Asilia Naboisho Camp – Luxury safari holiday

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Video footage of a luxury safari camp in Kenya Africa. The camp featured within this video is the Asilia Naboisho Camp located in the Naboisho conservancy kenya. Luxury safaris by opulentafrica

Splashin’ Safari Water Park at Holiday World Theme Park: Wave Pools, Water Slides, & Water Coasters

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We had a great time at the Splashin’ Safari Water Park at Holiday World! This water park is one of the greatest things about going to Holiday World. It has great water slides, a lazy river ride, two wave pools, and a great kids area, SplashLand. We especially enjoyed the Wildebeest water coaster, the Bahari Wave Pool, the Bakuli water slide, and the Monsoon Lagoon lazy river. This is a top-of-the-line water park and we would totally recommend it to anybody!
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Namibia Safari, Namibia Beaches (HD 1080p)

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Namibia Travel Guide, Namibia Trip, Namibia Safari, Namibia Beaches, Tourist attractions in Namibia
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
Namibia posesses some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, and a trip through the country is one of the great road adventures. Natural wonders such as that mighty gash in the earth at Fish River Canyon and the wildlife utopia of Etosha National Park enthrall, but it’s the lonely desert roads where mighty slabs of granite rise out of swirling desert sands that will sear themselves in your mind. It’s like a coffee-table book come to life as sand dunes in the world’s oldest desert meet the crashing rollers along the wild Atlantic coast. Among all this is a German legacy evident in the cuisine and art nouveau architecture, and in festivals such as Windhoek’s legendary Oktoberfest.

Namibia is also the headquarters of adventure activities in the region, so whether you’re a dreamer or love hearing the crunch of earth under your boots, travel in Namibia will stay with you long after the desert vistas fade.

Namibia is in Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and the Atlantic Ocean. Formerly a colony of Germany, Namibia was administered by South Africa under a League of Nations mandate after WWI, and annexed as a province of South Africa after WWII. The South-West African People’s Organization (SWAPO) launched a guerrilla war for independence in 1966, but did not gain independence until 1990.

Namibia boasts remarkable natural attractions such as the Namib desert, the Fish River Canyon Park, Etosha National Park and the Kalahari desert. Its people speak nine different languages, including some of the Khoisan languages which include the ‘clicks’ that present an enigma to most native English-speakers. Namibia produces some of the world’s highest quality diamonds.

See in Namibia
Namibia is a land of much natural beauty. To truly appreciate the country, you need to get out in the countryside, either on a tour or by renting a car, and take in the deserts, the mountains, the villages and all that Namibia has to offer.

One of its most dominant features, and the one for which the country is named, is the Namib Desert that stretches for nearly a 1000 km along the Atlantic coast. As one of the oldest deserts in the world, its sand takes on a distinctive rust colour and it has some of the highest sand dunes in the world. Sossusvlei is the most accessible part of the desert and is a magical place with its towering dunes that shift hues as the sun rises and sets. Further south, near the South African border, is Fish River Canyon, one of the largest canyons in the world. Stretching for 160 km, it is reaches 27 km across at its widest and nearly 550 m down at its deepest. In the north of the country is the empty and mostly inaccessible Skeleton Coast National Park. It’s a seemingly barren expanse of stone and sand famous for its fog and the number of shipwrecks along the coast.

Perhaps not as plentiful as neighbouring Botswana or South Africa, Namibia still has plenty of African wildlife to see. This includes some local subspecies, such as desert lions, desert elephants and the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, which are adapted to the harsh desert climate. Grazing animals like gemsbok, ostrich and springbok are also common. Namibia’s national parks are an excellent place to start and one of the most famous is Etosha National Park in Northern Namibia. The park surrounds the Etosha salt pan, which attracts animals, particularly in the drier winter months, because it is a source of water in a very dry land. Other notable spots to view wildlife are Waterberg Plateau Park, the parks of the Caprivi and the remote Kaokoland.

Namibia has a German influence from colonial times that is still reflected in some of its buildings. Windhoek has a number of interesting buildings like the Christuskirche, the train station and the castle-like Heinitzburg Hotel. Lüderitz is a colonial-era town with distinctive German Imperial and Art Nouveau styles. Nearby is the abandoned mining town of Kolmanskop. Once a thriving center for diamonds, the miners moved on and the sand dunes have moved in, but tours are still available.

Safari Park Gazipur – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur in Bangladesh

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Safari Park Gazipur – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur in Bangladesh.

* Safari park gazipur off day – Tuesday
* Safari park gazipur holiday – Tuesday
* Safari park gazipur ticket price – entry 50 Taka

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Kicheche Valley camp – luxury safari holiday

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Video footage of a luxury safari camp in Kenya Africa. The camp featured within this video is the Kicheche Valley camp located in the Naboisho conservancy kenya. Luxury safaris by opulentafrica

Lacey Chabert talks “Love on Safari” – Home & Family

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Actress Lacey Chabert stops by Home & Family to talk about her Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Love on Safari,” which premieres Saturday July 28th at 9/8c.
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Gir Forest National park safari 2016

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The Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest and wildlife sanctuary Near Talala Gir in Gujarat, India.

Uganda Tours, Uganda Gorilla Safari, Uganda safari holidays, African Safari tour

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Looking to go your first Uganda Tours or returning for Uganda Gorilla Safari, we have packages tailored for your time, budget and Uganda safari holidays.

Kicheche Bush Camp – Luxury safari holiday

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Video footage of a luxury safari camp in Kenya Africa. The camp featured within this video is the Kicheche bush camp located in the Olare Orok conservancy kenya. Luxury safaris by opulentafrica

The Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain Georgia

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There’s few places in North America that offer what the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia does. In rural West Georgia, Wild Animal Safari brings an African Safari experience to The South. Whether you choose to rent a car or drive your own through, hundreds of animals await.

Attendees are encourage to feed the animals, even the giraffes, zebras, buffalo and dozens of others. It brings priceless experiences – without having to spend $5-10k on a trip to Africa. That can come later.

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Wheels On The Bus | Kenya Jungle Book Wildlife Safari | Wild Animals and Animal Sounds | ChuChu TV

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Wheels On The Bus Wildlife Nursery Rhyme. Make your kids travel through this kenya wildlife safari and learn about wild animals and animal sounds with this kids bus song. Popular Nursery Rhymes by ChuChu TV.

Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ Studios
Video: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ Studios

Amara Selous Safari Holidays

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A film showing the wonderful experience at Amara Selous Safari in Tanzania.

Ultimate Safari Adventure!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew head out for the Ultimate Safari Adventure in South Africa!

When visiting the Kariega Game Reserve the traditional African safari experience is one of the most amazing activities this beautiful landscape has to offer. Not only is it a pleasant and enjoyable ride through some of South Africa’s most pristine wilderness but it’s also the chance to get right up close with some of the most iconic animal species on the planet!

Get ready, this is one Safari you’re never going to forget!

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HUGE THANKS to the Kariega Game Reserve and the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their websites to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! – and

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet!

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on six exciting series – Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Beyond the Tide, Dragon Tails, On Location, Base Camp and Coyote’s Backyard – featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

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Wildlife Safari in Rishikesh Uttarakhand India / Krishna Holidays ll Lion Attack

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Wildlife Safari in Rishikesh Uttarakhand India / Krishna Holidays

Angry Lion Attacked Vehicles ll Scary Video Bunch Of Lions Stopped Vehicles ll All Visitors Trapped

Most Scary Video- Lion 🦁 Safari visitors surrounded by Tiger Group ll Dead or Alive Scene. Bunch Of Lions Stopped Vehicles ll All Visitors Trapped