stomach which is breathing is hiding by the tall grass and it can only see that part of the shoulder which is not moving at all and very much camouflaged and you must remember that this is happening now during the dark this kind of animals they don't usually chase animals from far they let their prey to come much closer much closer normally when the prey is closer than ten meters five meters is when they take it down they don't want to waste all the energy chasing an animal they want to catch and waste energy when they are climbing a tree trying to hide the animal away from the Highness s they might come to deprive it just like what you have just so now hyenas under the tree way of asana is trying to look around Elizabeth that is quite a very interesting question and I am going to answer it broadly they predate us if they are taken out of the ecosystem is going to affect everything remember the ecosystem works like a chain if you take one piece of the chain their whole system collapse if you take these predators out this is what is going to happen the balance between the browsers animals that it lives and the grazers animals that eat grass is not going to be there and now that is going to affect the vegetation for the grasses to come back to stimulate itself to come back something has to eat this grass and the grazers must then eat the grass but if we take off this and then this kind of predators are not there and you find the grazers these grazers are going to graze everything and they're going to give the grasses too much pressure and the grass is when the under pressure instead of standing they are going to grow as they're lying now when it comes to the browsers it means the trees as well they are going to be affected because these animals are going to plagiarize all this vegetation so the Predators they are part of the keynote species they are there in order to regulate the animals that are grazing and browsing so these animals every time when they're catching animals they don't really know that they are contributing towards the whole ecosystem years to them taking down an animal is about a diet but at the end it has got a double duty it is a diet and it's minimizing the animals every year and all these game reserves there is something that is conducted which is called V AC is a failed condition assessment in order to check the balance between the animals as well as the vegetation once that is that then it determines the carrying capacity of the game reserve carrying capacity I'm referring to the amount of grazers amount of browsers versus the type of vegetation we have got so now while I'm still waiting to see if there will be any developments with regards to a kuchawa let's go back to Hasan and who is now having the the meal I cannot say is the last meal because tomorrow morning we might still see the remains definitely not his last you know I there he is sitting in his tree and it's a hyena standing just below him we are lost you think I can try and brought it up a bit there you dog there we go now we have a very fancy infrared light that is not a fake lighter that is at least a spotlight there is an infrared torch isn't that wonderful that's very cool so he's got absolutely no idea and he's being spotted with an infrared light there now there's enough there you can see that's the that's a normal light on him to the right that sawdust and then there's the infrared light shining with the lift cool is that there we go get up into the tree this thing is not going to last long I suspect it will leave I mean house Allah I don't think the Dyke is get to leave I think Alana's going to leave now by the end of the evening you might be even being time for a catch a late movie it is a rather morose picture of the Tigers it doesn't look very happy I imagine it isn't often think to myself you know when we think about death in human societies where often you know catapulted into a whirlwind desperately sad emotion and yet we watch it out here in fact many people must seek to see it out there and I guess it's because they're not human beings that we don't feel quite so and then bereft but when you do look into the eyes of a dead animal like that certainly has an effect on me maybe it doesn't on some of the tougher of you that certainly makes me feel a little bit sad we may have to pull out of here no before the end of the drive we should manage this 4-minute more minutes there is somebody else who wants to come and have a look that's absolutely fine they will stay here because a pentacle child is still fast asleep hmm I spit her leg there he likes for the lake especially dark a lake and that wonderful that look over the length of the whiskers and see them beautifully in the infrared light can also hear some cameras firing off at high speed and I'm sure or I believe many of you are very happy that he's having another good meal well yes it's excellent that he's having another good meal did go a few days without seeming to eat anything very substantial and he managed to kill his gnyana create of the most off before his father's don't and he managed to steal Tandy's and parlour from her Cheers interns toilet from a wild dog then he ate his squirrel no he ate the squirrel before he stole Tony's Impala and now he's eating the dico which we think he caught for himself laughter we have two minutes left everybody of Oxana I'd like to get in your final comments questions insults I would fire them away now I'm just gonna call this other guy on the radio right Dean one second and where is my radio Torchwood coming now the art of the sighting in exactly 60 seconds Marty so they're gonna come in we have 90 seconds left and we'll pull up then how you know sir at the base of the tree lurking about and apparently many of you enjoying the action that we had well it was quite something and certainly those hyenas have provided an astonishing sort of story sorry I'm saying the wrong way an astonishing story for us there with a North Klan and what a sad one I suppose today but I really Jamie's done an unbelievable job of unfolding the mysteries and great dramas of the North can of hyena right that's going to be it from us today we will of course see you again tomorrow at oh ooh oh 5:30 I keep forgetting Oh 5:30 it'll still be dark haired will be lighten tomorrow there will be light live from the Mara and from here of course and as always your questions and comments are hugely appreciated and I'm very grateful for your continued participation in our lives safaris so thank you very much for that stay safe and happy wherever you happen to be in the world we will see you tomorrow at dawn bye bye

