Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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Crunch’s Beach holiday

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good morning it's our final well actually we're packing up and we're changing our resort today so we're just gonna go down and have breakfast and then we're going to Catalonia plan Maroma yes mm-hmm so you get to see a brand new resort today and stay there for a couple days I can't wait because this place is perfect so it's really sad to leave but I which is next one's gonna be awesome too it's exciting to see different places it is never had this before so I'm really excited about another beautiful day again here and the breakfast buffet is always so good that doughnut fruit and everything you can imagine and I want one of everything I can have whatever I like the perfect breakfast right here my gosh and then this is the view oh so nice look at the halt here oh he carried these because he says bed strong guy here look at mine ha we're doing howls that's true okay then here's our new resort look awesome it looks beautiful oh cool look at this oh this is beautiful awesome we're just hanging out here in this little lounge to get checked in and it's so nice Bakey I am so excited in the beach it's gonna be unbelievable silks yeah we just now know that it's like they're the number five in the world number five number one in Mexico yes we're gonna see I can't either look at this we're in Jurassic Park no we just they're going to have some lunch and then we'll go to our room they've been so nice here already no making us feel so special like right you zero dieter we're going croco hunt in here there's a chance this bird could jump out at you I'm kidding but there will be Birds on you I found one hey lunch of champions this buffet area is so big it's nice so name hey yeah tough day let's go yeah look at this oh my god oh my god looks perfect look at the white sand Oh we are heading to our room now look how cool this looks awesome yeah looks nice it's quiet and like a little it feels a little little town it is like the little town here yeah I think their own houses yeah cute what the hell yeah cute so class this is you to water oh are you fiat on this whoo it is so hard on the feet oh my gosh don't know where you're going get really are we in the right here him 6104 aren't we well then welcome to paradise here we go oh oh this is so nice look at that opened so cute this is adorable oh I love it oh that's nice little sitting area here very nice and here we're going into the bathroom light oh nice toilet very nice the showers nice like the last one perfect this is not a bad place to relax that fountain is so relaxing so beautiful here I'm basically sitting in a bush no big deal oh wow there's a hottie for you ready for dinner yeah you look nice oh that's getting too hot here I have to step back a little bit here all right I got burned who are you doing honey look it's Betty we're both so dying I'm not I'm so not tired like hey I don't know I think spiffy we got a little monkey Kiki Kiki ready for dinner good oh my God look at this now look at this guy you see him this little girl my crike let's go cut him can I go after him money balsam then come okay we have a new discovery SAR speed drunk damn shrunk don't fifty shoes anymore I used to wear these like when I was young well you're so young they never heal it oh no good mm-hmm not safe no don't the heels on our dinner is served well actually it's just opt eyes errs it looks so good enjoy we just finished dinner yep and we're heading to entertainment maybe soon my sister see you mom