9 Coldest Places In Pakistan For Summer Vacations 2018

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9 Coldest Places In Pakistan For Summer Vacations 2018 : Natural beauty is un-matched in our country and you can find the most beautiful places in Pakistan with great name and origin stories. So if you are a newly wedded couple who is looking for some beautiful places in Pakistan for honeymoon this summer in 2018, then check this video which also contains Pakistan beautiful places pictures gallery as well. You can find some best places to visit in Punjab Pakistan, but these are very hot and not suitable for summer time in the country. Pakistan’s beautiful cities are great in winter, but if you are searching for some of the coldest Pakistan destinations, then this video will not disappoint you for sure. You will know that answer to “what is the coldest and hottest place in Pakistan” after watching this video till the end. Pakistan have world most beautiful places to visit in 2018, specially the northern areas of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir has great weather in summer time as compare to other parts of the country. Pakistan northern areas points of interest includes many famous places, like Swat, which has ky high mountains, lush green valleys, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes, and amazing wildlife.

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Backpacking across Pakistan; The Ultimate Adventure Travel Destination

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Pakistan – one of the last adventure backpacking frontiers!

This is a country filled with awesomeness; with five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks, ancient glaciers, roaring rivers, untapped white water rafting, stunning treks, some of the world’s most friendly people, plenty of adventure and, of course, the ancient silk road leading all the way to China…

I travelled to Pakistan overland, from Iran, in February 2016 and spent five weeks backpacking this incredible country before heading to India and driving a multi-coloured tuk tuk across the subcontinent…

I quickly decided that I missed Pakistan and, in just one month’s time, I will be returning for another couple of months of adventure backpacking, trekking and mountaineering in this incredible country.

A huge thankyou to uTalk, who sponsored this leg of my adventures. If you are heading off on a trip around the world, be sure to download the free app to help you break down barriers, learn the local lingo and make new friends

To read about my experiences using uTalk to chat to my sixty year old bodyguard, the multi-talented Baba, follow this link

To find out more about this incredible country, check out my destination guide

As always, a huge thank you to all of you amazing travelers, adventurers, nomads and vagabonds for your continued support.

To all of my incredible Pakistani friends; Shukria
You have shown me a side of the world that, until recently, I did not know existed. Pakistani hospitality is the best in the world and this is a country which is insanely easy to hitchhike and couchsurf in.

If you are an adventure backpacker, go to Pakistan; this is the most incredible country I have ever visited in nine years of being on the road…

Nadia’s views on Adventure Holidays and Trekking in Pakistan with TravelPak from Fairy Meadows.

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A client testimonial taken at Beyal Camp in Sep 2011 which is the next settlement along from Fairy Meadows when you are trekking towards the Nanga Parbat Base Camp.

Richard’s views on Adventure Holidays and Trekking in Pakistan with TravelPak at Fairy Meadows

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A client testimonial taken in Sep 2011 at Fairy Meadows. In the background, you can see the might of Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain in the world and the western anchor of The Himalayas.

Fairy Meadows has really come a long way in the last five years as the locals are now able to provide hot water and even electricity up at 3300m.

Holidays In Rajasthan India Tour : Jaisalmer Border Safari Travel To Tanot .

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Indo Pak Border Road to Tanot Mata Temple Through Thar Desert – Jaisalmer Tourism
Tannot Mata is a temple in western State of Rajasthan in District Jaisalmer of India. As per the oldest Charan literature Tannot Mata is new clone of divine goddess Hinglaj Mata, and than after Tannot Mata becomes Karni Mata, And known as Goddess Of Charan’s. Tannot Basically The village is close to the border with Pakistan, and is very close to the battle site of Longewala of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, indeed some credit the temple for the outcome of the battle.[1] Tourists cannot go beyond this temple to see the Indo–Pak Border unless one gets the relevant documentation in advance from the District and Military Authorities. It is now a tourist destination in India. The area is said to have oil and gas reserves.[2]

Mateshwari Tanot Rai Mandir

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