Relaxing 8 Hours of Nature Sounds-Birds Singing-Water Sound Relaxation-Relax Bird Song

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Start the new year positive. I’ve collected your 10 favourite 8hr. soundscapes in an mp3 bundle for you to buy and download, +2 extra Free. Relaxing nature sounds from the forest, by a river, lake or waterfall with or without birdsong are great for meditation or mindfulness relaxation.

36” x 24” Posters. *NEW* Direct link to buy this soundscape as an mp3 download.

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For a selection of 12 different 8 Hour nature soundscapes simply click on this playlist.

Some other videos in the 8 Hour series that might interest you:-

8 Hours in one of the most picturesque Irish woodland locations with a rocky waterfall on a mountain river and the air filled with birdsong:-

8 Hours in a tranquil bluebell wood as a gentle breeze blows through newly unfurled leaves and birds sing natures melodies:-

8 Hours sitting on the river bank of a rocky mountain stream as it wends it’s way seawards, birds perching on the overhanging branches delight your heart with their music, water tumbling over the rocky river bed:-

8 Hours in one of the most peaceful meditative locations in Ireland, by a reflective pool on a gentle mountain stream, the air around you filled with the soothing sound of water flowing and birdsong:-

8 Hours by the lake shore under a warm summer sun, gently lapping water and peaceful birds singing:-

8 Hours on the river bank, a gentle mountain stream beneath your feet, soothing birdsong above your head in the moss covered branches of ancient Irish woodland:-

8 Hours on the moss covered floor of a native Irish woodland amongst gently swaying flowers of wild garlic and bluebells, birdsong in the ash and beech trees above:-

8 Hours of the relaxing sound of water dripping inside the mouth of one of Irelands most picturesque caves along with the gentle sound of the tiny stream as it meanders it’s way past your feet;-

8 Hours beside a sacred Irish spring well as it’s healing waters mix with a peaceful mountain stream flowing by your feet and soothing early summer birdsong:-

8 Hours of a roaring picturesque waterfall beneath a canopy of native Irish woodland, keep the volume high for a dramatic experience or low for a more peaceful tranquil experience:-

8 Hours of relaxing sounds of a miniature waterfall as a mountain stream cascades through moss covered rocks:-

8 Hours of a cascading waterfall and Bird Sounds in beautiful changing sunlight:-

Thanks to Benboncan, volivieri and Inchadney for kindly offering their sound recordings for anyone to freely use with a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

© Johnnie Lawson All rights reserved


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Rad Rattlesnake Says Hello & Crawls On Me. Nature, Funny Animals, Herping Travel, Fishing.

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First of all sorry about the more extreme language in this video cause things got a little out of hand as the title suggest!

I know it’s been a while my friends but life was still taking shots at us so we had to devote our time to a loved one who needed us but were still here and I am editing the next video as you read this!

Sorry if this video is a little more shaky and random than normal lol.

Love you guys, Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

In this Episode: Speckled Rattlesnake, Fish, Western Skink, Ringneck Snake, Gopher Snake, Patch Nose Snake, Cave tunnel, Railroad, San Diego ,California.

Krazy Kids Thank You For Watching!

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Captured using Sony FDR-AX700 4K HDR Camcorder/Camera and a Shure VP93 Shotgun Mic mounted to Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Video Camera Stabilizing Handle Camera mount/handle.

What Krazy Kids is about: Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals, Birds, Insects, Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, Newts, Lizards and Snakes, Museums, State Parks, National Parks, Zoo’s Animal expo and exhibits, Theme parks, Water Parks, Out doors, Nature, Adventure, Action, Love, Fun with family and friends, Learning, Knowledge, Sharing, comedy and messing around. For a bit more info about some upcoming content scroll down.

Future Uploads we will be posting at some point.

Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Olympic, Zion, Grand Teton, Acadia, Glacier, Volcanoes, Joshua Tree, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Sequoia, Death Valley, Saguaro, Wind Cave, Virgin Islands, Mesa Verde, Kings Canyon, Crater Lake, Canyonlands to name a few and all the animals and insects that go with them, Any Reptile, Amphibian, Bird, Fish, Mammal and even all the Plants.

