Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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[Applause] [Applause] Oh Toby a module ham Limassol me yoky Cyprus it wonderful solution heaven or koshish key Hamlin k morning sunset record Graham what are the beautiful sin we he bought his our just buta s view could record can really sorry rot some slogan is your hair Beach Villas area or finally Homme neige sunset we record here for the birth disputa I hope gap Logan is view enjoy IKEA the johnnesha play a piece fun condos three to four casts of subscribe John Isabella please fun Kardos three to four casts subscribe care of my family uplift friends or a play-doh so ero P sub go request karate please subscribe her there okay in chori chori videos canonically Padma not happy about time that the hot baths are like that they can either upload key support him and he who he go shyam good pinnacles again you to please subscribe conquer those three before thank you very much of Nepal Karthikeya you

Crunch’s Beach holiday

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Giant ocean wave crash lumahi beach like tsunami, hawaii | ocean | beach vacations | shockwave

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Bald Head Island NC | Beach Vacations, Rentals, Property For Sale

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A Guide to Safari Holidays in Kenya: Masai Mara, Amboseli and more

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BEACH – Elsa & Anna toddlers – Vacation Sunbathe – Seagulls – Sand Play

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too much girls she told you girls if you listen to us see now we're at the be low and it's so windy today you want me yeah but it's still nice and warm all right let's get ready so do you wanna put the blanket here honor yeah I think this is a good spot yeah you can play girls okay let's play in the sand sand flight absolutely you have a sand find because then sand will come come in our eyes yeah then the what should we do how about you bury me okay right tie it here okay the umbrella is done and everything is set up how do you like girls whoa it's so cool and we can even rest on these comfy pillows let's be careful not to bring lots of sand on the carpet okay let me sit on this chair beside Anya they are super comfy else eeeh I know not nothing like a day at the beach did you see those seagulls over there oh yeah they're so funny and they're also very cute what's flying pretty birdy okay girls so we're gonna take our pants off and then we all go to the water a bit ta lotta hoie my pants off and I'm gonna put them here so they don't blow away your turn on up all right now relax Lodi or do you wanna leave it here I want to take my floaties okay so ready to go yeah let's go okay this way mommy can I give the seagulls my sandwich I don't think we're allowed to do that it's usually bad but you don't feel like eating anymore yeah I don't see if you like eating anymore and I don't want to waste it so I wanted to throw them at them okay you can throw it okay listen to me we don't have any more food I'm scared oh please Sonia not to step on a pointy showgirl okay put your legs in okay I guess we better hold you cuz this water is kind of dangerous here okay let's go are you okay now don't be a scaredy kappa why didn't you listen to me alright I'll start digging a hole for me girls and you make the other one okay whoa there are lots of shells in here tiny shells Elsa what are you doing one you're putting sounds on my legs oh sorry girls maybe I really need to see where I'm going looks like this fool will take a long time to make look at what a big call here I try to bury me up all right we better put it up to you all right let's put your ponytails out all right let's vary how do you feel Lana well my leg feels nothing I can't even move you look like a bobble head mommy wobble wobble wobble gonna bury me now girl yeah yeah yeah what about me we'll take you out later okay actually we'll take you out right now okay let's dig away the see your body let me let you watch that was it fast at all but I still I'm gonna try I want to try now okay go watch okay three whoa it takes me to one goal yet alright one more time for me and that's all this use like a bathtub and how about you stay over there because let's get Barry oh yeah I have to stay here alright girls let's go Barry Barry Barry put your hands down okay your cousin look how dirty we are we have to get clean in the ocean later yeah yeah and I feel so weird I can only move my head a bit like this girl alright let's take you out and then we'll go on okay I can see our body now let's pull you out help me girls like the sand monster – all right I'm we are going to get clean in the ocean and we'll come right back okay all right so girls now that we're dry can you please put sunscreen on us sure mommy I'll put it on put a little too much girls whatever I'm just gonna spread okay but you have to spread it everywhere okay oh no the other one is dripping quick take it okay Oh girls can you spread it girls sure we can I'll do this leg okay hurry this is like whipped cream huh okay and now you have to put some on my back girls okay here comes it spread it girls okay here Anya you can have some thank you hey it really does but at least the Sun will burn me now spread spread spread is it enough mommy yes that's enough now go put some on Elsa okay hurry up girls my skin is gonna burn okay coming don't worry Elsa squeeze it all right spread it ready that feels bad I can't feel that the Sun is not burning me anymore yep mommy now we're doing your arms okay let's get spreading spread spread okay a bit on my legs and that's all okay here it comes okay start spreading they like to spread it girls yeah it's so much fun dear mommy now you have to let it dry okay girls thank you for helping us yeah welcome you can't you can't I'll catch you on yeah you wait didn't you see a put just you just put sand on our sunscreen oh we're sorry mommy and don't stand on the blanket why are you still on the blanket No get off we're story mommy now we have to get washed again watch watch watch watch okay that feels much better let's go now sailing across the sea and in not the deep water but we can't go there girls yeah but it's still super cool when I grow up can I be a sailor short girls if you walk to be a sailor then you do this filler day but you have to believe you can do it yeah I will believe I can do it girls and I think I saw ice cream around here you wanna go get some ice cream yeah if you're nice girls you get top ice cream visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

