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welcome to music everybody welcome to the Pyramids of Giza the land of the fairies my name is Alan I'm from on the go to three different Kings they build the pyramids here at this location Herman's dating back to the ancient Egyptian time more than 2500 BC yeah you

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hi travelers this is Emma from Australia if golden beaches rising waves Misty Mountains mighty elephant stealthy leopards giant whales a majestic past lovely tea and warm smiles could sum up a country that would be Sri Lanka it was an amazing experience and I'd like to thank exotic glencoe calm for all their efforts and i highly recommend exotic Lanker calm to any traveler or holiday maker thanks

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when you imagine yourself traveling what's your loftiest vacation dream maybe it's spotting magnificent creatures on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa or experiencing the culture and ancient treasures of Beijing China maybe it's an adventure filled surf trip to Costa Rica or the breathtaking views of a romantic Alaskan cruise whatever you want to do whoever you want to bring whenever you want to go the Marriott Vacation Club destinations ownership program gives you virtually endless options including adventures that surpass your wildest dreams and it's not something you have to put off for later or only do once you could start living the adventures of a lifetime this year and every

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oh yeah we go is remember welcome welcome lovely so I feel like your first floor houses different families you mean for four ladies in eight men go sasame sorry we are polygamous so I meant and half day 255 take five wives okay eighty-five place you know something to look forward to how many wives do you have did you yeah yeah have only one hi what's your name and their circle ad should be the houses what you do in your player my name is y kokia mixture of mud and gardens and the sock off ladies will be the houses marin cat mixture of modern Collins mud from day yeah the class oil and also the cabins and that's a plastic inside the roof like this one so it's mud and cow down my encounters oh my word and that plastic inside that also thought of course of this what you see yeah so it's out of that classy he put a crane complete Sam and there's some branches over the walls and the roof can you say the house it has two rooms one for a baby cow and our own for the family the American he works in here yeah the cost sleep inside well the baby can't sleep inside lip inside so where do you sleep with a say another one for the people for a family can I say yes if you can have so I go there oh that's for the cap that's really really powerful oh and then the family's lived on this side today little for a for the family stupid does everybody keep a cow inside their house is good cow the smell doesn't isn't that difficult to lure because of the flowers where there's some smoke inside yeah but did you do something special for your ears yeah I think it's lovely he's very nice you're very very special a nice job guys that takes a lot of work you're like my grandson's this is the Reed clay and time there's Kofi and you're not always this brush you look like a lion you killed it with this spirit you some vespi I saw your spelling is fitting yet we could be nice what are you gonna need everybody eat the lion we live to wrestle somebody on new meaning in the head leave the wrestle say a man doesn't then what do you need this one for the colorful line with this little stick and that's pretty impressive

Luxurious & authentic Safari & Beach holiday in Kenya: Kilima Camp Masai Mara and Mswambeni House

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Tucson Arizona Vacation Ideas places to visit

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Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort | Crete | Greece

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come from Portland Oregon Illinois valentina and I'm 25 years okay and I'm 29 from Atlanta Georgia amazing and there was a and so I got the sedative gorillas and my favorite people so it's a dream since 10 years more than 10 years to go to defy the gorillas and now we decide this year to celebrate my birthday to get this 60 years old and all I become 60 years old all right so we've been married for 30 years that's why we can't work and when you get this incredible very happy and we have burned lots of calories we are very very happy it's a one is d highlight for us of Uganda yeah we saw all the animals over gamma it's our I don't know fifth or sixth of steps I probably did so far so the reputation the track itself excursion it's so famous and the gorillas well known worldwide and it's sort of like one of those things that you need to see before you pass on it's because it was very intimate there was only a total people on our Trek and it took about 30 or 45 minutes to actually get to the gorillas and then once we got there I mean it was more than I ever hoped for i mean they were the whole family was right there together and we were there for about an hour it was just you know greatest things i've ever seen and i've done a lot of traveling throughout the world but this it rings up there is one of the best if not the experience is just wonderful and Uganda's have done a good job and they brought us right up to the gorillas and you know our own little girls in the midterms looking at each one of them I was fascinated by the whole experience and each one of the gorillas individually and they were coming in down from trees going up in trees posing for us couple of their the the Ugandan officials do a great job I mean they lay it all out for you and there's no information that I felt like with me till you come to ganda you can do it when we can do it you can do it really comes

Most UNUSUAL places: 20+ beautiful & exotic travel destinations to visit

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