Be sure to check out our other videos of us catching amphibians, Reptiles, Insects and Mammals when we travel all over the country to National Parks, State Parks, Forest, Deserts, jungles for some camping and anywhere else adventure takes us even to amusement parks to ride roller coasters and water slides or just having some fun doing anything really like swimming or rope swings and bridge jumps to the water. There is a lot more to come Thanks for watching.

In the future We will be posting more adventures in the coming Months & Years From Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California, Nevada Oklahoma Texas Florida as well as North & South Carolina and In the next few years we will travel to Asia, Africa, Australia, Indonesia, South America, The Caribbean, Europe as well as the Paficic, Atlantic & Indian Oceans and maybe more and share our travel and vacation destinations with tons of animals for all those interested in tourism. Summer Winter Fall spring.

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Emerald Tree Boa Rainbow Boa Red Tail Boa Rosy Boa Rubber Boa Ball Python Burmese Python Reticulated Python Rock Python Green Tree Python Blood Python Kingsnake Milksnake Corn Snake Gopher Snake. Anole Beared Dragon Water Dragon Komodo Nile Monitor Savanah Moniter Asian Water Moniter Green Tree Monitor Black Throat Monitor Blue Tree Monitor Yellow Tree Monitor Crocodile Alligator Caiman Dragon Veiled Chameleon Panther Chameleon Jacksons Chameleon Green Igauna Blue Tegu Mexican Alligator Lizard Basilisk Collared Lizard Caiman Lizard Spiderman Agama Horned Lizard Leopard Lizard Zebra Tail Lizard Rainbow Whiptail Emerald Swift Baja Rock Lizard Crocodile Skink Fire Skink Monkey Skink Blue Tongue Skink Green Tree Skink Mali Uromastyx Ornate Uromastyx Egyptian Uromastyx Galapagos Iguana Desert Tortoise Sulcata Toroise Redfoot Tortoise Painted Turtle Alligator Snapping Turtle Slider Turtle Mud Turtle Leopard Gecko Day Gecko Crested Gecko New Caledonia Gecko Tokay Gecko Spitting King Cobra Rattlesnake Copperhead Gaboon Viper Mangrove Viper Cotton Mouth Rhino Viper Coral Snake Green Bush Viper Puff Adder Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Poison Dart Frog Marbled Newt Fire Belly Newt Tiger Salamander Axolotl Siren Fire Salamander Marbled Salamander Amphiuma Hellbender Japanese Giant Salamander Chinese Giant Salamander Tomato Frog Bullfrog Pig Frog Leopard Frog Budgetts

North South East West Travel Tourism Tourist Pacific Atlantic Indian Arctic Desert Jungle Forest River Lake Ocean

Havasu Falls Relaxing Waterfall Relax Nature Sounds Study Focus Meditation Sound of Water Calm Study