Harmony Beach Vacations

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in 2007 jon and angie tunes decided to get out of the condo cleaning business and into property management so the husband and wife founded harmony beach vacations four years later harmony beach is the destination guides best property management company on the Emerald Coast overseeing more than 150 condos and houses but with harmony the actual properties they manage are just part of the story it's also about how they manage them people are attracted to harmony people love harmony and stay with harmony beach vacations because they're really concerned about individuals they take the time to meet needs but they really do the main reason we went with harmony beaches because they get us a lot of good service throughout the southeastern part of the United States all the way over to Texas right now if you can't get your internet working John will come right over and fix it for you they're just they do everything you need Angie and John are the kind of people that will personally get our bed and go and take care of a need of a guesstimate of the night it all ties in to the company's motto peace love and harmony peace love and harmony is something that my mom Angie tombs who is the owner of harmony beach vacations said to me and my sisters we were a little if we were fighting or just to you know make make a start our day positive she always said peace love and harmony I think I have a very interesting and unique perspective with harmony because I started as a guest I came here for the first time Thanksgiving 2008 didn't know a soul here anjaana auntie tombs were the first people that I met at harmony and they quickly became my harmony family these days Sharon is a member of the Harmony team and the company represents many of Destin and for Walton beaches most popular properties including condos for two and houses that sleep 20 we try to pick the best quality properties um you know the best value for your dollar we pick properties that have a good beach access you know lots of amenities that are close to shopping dining harmony Beach takes to load off of our shoulders and we like that a lot we like Angie and John because they're they're just nice people I think harmony is the best because it's family owned and operated if we go above and beyond to make your vacation the best it could be if something goes wrong we want to fix it immediately we just want to be the best of the best and we go above and beyond to do that

Fun Holiday Beach Resort | Negril Jamaica | Anniversary Trip

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10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

