Surfinn Sopelana – surf camp in Spain

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Surfivor Surf Camp – Porto – Esmoriz – Portugal

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Surfing Holidays at the Surfivor Surf Camp in Esmoriz – Oporto – Portugal

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Surfing Holiday South Spain

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well it gives you five full surfing days from Monday to Friday we give you accommodation in the beautiful town of corneal accommodation there are self catering apartments which are five minutes walk from the beach every morning we do a two-hour surfing lesson then you get the chance to have a surfboard in the wetsuit during the surfing lessons we also run a little bit of yoga so just loosen you up and stretch you up in the morning the first surfing lesson you actually learn how to catch waves in prone position lying down and how to go up to your feet so in the first surfing lesson you're actually going to be able to stand up and ride away through the beach after that we'll work on stance refinement work paddling timing and depending on each student basic maneuvers linking maneuvers together our surfing lessons you've got a professional instructor giving you professional feedback of the best possible equipment we live by the philosophy that her very personal attention is needed so surfing lessons have a ratio of live students to one instructor we are the most established or live the longest established surf school in Andalusia we've been running our surf school now for 14 years we are all of our instructors are fully trained we are Beach lifeguards my standard Beach lifeguards and we also hold surf instructor qualifications from the various international organizations the south of Spain ours a surfing destination is actually a very very low-key Andalusia is so much more than surfing we enjoy atlantic ocean waves we enjoy a Mediterranean climate the diet here the gastronomy is just absolutely second to none is out of this world Valley and the province of Cardiff has a very very strong culture of memento of gastronomy and you know certain could really take a backseat to your you know the the main activities on your holiday purely because in you the surrounding area you've got some of the most amazing sights and cities and your local guides you'll be able to integrate you and show you you know the best places to go to bed to eat and just to let you give a real give you a real feel for authentic Andalusia everyone who who serves and as you know or enjoys a certain lifestyle really they're very much like minded you can meet people from Morocco South Africa Indonesia Australia Europe and having certain is that common bond it's just a wonderful way you know to communicate and a great way to meet like-minded people when you're surfing when you for example you paddle in paddle hard into a wave you search for words you get up to your feet you feel yourself drop down the wave and you rails your board is very very sensitive and very euphoric is so much to it there the sounds the visions and it's it's one of a very very few times in your life where your mind goes completely blank and it just allows you to bleep free to find our contact details please go to our website which is on the website you're going to see a contact section where you can get in touch with us by telephone email you can fill in the contact form we'll be happy to answer any questions and clarify an information at all