CUBA Travel – Havana, Countryside, Sea & Beaches

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Travel through the country – Havana, Trinidad, Viñales, Cienfuegos, Cayo Blanco & Varadero

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KENYA , DIANI SEA RESORT, DIANI BEACH, Safari adventure, Saltlick, 10.2016, WAKACJE KENIA, Holiday

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Music :
1. The Lion King – Circle of life
2. Jambo Bwana .
3. Basto – Keep On Rocking (Official Video )
4. Odesza – Sun Models (feat Madelyn Grant)
5. Basto &Yves V-Cloud Breaker ( Radio Mix)
6. Odesza – I play You listen Mario Bischin
7. Sexy Mama feat DONK (Official Video)
8. Basto live tonight ( Gregory’s Theme – Radio Edit)
9.The Crystal Method – Keep hope Alive . Album: The Family Values Tour 1999
10. The Cranberries -Ode to my family. Album: No Need to Argue 1994

Simeulue Surf Camp – Sea view Bungalows Sumatra Indonesia

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The perfect getaway for you and your friends: great accommodation and food, uncrowded pumpin waves and pristine coastlines are the key for your relaxing beachside retreat in North Sumatra!

A brand new set of three exclusive and luxury sea view bungalows. It is located 3 min away from Dylan point, one of the best quality waves of the island. Dylan reef break is a fun, hollow and fast right hander that will give you the barrel of your surf holiday. From the terrace of your bungalow, you will also enjoy the tropical paradise view of Busung bay with its beautiful sandy beach and quiet surroundings.

Fly to Simeulue and you will discover one of Indonesia’s last frontiers: a remote and authentic tropical island of Northern Sumatra. Still uncrowded and un-explored, Simeulue is the perfect playground for surfers who are looking for some adventure far away from the chaos of other Indo surf destinations. You will also enjoy other activities like snorkeling, fishing, trekking in the mountainous jungle up to the waterfall and visiting local villages where every kid will greet you with a big smile and a warm “hello mister”!
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Freddie’s Holiday Sea Adventure | Facerocker #65

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The gang is back from break and sharing some stories from their holiday vacations in the year’s first Facerocker! On today’s episode Freddie tells the guys all about his holiday “Bro Cruise” and Matt spills the beans on an outlaw summer of his which had him stealing thousands of AOL CD-ROMS culminating in the destruction of his parents home. All this madness and more in another most excellent episode of the Facerocker Podcast!

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Trailer | San Clemente, the Spanish Village by the Sea, offers a Rich Surf Culture

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Produced & Directed by David A. Moya
Shot by David A. Moya & Colin Leibold
Edited by Danny Celaya

Fishing ban sa Visayan Sea, ipatutupad mula Nov. 2018 – Feb. 2019

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We live in interesting times.

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Sea trout fly fishing at Denmark Fishing Lodge with Rodtrip

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An emotional video produced in collaboration with the great guys from Rodtrip, Belgium.
Our Lodge is the basecamp for this fascinating video production.

Great combination of nature and sea trout fly fishing in this short movie.
Pleasant company, good food, beautiful surroundings and quality sea trout fishing: this is what you have to expect by staying at our Lodge.


Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: October 31st 2018

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Our new Bilge Rat Adventure, Festival of the Damned, takes over from the Forsaken Shores campaign in today’s game update. Senior Producer Drew Stevens is here to tell all! Find out more about Festival of the Damned at

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Kayak Sea Fishing: A Cod Fishing Session at Redcar UK – Gopro

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Kayak Sea Fishing: A Cod Fishing Session at Redcar UK – Gopro

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