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10 most beautiful islands in the world welcome to a Lex calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired you guys have asked for this video since we got started we didn't really want to do it because it's almost impossible to quantify which are the most beautiful islands but because you a lexer is insisted we gave it a shot please keep in mind that these are just ten of the thousands of incredible islands around the world number one Seychelles you might remember this place from our previous video on tax havens where billionaires hide their money and more the Republic of Seychelles is made of no less than 115 islands spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean the beautiful islands will offer you an out worthy experience where you can hang out with some of the most exotic animals in the world like giant tortoises coconut crabs and black parrots the rock formation along anse source d'argent on ladi Island the highest peak mourns a shallow on ma che and the tropical forests of Praslin Islands will offer you stunning views if you want to have a luxurious vacation you can choose to stay at resorts and hotels such as raffles and the Four Seasons which will make you feel like a celebrity with their private pools and Butler's number two Canary Islands Spain the Canaries are the place with the best climate for you to enjoy your holiday at any time of the year with an approximate temperature of 21 to 23 degrees in January just imagine the weather in the summer the Canary Islands have no less than seven different islands you can choose from for a perfect getaway when it comes to activities there is no chance that you will be bored you can watch the whales sail over to Chimaera admire the snow-capped mountain in Tenerife e or simply relax on the beach number three Capri Italy located in the terrain E&C Capri has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic so you can only imagine luxury the island has more than plenty of things to offer such as secret swimming coasts turquoise waters beautiful gardens and beautiful ruins of emperor Tiberius pleasure palace if that didn't convince you I'm sure some stunning views will from the highest point of the island you can see vesuvius in the Italian coast Melia Hotels opened an adult only hotel so if you want a naughty holiday you know where to go number four Tahiti French Polynesia the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia Tahiti is located in the archipelago of the society islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean the islands has an international airport and luxurious hotels so there's nothing standing between you and this amazing island you can admire the coral reefs and breathtaking views and take long romantic walks on the beach number five Maui Hawaii the island has some amazing attractions like the historic walling town of Lahaina the Makena Beach upcountry plantation the desert sands of Halle kala National Park and let's not forget one of the world's most scenic drives to deeply green Hana on the islands you will have a lot of fun things to do like hiking sightseeing paddling net fishing or husking a coconut and you can enjoy a luxurious accommodation at the Travis ah Hana Maui is one of the places where celebrities love to spend their holidays number 6 Santorini Greece the largest island of a small circular arch Apollo Go Santorini will offer you beautiful places to explore tall cliffs a peaceful Lagoon and sunny beaches are just a few of the attractions you will find Greece is known for its bright blue sea and white buildings which make the perfect visual contrast Santorini's primary industry is tourism especially in the summer so don't be surprised if you find more visitors than locals when visiting the island you can enjoy a luxurious day at hotel / volus it is rated one of the best hotels of 2013 and offers some amazing views of the caldera number seven kawaii hawaii the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands kawaii is also known as the Garden Isle the Napali Coast has breathtaking cliffs and amazing views and if you want to take it all in and go on a two-day kayak trip to a cascading waterfall it would be amazing other options are admiring kawaii row Lua River the way Mia Canyon or relaxing on the beach or by the pool at luxurious hotels such as st. Regis Princeville the most opulent resort on the north coast as an extra activity you have the option to book your own helicopter and admire everything from up top in the skies how's that for luxury number 8 Bora Bora French Polynesia located in the French Polynesia Bora Bora is more than stunning if you visit the island your expectations will be met and exceeded the island is very private and luxurious and has breathtaking views you can relax on the beach go snorkeling or discover the gigantic volcanoes and the stunning coral garden with its high-end bungalows Bora Bora is one of these celebrities favorite spots to spend their vacations the lagoon the Fifty Shades of Sea and the Sea Life are nothing but amazing if you want a luxurious day you can choose the st. Regis Hotel or the Four Seasons Resort number 9 los Rose Venezuela with around 350 islands Ches and islets los rogues are Java Lego is an amazing place to visit it was declared a national park in 1972 and it just boasts with beauty thanks to its spectacular coral reefs and the starring diversity of the underwater life and seabirds activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving urges two of the best ways of how you can spend your time there if you want to dine or rent a room try the local Posadas and restaurants the four room italian own guest house Posada el Policano is a top-class place and yes it's small but it's intimate and luxurious for sure number ten Lipari Italy the largest of the Aeolian Islands in the Turanian sea of the northern coast of sicily lipari island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world robbed in the past by pirates and Greeks for its hard black volcanic glass deposits found all around the island has a population of around eleven thousand people during the tourist season it can reach even twenty thousand if you want to have some amazing views catarah chichi or the four-eyes is the place to go just west of the main town a luxurious day will be offered to you at the kata Pardo Park Hotel which once was an 18th century villa the hotel has rooms overlooking the ancient acropolis and medieval castelo we know we know there are so many more worth mentioning so we might as well just ask you guys which islands do you think we should include we ever decide to do a part two on this leave your recommendations in the comments thank you for spending some time with us a Luxor's if you enjoy this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so you never miss another video we also hand-picked these videos which we recommend you watch next if you're bored you might want to check out our website Alex calm for great articles or Instagram or Facebook page thank you for being an a lexer


