Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in The World | 2017

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top ten most beautiful islands in the world the Oxford Dictionary offers a drab definition of the word Island a piece of land surrounded by water however we know islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth if Heaven exists it must be an island it offers a perfect escape from the busy life in the 21st century a perfect patch of land where you can rest and rejuvenate your body and a beautiful surrounding to refresh your mind is what everyone wants on their ideal holiday some islands that go a level or two above all and stand out for their enchanting beauty today we present our list of the most beautiful places in the world 10 st. Lucia st. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is famous not only for its golden beaches but also for its interesting geography it has two volcanic mountains that drive 700 metres from the sea and produce a stunning scenery that leaves a mark on the memory it has natural Hot Springs where you can heal and small fishing villages where you can explore the island that remained largely unspoiled it's becoming popular among all from adrenaline junkies to honeymooners st. Lucia is also not as expensive as some of its neighboring islands ix Kauai Hawaii the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain is also regarded as the Garden Isle because of its lush green forest cover the island also has stunning waterfalls and an equally impressive coastline dotted with beautiful beaches the blue seeds around the island are populated by exotic tropical fishes as well as turtles and coral reefs Kauai is more laid-back the nearby islands and as a more rural look than resplendent in fact some regions can only be explored by foot eight Seychelle located east of Africa in the Indian Ocean Seychelle is a tropical wonderland worth visiting the remote island is almost unspoiled with cloud three beaches beautiful coral reefs and bright blue waters it features white beaches having giant boulders and UNESCO protected jungles the island also has a diverse population of colorful birds and other exotic animals including giant tortoises 7cg a favorite for many Australian tourists Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific its tropical white sand beaches with turquoise waters attract many people all over the world who can enjoy their perfect holiday at one of Fiji's many luxury resorts or hotels whether you love snorkeling diving or surfing the locals will welcome you with happy smiles and make your stay one to remember if the cliche Caribbean getaway is not for you be sure to explore Fiji and six Maui Hawaii Maui is part of the Hawaiian Islands and has everything great wildlife a rich heritage of interesting culture and traditions you can spend your time relaxing on the fine beaches of Maui enjoy a game with a friend on one of its golf courses and stay at one of their world-class beach resorts Maui has an interesting trip ography that includes a 10,000 foot of volcano waterfalls and deep craters and multicolored beaches now he attracts surfers and wind surfers from all over the globe it is also a popular scuba and snorkelling location sighs Maldives located in the Indian Ocean it is widely accepted that Maldives as some of the best islands in the world ravishing white beaches and aqua marine waters gives this place a sublime nature breathtaking coral reefs and underwater creatures will force you to go scuba diving and surfers from around the world come here to ride the blue waves for Bali Indonesia Bali is an island province in Indonesia that has mesmerizing culture and a rich heritage of art music and dance the island has tall volcanoes covered in lush green canopy and crystal-clear waters this island attracts all types of visitors from ordinary people holiday and sunbathing on the beaches to historians exploring the rich traditions of the locals to religious tourists exploring the lovely incense filled Hindu temples three Santorini Greece Santorini and the southern Aegean Sea was created when a volcanic explosion destroyed a lot of the settlements on what was once a single island the island is beautiful white villas and blue domed churches that seem to hang off all cata cliffs that plunge into the deep blue sea the beaches in some places have blackened red fans and our locations of magnificent sunsets it is one of the most expensive and picturesque locations in the world to bora-bora french polynesia the small volcanic island of Bora Bora is more beautiful than what even famous artists could have designed clear turquoise waters with extraordinary marine life will leave you begging for more in this South Pacific fantasy tourist friendly locals who have a delicious cuisine will rejuvenate your tastebuds fall asleep to the sound of waves inside bungalows that stand over the water on this blissful location the one penguin Philippines palawan is an island province situated in the Philippines surrounded by beautiful sea water as blue as some jewel blessed with a large variety of unique wildlife both terrestrial and aquatic this sparsely populated region is one of the most beautiful places on earth bright white beaches beautiful coral reefs and lush green jungles on the island we'll welcome you and make you wish your holiday never ended

Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

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these are the roads to eternal memories welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 backpacking destinations for this list we're considering a broad range of areas whether cities or geographical regions so no one single location made the cut it's more about painting a portrait than pinpointing a specific place on earth number 10 Scandinavia while not as sexy as Paris or Rome this region provides i popping visuals from denmark all the way to finland a walk along the canals of copenhagen is a must for any extended backpacking excursion and the Norwegian fjords of to EMSA highlight the sensational Northern Lights whether it's Stockholm old town or the Magnificent coastline of Helsinki sweet old Scandinavia inspires deep thoughts and beautiful moments of backpacking bliss number nine Peru and Chile the western coastline of South America offers a chance to roam the Andes or explore the ancient civilization of the Incan Empire but anyone brave enough to endure the trek to machu picchu earns instant backpacker credibility with a poetic landscape of vibrant greens and blues both Peru and Chile allow visitors to experience magical realism at its finest although photos may capture the unbelievable the beauty of this South American region must be mentally captured and saved forever number 8 India the average traveler may be intimidated by the heavily populated cities of New Delhi and Mumbai but the most versatile backpacker prepares for an excursion through the thar desert or a spontaneous Himalayan adventure the of spices and flavors serve as sensory delights just as the endless amount of visual wonders can take one North to Taj Mahal or all the way south to Chennai in the Bay of Bengal all in all one trip through India will encourage many more number seven France although the City of Light appeals to young artists and lovers seeking inspiration the surrounding areas of Paris offer an equally momentous experience the French Riviera attracts an international crowd every May for the Cannes Film Festival but just a few miles away is the illustrious niece always a favorite of backpackers the Bordeaux region allows a dip into both rivers and wine although some may prefer it get away too sensational Mon blaah located in the French Alps number six Southeast Asia Thailand Vietnam Cambodia and Indonesia to experience the emerald green waters of Thailand is to experience heaven on earth whether it's an afternoon on the beaches of pop Tom or a stroll around Bangkok a backpacker can't go wrong in Southeast Asia the natural beauty of nearby Cambodia and Vietnam often brings visitors to their knees from pure astonishment on the trip cells to the second pole waterfalls of Bali may inspire a silent cry of joy number five the United Kingdom London town welcomes a plethora of backpackers every year all ready to slam down a pint or mingle with locals however a complete United Kingdom experience involves a jaunt through the morn mountains of northern island or a peaceful afternoon in the Scottish Highlands then there is Snowdonia a national park in wales designed for ocular ecstasy although not part of the UK The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland are not far away and should also be embraced in body and spirit number four the Greek islands and Turkey just as a trip to Athens awakens the mind a trip through the surrounding waters may soothe the soul the island of Santorini proves that myths become realities once backpackers witness the magnificent iya sunsets and a getaway to nearby Turkey offers even more mediterranean magic as a trip to the cotton castle of pamukkala will forever change the concept of pools the Greek islands and Turkey boast beautiful artifacts of ancient history and visual gems that make Instagram users drool number 3 Spain and Portugal the afternoon siestas of Madrid keep backpackers rested while late-night tapas results in permanent ooh the night Spain is simply an essential stop for backpackers of all ages whether one wants to kick back on the beaches of Barcelona or explore the cliffs of San Sebastian Basque Country awaits for countryside fun along with the exquisite city of Lisbon in nearby Portugal together the two countries make for a perfect starting point for the eastbound European traveller number two East Coast Australia although a complete experience down under is always recommended a backpacker must immerse him or herself fully into the sparkling East Coast from Melbourne to Cairns this delectable Australian trip takes visitors through the incomparable Sydney and up through the glorious beaches of the Gold Coast road trip or rail this Australian setting always stimulates the senses and a complimentary trip to New Zealand asked to the southern hemisphere swag before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions number one Amsterdam whether it's rumors or realities this location in the kingdom of the Netherlands creates backpacking legends some visit for the sensual delights while others seek a different type of natural high but the city's dazzling architecture and entertainment maintain a most remarkable reputation among travelers daytime visits to the van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House warmed the heart and the city's bright lights set the stage for nighttime thrills all it takes is a smile and one word for backpackers to understand each other Amsterdam do you agree with our list what's your favorite backpacking destination for more mind-blowing top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

