Our Riu Guanacaste Costa Rica Experience

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Our recent vacation to Riu Guanacaste Hotel in Costa Rica was amazing. It was our first family trip with Eileen and she had a great time.

I recorded this entirely on the Canon SL2 and Sigma 17-50mm lens, using the MOVO VXR10 shotgun mic. Nothing too fancy. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed Costa Rica.

August Vacations – Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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The Town of Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica – Crocodile Bay Resort Costa Rica HD

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Crocodile Bay Resort is located in the charming town of Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. Join Silvie Spakova as she introduces you to this sleepy seaside village in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.


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This video is not a travelogue of Costa Rica but rather a call to appreciate and help protect the remarkable flora and fauna of this small but beautiful country. Most of the species we observed are in decline, some are on watch lists or threatened, and a few are endangered and at risk of extinction. Photographs and descriptions of all species we photographed can be accessed in a separate website at:

Re Boot Camp Retreat | Costa Rica Fitness Vacations, Adventure Holidays and Outdoor Sport Tours

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more on www.rebootcampretreat.com What if in 6 days you could take control over your life and achieve the body you know you deserve? Have you thought about what it would be like to take control over your life, and get what you want from your mind and body? What kind of life would you have if you could wake up every morning and jump out of bed excited to start the day– eating right and working out, knowing that you were completely aligned in mind and body?All inclusive multisport, adventure, fitness vacations and outdoor sport tours in Costa Rica specializing in Kickboxing, Cross Training, Stand Up Paddling, Mountain Biking, Hiking and; Fitness Programs for experimenting beginners to seasoned experts looking for a healthy time off that will change their lives forever. Fitness programs all take place outdoors – include Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, Beach Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates, Capoeira, Butts an; Guts, TRX & Circuit Training. Michael Andreula aims to create an inspiring yet challenging environment for you to get in touch with your body, mind and soul to its maximum potential. Go on vacation, change your life.

Traveling to Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

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Rio Celeste is located in Tenorio Volcano National Park in northwestern Costa Rica. Rio Celeste makes a great day trip from La Fortuna, Costa Rica. It is known for its spectacular light blue colored water caused by sulphur from the volcano mixing with other minerals in the river. Join us as we take a walk down the river and show you some of the highlights. The park entrance is at the Rio Celeste Lodge and will cost you $10.00 (U.S.)per person. Contrary to tourist books you can see all the points of interest and be on your way in approx. 4 hours. Although we were able to get there in a regular rental car the last 3.5 kilometers can be very steep and a 4-wheel drive is recommended. It’s a beautiful hike and we HIGHLY recommend it if you’re in the area.

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Tiny house Costa Rica ! Series of tiny houses in exotic places.

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We are traveling to exotic tropical places to see tiny houses be sure to subscribe and ring the bell so you don’t miss out.subscribe:
Builders Course:


Martial Arts & Yoga Retreats at Jungles Edge in Costa Rica

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Jungles Edge in Costa Rica hosts a number of lifestyle retreats throughout the year including Muay Thai retreats, yoga workshops, surf camps and a variety of other active experiences.

Our aim is to have you come out of this retreat rejuvenated, energized, and motivated to continue living an active lifestyle and lead a purposeful life!

Join us at an upcoming Muay Thai retreat or training camp by visiting www.muaythaivacation.com

“Costa Rica” Documentary Film (English)

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Come with us as we travel across Costa Rica and see it like you’ve never seen it before. Full High Resolution 1080p, full HD stereo sound. Stunning wildlife, landscapes, towns and places. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy! Travel with us to La Paz Waterfalls, Poas Volcano, Carara National Park, Coco Beach, Punteranas, Atenas, Grecia,Hotel Villa Caletas, and so much more!

Titi Canopy Tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Titi Canopy Tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
Sail high above the rainforest canopy and experience Manuel Antonio’s most popular adventure sport: the canopy zip line. This exhilarating tour was actually invented in Costa Rica, and has since been featured on the Discovery Channel. This is an adventure for people of all ages and interests, and is certainly one of the highlights of Costa Rica.

Now featuring: 18 platforms,10 zip lines, 2 rappel lines, 1 suspension bridge,1 “Tarzan swing”, restaurant, butterfly farm, serpentarium and fishing pond!!!

Canopy Safari is the oldest canopy tour in the southern zone of Costa Rica. We opened our first tour in 1997. Since then we have never stopped striving to be the best in every sense. Our goal is to provide each and everyone of our guests an amazing experience out in the rainforest.

Our canopy tour offers something for everyone; from our thrilling tarzan swing, to our butterfly garden, to our walking trails, to our ziplines where everyone gets to sail like a monkey through the canopy of the rainforest.

