Khmer primitive technology, Khmer fishing at freetimes…

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Amazing Fishing on holiday (Khmer primitive life) ++++++++++++++
Lots of fish caught by fishing pole at homeland on holiday. Good survival at primitive tochnology… +++++++++++++–
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Top 5 Upcoming Transportation Incredible Technology That Will Blow Your Mind

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Top 5 Upcoming Transportation Incredible Technology That Will Blow Your Mind

Here you can find your future life with technology. Latest Technology Inventions of this year and so on. You can find New Inventions of Science.
This video will helps you to Increase your Knowledge about these awesome gadgets.

We are present you vision for the future buses. They look so cool and smart on the street. Some of them have no driver.

Just when you thought your commute was getting too routine. Over the next decade, the idea of getting to work on time, heading out to the hinterlands for your family vacation or even going to the
game will become much easier. Cars will drive themselves along pre-determined routes. Trains will use new magnetic rail systems. And an amazing new “hyperloop” train will speed along at 800 miles per hour.

The best part? These innovations are not just spinning their wheels. They are set to debut within the next 10 years or have already started transporting us.

“New technologies have the potential to make our roads and transit systems safer, greener and more efficient,” Gregory Winfree,
the administrator of the Department of Transportation’s Research
and Innovative Technology Administration, told “We are working hard to ensure that these technologies can be integrated safely into our existing system.”

“We will need to do something,” said Thilo Koslowski, the lead automotive analyst at research firm Gartner, who studies next-generation transportation, “given that we will continue to see more vehicles on the road but won’t be able to grow infrastructure at the same time. We have to get smarter about using that infrastructure and/or innovate in passenger vehicles and mobility

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What’s in my work backpack? //helloMayuko

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Hi! Been wanting to do this video for a while now. Here are the products mentioned in my video!

~ High Sierra Backpack ~
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~ Wu Tang Clang ~

~ 15″ MacBook Pro ~

~ Baron Fig Confidante Bullet Journal ~

~ Muji Pens ~

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~ Manager’s Path ~

~ Bose QuietComfort 35 ii ~

~ HydroFlask Water Bottle ~

~ Lavender Hand Sanitizer ~

Hope you have a great day, wherever you are.
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What’s in my Gadget Backpack! ($300 Budget Edition)

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Arie created one of the best $300 budget Gadget Backpacks. She included the essentials such as bluetooth portable speaker, cables, portable charger, a budget laptop and more! The focus here was on quality rather than quantity. All UAC Approved!

Find the tech here:

Mancro Travel Backpack (fits up to 17 in):
Sony Step Up Ex Earbuds:
Kingston Flashdrive Micro USB 3C:
7 in 1 Pen:
Spudz Microfiber Cloth:
Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable:
Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB Cable:
Anker PowerLine+ USB C:
AUKEY 12000mAh Portable Charger:
Lenovo Ideapad 110s:
AmazonBasics Bluetooth Portable Speaker:
Logitech x100 Bluetooth Portable Speaker:

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What’s inside a Bass Backpack?

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We CUT OPEN a wearable Bass backpack, how does it work? When would you use this? Watch our $3,000 bluetooth speaker video:

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What’s in my Gadget Backpack 5.0!

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The ULTIMATE Gamer’s Paradise! (Room Tour 2016) –

Gadget Backpack 5.0 for 2016 is here! Some of the best tech is packed in here for my setup!

The Tech Survival Kit (Must Have!) –

Find everything here:
Incase Icon Backpack –
Sony H.ear in Wireless –
Samsung T3 Portable SSD –
Insignia Travel Adapter –
Aukey 10 Port USB Hub –
10 ft Lightning Cable –
Reversable USB Type C Cable (something similar) –
Aukey 30,000 mAh Portable Charger –
RX100 MIV –
Portable Camera Mic Windscreen –
Legend of Zelda Notebook –
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White PS Vita (first gen) –
New Nintendo 3DS –
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This Backpack Packs A Surprising Feature…

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TRAKK Shell Backpack (USA Link) –
TRAKK Shell Backpack (International) –

This is one of the most unusual and coolest items I’ve featured on Unbox Therapy. The TRAKK shell backpacks packs more volume than expected + it’s got the added functionality of battery backup. I used the aux cord to connect for the purpose of this video but the TRAKK shell backpack also features bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

More info from manufacturer –

The TRAKK SHELL Multi Function Bluetooth Speaker Backpack excites all adventurists! SHELL includes every function needed to truly enjoy and enhance every excursion or sport that brings your day! The TRAKK SHELL has just enough space to include your necessary carry ons in a lightweight portable Backpack. The SHELL is manufactured to withstand all natural/unnatural conditions! The Included remote helps you dance your way through your adventure with convenience! Pair Instantly!

The Shell can literally be heard through storm, wind, grind, and more. Just because the SHELL is so powerful, does not mean your SHELL will give up its clear brilliant vocals. You will not miss a beat! Clear as a summer day.
The SHELL still maintains lightweight features although this backpack is a true banger!

The SHELL is Waterproof rated IPX5 able to withstand water jets from all directions. Rain away! EVA Manufactured materials allows for complete shockproof protection.
Break away! Rugged Design allows for complete durability. First times a charm! Relaxes your shoulders and eases your muscles!
360 Degree Breathable Comfort! Multi Compartments in backpack provides enough storage space for your accessories, clothing, your power juice and more!

The Power Bank is powered by a 5200 mAh battery providing 2 full charges for your devices. Don’t miss a beat ever again!
The SHELL possesses serious work/play time! Your Shell can work up to 12 hours per single charge. Advanced Connectivity Technology allows your Shell to pair from a distance! Pair up to 65 feet away! High Speed Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity allows for auto pairing.

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Mac – Safari Settings Tutorial

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In this video I am covering some of the key settings in the Safari Application on your mac.

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Top 5 Wood Burning Backpacking Stoves

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Here are five small portable wood burning stoves that are great for backpacking or any camping trip.

TOAKS Titanium Stove
Solo Stove Lite
Emberlit Stove
Firebox Backpacking Stove
SilverFire Scout Wood Burning Stove

If you are into nature checkout the YouTube Channel 4K Nature

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Desi Parents and VACATIONS

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