Best Budget Vacation Ideas

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so Allison from Queens says I want to go on vacation this summer but I'm a terrible at saving money can you help well Allison who doesn't want to go on vacation it's summertime it's beautiful and going anywhere costs a lot of money I can help you some great vacation places that won't break the bank our public swimming pool you always find some kind of treasure floating in those things you know whether it's a band-aid Snickers bar or you know human feces a great way to travel for cheap is drug trafficking you can be a mule everyone wants to go to Mexico spring break just put some cocaine and a condom and make a lot of money just be careful and make sure that your digestion is regular because you don't want to die in a bathtub I would recommend to save your money that you don't leave the house for a while have a staycation learn to knit learn to meditate you can do those magic eye paintings those are crazy just look at them stare at them and it's like there it is you know instead of traveling outward why not travel in word in the mind you can go anywhere wanna go to the moon the moon is hilarious I was just in Paris it was amazing the men there are very romantic I just went to the bathroom going on vacation makes me think of a fun vacation II song like it's some time it's not crime to wanna go on vacation you should go you should go cuz rhyming with go is so easy but I can't think of what to do you should go to the blow don't do blow what do it if that's what you're into on vacation it's your vacation go on vacation and do what you wanna do love happy hey man you got to go on vacation yeah yeah yeah you got to save your money you don't be looking funny you go to the beach you can't eat no peach cuz you can't afford it so just is some sand