Peppa Pig Beach Holiday Toy Learning Video

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Peppa Pig, George Pig, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig go on a holiday to the beach!

Peppa and Suzie Sheep are playing on the swing and slide toy in the yard when Mummy Pig tells Peppa that she needs to get her luggage because they are going on Holiday to the Beach! Peppa gets her luggage out of the house and hops in the car with Daddy Pig and George and they drive to the airport.

The peppa pig plane is ready to go! Daddy Pig puts the luggage in the back of the plane and everyone boards to fly to the beach. peppa rides in the front because it’s more fun that way 😉

Once they get to the beach, Peppa and George are playing in the sand and building a sand castle when they hear some interesting sounds. They hear a crab scurrying through the sand. They hear a fish bubbling in the sea. They also hear a Sea Lion hanging out under a palm tree.

The animals sing and dance and tell Peppa and George Pig all about themselves.

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Peppa’s Big Holiday Adventure! – Peppa Pig Live at One KM Mall, Singapore

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Join Peppa Pig, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and George on their BIG holiday adventure during the Christmas holidays!

This live show was performed in One KM Mall in December as a sequel to the earlier show.

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Peppa Pig Beach Holiday 2 -Surprise Egg Opening! New Peppa Pig Episodes – Peppa Pig Toys

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Peppa Pig Beach Holiday 2 – Surprise Egg Opening! New Peppa Pig Episode – Peppa Pig Toys. In this fun Peppa Pig English Episodes with lots of Peppa Pig Toys, Peppa and her family go on a Beach Holiday No 2. Peppa and George have so much fun in the sand and the Lighthouse until George goes out to the deep waters. Who will rescue George? Watch to find out :
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Peppa Pig, George Pig, Daddy and Mummy Pig are going on a fun holiday to the Beach. They Fly in the Peppa Pig Air Jet toy. Peppa and George are so happy when they reach the beach-the sun is shining, the sand is warm, and the sea is glistening. Peppa and George make a huge Sand castle and then go collecting Sea shells. Peppa & George find pearls in their sea shells and are so happy. They get the Peppa Pig Sand Dune Buggy from the Giant Peppa Pig Surprise egg and explore the dunes. George gets scared as the Dunes are high and the sand buggy is going very fast. Peppa goes slow and George is happy. Peppa gets hot and she and George goes into the sea. They swim and splash each other. Then George is tired and falls asleep and his floaty goes out to sea. Peppa gets a fright and calls Mummy and Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig goes in to save George. All is well and then Daddy Pig takes Peppa and George to the Beach lighthouse. Peppa and George go on teh Rumble and Roll ride and have lots of fun. They they take their photo and explore the lighthouse. They can see the boats from the balcony. Daddy Pig has a surprise from them and takes them water skiing. Peppa and George have a great day at their Beach Holiday.

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