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Havasu Falls Relaxing Waterfall Relax Nature Sounds Study Focus Meditation Sound of Water Calm Study Relaxation for studying, reading, working, meditating, sleeping etc… great white noise to fall asleep fast into deep sleep… soothing calming and peaceful. 4 hours relax.
NEWS – “Natural Healing – NATURE SOUNDS aid Humans.”
– R. Hotz, Wall Street Journal 5.5.17
“Psychologists are discovering that nature sounds have benefits for humans, and can lower stress, elevate mood, boost cognitive abilities and perhaps enhance healing.
Jonas Braasch, a musicologist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, found that office workers listening to a mountain stream while taking tests not only performed better but reported feeling more positive about their surroundings, compared to those listening to office noises. ‘They were more patient and avoided more errors,’ he said. ‘Nature Sounds can have a restorative effect on our cognitive abilities.’
Listening to nature may help people recover more quickly from stress or trauma from a study by Pennsylvania State University psychologists. They tested how people reacted to disturbing video of surgery. Those who listened to nature sounds recovered their good mood more quickly than those who listened to office or city noises.”
WAVES’ relaxing nature sounds can help people relax, meditate, sleep, focus, concentrate, study, work and reading. Relaxation sounds of nature: water sounds, ocean waves, waterfalls, light rain sound, thunderstorms plus bird sounds, birds singing, bird songs, crickets, & frogs can create a soothing and calming white noise environment for hours by overcoming distracting stress full noises. It can be used to promote a calm deep sleep or help a peaceful zen reiki massage, yoga space, studying, plus stress relief and tinnitus relief. Creating a soundscape of natural sounds like camping in a rain forest, sleeping on the beach with lapping ocean waves, can help with insomnia providing night time sounds and nighttime ambience to fall asleep fast like a baby. Nature’s lullaby naturally helps babies, mom & dad sleep well and help your memory from daytime studying.
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VIDEO TITLE: Havasu Falls Relaxing Nature Sounds Waterfall Water Relaxation Meditation Study Sleep Sound of Water playlist 4 hours
• VIDEO: Shot by Dave Porter – / Edited & Posted by Greg Voevodsky / WavesDVDcom
• MUSIC: See Playlist Below:
• PLAYLIST 1: Nature Sounds
≈ ≈ RELAX ESCAPE GETAWAY to the Best Beaches with Relaxing Music or nature sounds: Romantic Guitar, Relaxing Piano, Classic Classical Music, calm Chillout, smooth Jazz, soft slow New Age Music, and more. Join us on the Beach. Relax, Study or Sleep.
Relax Now on The Best Most Beautiful Beaches with ocean waves and nature sounds from Hawaii, California, Florida & the Caribbean Bahamas Virgin Islands from our 5 Star ( – Award Winning – Best Selling – “WAVES: Virtual Vacation” DVDs & Blu-ray. Our relaxing videos are the perfect gift for stress relief, relaxation or meditation. Relaxing music tracks are now on the BONUS Music Video section from “HD Hawaii Beaches 1” + “HD Florida Beaches 2.” Our new romantic guitar solo, relaxing piano instrumentals of original songs, calming Classical music, Hawaiian slack key guitar, slow soft smooth Jazz and soothing New Age tracks will help relax, calm & soothe you to sleep. Our Hawaiian Music with Happy Ukulele Songs and Tropical Music Videos are great for relaxation, studying, meditation and sleep. (Check out our 3 hour Sleep Baby Lullaby.) WE have multiple sub-genre’s Smooth Jazz, Instrumental Jazz, Piano Jazz, Lounge Jazz, chill out / chillout Jazz. We have romantic love songs, new age ambient chill, techno chill and more. If you love relaxing piano music, piano songs, instrumental piano music, instrumental music, instrumental piano subscribe to us. Checkout our hour long inspirational feel good happy playlists and mixes for hours of slow, calm, soothing, and inspiring music.
YOUTUBE Ch #1: ≈ ≈ Ocean Sounds & waves:
YOUTUBE CH #2: ♫ HDnatureTV ≈ Relaxing Music Videos:

Villa Ana Margarida by Nature (The Ecolodges) in Ericeira, Portugal

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Unique surf accommodation in the World Surfing Reserve of Ericeira, Portugal
Camera/Edit: James Skerritt
Soundtrack: Paddy, ‘Nubus’, Mulcahy

Africa Awaits: Visit the Best travel destinations in Africa & Tanzania for nature, culture & people.

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The Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Arusha, Manyara, Mount Kilimanjaro, Safari, Luxury travel, Affordable travel; choose Staajabu Africa Travel Company.

ADVENTURE WEEKEND with Nature Trails | Weekend Getaway Mumbai | Sterling Holidays

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To find nature not far from home, one can visit Durshet – an adventure camp by Nature Trails Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Spread over 35 acres of forest land, the property is a paradise if you are a traveller seeking refuge in the lap of jungles coupled with fun filled activities to enjoy and partake with your friends and family.

A weekend getaway so perfect for the monsoons, reminded us of the beautiful lush of the Scottish highlands. The music is inspired by the loop track on our journey.

The Moonchasers was invited to experience the adventure activities and ended up making a bunch of new friends while hiking up mountains and ziplining and rappeling. Its a perfect summer destination that we had in mind. Whats your’s?

