Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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[Applause] [Applause] Oh Toby a module ham Limassol me yoky Cyprus it wonderful solution heaven or koshish key Hamlin k morning sunset record Graham what are the beautiful sin we he bought his our just buta s view could record can really sorry rot some slogan is your hair Beach Villas area or finally Homme neige sunset we record here for the birth disputa I hope gap Logan is view enjoy IKEA the johnnesha play a piece fun condos three to four casts of subscribe John Isabella please fun Kardos three to four casts subscribe care of my family uplift friends or a play-doh so ero P sub go request karate please subscribe her there okay in chori chori videos canonically Padma not happy about time that the hot baths are like that they can either upload key support him and he who he go shyam good pinnacles again you to please subscribe conquer those three before thank you very much of Nepal Karthikeya you

BEACH – Elsa & Anna toddlers – Vacation Sunbathe – Seagulls – Sand Play

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too much girls she told you girls if you listen to us see now we're at the be low and it's so windy today you want me yeah but it's still nice and warm all right let's get ready so do you wanna put the blanket here honor yeah I think this is a good spot yeah you can play girls okay let's play in the sand sand flight absolutely you have a sand find because then sand will come come in our eyes yeah then the what should we do how about you bury me okay right tie it here okay the umbrella is done and everything is set up how do you like girls whoa it's so cool and we can even rest on these comfy pillows let's be careful not to bring lots of sand on the carpet okay let me sit on this chair beside Anya they are super comfy else eeeh I know not nothing like a day at the beach did you see those seagulls over there oh yeah they're so funny and they're also very cute what's flying pretty birdy okay girls so we're gonna take our pants off and then we all go to the water a bit ta lotta hoie my pants off and I'm gonna put them here so they don't blow away your turn on up all right now relax Lodi or do you wanna leave it here I want to take my floaties okay so ready to go yeah let's go okay this way mommy can I give the seagulls my sandwich I don't think we're allowed to do that it's usually bad but you don't feel like eating anymore yeah I don't see if you like eating anymore and I don't want to waste it so I wanted to throw them at them okay you can throw it okay listen to me we don't have any more food I'm scared oh please Sonia not to step on a pointy showgirl okay put your legs in okay I guess we better hold you cuz this water is kind of dangerous here okay let's go are you okay now don't be a scaredy kappa why didn't you listen to me alright I'll start digging a hole for me girls and you make the other one okay whoa there are lots of shells in here tiny shells Elsa what are you doing one you're putting sounds on my legs oh sorry girls maybe I really need to see where I'm going looks like this fool will take a long time to make look at what a big call here I try to bury me up all right we better put it up to you all right let's put your ponytails out all right let's vary how do you feel Lana well my leg feels nothing I can't even move you look like a bobble head mommy wobble wobble wobble gonna bury me now girl yeah yeah yeah what about me we'll take you out later okay actually we'll take you out right now okay let's dig away the see your body let me let you watch that was it fast at all but I still I'm gonna try I want to try now okay go watch okay three whoa it takes me to one goal yet alright one more time for me and that's all this use like a bathtub and how about you stay over there because let's get Barry oh yeah I have to stay here alright girls let's go Barry Barry Barry put your hands down okay your cousin look how dirty we are we have to get clean in the ocean later yeah yeah and I feel so weird I can only move my head a bit like this girl alright let's take you out and then we'll go on okay I can see our body now let's pull you out help me girls like the sand monster – all right I'm we are going to get clean in the ocean and we'll come right back okay all right so girls now that we're dry can you please put sunscreen on us sure mommy I'll put it on put a little too much girls whatever I'm just gonna spread okay but you have to spread it everywhere okay oh no the other one is dripping quick take it okay Oh girls can you spread it girls sure we can I'll do this leg okay hurry this is like whipped cream huh okay and now you have to put some on my back girls okay here comes it spread it girls okay here Anya you can have some thank you hey it really does but at least the Sun will burn me now spread spread spread is it enough mommy yes that's enough now go put some on Elsa okay hurry up girls my skin is gonna burn okay coming don't worry Elsa squeeze it all right spread it ready that feels bad I can't feel that the Sun is not burning me anymore yep mommy now we're doing your arms okay let's get spreading spread spread okay a bit on my legs and that's all okay here it comes okay start spreading they like to spread it girls yeah it's so much fun dear mommy now you have to let it dry okay girls thank you for helping us yeah welcome you can't you can't I'll catch you on yeah you wait didn't you see a put just you just put sand on our sunscreen oh we're sorry mommy and don't stand on the blanket why are you still on the blanket No get off we're story mommy now we have to get washed again watch watch watch watch okay that feels much better let's go now sailing across the sea and in not the deep water but we can't go there girls yeah but it's still super cool when I grow up can I be a sailor short girls if you walk to be a sailor then you do this filler day but you have to believe you can do it yeah I will believe I can do it girls and I think I saw ice cream around here you wanna go get some ice cream yeah if you're nice girls you get top ice cream visit our channel and subscribe for more videos