Today Canopy Safari has a stunning restaurant set next to a pristine river right in the heart of the protected rainforest. Next to our restaurant is our butterfly garden and serpentarium, here our guides take everyone on guided tours where they can learn about the amazing lifecyle of these beautiful of these animals.

We have ten zi lines, two rappel lines, a suspension bridge and a tarzan swing. All of these exciting elements are built in a circuit that starts and ends at our restaurant. The canopy course is constructed so that there is very little impact on the sensitive ecological balance that exists in the rainforest. Our platforms, pulleys and cables are made of non-corrosive steel. Here at Canopy Safari safety is our top priority. We perform safety checks daily on all equipment including anchors, cables, and connections.

Our harnesses, carabineers, and other equipment pass all standards set by the international association the ACCT, and approved by ICT (Costa Rican Tourist Board).


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Just wanna share the views in Jaco. Today, we went to Jaco beach for holiday with family and friends. Enjoy watching!


#thedennisfamily #costaricavlog

Best National Park in Costa Rica Video – Rincon De La Vieja

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Rincon De La Vieja, Costa Rica (HD)

In Costa Rica’s northwest region of Guanacaste, Rincon De La Vieja stands as the largest volcano at 6,000 feet above sea level. It’s national park features the chance to experience an active volcano’s geothermal activity up close.

Hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles exhibit the natural wonders that are responsible for Costa Rica’s beauty. And it’s all here – waterfalls, Kapoc Trees, exotic insects and flowers – waiting to be discovered by any traveler or family looking to bring home memories of Costa Rica’s famous “Pura Vida”.
“Soy Como El Espacio” by: Lia Nadja, from “Supersecreto Anplag”
“Solid” by: Ketsa, from “Layers”

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Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica Tours (HD)

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Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica Tours – Costa Rica Vacation
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
This is one of the few Costa Rican national parks where walking isn’t necessarily the best way to see things. The marked trail along the beach is used mostly for observing turtle nesting, but the best way to see most of the park is from a boat. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a workout while nature watching; there are plenty of places to rent canoes and kayaks (cayucas or botes).

The area protected by Tortuguero (turtle catcher) National Park was an archipelago of volcanic islands until alluvial sediments from the interior mountains, filled in the spaces and formed a network of marshy islands. Sand piled up where the river deposited land met the sea, and the turtle nesting beaches of Tortuguero formed. The exceptionally high rainfall, and rich environment where the freshwater meets the sea makes the beaches, canals, lagoons and wetlands of Tortuguero areas of exceptional biodiversity, and opportunity for nature lovers.

Location: Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
The Park is located on the Caribbean coast 52 miles (87 km) northwest of Limon. By air it is 50 miles (83 km) NW of San José, but the road and canal traveling distance between the two is ~160 miles (267 km).

Attractions Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
The main attraction of Tortuguero National Park is the turtles. Green Sea (tortuga Verde, Chelonia mydas mydas, Species Account), leatherback (tortuga Baula, Dermochelys coriacea), and Hawksbill (tortuga Carey, Eretmochelys imbricata, Species Account) turtles nest on the beaches here. Green Sea Turtles neared extinction due to hunting of the adults for meat (they are easy prey when they mass to nest) for turtle soup, and poaching of eggs for their supposed aphrodisiac qualities. Dr. Archie Carr of the University of Florida formed the Caribbean Conservation Corporation in 1959 to study and protect sea turtles, and the turtle-tagging program he began at Tortuguero in 1955 continues today.

It’s possible to see stragglers laying eggs during the day, but the mass arrivals (arribadas) occur at night usually under a waning moon. You will need a guide to visit the beaches at night (no one is allowed on the beach unaccompanied after 6:00 pm). For independent travelers, this can be arranged through the kiosk in the middle of Tortuguero village or through your hotel. When you and your guide walk out onto the beach under the starlight to watch the turtles struggle up the beach, dig their nests and lay their eggs, think about their future.

If you are exceptionally lucky, you might chance to see an even more spectacular event, the newly hatched turtles race to the sea. There is some overlap of the nesting and hatching seasons for the different varieties of turtles. The eggs incubate in the warm sand for 7 to 10 weeks before the babies hatch, dig their way to the surface and make the long dark scuttle from the nest well above the high tide mark, across the beach to the surf.

The Canals:
The extensive network of freshwater creeks and lagoons behind the beaches of Tortuguero are home to seven species of river turtles, Spectacled Caiman, Southern River Otters, a number of crustaceans, and over 50 species of freshwater fish. If you take a trip on a tour boat, or paddle a canoe through the freshwater canals you are also likely to see Spider, Howler and Capuchin Monkeys and dozens of species of birds. If you are lucky you might spot an endangered West Indian Manatee.

Atlantic Snook and Tarpon are just two of the species that attract anglers from all over the world to this region. A good friend of ours has taken several trips to the Río Parismina Lodge and counts them among the best experiences of his life.