Participate in the #lokkwhoschilling contest by visiting

Location: Durshet Forest Lodge & Kundalika River Rafting Camp
Hospitality: Sterling Holidays
Music: Faun Federkleid

7 – Best BAHAMAS BEACHES – WAVES DVD Relaxation Nature Videos relaxing ocean sounds relax beach

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7 – Best BAHAMAS BEACHES – WAVES DVD Relaxation Nature Videos relaxing ocean sounds – relax on Sale! NOTE –
Try the BEST SELLING – AWARD WINNING – Relaxation / Nature DVD Video Series and see why WAVES won the popular Telly Award, Videography Award & ”Best of Show” Aurora Award! Discover why doctors and therapists use and recommend Waves for soothing stress relief. “Along pristine coasts, under sunset skies, you will find a peaceful place and the solitude for which we all hunger.”

GETAWAY. RELAX. RENEW! Instantly alter your environment and mood by experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty and healing power of spectacular seascapes. Listen to all natural sounds of lapping waves, sea birds, and swaying palms (without distracting music or narration). Natural images and sounds so vivid – you can almost feel the warm waves lapping at your toes! Virtually sitting there, the long stationary shots will wash your stress away. Experience over 30 soothing beach scenes and colorful sunsets.

Enjoy the Best Beaches from the Bahamas with crisper digital images and stereo sound. Discover pristine, exotic, and unusual beaches from “Paradise Island” to “Rose Island” plus beaches from Abaco, Turtle Cay, Eleuthera, and New Providence. Experience a thunder storm on orange sand beaches of Eleuthera to the spectacular pink sand beaches of Harbour Island plus 2 lighthouses from Nassau.

Share with friends and family the perfect gift. Collect the Award Winning WAVES video series. Start your virtual vacation with the original “Hawaiian Dreams” (Vol.1) or continue with the newest releases “The Best Caribbean Beaches” (Vol.7), “The Best Virgin Island Beaches (Vol.9), “Caribbean Daydreams with 6 loopable scenes”(Vol.10), or “The Best Florida Beaches” (Vol 11). ATTENTION: Doctors, Counselors, & Therapists: Non-profit Public Screening are permitted in hospitals, waiting rooms, retirement homes, etc., to comfort and relax patients with no additional license costs.

• DISCOVER the #1 MOST Beautiful Relaxing 1 Hour Instrumental Music Videos Playlists (BELOW). RELAX on the BEST BEACHES with Ocean WAVES for Free with Youtube Online Video Streaming web songs with over 20+ Million Views! Download MP3 links in the Description. Listen to Classical Music for Studying Help, Smooth Jazz Instrumental, Relax Bossa Nova Latin Musica, Classic Jazz Music Instrumentals, Piano Relaxation, Romantic Guitar Songs, Slow Soft Soothing New Age Music for Sleeping, Hawaiian Songs, Caribbean Tropical Lounge Luau Party Playlist, Calm Cool Chill Out Electro Ambient Beat Sleep Mix, Acoustic Guitar Background Chillout, Sad Songs, Love Songs, & Hours MORE! Good Music added Daily. RELAX NOW. Sweet Dreams and Memories! Aloha.

TRY OUT our Top Study Music Playlist(s) RADIO. Good Music Help for studying, reading, learning, brain concentration & focus creating a peaceful relax background for work or homework, writing papers or essays, meditation, yoga or sleep. SUBSCRIBE NOW to the Best Virtual Vacation – Channels: WavesDVDcom & HDnatureTV & ScenicEscapesTV (with beach walks) featuring our “WAVES: Virtual Vacations” Relaxation with Nature Sounds Videos, Beach Walks & Bonus – Youtube Only – Music Videos Downloads.