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have one so so many people have requested to see what we've taken for Eddie for our holiday we go in three days time and I'm starting to pack surf what would be the perfect opportunity to show you everything and we're only going for a week and it looks like loads and I do over pack but I really kind of don't care about either packing because Ellie is really messy and because we're going all inclusive I know that when she had a lot of past star and and watermelon and stuff so a clothes get absolutely ruined I don't really put bibs on her anymore cause she's three and a half and so her clothes do get ruined and we did change her quite a lot when one holiday just because and you know like you're in and out the pool and and some of the cool wine and stuff at that so I have packed more than I should but I always do and it works out really really well for us we'll never run out of clothes which it wasn't my biggest fears in holiday so yeah I thought I'd show you everything and I'm going to do a what dinner carry on for the airplane as well to look up that so the first thing this is her little wash bag and this is all going in her wash bag so we've got some toothpaste and her to flush some sunglasses some cream Suda cream and bedtime lotion because her skin does kind of get dry from the Sun and stuff and paw patrol tissues always need tissues of a toddler and empty water bottle will also take one for the plane and quite got another one just in case I lose it or something this is her favorite water bottle and then we have her hair stuff so I've got these clips the other day and and then in here is a bunch of like hair tires and hair clips and I got this from Primark because we've got a bath in the hotel rooms I thought that'd be really fun the baby shampoo three lots of baby wipes and these are basically just feel like if she's sticky or if she's eating because she's pushed rained and then we've got her detailed and spray and her hair that we use what I like to put all the wet swimwear into and it just keeps it from you know get in into your bags and stuff this is a giant flamingo inflatable from Primark we took it out the box because the packaging was just ridiculously too big suitcase dudes Funtown shop and the pods are going to the beach and it was only pound each for this and kind of like little shovels and little watering can and the other one is like a little truck so emotional lodgings on the beach we've got some splash balls we always get into McGann holiday and armbands a swim ring and a inflatable beach ball Gil from the pound shop and and it gets really expensive when you buy this sort of stuff abroad so and yeah we're taking it with us these are all tops now you might think this is quite a lot of tops to just wheat but like I said would do go for a lot of clothing and I like to have an extra one of these outfits in this pile will be and her like traveling outfit and traveling outfit going back so these are just little strappy best top here they've all got tags on because she doesn't want any of them because it's not being like super super hot in England I've been saving them for holiday I need to take all the tags off and then these are all like more t-shirts so we've got like a pineapple one there t-shirt Iran's Chevy ones there so these all their tops and then these are like beach dresses and we've got this speech dress here's a crab on this one for primer actually love this one it's got nasur daisies on it and this one weird little ice creams and watermelons so that's all their dresses these are all her rompers so like places casual ones during the day and I think there's like three or four and there's all her casual shorts so if I'm going really quick but most cameras flashin as these are like casual shorts and these are more like even insurance so like more dressier short you can see there and I've got two cardigans just case is chilly we've got a pink a white one we have a swimming bag for all the swimming stuff and cream into when we go down to the pool and I bought this new hat for her is super cute and this bucket hats she's had since last year and she loves it I'm not much a fan of it but she loved it and she does actually wear it around the house I'm hoping she'll wear it but yes just to keep her protected and then got this really cute one here from Primark these are all her shoes these are going to be her travelling shoes and then we got a pink pair white pair of brown pair and these are more like and evening pair these are so cute I love these and yeah they're all her shoes this is all her swimming stuff so we've got like some all in ones like the SPF 50 ones and then we've got some swimming costumes and love this one and then we've got this one super cute and we've got some more hats here for like actually in the pool the ones that cover their neck and then we have a beach towel which is a Minnie Mouse beach towel for her and so I'm going to show you now her evening outfits but and yet this is everything we're taking for Elly I thought only underwear I've actually packed more than seven ICCA's just because she's fully potty-trained but just in case of accidents because it's in another country and stuff like that so it's always good to have spare knickers so they're all her knickers and just free pairs of socks because she'll be in sandals most the time these are just for like cocoon versus okay so these are the evening outfit the first dress is this one from next just looks like that and then the second one is from the essential-1 and it's this beautiful like mint green one I've been saving this for holiday the third one my Nana in Ireland got her this is actually from a shop called done and it's like a silky material it's so beautiful this is a dress and I just love the back it's got like a giant bow at the back and so yeah can't wait because we do like to dress up more in the evening and so that's going to be a beautiful dress for her and then we just got this lightly stool it's kind of like a waistcoat card a good thing and just put with an outfit I'm just bringing that this one mine and also got turtle mine and also got her this one from a duns it's just got like a frilly bit at the top and then a little bicycle at the bottom it's like a little sundress but and I think that'd be more I mean she can wear in the day we'll see when we get there but and that will be perfect for the day or the evening and then we've got her this jumpsuit which are shown in my whole list from next and it's just a jumpsuit like that so that is going to be a outfit and then the last one with a pair and then this is going to be an evening outfit with a pair of shorts and it's just this cutouts little white top that her shoulders will be on show and manang got that from done in Ireland if anyone's interested for those super cute I love this one so that is everything we are bringing it for any and like I said I'm going to be filming a what's in her travel bring that carry-on case for the airplane so stay tuned if you'd like to see that and yeah I hope you all have a lovely day and our speech will soon bye

