Montenegro Fjord Swimming Holiday by Strel Swimming Adventures

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We organise fully guided week-long swimming tours in Montenegro. We cover comprehensive safety escort ( boats, swimming guides, local boat pilots), swim coaching, technique & stroke analysis, hotel accommodation, all breakfasts, all lunches and some dinners. Each guest receives a swim hat and t-shirt. Water bottles, wetsuits, fins, rash vests and other complimentary swimming and snorkelling gear will be provided on each tour.

We are based in the small and very beautiful village of Prcanj, known as an old marine centre since the times of the sail ships, close to the old UNESCO town of Kotor.
We swim and explore the stunning Bays of Kotor and Tivat and hop from one cove to another in the crystal-clear and balmy waters along the Adriatic sea.

Local Operational Policy
All our treks ensure that in the team of guides there is at least one team-member who has in-depth experience and knowledge of the local waters, the main swimming routes and the alternatives as well as a fluent local language speaker.

Tour Highlights:
– Swim in the stunning Gulf of Kotor, UNESCO World Heritage Site
– Explore white stone fishing villages and secluded bays in the Adriatic
– Swim through the turquoise waters of Plava Spilja (Blue Grotto) cave
– Swim around Mamula island, former Italian prison during World War II
– Visit the historical towns that are surrounded by mountains of Kotor, Perast, Tivat
– Walk up to nearby hill of Vrmac to enjoy views of the bays
– Visit Lovćen National Park & Mausoleum of Njegos
– Enjoy the boat rides through outstanding natural beauty and dramatic scenery

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