#1 Best Study Music Playlists “Music Only” to choose and mix with Waves Nature sounds – ADDITIONAL Video RADIO STATION – PLAYLIST (s) CHOICES:
NEW – 1 HOUR Best MIXS to mix with ocean waves sounds

• Bossa Nova Jazz –
• Jazz & New Age –
• Hawaii Guitar & Ukulele –
• Romantic Guitar –
• Relaxing Piano –

MORE on our main channel:

• VIDEOS: SONY PD150 – 480P 30FPS – Re-Mastered 720p WIDESCREEN online.
• FORMAT: 720p with all natural Dolby Stereo Sound recorded ‘live’ on location.
• WAVES LOCATIONS: Caribbean, Bahamas, Abaco, Eleuthera, Paradise Island, Rose Island, Virgin Islands, USVI, BVI, St. John,
Tortola, Virgin Gorda, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands
• MUSIC: NON – Ocean Sounds Only

YOUTUBE Ch #1: ≈ ≈ Ocean Sounds & waves:
YOUTUBE CH #2: ♫ HDnatureTV ≈ Relaxing Music Videos:
YOUTUBE CH #3: ♫ ScenicEscapesTV ≈ Walk, Ride, View or Drive California Beaches: ScenicEscapesTV


Bohemia – A Year in the Wetlands – The Secrets of Nature

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Subscribe to watch full natural history documentaries! A new documentary is uploaded every week.


In Bohemia, at the very heart of Europe, south of the Golden City of Prague and guarded by medieval castles, lies a hidden mosaic of lakes and gently flowing rivers, of misty forests and mysterious peat bogs.This important wetland, shaped both by nature and centuries of influence by man, is a magnet for huge flocks of birds and home to an amazing diversity of plant and animal life. In spring there is an explosion of life as the trees are weighed down with nests of cormorants, egrets, herons and storks. With the arrival of winter the landscape becomes silent and desolate. Otters are hunting fish under the ice of frozen lakes while White-tailed Eagles soar over gaps in the ice, targeting fish and birds. Since his early childhood wildlife cinematographer Jiri Petr has spent much of his time in this wildlife paradise. Together with him, we will explore this remarkable habitat and observe the changing faces of nature during the course of one year that inspired many artists and writers alike.

Hurricane Katrina Historic Storm Surge Video – Gulfport, Mississippi

Views:5715743|Rating:4.59|View Time:13:39Minutes|Likes:14908|Dislikes:1319
Exclusive (Emmy Award) video shot by Mike Theiss from ground zero of Hurricane Katrina’s historic 28 foot storm surge that ripped through Gulfport, Mississippi on August 29th, 2005. This video has a time stamp to give a complete and accurate timeline from the Holiday Inn beachfront hotel located directly on the beach in Gulfport. Also, included are shots from the Theiss-Device which is a camera housing designed by Mike to be placed in a place that would be too dangerous from any human to survive. This 13 minute video will give you a sense of just how bad Katrina was on the Gulf Coast without actually putting you in harms way !!!

To see the entire version of this video about 2 hours in duration please purchase the DVD “Battle at the Beachfront”.

We hope this documentation helps enforce a sense of storm awareness and a respect for the power of mother nature. When local officials ask you to evacuate just think of this video and ask yourself do you want to risk being put in a situation like this ?

Adorable Slim Girl Posing At Exotic Surroundings – (nature) Stock Footage | Mega Pack +40 items

