Rafiki Safari Lodge by Costa Rican Vacations

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this is Rafiki safari lodge we are located on the Central Pacific coast about an hour south of Mineral Antonio's it's a conservation project we're sitting on about 840 acres of rainforest Rafiki is different from other hotels in that it's not just a bed it's an experience there's less boundaries between the staff and the guests and stay here the word Rafiki means friends so when people come to stay with us that's what we hope that they leave what they find friendship with us and that they get to experience this environment the large is set in such a place that you have the opportunity to have the forest come to be you so you you can smell the forest and you can hear that the sounds and in the mornings the birds are chirping and and you're amongst it yet you're comfortable when guests come to Rafiki they have a chance number one to see the forest and they can see the the birds that come to tropical birds we have over 350 – bird species that that frequent perfectly we have three different kinds of tours that we do we offer whitewater rafting trips horseback riding trips and hiking trips which allow people to be able to get into the forest and see more of what it has to offer we have several hikes that we go on one of our featured hikes is a waterfall hike it's called aqua hike this this trip includes a short piece of whitewater rafting that which then will take you up a series of waterfalls where you get to swim in a couple different pools you might even have a chance to jump off the cliff and along the way you get to see natural history you might run across some some frogs or some monkeys or some birds and we'll identify those for you Rafiki offers horseback rides we have trips that go through the forest so their interpretive trips of of the forest itself the rafting trips we do it Rafiki is on the rios a vagrant it's one of the cleanest rivers in all of Central America this section of River that that's rafting there's a portion that starts literally on our farm Rafiki is different from other hotels due to its ability to personalize the experience for the guests that come here the the laid-back attitude that you will find at Rafiki and also our commitment to sustaining this a very valid