Fun Holiday Beach Resort | Negril Jamaica | Anniversary Trip

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Best Affordable Winter Beach Vacations

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it may be time for the winter parka but don't put away your swimsuit just yet you can join the snowbirds flying south for the winter because we've searched far and wide to uncover this year's most affordable Beach destinations of course Florida is a top destination for winter travelers and for good reason the daytime temperatures can stay in the 70s and there's plenty of shoreline to spread out but golf sites st. Petersburg lures visitors and dolphins with warm waters and low prices with lots of trendy new eateries and hangouts st. Petersburg is especially appealing to younger travelers looking to get more for their money if you're looking for maximum savings consider the Florida Keys where numerous campgrounds make beachfront accommodations affordable for everyone if you can swing the airfare Puerto Rico offers incredible beaches with reasonably priced resorts and with temperatures in the 80s winter has never felt so good for the best package deals you may need to book your accommodations two to three months in advance and don't overlook Mexico's Pacific coast where Puerto Escondido gets our vote for affordability this year best known for its incredible surf conditions this overlooks city boasts gorgeous beaches and inexpensive room rates for more ideas on affordable destinations check out our US News best hotels rankings online for how-to videos on any topic visit monkey-see calm

Vlog | A Holiday in Spain, Cadiz Sandcastles and Exotic fruit

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hey guys so we are on the train station sometimes of something but we woke up really early I think it's 8 o'clock because we're gonna take a train to Cadiz which is a beautiful city on the coast because you know Seville is beautiful but it does have a beach so we thought with the weather being really nice we have little day trip we have seven days we are about to take our train there's mom in the background flap be what is it what is it trains ooh and black bodies ready grandma's fella it's quiet this is good because at least we're getting some exercise of all the amazing doctor selfie Wow so now we're at the top and we just saw that pick and roll that is the biggest beach in Cadiz and then that one is a smaller one you want to go up like this oh yeah let me go up there okay thank guys if you're ever in study definitely recommend going up here it's about six euros right yeah pictures yeah but you have a beautiful view of the city and the nice thing is can all be Spanish TV there's a little high rise buildings this is like a really long Tower it's literally the highest building and I'm about to go to the beach El Torito woebegone Tropicana but is it right in some niche like a photo shoot oh you peel it like an oh yeah maybe I'm feeding it's so beautiful your outfit much devotion you we got is diving once he's over ho pretty out here look at the view this is all Freddy's very pretty you just found this amazing little street how please we go to eat in the street we're so tired not obviously dude you're fake sleeping you are you guys are fake sleeping your beauty sleeping or back on the tree too I'm going to say Cuddy's but this is how tired I am caduceus reveal at an amazing day outside I think about 30 I've never been never for such a beautiful city so I and mum was swimming mom went into the ocean four times more times me and Donna are not so we're not so brave and yeah it's 8:30 James bill