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good morning it's our final well actually we're packing up and we're changing our resort today so we're just gonna go down and have breakfast and then we're going to Catalonia plan Maroma yes mm-hmm so you get to see a brand new resort today and stay there for a couple days I can't wait because this place is perfect so it's really sad to leave but I which is next one's gonna be awesome too it's exciting to see different places it is never had this before so I'm really excited about another beautiful day again here and the breakfast buffet is always so good that doughnut fruit and everything you can imagine and I want one of everything I can have whatever I like the perfect breakfast right here my gosh and then this is the view oh so nice look at the halt here oh he carried these because he says bed strong guy here look at mine ha we're doing howls that's true okay then here's our new resort look awesome it looks beautiful oh cool look at this oh this is beautiful awesome we're just hanging out here in this little lounge to get checked in and it's so nice Bakey I am so excited in the beach it's gonna be unbelievable silks yeah we just now know that it's like they're the number five in the world number five number one in Mexico yes we're gonna see I can't either look at this we're in Jurassic Park no we just they're going to have some lunch and then we'll go to our room they've been so nice here already no making us feel so special like right you zero dieter we're going croco hunt in here there's a chance this bird could jump out at you I'm kidding but there will be Birds on you I found one hey lunch of champions this buffet area is so big it's nice so name hey yeah tough day let's go yeah look at this oh my god oh my god looks perfect look at the white sand Oh we are heading to our room now look how cool this looks awesome yeah looks nice it's quiet and like a little it feels a little little town it is like the little town here yeah I think their own houses yeah cute what the hell yeah cute so class this is you to water oh are you fiat on this whoo it is so hard on the feet oh my gosh don't know where you're going get really are we in the right here him 6104 aren't we well then welcome to paradise here we go oh oh this is so nice look at that opened so cute this is adorable oh I love it oh that's nice little sitting area here very nice and here we're going into the bathroom light oh nice toilet very nice the showers nice like the last one perfect this is not a bad place to relax that fountain is so relaxing so beautiful here I'm basically sitting in a bush no big deal oh wow there's a hottie for you ready for dinner yeah you look nice oh that's getting too hot here I have to step back a little bit here all right I got burned who are you doing honey look it's Betty we're both so dying I'm not I'm so not tired like hey I don't know I think spiffy we got a little monkey Kiki Kiki ready for dinner good oh my God look at this now look at this guy you see him this little girl my crike let's go cut him can I go after him money balsam then come okay we have a new discovery SAR speed drunk damn shrunk don't fifty shoes anymore I used to wear these like when I was young well you're so young they never heal it oh no good mm-hmm not safe no don't the heels on our dinner is served well actually it's just opt eyes errs it looks so good enjoy we just finished dinner yep and we're heading to entertainment maybe soon my sister see you mom

Vlog | A Holiday in Spain, Cadiz Sandcastles and Exotic fruit

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hey guys so we are on the train station sometimes of something but we woke up really early I think it's 8 o'clock because we're gonna take a train to Cadiz which is a beautiful city on the coast because you know Seville is beautiful but it does have a beach so we thought with the weather being really nice we have little day trip we have seven days we are about to take our train there's mom in the background flap be what is it what is it trains ooh and black bodies ready grandma's fella it's quiet this is good because at least we're getting some exercise of all the amazing doctor selfie Wow so now we're at the top and we just saw that pick and roll that is the biggest beach in Cadiz and then that one is a smaller one you want to go up like this oh yeah let me go up there okay thank guys if you're ever in study definitely recommend going up here it's about six euros right yeah pictures yeah but you have a beautiful view of the city and the nice thing is can all be Spanish TV there's a little high rise buildings this is like a really long Tower it's literally the highest building and I'm about to go to the beach El Torito woebegone Tropicana but is it right in some niche like a photo shoot oh you peel it like an oh yeah maybe I'm feeding it's so beautiful your outfit much devotion you we got is diving once he's over ho pretty out here look at the view this is all Freddy's very pretty you just found this amazing little street how please we go to eat in the street we're so tired not obviously dude you're fake sleeping you are you guys are fake sleeping your beauty sleeping or back on the tree too I'm going to say Cuddy's but this is how tired I am caduceus reveal at an amazing day outside I think about 30 I've never been never for such a beautiful city so I and mum was swimming mom went into the ocean four times more times me and Donna are not so we're not so brave and yeah it's 8:30 James bill