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Download now: Adorable Slim Girl Posing At Exotic Surroundings – (nature)
Download now: The First Snow Falls On a Tree – (food)
Download now: Beautiful Sexy Blonde Woman Practicing – (sports)
Download now: Abstract Rainbow Color Mix Marble – (special-events)
Download now: Power Windmills In The California Desert At – (nature)
Download now: The Flow of a Mountain River – (slow-motion)
Download now: Girl In a Field Smiling Emotions Hands Dancing – (nature)
Download now: Heavy Branches With Acacia Blossom Swaying – (nature)
Download now: Brisk Swallow Making Nest At Quiet Place by – (nature)
Download now: Sexy Skate Girl Sittin On Wall At Beach Promenade – (lifestyle)
Download now: Little Redhead Girl Is Eating a Makaron by – (people)
Download now: Girl Swims In Pool – (people)
Download now: Microbiological Laboratory Work With Tests – (science)
Download now: Road Rage High Speed Driving – (time-lapse)
Download now: Young Beautiful Woman Chooses the – (lifestyle)
Download now: Lens Shutter. – (technology)
Download now: The Ladle Of a Tractor Takes Loose Construction – (industrial)
Download now: A Woman Sifts Flour – (holidays)
Download now: Blacksmith Forges, Standing Next To a Woman – (industrial)
Download now: Wine and Cheese – (food)
Download now: Africa Jungle Waterfall – (nature)
Download now: Accountant Writing Amount Of Earnings – (business-corporate)
Download now: Tips – (business-corporate)
Download now: Building Clouds – (buildings)
Download now: Wormy Spoiled Beef Steak – (food)
Download now: Adorable Sexy Gril Moving In Sunset Sun Rays – (lifestyle)
Download now: City Landscape In Snowstorm – (weather)
Download now: Heart Beating During Aneurysm Surgery (1 Of – (medical)
Download now: Sexy Flexible Girl Doing Splits On Roller – (lifestyle)
Download now: Young Woman On Bed Eating Vegetable Salad – (people)
Download now: Young Doctor Fills Out A – (medical)
Download now: Silhouette of Young Woman Walking (2) – (people)
Download now: Elderly Senior Man Relaxing at – (technology)
Download now: Asian Engineer Work On Transparent – (technology)
Download now: Medical Paper And Money – (medical)
Download now: Overhead Shot Of Los Angeles – (city)
Download now: Young Fashion Elegant Stylish Couple In a – (people)
Download now: Close Up Of a Man Using Mobile Smart Phone – (technology)
Download now: Interior of Modern Workplace – (buildings)
Download now: Medical Skeleton – (medical)
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Documentaries – ‘The Exotic Nature and The Exotic Cities’ | Documentary [BBC Documentary]

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This documentary is truly based on chicago underground city concept and the future technologies.

the City of Chicago, is located on the shores of freshwater Lake Michigan, and is the third most populous city in the United States.

As of the 2017 census-estimate, Chicago has a population of 2,716,450, which makes it the most populous city in both the state of Illinois and the Midwestern United States.

It is the county seat of Cook County, the second most populous county in the U.S. Chicago is the principal city of the Chicago metropolitan area, which is often referred to as “Chicagoland.”

The Chicago metropolitan area has nearly 10 million people, is the third-largest in the United States, the fourth largest in North America, and the third largest metropolitan area in the world by land area.

Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837 near a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed and grew rapidly in the mid-nineteenth century.

After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which destroyed several square miles and left more than 100,000 homeless, the city made a concerted effort to rebuild.

The construction boom accelerated population growth throughout the following decades, and by 1900 Chicago was one of the five largest cities in the world.

During this period, Chicago made noted contributions to urban planning and zoning standards, including new construction styles (including the Chicago School of architecture), the development of the City Beautiful Movement, and the steel-framed skyscraper.

Positioned along Lake Michigan, the city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

The city saw the creation of the first standardized futures contracts at the Chicago Board of Trade; which today is the largest and most diverse derivatives market in the world, generating 20% of all volume in commodities and financial futures.

O’Hare International Airport is the one of the busiest airports in the world, and the region also has the largest number of U.S. highways and railroad freight. In 2012, Chicago was listed as an alpha global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, and it ranked seventh in the entire world in the 2017 Global Cities Index.

Chicago has the fourth-largest gross metropolitan product in the world—generating about $670.5 billion according to September 2017 estimates—ranking it after the metropolitan areas of Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles, and ranking ahead of number five London and number six Paris.

Chicago has one of the world’s largest and most diversified and balanced economies, not being dependent on any one industry, with no single industry employing more than 14% of the workforce.

#Documentaries #bbcdocumentary

Safari Live – Day 1 | Nat Geo WILD

Views:183750|Rating:4.62|View Time:2:59:6Minutes|Likes:1000|Dislikes:82
Join us on a LIVE African safari in the Maasai Mara, Sabi Sand, and Kruger National Park as experts guide us through the bush in search of lions, elephants, buffalo and more wild animals. Join the discussions on social with #safariLIVE!
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About National Geographic Wild:
National Geographic Wild is a place for all things animals and for animal-lovers alike. Take a journey through the animal kingdom with us and discover things you never knew before, or rediscover your favorite animals!

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Safari Live – Day 1 | Nat Geo WILD

Nat Geo Wild