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10 most beautiful islands in the world welcome to a Lex calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired you guys have asked for this video since we got started we didn't really want to do it because it's almost impossible to quantify which are the most beautiful islands but because you a lexer is insisted we gave it a shot please keep in mind that these are just ten of the thousands of incredible islands around the world number one Seychelles you might remember this place from our previous video on tax havens where billionaires hide their money and more the Republic of Seychelles is made of no less than 115 islands spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean the beautiful islands will offer you an out worthy experience where you can hang out with some of the most exotic animals in the world like giant tortoises coconut crabs and black parrots the rock formation along anse source d'argent on ladi Island the highest peak mourns a shallow on ma che and the tropical forests of Praslin Islands will offer you stunning views if you want to have a luxurious vacation you can choose to stay at resorts and hotels such as raffles and the Four Seasons which will make you feel like a celebrity with their private pools and Butler's number two Canary Islands Spain the Canaries are the place with the best climate for you to enjoy your holiday at any time of the year with an approximate temperature of 21 to 23 degrees in January just imagine the weather in the summer the Canary Islands have no less than seven different islands you can choose from for a perfect getaway when it comes to activities there is no chance that you will be bored you can watch the whales sail over to Chimaera admire the snow-capped mountain in Tenerife e or simply relax on the beach number three Capri Italy located in the terrain E&C Capri has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic so you can only imagine luxury the island has more than plenty of things to offer such as secret swimming coasts turquoise waters beautiful gardens and beautiful ruins of emperor Tiberius pleasure palace if that didn't convince you I'm sure some stunning views will from the highest point of the island you can see vesuvius in the Italian coast Melia Hotels opened an adult only hotel so if you want a naughty holiday you know where to go number four Tahiti French Polynesia the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia Tahiti is located in the archipelago of the society islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean the islands has an international airport and luxurious hotels so there's nothing standing between you and this amazing island you can admire the coral reefs and breathtaking views and take long romantic walks on the beach number five Maui Hawaii the island has some amazing attractions like the historic walling town of Lahaina the Makena Beach upcountry plantation the desert sands of Halle kala National Park and let's not forget one of the world's most scenic drives to deeply green Hana on the islands you will have a lot of fun things to do like hiking sightseeing paddling net fishing or husking a coconut and you can enjoy a luxurious accommodation at the Travis ah Hana Maui is one of the places where celebrities love to spend their holidays number 6 Santorini Greece the largest island of a small circular arch Apollo Go Santorini will offer you beautiful places to explore tall cliffs a peaceful Lagoon and sunny beaches are just a few of the attractions you will find Greece is known for its bright blue sea and white buildings which make the perfect visual contrast Santorini's primary industry is tourism especially in the summer so don't be surprised if you find more visitors than locals when visiting the island you can enjoy a luxurious day at hotel / volus it is rated one of the best hotels of 2013 and offers some amazing views of the caldera number seven kawaii hawaii the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands kawaii is also known as the Garden Isle the Napali Coast has breathtaking cliffs and amazing views and if you want to take it all in and go on a two-day kayak trip to a cascading waterfall it would be amazing other options are admiring kawaii row Lua River the way Mia Canyon or relaxing on the beach or by the pool at luxurious hotels such as st. Regis Princeville the most opulent resort on the north coast as an extra activity