Surfing Holiday South Spain

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well it gives you five full surfing days from Monday to Friday we give you accommodation in the beautiful town of corneal accommodation there are self catering apartments which are five minutes walk from the beach every morning we do a two-hour surfing lesson then you get the chance to have a surfboard in the wetsuit during the surfing lessons we also run a little bit of yoga so just loosen you up and stretch you up in the morning the first surfing lesson you actually learn how to catch waves in prone position lying down and how to go up to your feet so in the first surfing lesson you're actually going to be able to stand up and ride away through the beach after that we'll work on stance refinement work paddling timing and depending on each student basic maneuvers linking maneuvers together our surfing lessons you've got a professional instructor giving you professional feedback of the best possible equipment we live by the philosophy that her very personal attention is needed so surfing lessons have a ratio of live students to one instructor we are the most established or live the longest established surf school in Andalusia we've been running our surf school now for 14 years we are all of our instructors are fully trained we are Beach lifeguards my standard Beach lifeguards and we also hold surf instructor qualifications from the various international organizations the south of Spain ours a surfing destination is actually a very very low-key Andalusia is so much more than surfing we enjoy atlantic ocean waves we enjoy a Mediterranean climate the diet here the gastronomy is just absolutely second to none is out of this world Valley and the province of Cardiff has a very very strong culture of memento of gastronomy and you know certain could really take a backseat to your you know the the main activities on your holiday purely because in you the surrounding area you've got some of the most amazing sights and cities and your local guides you'll be able to integrate you and show you you know the best places to go to bed to eat and just to let you give a real give you a real feel for authentic Andalusia everyone who who serves and as you know or enjoys a certain lifestyle really they're very much like minded you can meet people from Morocco South Africa Indonesia Australia Europe and having certain is that common bond it's just a wonderful way you know to communicate and a great way to meet like-minded people when you're surfing when you for example you paddle in paddle hard into a wave you search for words you get up to your feet you feel yourself drop down the wave and you rails your board is very very sensitive and very euphoric is so much to it there the sounds the visions and it's it's one of a very very few times in your life where your mind goes completely blank and it just allows you to bleep free to find our contact details please go to our website which is on the website you're going to see a contact section where you can get in touch with us by telephone email you can fill in the contact form we'll be happy to answer any questions and clarify an information at all


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10 Luxurious Vacations on Earth

