Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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Vlog | A Holiday in Spain, Cadiz Sandcastles and Exotic fruit

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hey guys so we are on the train station sometimes of something but we woke up really early I think it's 8 o'clock because we're gonna take a train to Cadiz which is a beautiful city on the coast because you know Seville is beautiful but it does have a beach so we thought with the weather being really nice we have little day trip we have seven days we are about to take our train there's mom in the background flap be what is it what is it trains ooh and black bodies ready grandma's fella it's quiet this is good because at least we're getting some exercise of all the amazing doctor selfie Wow so now we're at the top and we just saw that pick and roll that is the biggest beach in Cadiz and then that one is a smaller one you want to go up like this oh yeah let me go up there okay thank guys if you're ever in study definitely recommend going up here it's about six euros right yeah pictures yeah but you have a beautiful view of the city and the nice thing is can all be Spanish TV there's a little high rise buildings this is like a really long Tower it's literally the highest building and I'm about to go to the beach El Torito woebegone Tropicana but is it right in some niche like a photo shoot oh you peel it like an oh yeah maybe I'm feeding it's so beautiful your outfit much devotion you we got is diving once he's over ho pretty out here look at the view this is all Freddy's very pretty you just found this amazing little street how please we go to eat in the street we're so tired not obviously dude you're fake sleeping you are you guys are fake sleeping your beauty sleeping or back on the tree too I'm going to say Cuddy's but this is how tired I am caduceus reveal at an amazing day outside I think about 30 I've never been never for such a beautiful city so I and mum was swimming mom went into the ocean four times more times me and Donna are not so we're not so brave and yeah it's 8:30 James bill