you have the option to book your own helicopter and admire everything from up top in the skies how's that for luxury number 8 Bora Bora French Polynesia located in the French Polynesia Bora Bora is more than stunning if you visit the island your expectations will be met and exceeded the island is very private and luxurious and has breathtaking views you can relax on the beach go snorkeling or discover the gigantic volcanoes and the stunning coral garden with its high-end bungalows Bora Bora is one of these celebrities favorite spots to spend their vacations the lagoon the Fifty Shades of Sea and the Sea Life are nothing but amazing if you want a luxurious day you can choose the st. Regis Hotel or the Four Seasons Resort number 9 los Rose Venezuela with around 350 islands Ches and islets los rogues are Java Lego is an amazing place to visit it was declared a national park in 1972 and it just boasts with beauty thanks to its spectacular coral reefs and the starring diversity of the underwater life and seabirds activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving urges two of the best ways of how you can spend your time there if you want to dine or rent a room try the local Posadas and restaurants the four room italian own guest house Posada el Policano is a top-class place and yes it's small but it's intimate and luxurious for sure number ten Lipari Italy the largest of the Aeolian Islands in the Turanian sea of the northern coast of sicily lipari island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world robbed in the past by pirates and Greeks for its hard black volcanic glass deposits found all around the island has a population of around eleven thousand people during the tourist season it can reach even twenty thousand if you want to have some amazing views catarah chichi or the four-eyes is the place to go just west of the main town a luxurious day will be offered to you at the kata Pardo Park Hotel which once was an 18th century villa the hotel has rooms overlooking the ancient acropolis and medieval castelo we know we know there are so many more worth mentioning so we might as well just ask you guys which islands do you think we should include we ever decide to do a part two on this leave your recommendations in the comments thank you for spending some time with us a Luxor's if you enjoy this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so you never miss another video we also hand-picked these videos which we recommend you watch next if you're bored you might want to check out our website Alex calm for great articles or Instagram or Facebook page thank you for being an a lexer

My Favorite Backpacking Gear of 2017 (Top 10)

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hey guys it's Darwin here with my top 10 favorite backpacking gear of 2017 all right so technically it's not the end of 2017 yet because we still have like three weeks left but I don't plan on getting any new gear before the years out so I think we're okay if you've been following along here on the channel for this past year you'll know that I have tested and reviewed and talked about a ton of different backpacking gear and personally I have used a ton of different backpacking gear this year between trips like my section hike of the CDT and April to my section hike of the Arizona Trail in September a ton of hiking in the Grand Canyon some hiking in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park a bunch of weekend backpacking trips and a lot of day hiking I have used a crap ton of gear so I figured I would compiled a list of my top ten favorite pieces of gear from 2017 that I used for the first time this year all right so number 10 would be a piece of gear that has completely changed the way I dress on the trail and that is the Columbia Silver Ridge long-sleeve light shirt now before I pick this guy up for my section hike of the CDT in April I'd always been one of those tech t-shirt guys always wearing like a Nike Pro combat shirt I picked this up specifically for that desert section hike of the CDT to obviously give me some block from the Sun and not only was it great for the harsh Desert Sun on that section but just overall an amazing hiking shirt it's great for sun protection it breathes really well it can be a long sleeve it can be a short sleeve it looks pretty snazzy this has become my new favorite hiking shirt for section hikes day hikes and it'll be the shirt that I'll wear for my entire through hike of the PCT next year so it makes the list number nine is a piece of gear that actually replaced another one of my favorite pieces of gear and that is the BRS ultralight stove you guys have been subscribed to the channel here for the last couple years you'll know one of my favorite all-time pieces of gear was the Snow Peak light Mac stove it's the stove that I carried on the Appalachian Trail at the beginning of the year I picked this guy up because it seemed like a great budget option and it has become my favorite go-to stove now even though I do a lot of cold soaking nowadays when I do need a stove for the trail I the BRS it's super lightweight it's super compact and they're really