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these are ten of the most luxurious vacations on earth ten Bongo Raya Island Resort is located in Malaysia there are a total of 47 private villas stretching the beautiful beach the villas are all timbered and are handcrafted by local tradesmen while visiting this rustic natural setting you'll have access to some amazing snorkelling unbelievable kayaking rides and jet skiing one of the most sought-after activities is the scuba diving the water visibility is amazing and you can catch a glimpse of schools of fish sea turtles stingray coral bamboo sharks and barracudas to name a few another activity for the adventurous is jungle trekking this involves a local guide leading you on a jungle hike through the green paths that ends with a breathtaking view of the island nine Kiowa spawn tow is an island located 3 miles off the coast of Belize guests of the island can rent any of the seven super luxurious beach houses in the private Enclave each house is all-inclusive and your booking covers airport transfer all food and drinks and of course butler service each house comes with panoramic views of the ocean its own white sandy beach and heated plunge pool activities include kayaking boating fishing scuba diving snorkeling golf spa treatments and many island excursions like the Blue Hole underwater limestone cave for divers the hotel restaurant chef will send you a questionnaire ahead of your stay to figure out your culinary tastes and prepare your food accordingly and there is no last call at the hotel bar it closes when the last guest leaves bookings will cost you fifteen hundred dollars per night eight the village coconut island is located off the east coast of Phuket in Thailand the tropical garden retreat boasts over 1500 feet of private beachfront on the Feng nabe guests can enjoy their stay in the peaceful natural island setting or take a short trip to Phuket to experience the city via a 24-hour water taxi service which is complimentary for all guests the hotel restaurant serves a combination of Thai West turn and asian-style cuisines the village spa combines traditional Thai healing rituals with state-of-the-art modern spa facilities activities include tennis mountain biking sailing kayaking water slides and to infinity edge pools bookings will set you back nine hundred dollars per night seven couple island is a romantic retreat located in the maldives island chain the five-star hotel includes 33 donee style suites and overwater villas which resemble traditional caroline boat houses guests can take advantage of many amenities including the hotel's private beach infinity pool spa steam room hydrotherapy pool gym yoga pavilion watersports center dive center and library the como Shambhala retreat focuses on holistic therapy and offers treatments in its luxurious spa or in the privacy of your own room each villa includes their own wooden piers private balconies Sun decks and outdoor showers the hotel restaurant is an open-air wooden pavilion and serves fresh from the sea dishes Malabar Coast and Thai style dishes and vacation staples like pizzas and paninis bookings range from 675 dollars per night for the donee Suite to $2,000 per night for the Como villa six spice Island Beach Resort is a boutique hotel property located on the island of Grenada the sprawling 8 acre property is open year-round and was recently awarded the triple-a Five Diamond rating the 21 mile long island is only 12 degrees north of the Equator but the warm weather is tempered by the cool trade winds it's name is a nod to the fact that Grenada is one of the largest exporters of the spice nutmeg the all-inclusive resort is located in a tropical setting complete with rain forests and coral reefs all food and drinks are included and guests can also take advantage of ocean kayaking paddleboarding boating snorkeling tennis golf biking fitness center and children's activities including daycare bookings cost around $1,200 per night five man tangi private island resort is a two hundred and forty acre private island located in the northern part of the Fiji Islands the family owned and operated resort boasts white sand beaches in a tropical paradise setting it was voted one of the top ten private islands in islands magazine the resort offers ten traditionally designed cottages and three unique tree houses each unit comes with all the high-end amenities you'd find at a luxury resort including outdoor lava rock stone showers activities at the resort includes snorkeling scuba diving sailing kayaking fishing hiking and spa services the resort also offers weekly cultural activities including a village tour kava tasting coconut show Medicine Show cooking demonstration Sulu tying demonstration and a traditional dance demonstration for Phillip or Alina is located on a small island of Tahiti the vibrant green island stands out in the crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround it Villa coralina is unique in that it only offers a single villa for rent it offers maximum seclusion there are no roads on the island only coconut groves white coral sand beaches and nature the 3,000 square foot villa can accommodate up to five guests at a time it's built out of local exotic wood in a traditional Tahitian style the main house includes a bedroom office fully equipped kitchen entertainment and dining areas and spectacular views overlooking the lagoon the separate master suite includes ocean views and an outdoor / Ocean Terrace bookings range from 430 to 650 dollars per night which is a small price to pay for your own Island 3 Bwana Island is located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean on an 850 acre private island in the British Virgin Islands chain the 20-room all-inclusive resort is one of the few man-made on the island the owners encouraged their guests to unplug and relax although they do offer Wi-Fi mealtimes are on a set schedule and include four-course dinners by candlelight served on one of two terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean the restaurant menu fuses Mediterranean and Asian flavors with a Caribbean influence the island also includes seven beaches sailing kayaking snorkeling hiking and croquet bookings run 720 dollars per night for a sea view room to $6,500 per night for the three-bedroom Joe's house Villa – if you want a luxurious vacation spot that combines tranquility with conversation for gate Island Resort in the Seychelles island might be just what you are looking for the resort boasts 16 beautifully crafted residences each with their own private pool 7 beaches a separate estate on a secluded Peninsula a private Harbor and yacht club diving center a historic chapel for wedding celebrations and a natural outdoor kids Club castaway playground the island is also home to over 2,200 free roaming giant tortoises hundreds of hawksbill turtles the endangered Seychelles magpie Robin over 100 species of birds and a rehabilitated indigenous forest and for the ultimate in privacy security and seclusion guests are able to rent the whole island at a time bookings range from five thousand seven hundred dollars per night for a private pool residence to over 20,000 dollars per night for the Banyan Hill estate one Musha Cay is located in the islands of Copperfield Bay in the Bahamas the island includes over 700 acres of lush natural beauty the resort can accommodate up to 24 guests and only book one party at a time so you control the guest list accommodations consist of 5 tropical style guests each with private beach and wraparound mahogany decks the grandest of these is high view a 10,000 square foot mansion that sits on the highest point of the island offering 360 degree views of the island the resort also boasts 40 pristine beaches and even a drive-in theater dinners are served by torchlight or moonlight only and take place Oceanside in the 2,200 square foot Balinese beach pavilion island bookings start at 39 thousand dollars per day for up to 12 people with a four night minimum