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hello and welcome to real Africa you may be wondering whether to drive to your safari or to fly in this video we're going to explain the differences between two types of Safari firstly the fly-in safari you fly in a smaller type of aircraft the flight can last between 30 minutes to an hour sometimes stopping off at air strips on route flying is a good option if you want to get to the large or camp as fast as possible from the aircraft you experience views across the bush and often see animals the wide open space of the game park is impressive sight on arrival at the airstrip you are met by the Safari vehicle and the guide this vehicle will take you back to the lodge your camps button game on root some of the roads are bumpy but survived vehicles are built with comfort and good viewing in mind on arrival at your lodge or camp you meet the local team you get a chance to relax with a drink before you've shown to your accommodation when ready we join Safari vehicle and guide for your first game time for the drive in Safari you'll drive a guide meet you at the airport in a specially modified Safari vehicle this vehicle has a roof that flips up and down for game viewing I'll root your experience fantastic views and interesting local flavors roads are good in some parts and bumpy and others each year the roads are improving arrival at you lodged or cam you reflect on your experience driving across Africa over a well deserved drink you also get a chance to relax in your accommodation before going off when your first game drive

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oh yeah we go is remember welcome welcome lovely so I feel like your first floor houses different families you mean for four ladies in eight men go sasame sorry we are polygamous so I meant and half day 255 take five wives okay eighty-five place you know something to look forward to how many wives do you have did you yeah yeah have only one hi what's your name and their circle ad should be the houses what you do in your player my name is y kokia mixture of mud and gardens and the sock off ladies will be the houses marin cat mixture of modern Collins mud from day yeah the class oil and also the cabins and that's a plastic inside the roof like this one so it's mud and cow down my encounters oh my word and that plastic inside that also thought of course of this what you see yeah so it's out of that classy he put a crane complete Sam and there's some branches over the walls and the roof can you say the house it has two rooms one for a baby cow and our own for the family the American he works in here yeah the cost sleep inside well the baby can't sleep inside lip inside so where do you sleep with a say another one for the people for a family can I say yes if you can have so I go there oh that's for the cap that's really really powerful oh and then the family's lived on this side today little for a for the family stupid does everybody keep a cow inside their house is good cow the smell doesn't isn't that difficult to lure because of the flowers where there's some smoke inside yeah but did you do something special for your ears yeah I think it's lovely he's very nice you're very very special a nice job guys that takes a lot of work you're like my grandson's this is the Reed clay and time there's Kofi and you're not always this brush you look like a lion you killed it with this spirit you some vespi I saw your spelling is fitting yet we could be nice what are you gonna need everybody eat the lion we live to wrestle somebody on new meaning in the head leave the wrestle say a man doesn't then what do you need this one for the colorful line with this little stick and that's pretty impressive

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dream South Africa think ku Oni for a wonderful South African safari experience visit thorny bush Game Reserve set under thatch and designed with quintessential African decor KU o nhis favorite of the reserves lodges is the warm and welcoming superior four-star thorny bush game lodge just 25 minutes from hoods great Airport and close to the kruger national park this is a superb location to enjoy wildlife viewing and game drives soaking up the incredible atmosphere and adventures after a thrilling safari discovering the real africa enjoy a bush breakfast or sundowner drinks with sensational views even just relaxing here is an experience take a dip in the oasis like swimming pool indulge in a relaxing massage from the spa or reflect on the day over an aperitif in the stylish lounge bar savor delicious cuisine on the open-plan deck or enjoy a traditional alfresco meal in the boma the stunning views continue in the spacious air-conditioned suites where amongst many luxurious touches are glass fronted bathrooms an outdoor shower and wooden deck family suites are larger with a private plunge pool on the deck alternatively choose the rustic splendor of chipping gute nted camp reminiscent of the style of a bygone safari era complete with rock pool wine cellar parade cuisine and friendly service set under canvas air-conditioned tents are raised on wooden decks with a free-standing outdoor bath recommended by Kiyomi for its understated luxury and personal service thorny bush game reserve is perfect to experience an unforgettable African dream no one knows the planet like us visit soon

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