cheap this little stoves pretty hard to beat and it's probably going to be going with me next year on my hike of the PCT so because it replaced one of my older favorite pieces of gear it definitely makes the list number eight is a piece of gear that I didn't even expect to light and then ended up changing the way I think about shelters on the trail and that is the enlightened equipment recon vivvy now before I pick this guy up I had never been a big fan of Vivi's because I'm a tent guy I like having that extra room to spread out and to have a home on the trail I picked the Recon vivvy up specifically to get my base weight down and go with an ultra light setup and to my surprise I really really love this thing it's super simple super lightweight coming in right around seven ounces and it's an awesome shelter if you're not expecting hardcore weather so even though I won't be taking this next year on my hike of the PCT it'll definitely be coming with me on a lot more trips in the future number seven is another piece of gear that replaced one of my old favorite pieces of gear and that is the trek ology ultra light pillow you guys might know I'm a big fan of the sea2summit Eros ultralight pillow and I've been carrying it for about two years now it helps me get awesome sleep on the trail when I was doing one of my ultralight gear on a budget videos I picked this guy up on a whim to my surprise I loved it so much more than my arrows pillow for one it's a lot bigger than my arrows pillow it weighs just a little bit more and it's a whole lot cheaper now again because this replaced one of my old favorite pieces of gear it definitely makes the list for my favorite gear of 2017 number six is a piece of gear that the first time I saw it I knew it was gonna make this list and that is the nock vecto water container back in August when I went to PCT trail days I was just kind of looking around at all the new gear on the market and this one definitely stood out to me I ditched my platypus gravity feed system about a year ago and I was looking for a good replacement for a lot of water storage something not too crazy big something not too crazy heavy but something that was tough enough to last a full thru-hike of the PCT now after taking this guy out on my section hike of the Arizona Trail and using it on every hike sense I absolutely love these walk containers they're nice and lightweight they have a huge opening at the top you can screw your filter right on to the bottle these things Rock and I actually plan on picking up another one for my hike of the PCT so this definitely makes my list of favorite gear of 2017 number five is one that I had thought about for quite a while and I kind of struggled with because I never used one before and that is the tent lab deuce of Spades trowel I had always totally been against using a trowel on the trail using a stick or a trekking pole or my shoe or rock or anything else and then came to the realization that I needed to help promote good Leave No Trace and if you guys watch the video that I did on the trowel you'll know that I read an article that completely changed my mind so I finally gave in and I picked up one of these guys and to my surprise I couldn't imagine digging a crap hole without it number four is one that you guys have probably seen coming for a while now and it's a pack that totally changed the way I go ultralight on the trail and that is the z-pak snare Oh an awesome super lightweight frameless backpack I picked this guy up for my section hike of the Arizona Trail and now when I'm putting together an ultralight kit for a super fast small hike this is my go-to pack I love the simplicity of it the big mesh storage pocket the water bottle pockets on the outside the fact that I can put my butt pad in the back to add some padding to it this pack is awesome and it has definitely become one of my favorite pieces of gear this year number three the Nok vertex carbon cork trekking poles if you guys remember from the beginning of the year I was totally sold on the Black Diamond ergo carbon cork poles and those were the trekking poles that I picked up for my through hike of the PCT until I found the vertex even lighter then my black diamonds they fold up super small so they can go in your pack for a Z polar completely adjustable they have a cork handle these have become my new favorite trekking Pole so the vertex makes the list number two is a shoe that changed the way that I hike and that is the ultra Lone Peak 3.5 now if you guys know before this year I was a hardcore advocate for the Mero Moab later even though it was a heavier trail shoe it was one of my favorites is the shoe that took me the entire length of the Appalachian Trail as far as I was considered it was the perfect hiking shoe until I tried the Lone Peak so much more comfortable so much lighter a big wide toe box a gator trap these shoes are awesome going forward this is my go-to shoe and it's definitely coming with me next year on the PCT all right guys last but not least is number one my favorite piece of gear from 2017 and that is my Z packs a duplex tent as some of you guys might know I was kind of