Swim Adventure Burgh Island, Devon | SwimTrek Adventure Holidays

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okay so I just finished doing the swim track for Island swim and it took about half an hour and it was absolutely gorgeous the conditions were perfect but you know it's still turn G and we swam out around the island and there were just beautiful birds and sea gulls and terns and it was just so stunning huge dramatic cliffs and then the scenery turned and there were all these little gullies to swim through and we found like a perfectly kind of still shelter bit all the stuff and symptoms swim track made it a really really enjoyable and fun experience and I can honestly say it was the most farm the best day I've had all year swim rain barrel and swim fortuyn Trek beautiful sunny day 30 degrees there's quite a few of the guests today were first-time sea swimmers so they were slightly nervous and I think in climates the Latian swim really putting their put their minds at rest and then then we all headed off in sort of two groups really there was a sort of slower group and then a faster group and I think they were really appreciative that there was so much safety cover we had a rip going out with them and we had two or three to paddle boards yeah and then Andy and myself in the water yeah as well so everybody felt very very comfortable safety wise and just a really smooth swim yeah very enjoyable it was just really a really nice chilled relaxed swim I've done a few swim tricks now and this is a really pretty one I thoroughly recommend it to anyone to come and do it's an easy enough swing to people that aren't that confident but it's you know you can make as much as little bit as you want