struggling going back and forth with some different tents for a while at the beginning of the year and finally I pulled the trigger and bought one of these guys and it has not disappointed and become my favorite tent that I've ever owned it's perfect just for me when I'm out on the trail but it's also perfect if snuggles and I want to go out on a backpacking trip together it has a ton of room on the inside and it's just awesome and it will be my home away from home next year on the PCT a little expensive but totally worth every penny the Z packs duplex tent is amazing alright guys so again I played with a ton of gear this year tested it out reviewed it beat the hell out of it but those 10 pieces of gear are my favorite of 2017 so what some of your favorite gear from 2017 leave it in the comment box below and let me know your thoughts if you haven't had a chance yet go over and check me out on Instagram I've been posting a lot of new photos lately of some of the things that snuggles and I have going on throughout the week plus some pictures from some past hikes if you found any value in this video go ahead and hit that like button subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and as always guys thanks for watching [Applause]

Top 10 Tropical Locations On Earth

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13 Exotic Getaways You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

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13 exotic getaways you need to add to your bucket list today number 13 Goa India go as a state in western India whose coastline stretch along the Arabian Sea this site has been popular for decades among hippies and the young people of Great Britain whose main goal was to party hard on the cheap in the recent years the area has added some more grown-up features like a broader nightlife scene better restaurants as well as more diverse tourist attractions you can do almost anything you could imagine from kayaking in the Arabian Sea the gambling at a local casino from sunbathing on one of many white sand beaches to hiking amid ancient temples into lush countryside melmer 12 Siem Reap Cambodia there are dozens of reasons to add Siem Reap to your bucket list but the most important features deserves to be mentioned first this city which is located in northern Cambodia is very close in proximity to Angkor Wat the largest religious monument in the world with a giant complex of ancient temples built back in the 11th century that alone is reason enough to visit this place but if you still aren't convinced you can always come to check out the numerous croc breeding farms the Chinese style architecture for the last remaining claims that the area was once an outpost of the French Empire long long ago number 11 pinnacle Tarnovo Bulgaria Bulgaria is one of the least expensive countries in all of Europe that is probably why we are surprised that more people don't decide to travel to this beautiful country even though it is the least expensive country to visit it doesn't fall short when it comes to cobblestone roads and dreamy castles the town Veliko Tarnovo is situated in the spectacularly hilly terrain that provides visitors with the perfect spot to go on a hike if hiking isn't your thing you can always explore downtown with section of the ruins jam-packed with adventures if food and drink are the reasons you travel know that the uber cheap Kazim found here you sure to keep you satisfied there's a reason this area has been populated for over 5000 years number 10 the colca canyon through this south american rift is nearly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona unfortunately because of its location the colca canyon is mostly overlooked by tourists who quickly pass it by on their way to the nearby Machu Picchu if you are an adventure traveler this is a must-see spot you must add to your bucket list today between world-class hiking canoeing rafting and mountain biking you'll never be bored as long as you love the outdoors one thing you don't want to miss is the legendary Condor a local bird that is renowned for having one of the largest wing spans in the world number nine Darla kihavah Vilas Jeeva who Revati Island you can only access this resort by plane from the Maldives capital Mali from there you can spend your days splashing about into crystal-clear water if lounging about in a super luxurious resort is your cup of tea we found your next great getaway each of the gorgeous villas at this resort come with their own private infinity edge pool luxurious his and her walk-in wardrobe and glass-bottom bathtubs built for two so you and your loved one can bathe while watching tiny fish swim beneath you if those amenities weren't enough to sway you just know that a wine chiller hammock both rain and outdoor showers and a 24 hour on call personal below host you won't be going home stressed or tired number a mono crystalline Columbia if you're headed to South America or you're an avid lover of all things nature then you need to visit the most beautiful river in the world this beautiful river dubbed liquid rainbow is filled with every color of the rainbow and probably a few others you've never seen the river looks its best anytime between the months of July to November due to the great quantities of the plant species not coronial a vegara in the water while you're there make sure to keep an eye out for some of the 420 species of bird 69 species of primate ten species of amphibians and forty-three species of reptiles that all call the cane oakley stylist and the surrounding areas home number seven ahaha French Polynesia when you hear French Polynesia you might conjure up visions of the sparkling waters of Tahiti or the magical Bora Bora whoever in this day and age everyone goes there so it's packed with tourists which means that the relaxation you were supposed to be enjoying now gets shared with the rest of the world that may be the number one way to ruin a vacation but we're here to save the day what would you say if you could harness all that tropical beauty and relax in peace on an island all your own introducing the island of Taha this intimate and exquisite Island in French Polynesia will have you sing in no time and since it's not a place well known you shouldn't have to share number six the bay of kotor montenegro the bay of kotor better known to the locals as simply boca is a small bay of the adriatic sea in southwestern montenegro the area is not only known for having pristine beaches peacock blue waters and an abundance of tourist attractions but it has not one with six medieval towns in the immediate surroundings since these medieval towns saw rulers from the Catholic Church than a magic dynasty the Ottoman Empire the venetian republic and several others this is definitely a place for those who revel in history and adventure number five headed assorted you may recognize pieces and sections of Petra Jordan even if you've never heard of the place in your life the reason you might recognize the scenery is because scenes from the Hollywood hit Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were filmed at this location if you aren't a movie buff or aren't at all interested in the movie aspect you can still appreciate the off striking beauty of the lost city of Petra rising out of a cliff between the red and dead fees number four or cook island the cook islands are a series of fifteen islands that many would argue are one of the best-kept secrets of the Pacific Ocean the landscape varies between the rugged mountain ranges found on the largest island of Rarotonga to the lagoon coral reefs and sadly its lips found on the northern island of aitutaki the unique Polynesians that live here operate with their own language in government which is sure to make an interesting gradation the islands here claim to be largely unspoiled by tourism despite welcoming an average of 100,000 visitors a year we suppose there are enough white sand beaches to go around number three long stopped private island when and called wong cambodia this private island resort is the first ever built on the untouched Cambodian islands in the caldron archipelago strong saucepans across two islands and is connected by a dairy footbridge over a marine reserve since the animals living in the water surrounding the two islands are protected it's very likely that you will have the chance to see a turtle or a group of sea horses the ultra-modern floating villas are extremely authentic since we are created with reclaimed wood from retired fishing boats with the help of local driftwood even though it is an amazing floating villa they don't skip on the luxuries and have infinity edge pools outdoor showers and twin bathtubs to shoot all of your needs while you're there make sure to get a traditional blessing from one of the residential Buddhist monks and if you're into that number two or least go ahead keep chilly stargazing is perhaps one of the most mystical and romantic things you can do on this planet there is little else cooler than seeing a glimpse of our magical galaxy nowadays it can be difficult to see even a patch of dark sky enough to show the Stars with all the reflected light these big cities if you're lucky enough to live in a place where you can just hop in the car and drive to local place to lay back and gaze above then enjoy it as often as you can since the rest of us cannot if you like me aren't lucky enough to live in such a place consider taking the trip to be school esky Chile here you can find some of the clearest skies all year round since they have near-perfect weather the entire year this would be an exquisite place to stare up heavens number one rice on raft house khao sok national park located in shou labs westernmost tributaries at the entrance to the Kuang Yi is the Christ's own raft house your one-stop shop for all of your exotic vacation needs the charming bamboo bungalows make the authentic fishing village turned exotic getaway the perfect spot for those of you trying to unplug from the world there may not be private bathrooms hot showers or mosquito nets but with these floating bungalows lacking amenities they more than make up for with the gorgeous views that surround you

Top 10 Best Safari Destination in Africa

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